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  1. bluedave

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    I doubt it, that would effectively mean that players who want to leave are trapped at the club, and seems dubious from a legal point of view.
  2. Actually I was thinking of Tibo and got the Madrids mixed up. You may not boo Tibo but you only have to check his thread on here to see persoanl a lot of people took it.
  3. Probably because we haven't played Atletico recently.
  4. There is a lot of bad feeling about the way his transfer panned out, which is understandable considering the circumstances.
  5. Huh? The ref’s been very reasonable so far.
  6. bluedave


    Well, you can consider it however you want, it's just your reasoning is not very good.
  7. bluedave


    Didn't he win both Player's Player and Fan's Player of the year a few seasons ago? Doesn't that indicate a 'top line' contribution? And then there's him being almost ever-present in Mourinho's last title-winning side. Considering everything we've achieved with him in the side I think it reflects very badly on us that so many are keen to get rid. By the way, I dropped in a Derby forum after the cup game to see what people were saying about Mount but most of the praise was for Willian. It's weird how under-appreciated he is with some of our fans.
  8. bluedave

    Our Youth on Loan

    Not a bad effort.
  9. bluedave

    Any game recommendation?

    I was just remarking on the trend for video games to have adverts that attempt to imitate film trailers but always end up coming across as a load of corny, derivative bollocks, and RDR2 is no exception to that. They'd be better off just showing some of the cool/fun things you can do in the game instead of trying to present it as the video game equivalent of Unforgiven. The 'Man With No Name' trilogy are classic films but are over 40 years old now so you can't really blame them if they seem a bit corny...
  10. 5.55pm - what idiot came up with that as a kick-off time? When am I supposed to eat my dinner? Bloody UEFA, this is the sort of thing that drives people to vote for Brexit.
  11. bluedave

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    When people say things like "there are growing number of Chelsea fans and Puntidts who are not impressed with him this season.", what they really mean is they've not been impressed with him in the last one or two matches, since I've noticed that most posters here cannot remember much further back than that. It's unfortunate for Kante that he tend to excel when we're up against better teams who dominate possession because it isn't happening as much this season. Our last four games were against Palace, Derby, Burnley and BATE. He was good against Burnley and did ok (not 'bad') against Palace and was only a sub against BATE. The last real test we had was against Man Utd, where Kante was unsurprisingly one of our best performing players (alongside Hazard). I honestly don't think he's had a 'bad' game since he signed for us, but when we're dominating possession like we're doing this season it's natural he's going to be outshone by the more creative/attack-minded players.
  12. bluedave

    European Super League

    I can’t really take these so-called plans seriously. I can accept that there may have been a discussion (I’d be more surprised if this had never been discussed) but that doesn’t mean anything will happen. From reading the article above, it sounds more like a closed-off version of the CL rather than a replacement for national leagues anyway.
  13. bluedave

    Any game recommendation?

    Yeah sure it's the best game ever but the advert does look like a trailer for a really bad western movie.
  14. bluedave

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Oh, I had forgotten about him. I was also scratching my head at his post. Weirdo.
  15. That was a tough call for the officials to make in real-time but the replays show it was definitely a goal. I say this almost every time this happens, but the officials should really give the attacking team the benefit of the doubt in these situations.