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  1. Hoping he's with us next season, time for a refresh, a lot of the squad has become very stale and old together, especially with our transfer ban, just need a half decent coach that's wants to build a new team rather than one that just passes and rolls over.
  2. Lampard and Terry with Morris as well for me, can't wait for Sarri to go it's been more than embarrassing at times this season.
  3. Nothing much at all, really cant picture Sarri giving any kind of effective team talk.
  4. Would you prefer to see City totally dominate as Fergie's United did? A death knell for the PL if they do in my opinion. I dont care if Liverpool win as we're not in contention. As like many others would prefer anybody to win it other than Liverpool. Who's to say Klopp's Liverpool wont dominate the league for the next few years?
  5. You want Liverpool to win the league? Are you actually having a laugh.
  6. Is Kovacic still playing? I'm watching the game but cant seem to notice him at all
  7. What has Kovacic done all season? This guy is a Real Madrid player right?
  8. Absolute vile example of a human, people who drink drive should be banned for life no exceptions.
  9. Hate them, guarantee if they win the title they will still sing songs about it in a 1000 years time, I'm hoping City win all their remaining PL games. They might have had a better season but it won't mean anything to finish 2nd, I'd love us to ruin their chances and to shut their mouths up, hopefully Chelsea can be motivated for this.
  10. I agree. I see that as refreshing really, happy with it being tough for a while as the new team players learn, team has been stale for a long time now
  11. Still out for me honestly dont think he is the right guy to manage our younger players, he seems to be coming out with a lot of comments recently, saying RLC is a complete midfielder, CHO is ready to play first team football, special praise for Christensen, all of this is very positive but seems very strange to me after being so stubborn all season I like to think the manager has real authority but I'm starting to think the last game somebody had a quiet word in his ear about team selection, particularly as the programme had CHO on the front page.
  12. Complete stupidity for a manager to pick/play much more a loan player that we cant currently sign over our own players that need game time.
  13. Reckon a cardboard cut out of Sarri would actually be better at motivating a performance as surely saying nothing at all has got to be better than what hes currently telling them what to do.
  14. We wont achieve either with Sarri in charge, simple as that.

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