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  1. Just signed myself up for mubi.com, they're offering subscriptions for £1 per month for the next three months on account of Corona. It's a bit different from other streaming services because they hand-pick a smaller amount of films that expire after a period of time, which actually makes it a lot easier to decide what to watch. If you like independent cinema then I'd highly recommend it.
  2. I know I can be arsey sometimes, we all have bad days, but I can assure you I would be taking the piss out of Corbyn as much as anybody.
  3. No, obviously not, but I'm not going to pretend to be devastated either. I wish the virus would f**k off and everything would return to normal but there is certain irony here. I feel a lot worse for the ordinary folks who may die in NHS unnecessarily hospitals due to a lack of resources.
  4. I very rarely report people. I prefer to simply ignore them but when everybody's quoting them all over the place it becomes impossible. I'm sorry if my reporting of one person has overloaded you.
  5. I really can't be bothered to elaberate but that's rubbish.
  6. Taking one for the team, what a hero. I'm happy that he will get to experience the benefits of herd immunity personally.
  7. This is weird. I went to the supermarket last night, grabbed a trolley from the trolley area and went into the supermarket. As soon as I got into the lobby area some bloke jumped up, asked me to let go of the trolley and sprayed disinfectant on the handle. Considering I had already been touching the handle and would have already picked all of the germs smeared all over it from the previous person, I just can't see the logic here. Something else I find strange is that perfectly relevant posts keep getting deleted from here if they dare mention politics in any way, yet personal insults are allowed to fly.
  8. Thanks for quoting that, I would have missed it otherwise. That’s totally unacceptable to me.
  9. I agree the situation in Italy is hilarious. Thousands and thousands dying, many unnecessarily, in critically overloaded hospitals due to a disease that didn't exist a few months ago. Lovely stuff. By the way, the aim is not to 'prevent' the spread altogether, because that would involve quarantining every single person on Earth, but we can try to slow down the spread enough to prevent health services collapsing across the world and causing an untold number of deaths, which would obviously be a bad thing. Comparing COVID-19 to anything else and saying it's 'only the same as flu' or whatever is pointless. It's not so much about the absolute numbers of infections/deaths, more the fact that this is a completely new threat that we're completely defenceless against. COVID-19 is a massive additional burden on top of everything else, such as flu, smoking or whatever, that our health services were completely unprepared for.
  10. Wonder how much he's been hanging around with his mum lately.
  11. I think BJ must have finally noticed that the UK is on a worse trajectory for deaths/day than Italy was at this point, and with a more under-resourced health service. He's been delaying this decision for as long as he can get away with to minimise the short-term economic impact, knowing that a lot of people will die unnecessarily. Ah... but he's such a wacky character though, I'll give him that.
  12. I'm working from home when I can but I still have to go in to the lab for a few hours most days because apparently tinnitus isn't enough to put me in the "at risk" category. What do they know anyway. I just learnt today that loss of the sense of smell and diarrhoea could be early signs of corona infection, which seems like a convenient combo.
  13. „Wash your hands as if you’ve been chopping chilis and want to have a w**k“.
  14. My city is going full lockdown from midnight tonight. I think it's inevitable everywhere eventually. That's probably for the best, without a compulsory lockdown you have to rely on people to not be selfish, entitled c**ts, and that's clearly not possible. Most people are responsible but the twats going around as if everything's normal ruin it for everyone else. I don't mind the idea of lockdown so much. I've got plenty of bog roll and whiskey, and there's so many films I want to watch and books I want to read, so at least I won't die of boredom. Feel sorry for people with kids though, being stuck indoors with them all day must be absolute torture. The worst thing for me is not having any idea when I'll next be able to go back to the UK to see the rest of my family. Was planning to come back for my nan's 80th in July but even that looks questionable now.
  15. Top man. It seems to indicate he expects to leave though, which is a shame.

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