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  1. I completely forgot about Suarez snubbing Evra at the handshake. It says a lot about what a massive c**t he is that something as c**ty as that is a relatively minor indiscretion.
  2. Absolutely no problem with you going on another forum.
  3. He was great yesterday. What pleasantly surprised me yesterday was his vision and overall use of the ball. It’s also impressive how quickly he’s playing at such a high standard after the major injury he had. I‘d be surprised if he’s even back to 100% (mentally as well as physically) yet.
  4. http://givemereddit.stream/soccer/chelsea-vs-lille Is working well for me so far..
  5. I’m very jealous of that Coventry shirt. Looks great and also sends out a good message.
  6. Don’t need him, don’t want him. The story‘s obviously bullsh*t anyway.
  7. You know I just had to go and do that. It's ideal for terrorising that stupid kid in the first area who's scared of geese.
  8. Really enjoying Untitled Goose Game at the moment. Who'd have thought that running around being an annoying arsehole would be so satisfying.
  9. I think we should stop singing the pikey song. It’s unfair on pikies to be comparing them to West Ham fans.
  10. Now 2 points behind City. That’s amazing considering the difference in our circumstances.
  11. I only really feel comfortable with a two goal cushion. Three would be nice.
  12. Superb drive and finish from Mount. Credit to Willian for playing him in.
  13. Technology is great when applied correctly.

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