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  1. Saw Calm With Horses at the weekend, an Irish film about a washed-up ex boxer who ends up working as an enforcer for a local family of drug dealers. Brutal and depressing, I really enjoyed it.
  2. Well then, we can all go back to hating Spurs now. Let’s forget this thread ever happened.
  3. Can’t believe the pundits are criticising Tuchel for getting the fans riled up. They are the 12th man, why would he not do it?
  4. Great bit of play that, and Havertz is cool as f**k. Also gotta credit Werners’s movement for dragging the defender away and creating the Space for Havertz.
  5. Watching Sterling run in slow mo is always hilarious.
  6. My ratings are entirely based on my satisfaction with their performances over the whole season. The amount of chances Werner has wasted and his inability to understand the offside rule weigh heavily here. Ziyech has more or less met my expectations, a good squad player with and a dangerous left foot, although somewhat inconsistent, as this type of player tends to be.
  7. Mendy 9.1/10 Hard to fault, exceeded all expectations Chilwell 7.2/10 Started off good then turned average Silva 9.2/10 Absolute class and a real leader, just what we needed Ziyech 7.2/10 Good when he can be arsed Havertz 7.2/10 Struggled at first but occasionally very impressive in the second half of the season Werner 6.6/10 Works hard and usually makes a positive contribution but can't score for sh*t
  8. I'd hold off on the gratitude until at least Saturday night. Let's shove this 'gift' (the 37 previous games also played a role) back in their faces.
  9. Only if he was available for loan. 40 million is too much to gamble on a 31-year-old who seems to be physically spent. Imagine exactly the same scenario but with any player who's name is not Eden Hazard, the idea of buying him would be laughed out of the room.
  10. Good to see Tuchel laying into the ref after the match. Hopefully he doesn’t blame recent results entirely on bad officiating though, he needs to take a good look at his own decisions.
  11. We absolutely have to win the CL Final now. Being gifted a place by Spurs is not acceptable.
  12. Azpi should have done it harder, as it stands that’s a waste of red card.
  13. I feel like Alonso would have slammed that chance into the bottom corner.
  14. I have absolutely no idea what the hand ball rules are anymore.
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