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  1. I had a feeling this would end up low scoring, if any goals. The style of football from both teams has been tedious for a while.
  2. There is lots of money to lose in the top leagues, so it's all about getting the result any way possible.
  3. I actually prefer foreign football at the moment. More exciting games in the "lesser" leagues. The top leagues in Europe has become way too tactical, it's bordering on tedious now.
  4. Has our recruitment been trash again? Bit of a concern we haven't bought a genuine game changer in offence since Diego Costa. I keep mentioning it I know, but for the past five seasons we've spent about 300m and no closer to challenging for the title than we were when Conte won the league with us.
  5. Shame they never went to VAR when Azpilicueta was pulled to the ground by Maguire eh,
  6. Chelsea TV coverage live on YouTube for anyone interested: Matchday Live: Chelsea v Manchester United | Pre-Match | Premier League Matchday - YouTube
  7. Didn't we hear recently that Roman was still ambitious and wanted us challenging for the title? Where has that ambition been for the past 5 seasons? Won the league under Conte, didn't back him and was sacked. We have wasted 300m+ on average players or players who aren't helping us achieve what we need to. City spent £300m and they won the league consecutively and close to winning the league again this season. Meanwhile, the past 5 seasons we've dropped out of the top four twice and haven't been close to winning the league since Conte left.
  8. Wasn't good enough for Chelsea apparently. Good to see Conte doing well now too.
  9. They can't clear out though because other clubs realise how trash those signings are. We managed to offload Willian and Luiz, but the rest of the signings from that terrible transfer window are still going strong. Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Barkley, Batshuayi, Alonso, Rudiger. I mean seriously?! What a way to run a business. This is definitely the board's fault. If they had signed Aguero instead of Torres. If they had signed David Silva in 10/11. If they had signed VVD instead of average CBs. If they had tried to sign Sandro. If they had kept KDB. They could have kept Lukaku instead of
  10. You would think our recruitment department would have learned that Kante is the only world class player we've signed in the last 5 seasons. The rest are average or trash. The managers are then expected to win the league and CL with that kind of recruitment? lol
  11. How do you predict who will be good though? Werner, Havertz and Ziyech were all hyped up as top class players, especially Havertz and Werner. Six months later and the club are losing money on them as the returns have been abysmal. Then again, people will point to Salah as the reason we should be keeping hold of players who are unsuccessful to begin with.
  12. Why have a £70m LB sat on the bench? He's better than Alonso. Alonso will score a goal every now and then, then people will think he's superb, despite him being average 9 times out of 10. Rudiger again showing why he needs benching - he is average as it comes. I can't believe we haven't moved on from the 16/17 season. Still have the same players in the squad and even the first team 5 years on. That is mental to me.
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