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  1. That's interesting, I wasn't all that aware of the Stasi/State involvment in the GDR era but it's not really a surprise. It is remarkable how loyal and passionate the fans are despite the club's situation. I noticed this even made the news in the UK last year - 30,000 away fans travelled to a 2nd round cup match against Hertha Berlin: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50247009
  2. Yeah, think it‘s a bit unfair for people to single out Rüdiger there, he was well outnumbered. What an absolutely ridiculous match.
  3. Bleak times for Dynamo Dresden down at the bottom of 2. Bundesliga. So much for the new manager bounce.
  4. Sounds like we'd be lucky to get a month or two out of him before the end of the season. That's still preferable to no RLC at all though, and should give us a nice boost for the end of season run in.
  5. I don't see Willian's age being as much of a problem as it is for many other wingers. He may lose a bit of pace but he has much more to his game than that. The problem is if we decide we no longer need the player but the player disagrees, and then spends the next few years hanging around collecting fat pay cheques.
  6. Dear FIFA, can we have another transfer ban, pretty please?
  7. I thought the subject was "Lewis Dunk called Didier a dog", so I was quite disappointed to find it's just another stab in the dark transfer speculation that would probably be more at home in the random rumours thread.
  8. I don’t think the ball changed direction at all, so I think VAR got it right again in upholding the original decision.
  9. We’ve benefited from a couple of of borderline VAR decisions, on another day it could be 1-1, but we’re looking good value for the three points.
  10. He can do what he likes, if he doesn’t foul Willian it’s not a penalty.
  11. That wasn’t a penalty for me although I’ll take it. We’ve done well out of these sorts of close calls in recent weeks.
  12. They shouldn’t be showing that Burnley player‘s face before the watershed.
  13. Think the VAR people did the right thing in sticking with the linesman‘s decision. Not a clear error. It’s a bit concerning how easily they scored though.
  14. Feeling nostalgic for last week‘s kit already. I forgot how horrible our normal kit is this season.

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