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  1. I never watched the game and have seen him slagged off so much on here over the years that the harsh criticism from yesterday barely even registers, but to hear that he also showed such abysmal workrate is quite surprising. I could definitely see the business with Luiz giving him the hump but I also wonder if he was actually match fit, since it was his first appearance after injury. Anyway, the sooner CHO is back fit the better. This RW position is his for the taking.
  2. I missed the game and only saw the highlights on MOTD. I was really impressed at first and when Mount got his goal I thought the floodgates would open but instead it was all Leicester after that. I suspected the MOTD lot were being crafty with the editing, but having now skimmed through a few pages here I see it really was like that. The pundits speculated that it’s a fitness issue, I agree that might be a contributing factor but nobody can play at 100% intensity for 90 minutes, so I’m not completely buying it. I think it’s more that we’re simply still a work in progress. With a new manager, new system, and a bunch of young/inexperienced players, it’s going to take a while for them to learn how best to function together, especially when the match is not going according to plan. We seem to have already nailed it at times though, which is a good sign. The fans wanted Frank back, to see the kids given a chance, and a move away from Sarri‘s „boring“ possession based football, and this is exactly what we’ve got. As fans we now need to stand behind this bunch of players and the manager and let them grow together into a team. Anybody booing the team at this stage (or freaking out on an Internet forum) need to figure out what the f**k they really want.
  3. He was their player of the season, which was voted for by the fans. So they must rate him even higher than Mount.
  4. We should have owned up to it, really. Or better still, not broken the rules in the first place.
  5. Men already officiate in Netball so there’s no need for a drive, although I’m not sure what this has to do with the refereeing last night, which was actually better than the standard of refereeing we typically see in the PL.
  6. Yeah, please disregard everything else I said because I said the wrong club.
  7. Very well said. I hope you do post more often in future.
  8. This feels a lot like the league cup final last season. I don’t care at all about losing on penalties (you might as well decide the match with a game of Rock Paper Scissors) as long as we give a good account of ourselves. And we did that for sure. I just hope that Abraham doesn’t let the penalty miss get to him. He had a good penalty record for Derby last season and it takes a lot of balls to step up for the fifth penalty like he did tonight, especially when you’re surrounded by vastly more experienced internationals. c**ts writing him off now would piss their pants in that position.
  9. I used to find it funny watching Giroud try to run when he was still an Arsenal player. Now I just feel bad for him.
  10. Christensen‘s arms were there to stop him getting kicked in the face by Mane‘s high boot.
  11. I’ve heard DAZN in Canada will Stream all PL matches for about 150 Canadian Dollars per year. Apparently there’s a way for non-Canadians to sign up, presumably using a VPN. I’ve been meaning to look into it myself but haven’t got round to it yet.
  12. If I was in charge, and thank God I'm not, I'd consider dropping Zouma and moving Dave into the centre alongside Christensen, and bringing in Zappacosta at RB. At least until Rüdiger and/or James are back fit. It's quite strange that Dave is nominally a RB but he's arguably been better for us at CB and even LB.
  13. Should have strengthened in the summer really. It’s been a freak of a game, I think Utd have scored with every shot on goal. Good to hear the fans still singing Super Frank at the end.

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