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  1. Didn't know where to put this, but was interesting nonetheless. Explaining our issues with our attack. Click on it and scroll through thread.
  2. Arsenal now have a hold over us. We used to beat them all the time, but since Arteta came in they've had good results against us.
  3. Where the f**k is Abraham? Still our top scorer since the new guys came in.
  4. We aren't winning the CL if we can't take chances. I don't see us improving that part of our game this season either, so...
  5. Arsenal performing well against us, surprise, surprise. We seem to bend over when we go up against them. Absolute trash.
  6. I honestly thought he'd be one of our best players this season, but he's been mediocre. A real disappointment.
  7. Amazing! I wonder if the fans will be outside the stadium
  8. We've also got City this weekend. Wish we didn't have until the final
  9. Hope we put in a good performance, but I got niggling doubts in my mind. Hazard returning to Stamford Bridge, Sergio Ramos the big game player, Zidane's success in the CL, and Real Madrid only needing an away goal to make things difficult. We should have taken our chances in the first leg, now this makes things really nervy. I'm worried for sure.
  10. Hopefully a hat trick next week.
  11. 0-2 Chelsea win. Jorginho penalty and a Mount FK goal. Varane to be sent off.
  12. Real Madrid haven't scored in their last two games. Tonight will be the same. They will lose tonight. Bookmark this!
  13. Not sure that was a red card challenge to be honest. Look at the tackle in real time and it was impossible that could be intentional.
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