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  1. Needs to play, id start him tonight, gotta be hungry with point to prove
  2. We have got to be bottom of the list of clubs he'd join, the only way I can see him joining us if we were the only team paying up, even then he'll probably think to himself wait another year and then join one of the other clubs
  3. Let's not kid ourselves, we all know TT won't be around for very long, if we don't win or look like winning anything he won't last his 18 month contract, surely he knows this and may be prioritising the champions league
  4. Let's be totally honest here it's unlikely we will make the top 4, We effectively play with a 5 man defence, 6 including GK, our 2 central midfielders contribute close to nothing as an attacking threat, so that's 8 players out of 11 not doing much, that leaves us with 3 players to score goals, which of whoever plays none are in top form or regular scorers There are 8 games left, we'd be lucky to score 8 goals, Reckon we'd need to win 7 or possibly all 8 to make it
  5. What a player to mould a team around, should be playing more he already does more than current players, doesn't need a loan he's better than some ahead of him at the club, keep and play more, easy decision.
  6. Really happy Callum starts, special talent really deserves it, hopefully stakes his claim further, one of the very few in form players at the club
  7. Gilmour? CHO? Very strange team selection, its like the team has been set up to pass pass pass and if they can manage it nick a goal? Against Fulham 🤣
  8. Hardly a good comparison, Pep's city have regularly took teams apart, try and think of games when we have truly been the better side, I can't remember being blown away by our play for a long long Time, we just don't out play anybody
  9. Why would we want somebody like Henderson? I wouldn't even want Henderson in the Chelsea team.
  10. Top teams maybe stuttering but at least they have ideas during games, all ours consist of is pass pass and pass 😄
  11. Surely now is the time to change it Mendy Chilwell Zouma Silva James Kante Gilmour Pulisic Havertz CHO Werner For me thats our best Defence, on form Gilmour and CHO DESERVE to play, in my eyes Pulisic when fit is our best player, and going foward we need to build with Havertz and Werner
  12. Can anybody think of a game this season when we have truly dominated the opposition, I think these comments about having a strong squad are absurd, are the players completely silent this season? Seems like none of them care
  13. I really think this season Barkley should of been a starter in our team, im confused as to why we let an attacking midfielder leave on loan, especially one with his ability and passion, seems like a very stupid move by whoever made the decision , unless of course he made it himself
  14. People saying can be good? Keep as a squad player? I'm sorry but anybody name an occasion Kovash*t has won a game for us
  15. What about the time we were losing 2.0 to Man utd with not long left, instead of bringing on the attacking player CHO Sarri decides to bring on Zappacosta 🤣 Sarri was and still is an awful manager
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