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  1. It's not like any other rivals of ours have set the league on fire in the past two fixtures. Only City have looked pretty good. Liverpool did well in the first fixture, but also looked shaky Vs Norwich, didn't look good against us and last fixture weren't incredible either. Spurs have been fortunate in their fixtures and as have arsenal, relying on Aubameyang and Lacazette. We will see how utd do tonight against a good wolves side to make more judgement on them.
  2. Talking of Loftus-Cheek, it's likely going to be a battle between him and Mason for that role this season. I don't see Barkley taking that spot unfortunately.
  3. People said the same thing about Loftus-Cheek a couple seasons ago. He would tire out during games and didn't have the stamina to go the full 90, now he's improved so much. I imagine Mount will be the same. The pace of the Premier League along with the opposition now will only improve him. I mean it's hardly been an easy first couple fixtures as a baptism of fire. Man Utd away, Liverpool in the super cup and now a good top 10 side in Leicester. The step up was always going to take a little time to adjust to.
  4. We shouldn't, but didn't Liverpool also struggle a bit in their last game? Midweek in Istanbul certainly was not ideal prep.
  5. I wonder if throughout the season Lampard will consider trying something different up front. Maybe Pedro, Pulisic or Hudson-Odoi as ST.
  6. Really? I would have welcomed him to Chelsea when we were linked to strikers a couple windows previously.
  7. To be fair, Klopp has been at Liverpool for four seasons. He has had the time to implement his style. I am impressed with the way we are playing. I think a shout out should go to Sarri too for building the foundations for this style. It certainly helps that Morris and Lampard both have a similar vision for the style of play that Sarri had, albeit not as rigid. Anyway, I think if the club and fans are serious about Lampard, youth etc, implementing the style, then Lampard needs to be given as much time as Poch and Klopp. We don't have the funds that City have to provide Lampard with, so we have to go the route of Spurs and Liverpool in recruiting smartly and giving patience.
  8. This is the thing. The club must have known we could face a ban, so I don't understand why the club didn't invest more in high calibre players a couple windows ago, rather than bloody Morata/Giroud/Drinkwater/Zappacosta/Bakayoko etc. Our scouting has been a bit mediocre compared to the likes of Liverpool, City and even Spurs.
  9. Depends how tough the draw is for the group stage. If we end up drawing Real Madrid/Barcelona and another big boy in one of the other top leagues, we may drop to Europa anyway. I would not be so ashamed if this was the case because it will be less shameful.
  10. I heard it was one player compared to our 29.
  11. Getting CL qualification will ensure we can secure much higher calibre players though.
  12. Would you prefer a good CL run or getting 3rd place in the group stage and dropping down into Europa League? For me, I want us to get CL qualification for next season and obviously EL is the best option. I want to see us do well in the CL, but for me It's gotta be winning EL.
  13. Take away Kane from Spurs, Aguero from City, Salah from Liverpool, they would all struggle more. Having a clinical striker can make an average team much better. Look at Leicester with and without Vardy - it's night and day. I dunno why we never went for Vardy tbh.
  14. We only really had Hazard as our best and world class attacking/creative player. It was Jorginho first season so was harshly judged. Manutd had three genuinely good strikers, we didn't. Arsenal had a 20+ goal striker in Aubameyang as well as a very competent striker in Lacazette. Spurs had quality attacking players too in Kane, Son, Moura and Alli and Spurs do generally have a pretty well balanced side with a top defence and good midfield including Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Eriksen as well as decent fullbacks. Only Arsenal had a team worse than us, but they still had two top class strikers.

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