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  1. We had two underperforming strikers but you’re right, it’s entirely Morata‘s fault.
  2. I just found the same stream in English on Bein 12. It’s not great but at least he doesn’t babble on continuously and drown out all the other sounds.
  3. I wish I could switch this bloody Arabic commentator off. He never stops for breath and it’s doing my head in. No wonder they have so many problems over there.
  4. If Giroud had been better in the league then we would never have loaned Higuain in the first place.
  5. Honestly couldn't give less of a f**k what the media does or doesn't say about this or how it compares in severity to what our idiot fans did in Prague. I hope the little girl is ok.
  6. We’ve come back from two down to beat Liverpool before. I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet.
  7. That was coming. Thought maybe Emerson was fouled though.
  8. Salah should have been booked for simulation. I guess it was just easier for the ref to ignore it and give the free kick.
  9. Not sure about Tommy Smith but there will at least be a minute's silence for the 30th anniversary of Hillsborough. Any fans cannot that cannot respect the dead and shut their idiot mouths for one minute are animals and deserve everything coming their way.
  10. Job done. We used to specialize in playing sh*t, boring football and still winning under Mourinho so all the Sarri-out brigade must have loved that.
  11. Don’t you remember Blue Daze? He was such a bellend and naturally ended up getting banned. Think he got banned more than once with different usernames, as bellends tend to do. It is a bit of a stretch but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the same guy.

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