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  1. That's obviously not going to be possible, but we definitely have to plan carefully when to play and rest him.
  2. Interesting how Mendy and Silva come in and we keep a clean sheet against a good team despise Zouma‘s best efforts to f**k it up.
  3. Controversial opinion, but we have not looked massively better since Mount went off and Pulisic switched to the left.
  4. You mean Anthony Barry? Apparently he's not actually a defensive coach, and was a midfielder during his playing days.
  5. Right, and in terms of his save percentage he comes off even worse than Kepa. Sure, he did some things well, but he was a lightweight where it really mattered.
  6. I'm confident we would have won on Saturday if we had our first choice goalkeeper and centre-back available. We know Kepa is a complete liability these days and most of our CBs are prone to regular brain farts (which is why we took steps to address both of these issues in the transfer window), so the result on Saturday was very predictable. If I was Lampard I'd be fuming about the international break. It's not his fault when he's forced to play players that have consistently let him/us down. On the positive side, this must mean that Kepa is even less likely to play in future, and should n
  7. You actually understood these posts? Your English must be better than mine!
  8. Right, it's just that nobody's buying right now and January is not that far away. Bogarde is a lazy comparison.
  9. It seems that way but it's not surprising. Reduced physical performance is not uncommon after the injury he had, and it can be permanent. I hope over time he can regain the explosiveness he had before but it's also possible he may need to adapt his playing style.
  10. This season is mad. You have to wonder if the lack of spectators is affecting the players mentally.
  11. It's only Palace though, and, most importantly, he didn't bring my favourite player on until 83 minutes. It's like he doesn't care about my feelings at all.
  12. He reminds me a bit of Jimmy Carr, although I think that’s mostly because of the the haircut. He wouldn’t look out of place working in an estate agent‘s.
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