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  1. I don’t think it was worth the effort to sign up specifically to post that.
  2. bluedave

    Emma Hayes

    She’d probably be just as good as anyone else as an interim. I’m sure the players would be ok with it as well and are probably aware of the good work she’s done with the ladies team. Men manage women’s team so why not the other way around. I‘d prefer it if we didn’t need an interim though. Either commit to Sarri and let him try and fix whatever’s wrong with our team at the moment, or find a proper replacement.
  3. Well, at least nobody predicted that sub.
  4. bluedave

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Should be required viewing before anybody's allowed to post on this thread.
  5. bluedave

    Anti-Chelsea media

    That’s stupid if true. You can’t stop fans from from being idiots, and you can’t stop somebody running on the pitch unless you surround it by a big cage, which is obviously a bad idea. Probably the fairest way would be to charge the fan directly somehow, although I’m not sure he actually did anything illegal.
  6. bluedave

    Anti-Chelsea media

    I don’t think Malmo should be charged for the idiotic behaviour of a Chelsea fan. I also wouldn’t want us to be charged for the idiotic behaviour of visiting fans. That would be a recipe for disaster and would possibly incentivise visiting fans to misbehave.
  7. bluedave

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    You have to take articles like that with a huge pinch of salt. Claims such as “Sarri has barely spoken to Cahill” since taking over are highly questionable but sound believable, and that’s more than enough for people to completely buy into them, especially when many of these people are desperate for absolutely anything to justify their entrenched anti-Sarri viewpoints. That’s all that’s required from somebody like Mat Law, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, he can say anything and as long as it sounds believable people will lap it up and he will continue to get paid. The article tries to make out that Sarri is disrespectful towards Cahil. We know for a fact that Cahil has hardly played but that’s because there are better choices in his position now. We also know that Cahil has still been allowed to retain the captaincy despite not playing, which seems pretty respectful to me.
  8. bluedave

    Anti-Chelsea media

    We’re being charged because the fan who rushed the pitch is believed to be a Chelsea fan, despite appearing to run on from the Malmo end. Fans are not allowed to rush the pitch and grab hold of players for obvious reasons so UEFA is right to take action. The media are right to report what happened. Malamo are also being charged for other things. On what planet can this be considered a ‘dig’?
  9. bluedave

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I doubt you have anything to worry about.
  10. bluedave

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    AS = Alan Shearer?
  11. bluedave

    Eden Hazard

    If the Mail say Hazard is definitely leaving then I will sleep soundly tonight.
  12. bluedave

    Loan system

    Let's just say the state of the loan system does not keep me up at night. Of all the issues affecting the club this has to be one of the least important.
  13. This poll is too complicated for me.
  14. bluedave

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Good penalty shout as well for City. The Arsenal defense are a shambles.
  15. I really want us to win this and genuinely couldn't care less what it means to other teams.