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  1. That’s going to hit Werner hard. Got to feel bad for him.
  2. Loved that goal, the interplay between Gilmour and CHO was sublime.
  3. He doesn’t have 20 stone of Zouma standing directly in front of him?
  4. Well he can’t finish his own cross, can he? That’s what Abraham’s for.
  5. That's a good point. I've seen a lot of criticism along the lines of "he's always chopping and changing the midfield/forwards so the players aren't used to playing together", but how do you play a consistent line-up, including many new players that need to adapt from other leagues, when you have to play two games every week (which also limits the progress that can be made on the training ground)? And that's without mentioning the significant injury problems we've had. I'd love to see Lampard given a 'normal' season to see what he can do with a normal schedule, fans in the ground, and afte
  6. I notice players often tend to put the ball as far away from the actual corner as possible, so it's never quite on the touch line. Also, can players be offside if they are out of play? For example, if attacking players went and stood inside the goal during a corner you'd think they'd be considered offside, otherwise people would be doing it.
  7. I believe this is known as 'Shiny New Thing Syndrome'.
  8. Yeah, he seems like a fairly central character, so I'd be surprised if he just retired completely. He seems to have bonded with Lasso so can definitely see them working together, and he'll end up best mates with Jamie Tartt somehow. Is it weird that I've been more invested in an imaginary football team than Chelsea for the past few weeks ?
  9. Just came here to post about Ted Lasso and saw your post. I really enjoyed it, and I hear there's going to be three seasons, so I can sort of guess how the story is going to develop. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Roy Kent in the next season.
  10. After this, I cannot really see any way back for Lampard. The team just has absolutely no chemistry or cohesion. Whether Lampard lasts until the end of the season will probably depend on the availability of a replacement. Of course I hope he doesn’t get sacked and we go on a massive winning spree and the last few months will be forgotten. It could still happen, I suppose.
  11. Finally, after months of Valerie's gaslighting, the true nature of the McKroket is revealed.
  12. It's great to see CHO looking something like the CHO of old. I kind of expected it would take a year or so of football before he was anywhere close the player he was before the injury (how many seasons did it take Zouma before he looked like a viable option again for us?). I'm pleased for the kid, I hope he can keep it up because we really need him.
  13. Mount, but I think CHO would have been in with a shout if he had played longer.
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