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  1. bluedave

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    He can’t seem to make his mind up whether it’s because of personal jealousy, skin colour, or his continent of origin. I suspect his massive ego and all of his ridiculous moaning to the press over the last few years might have played a bigger part.
  2. bluedave

    That Sterling Incident

    You’re comparing a prison sentence to free man not being allowed to go into a specific place. A fairer comparison would be to somebody being barred from a pub. It’s not that big of a deal really and seems like a completely appropriate punishment for what he’s supposed to have done. I agree it’s wrong he should lose his job before it’s been investigated. I’m not sure how accurate those reports are though - I haven’t been reading the news but the main source cited in here seems to be the Daily Mail...
  3. bluedave

    That Sterling Incident

    Looking at the video I personally find it hard to believe he (bloke in glasses on the right) could be shouting anything other than "black bastard". Sterling hints that the abuse was racist but it's very vague - based on his instagram post it could have been something else entirely that he interpreted as racism because he's a black man being abused by white men, much like how he believes (possibly correctly) that much of the negative press he has received, while not explicitly racist, was influenced by his skin colour. Actually, I doubt that's the case here but it needs a proper investigation to clear it up and those 'fans' should be dealt with. Concerns about persecuting the innocent are a bit much - even if they didn't say anything racial you've still got a bunch of cowardly c**ts yelling abuse point-blank at a young lad who can't react. They're c**ts either way, if it turns out they're racist c**ts then the club should ban them for life.
  4. bluedave

    That Sterling Incident

    Has Sterling said anything about this? He really needs to - it seems that he’s the one best placed to confirm whether or not they were being racist c**ts. If there is no confirmation (either from Sterling or maybe other fans who HEARD what was shouted) then there is no case here and Rio and Wrighty need to shut the f**k up. If high-profile media types are calling racism without justification then it’s makes it more likely that future (genuine) racist incidents won’t be taken as seriously.
  5. It’s a funny old game. Considering how Sarri doesn’t have a clue and our players are all sh*t and need selling in January we are doing rather well to be 2 goals up against the superior Pep and his invincible Man City.
  6. Who gives a f**k. We’re winning, you should be celebrating instead of bleating about midfield responsibilities.
  7. Maybe this is Sarri’s “plan b” that everyone’s been screaming for for weeks? Would have relieved to go in nil-nil at half time so it’s great to be ahead. Man City will be scratching their heads. It’s happened to us a few times this season so it’s nice to be at the other end for a change.
  8. No he hasn’t even touched the ball, totally gone missing when we need his clinical finishing the most.
  9. I feel bad for Kante. He’s having a nightmare out there. If we can keep a clean sheet going into half time I’ll be delighted.
  10. bluedave

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I imagine it’s a combination of regularly changing managers, which makes it hard to predict who will be in favour at any given time, and a lack of teams willing to buy the players at anything close to what we spent on them. And with Batshuayi especially, there’s always been a possibility that he might develop into a useful first team player at some point.
  11. Missed the first half, saw the score is one nil and was glad we’re wining (and with a reshuffled side apparently). Came on here and it’s pretty much eight pages of constant bitching at the usual targets. RLC is finally coming good, isn’t he?
  12. bluedave

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Actually I had the same reaction... I'm glad Kovacic was ok but was hoping it would just be enough of a knock to force Sarri to make the change.
  13. bluedave

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Fulham had a good spell at the beginning of the second half but it was never a tough game. We scored two, could have had a couple more, and kept a clean sheet without ever shifting into top gear. It's important to get back into winning ways after last week, so it's job done as far as I'm concerned. Good to see RLC continue to impress. We really have got great strength-in-depth in midfield this season. Good logical substitutions by Sarri as well. It's unusual to see a fullback hooked off and replaced by another fullback playing on his weaker side, so it will be interesting to see if Alonso keeps his place in the next match.
  14. bluedave

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    On current form RLC looks like he's worth that starting position ahead of Kovacic and Barkley. It seems that Sarri made his mind up that Kovacic is the better player, and it looked to be the correct decision in the first part of the season. Form comes and goes though so I'm hoping Sarri isn't as fixed in his ways as people are saying.