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  1. Don't see why players and coaching staff cannot return to training if all have been tested sufficiently. I saw in twitter that Harley Street in London were offering Covid-19 tests for something like £300. Premier League clubs could easily afford a bunch of tests to test staff and players before returning to the training ground.
  2. Roman suffers big drop in net worth. https://www.90min.com/posts/6577988-chelsea-owner-roman-abramovich-suffers-staggering-2-4bn-net-worth-drop-amid-coronavirus-outbreak
  3. I guess because pasta is easy to cook in bulk and relatively cheap. I don't mind pasta, but prefer rice tbh.
  4. Problem is, many people don't always take direct flights. There are people taking flights with 1-2 stopovers from affected areas, so it's difficult to monitor. People always find a way around it. People just don't want to take things seriously. I was watching the news and an American woman in Italy was saying how even people being told to self isolate are not doing so, and they are still out walking the streets. Disgraceful and selfish.
  5. Probably should do that here, from Europe and elsewhere, but it's pretty tough to do. Would have to cancel every single flight.
  6. There could end up being hundreds of thousands of deaths through this.
  7. A senegalese laboratory are on the case, helping to provide 10 minute tests for Covid-19. https://qz.com/africa/1816621/coronavirus-rapid-test-kits-to-be-made-in-senegal-with-uk-help/
  8. interesting numbers in Africa
  9. People going rabid over PL games not being cancelled, but there were matches played yesterday. Surely UEFA should have cancelled Europa yesterday? Players and staff will still be in contact with members of the opposition.
  10. Football will be cancelled for at least two weeks, I guarantee it. I don't think they will even play behind close doors because eventually one or more players will get the virus and the the whole team will be told to self quarantine. What a f**king headache this virus is, and all because a minority of people have a taste for f**king bats and pangolins.
  11. 🤣 some Liverpool fans on twitter talking about how football lost tonight 😂 that lot are something else.
  12. BT Sport need to take a hard look at themselves for hiring that bellend. f**king embarrassing.
  13. No. Write off this game, but as long as the team shows desire to win the game, then that's all we should expect.
  14. I hope they get neither. I'm honestly pissed at how VAR has helped them this season.

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