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  1. I bet his mother hates him as much as everyone else.
  2. It's just Matt Law sh*t-stirring again isn't it? He's a d**khead, like most so-called football journalists, and seems to have a thing for Rüdiger.
  3. A little pushing and shoving on the training ground, oh my!
  4. You make it sound like Tuchel just started picking Alonso over Chilwell on a whim, when actually Chilwell's form had fallen off a cliff, and then Alonso stepped in and put in very good performances to fully justify his selection. There's also the fact that the Alonso suits our formation better right now. Tuchel would not be doing his job if he just kept picking the same players in the same system as Lampard, which honestly I think some people here would have preferred. It's no surprise that Alonso eventually reverted to type, but to make out it was just more random Tuchel 'tinkering' or whatev
  5. Rüdiger and Kepa have a bit of a shoving match in training after Rüdiger makes a bad tackle. Rüdiger then accepts fault and apologises. It has nothing to do with the match on Saturday or the upcoming match on Wednesday, no-matter how much the amateur-hour journalist (Tuchel did not replace Lampard in September, ffs) tries to to imply otherwise. What's the problem exactly?
  6. Yeah, him and Mount, when he came on, have nothing to be ashamed of.
  7. I totally forgot about that. This result today had absolutely f**k all to do with him, the smug git.
  8. I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed with the team selection, performance, substitutions, and result today.
  9. Worse part is seeing Allerdyce’s sh*t-eating grin.
  10. Just need a couple of Jorginho penalties now to save the day. Edit - and then he takes Jorginho off. Big mistake.
  11. Tuchel needs to take Jorginho out back and put him out of his misery. It’s the kindest thing to do.
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