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  1. At least the goal has turned this into a proper football match.
  2. Where was the support for Werner? That was ridiculous.
  3. Can’t really see us winning if we play the same way in the second half. I don’t expect us to play rings around city, but I’d like to see us play less conservatively and try to take the game to them more. Although he’s not been in the best form this season, I’d like to see Mount on, to provide more of a link between midfield and attack. edit - didn’t realise Mount is injure. f**k.
  4. Credit to Kepa and James, thought they were going to score there. That all started with Ziyech giving the ball away upfield.
  5. Interesting that RLC seems to be playing in Jorginho’s position, with Kante and Saul ahead of him.
  6. I always find working streams here: https://footybite.cc/event/chelsea-aston-villa-live-stream/697849
  7. Kipper James - Chalobah - Christensen - Sarr - Chilwell RLC - Saúl CHO - Lukaku - Werner Midfield is a little suspect, maybe the defence as well, but if we struggle we just have to throw Kanté on to guarantee three points.
  8. I love how it's possible to block people with two clicks now.
  9. I think the fact he's got scumbags like Farage singing his praises indicates that he might have made a misjudgment. Despite his (somewhat vague) explanation, they are obviously taking as a signal he's 'one of them'. I really don't understand why a certain kind of person considers "woke" to be an insult, anyway. The opposite meaning would be asleep/unaware, and that is somehow better? Weirdos.
  10. It’s great to see Rüdiger becoming a cult figure after all the totally ridiculous insults he was getting less that a year ago.
  11. That advert for erectile disfunction tests was more interesting than the football so far.
  12. It’s not been the best of performances from us but Lukaku’s competency in front of goal is a breath of fresh air.
  13. We’re not looking very coherent and are very fortunate to be winning, but that’s the kind of break having a quality centre forward and a quality goalkeeper gets you. Will be interesting to see if Saul comes out for the second half.
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