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  1. To be fair, Torres did already own his own costume.
  2. Please no.... If that ever becomes a 'thing' I will hold you personally responsible.
  3. I really hope it's neither, but I fear it's already too late.
  4. They're just guessing. I'm surprised people keep falling for this click-bate nonsense. Throw enough sh*t at the wall and some of it will stick. Everyone knows we're probably going to get Lampard anyway and there's a good probability it will happen in the next couple of days.
  5. Over-inflated ego? That picture indicates two things: 1. He didn't like the manager 2. He's a bit childish/dim.
  6. Yes, we will be fine with regards to homegrown players. So if Drinkwater plays it will not be due to his homegrown status.
  7. Lampard would definitely want to make his own mind up about Drinkwater but I don't think the homegrown thing will be much of a concern this year. I count 13 non-homegrown players in the current squad out of a maximum 17. That still allows us to add four non-homegrown players from the returning loan-army, assuming we can't make any new signings.
  8. Obviously not, but it would be nice to pack him off to China, just in case.
  9. Obviously not, but it would be nice to pack him off to China, just in case.
  10. That can't be true because the media only care about this when it's Chelsea fans.
  11. Rafael Benitez: Newcastle manager offered £12m by Chinese club Dalian Yifang Apparently he's "one of the favourites" to succeed Sarri here, and I don't much like the sound of that. Maybe we can hold a whip-round to help out Dalian Yifang?
  12. Clearly there is a conspiracy against us because I don't see this major story being reported anywhere.
  13. That would be really daft. Whoever is our next manager will definitely prefer to keep the player rather than have £35 million they can't spend anyway. And Victor Moses? If this was somebody else posting I'd assume it was a troll post, but I know you've been dead against Willian since before he even kicked a ball for us. Anyway that irrelevant, this came from Sky Sports so you can guarantee it's bolIocks.
  14. Yes, people are acting like we already have Lampard but the last time I checked we haven't even approached Derby.
  15. I don't even care about the men's world cup anymore. I might try to catch a few of these games on TV though. Even if the standard is not as super-high as for men's internationals it sounds more entertaining.

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