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  1. I don’t get the gloves and short sleeve shirt thing. Either you’re warm or you’re cold, you can’t be both.
  2. That was coming. Cheeky little finish from Tammy.
  3. I'm confused. Has it started yet? What's the score? Why is nobody moaning about Willian?
  4. I see a lot of things wrong with this post but wanted to comment on the bold part specifically: Do you really think our attack wouldn't be better right now with Hazard in the team? Do you not think that our perceived improvement going forward this season might actually be down to the change of manager and finally having a decent striker up front?
  5. I'm glad you're not in charge of our transfer policy then. We sold our best and only other world class player last summer. I don't think we need to flog off Kante as well just to raise funds.
  6. Probably should quote the preceeding paragraph as well. The wording isn't perfect but they're obviously saying "don't be homophobic, it's insulting to LGBT people regardless of club, you total f**king morons". "When you use homophobic chants you aren't abusing most Chelsea fans who will be straight, but all gay fans whether they support Chelsea or West Ham."
  7. bluedave

    Nathan Ake

    He's not going to be the next John Terry but he would definitely improve our defence and is a realistic target. I also don't believe we would go to the trouble of inserting a buyback clause if there was no chance of him ever coming back. That would be a very pointless thing to do.
  8. Probably because Pulisic is usually playing there.
  9. bluedave

    Nathan Ake

    Howe is saying that his hamstring injury against Liverpool looked pretty serious. I like Ake and 40 Million would be a fair price in today’s market. Without the buyback clause (assuming this is true) I’m sure he would go for more than that. They gave us 20 Million for him so to resign him would only be a net spend of 20 Million. If his injury is not long-term then I think getting Ake back would be a very sensible move. Swap deals are often speculated and rarely happen, but if we could send one of Christensen or Zouma in the other direction then that would be perfect.
  10. Good statement that. FIFA really are a bunch of useless/incompetent/corrupt c**ts.
  11. Wouldn't mind splashing some cash on a properly good left back, and maybe decent back up/competition for Abraham. To address the point raised by Andy above, I'd like to belive that Tammy would not get upset if we sign another good/better striker. He should see that as a challenge and use it as motivation to continue improving. If not then it's tough sh*t, but he comes across as having a great attitude so I doubt it would be problem. We don't really need anybody else, but if somebody top class becomes available then we should should still consider strengthening.
  12. Great freekick, even better save. We’ve been great in this half so far and deserve to more than one goal up.
  13. That was a lovely goal, starting from Willian’s cross. Was just thinking to myself that Mount‘s been too quiet so far.
  14. It really doesn't look that bad to me. Other than the trip up to Liverpool we're not playing outside London until the new year. 4/12 Villa (home) 7/12 Everton (away) 10/12 Lille (home) 14/12 Bournemouth (home) 22/12 Tottenham (away/London) 26/12 Southamptom (home) 29/12 Arsenal (away/London)

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