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  1. cannot wait for January. hopefully some dead wood is got rid of and half decent players brought in.
  2. hate these dead rubber matches
  3. enigma

    That Sterling Incident

    Who knows whether he's telling the truth or lying. He shouldn't be shouting such vitriol in the first place, whether racist or otherwise. The problem is, he's been found guilty without being proven innocent. Sterling comes out and claims he heard something racist, even though the statement from him was vague and seemed more focused on calling out the media in this country. The black Chelsea fan who sat a few seats away didn't hear anything. The fan has lost his job and has been suspended from the Chelsea matches without being found guilty. It all seems very harsh.
  4. enigma

    Alvaro Morata

    What a disastrous signing he was.
  5. enigma

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

  6. enigma

    Mateo Kovačić

    Too slick, too Croatian.
  7. enigma

    That Sterling Incident

    Definitely need to hear the fans side of the story. It is one of two or three things he could be shouting and one of them could very well be "black c***" and if so, then he should rightly be punished by the club and authorities. We need to rid the club of these types who keep dragging the club's name through the mud. Whether it's racial abuse or antisemitic abuse, it's totally uncalled for and despicable.
  8. enigma

    That Sterling Incident

    Yes, I tried repeating what he said. I tried saying both manc and black c*** in the mirror and both are similar, the "m" looks like a "b" Another thing is, surely sterling would have reacted negatively if he heard it? Reporting It straight away to the officials/stewards or even shouting back at the guy. I am not defending the guy, but it's all well and good for Wright and Ferdinand to come out and point the finger, but they're in cushy jobs and financially set, whereas this guy's career could be at risk if he's unfairly labelled a racist if he did nothing wrong.
  9. enigma

    That Sterling Incident

    Ian Wright too https://www.instagram.com/p/BrI5GiBBxzw/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=epl7i9ib38um
  10. enigma

    That Sterling Incident

    Has it been proven that the fan was shouting racist abuse?
  11. enigma

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Sarri is an elite level manager. People just need to be patient with this team and system. A couple of reinforcements in Jan and hopefully next summer a proper striker and I am confident we'll be a force again.
  12. enigma

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Looks like Pep wasn't expecting those tactics from Sarri either lol.
  13. Our players' problem is as soon as City players press them, there's a few players who are forcing the pass to quickly and that leads to trouble. We don't want to give City possession so easily as they are great at keeping it.
  14. enigma

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    He's complimented Pep lots, even at Napoli. He has said we are a long way behind City in our development (he's not wrong) and that City are one of, if not the best team in Europe. When he says he doesn't know how to beat them, it's likely tongue in cheek, but also there's some seriousness to it because who has come up with the gameplan to beat him this season yet? Sarri is being honest, because with our current team is an almost impossible task for them. At least he's not sticking his head in the sand and saying we have a great chance to beat them. We aren't close to City yet and that's the cold hard fact.