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  1. Dont want either player both offer very little, kovacic played most of the season and was miles away from being actually good at football.
  2. Exactly my point, Kovacic has offered pretty much nothing all season so wouldn't be that hard to improve on, also surely being a skillful player makes him look even worse if he cant produce literally anything, maybe he should take up street football and entertain the public, this guy is a "Real Madrid" player right??? 😆
  3. Awful player last time around, although wouldn't take a lot to improve on kovacic performance this season
  4. Lampard with Morris for me, simple fact they know the club and it means so much to them, dont particularly care if we have a worse season than this as long as there's some passion
  5. 88m is that for 1 leg? All things considered I think Real have got a bargin, I'm hoping we dont give most of it back for Kovacic
  6. Really dont understand this whole "let's cash in on him" are we that strapped for cash? Surely it's more important to have a player than cash especially with loads of games to play next season. Decent enough player and gets goals which we lack.
  7. Have wanted him out for a long time, winning the Europa league doesn't change that for me, the football has been dire and boring, we have barely dominated any games all season Losing 4-0 to Bournemouth is totally unacceptable and should never happen, I wont lose any sleep over his departure.
  8. Serious question this, Do we think if it goes to penalties will Sarri being like he is and try to make a point about changing keepers?
  9. Dont believe all this rubvish the whole players are too young to play together, I feel as a club we have far too many older players who in fair have achieved a lot but as with anything the hunger goes, I'd take younger hungrier players with heart! over past it end of their careers strikers anyway. Tammy has proven he knows where the goal is, I'm pretty sure he want to be successful and Chelsea means a hell of lot more to him personally than any other option striker we have.
  10. No motivational skills, no control over players, seriously lacks professionalism, What a manager. In all honesty he was probably just craving some nicotine
  11. Was thinking this, Juve are a big club why would they go for a 2nd rate manager like Sarri, surely he's the option when their targets aren't available
  12. Certainly is good enough for us, not sure what you've been watching this season or how "good" you believe we are, but all in all we've had an ok premier league season, there has not been many league games where we have really took control of games regularly, we are far from good, As I stated above I'd rather have a striker with raw talent with passion and hunger as to what we've had to watch this season, convinced he'd score more.
  13. Needs to be our no1 sticker next season simple as that, passion, hunger and raw talent, much rather him than Giroud or Batshuayi, Higuain can go back, Morata can stay where he is.
  14. Here's a thought was it not reported a while back to RLC needed to be managed properly in order to avoid surgery on his back problem, since he's out for so long now wouldn't it make sense "if needed" to have surgery on his back also?
  15. Good news this, I quite like Willy he's a very professional guy, handled himself brilliantly with Kepa

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