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  1. tmarmsi

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    Realistically if we're allowed to operate in the summer transfer market how many players do you think we will be able to sign considering financial fair play? I can imagine clubs charging way over the transfer market value to us, likewise "i hope!" We only sell at a premium. I really think its financially massive and imperative we qualify for the champions league. I absolutely see our over 30s players being offered new long contracts, I'm hoping a lot of them want to jump ship and get out.
  2. tmarmsi

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    So I'm guessing this means we won't be signing/allowed to buy Higuin? So his loan will end at the end of the season? So that leaves us with Giroud and Abraham as strikers for next season, either that or we recall Morata, or play a false 9 like we seem to like!
  3. This is exactly half my point against him! I really can't see him getting the players fired up for a performance.
  4. In a cup game, majority of the season we have played the same players or am I watching something else, or maybe you are? You seem very defensive over him , he must have that certain type of look you go for
  5. Learn to read and understand a statement before you reply, how have I judge a whole squad?
  6. Absolutely everything to do with it, he picks the same players over and over, isn't he suppose to motivate and fire them up for games?
  7. But we are winning at passes
  8. As long as we make more passes than the other team it's ok
  9. tmarmsi

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Look foward to the 10 minute cameo's our manager trusts him with for the rest of the season
  10. tmarmsi

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Gutted he's put in a request, he should be playing more, others have been poor and he only gets 10 minutes here and there, Sarri clearly doesn't rate him enough or other young players, shame really would of probably been here a lot longer than the manager, that being said any player that puts in a transfer request needs to be sold, sell him move on.
  11. Can't imagine CHO will get any minutes ahead of Willian, here's hoping
  12. tmarmsi

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He was on the bench the game after his hatrick, wasn't that long ago to remember
  13. tmarmsi

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Id play him from the start in most games, 18 is old enough to play, he should be playing more, Sarri just gives him 10 minutes here and there and it's not enough to develop, Sarri seems to have a complete lack of trust in the younger players, I'm still baffled by Sarri to drop Loftus cheek's after his hatrick, it's no wonder these youngsters don't have love or respect for this club.
  14. tmarmsi

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Welcome to the club, fully behind him
  15. tmarmsi

    Eden Hazard

    Firstly i hope he stays, i can't believe people are saying sell him, this is by far our best player currently and we'd be a lot worse without him, if he decides to leave in the summer then genuinely best wishes to him, he owes us nothing, great servant to the club, what a player!