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  1. Fantastic news cant wait for him to start playing
  2. Really impressive start to the season for Mount, the level of determination and performance from this guy has been great to watch, already one of my favourite players.
  3. Very happy with Tammy so far this season also dont understand the need for some people to criticise our younger players, for me Tammy absolutely deserves this chance.
  4. Really like Kepa, he's young and potential is huge, so what if he doesn't perform perfect all the time, we have a very exciting young team that will make mistakes, I'm more concerned about passion and desire than winning or losing. KTBFFH
  5. End of the day he's 32 he makes a lot of mistakes, really dont understand the massive uproar on here, Zouma, Christensen, Rudiger and even Dave are better centre backs. New direction, new players, as a club we really should be refreshing the starting 11 more often rather than letting players get comfortable and stale, especially older players.
  6. Positive news, very happy about this one, defence will be much better without him, new players new direction, we do not need older players who dont want to be here causing a stink, was only ever going to be 4th choice this season anyway.
  7. Mostly pre season results aren't a true reflection of form and is more about getting fit and avoiding injury, but obviously some take it more seriously than others regarding performances
  8. Totally agree honestly think he will be our best CB this season by far.
  9. Also rate Rudiger and Christensen but going forward as a club with a look to the future I dont think Luiz should be playing as much as he has he should be there as experience and cover. I dont see Rudiger improving much beyond his current ability where as Zouma could become the better of the 2, for me I'd start with Zouma and Christensen.
  10. Needs to stay and be a starter, needs to be trusted with regular game time, based on potential and physical condition/strength he is much much better than the rest of the CB's. We dont need 40 million and surely to replace him or CB in the future anybody half decent will command a much higher price than 40 million. We need to be selling our junk/scrap not our assets.
  11. I haven't forgot our English management team, safe to say I'm a very proud English man this season with Chelsea football club ?, I really think as an English club we should have an English heart. Very exciting times.
  12. Regardless of money/wages, Absolutely fantastic news, another English player signed up, we have clearly lacked a proper English identity over the last few years, First and foremost we are an English club and with CHO, RLC, Mount, James, Abraham in and around the squad I am really positive going forward, win lose or draw I'm excited about watching these guys grow together. KTBFFH.
  13. Villa being mentioned. Personally want him to join a premier league team on loan and to play regulary, really rate this guy hoping he doesn't get lost in countless loans.
  14. Brilliant news, this guy seems to have a real passion for chelsea, can't wait to cheer his goals this season.
  15. Good sell. Never liked the guy, far too soft and spent far too much time on the floor, has the ability to be great but is happy being average.

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