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  1. I mean Suarez first couple seasons weren't any better than Abraham's, so he does need time. We also have to remember that he doesn't take penalties either, so every goal he scores is from open play. Rashford has 14 goals this season, but 5 of those goals were from penalties. Go back and look at Rooney's stats around the time he was Abraham's age. He had around a similar amount of goals too, give or take one or two. He only started scoring many goals when he got to mid 20's. Only this season that Martial has scored one more goal than Abraham, but before this season he hasn't scored more than Tammy. Gabriel Jesus hasn't scored more than Tammy in a season either. I think people need to relax and hold back from the hard criticism.
  2. People are being harsh. We don't have the creativity for him to thrive. First season in the Prem and he's already surpassed my expectations. I thought double figures would be brilliant, so he's done that and then some. He's hit the post/bar multiple times, but he just needs to learn to stay onside more. There are far more experienced players who have adapted to the league who are barely better than he is. I would expect Ziyech and Werner to really help him blossom further.
  3. Don't mind seeing him go. I was pretty excited when he signed for us and I was constantly waiting for him to show his potential, but he never did. He's shown glimpses here and there, but he's far too inconsistent a player to play for us, especially if we want to compete for the title and cups.
  4. Upamecano should be looked at. On a lower tier, we could look at bringing Ake back, but not sure he's going to be any better than what we currently have tbh. Thiago Silva is a shout for an experienced CB for a season long signing. Skriniar is another option, but Conte unlikely to let him go. Koulibaly is the top option, but he's pretty comfortable in Italy apparently, so not sure he would come to England. There is a scarcity of potentially very good defenders out there to sign. This is the time when our scouting needs to be put to the test.
  5. I still feel like we are a step up club for him. I'm not going to be mad at that, but we got to keep perspective. If he can help us achieve big things for the next 3-4 seasons then that's fair enough.
  6. enigma


    He's been decent, but he stands out because we haven't had a great attacking force this season. When we do, hopefully next season, it will be amazing.
  7. I would personally prefer Onana from Ajax. The talk of the previous PSG keeper makes no sense considering this is the same keeper who was displaced by an ancient Buffon.
  8. Let's be honest, he isn't good enough and we paid a lot for him. We apparently wanted Allison and was favourites for his signature, but the board didn't know the situation with Courtois at that point so Liverpool jumped in and got him ahead of us. We panicked after it was clear Courtois wanted the move to Madrid, paid over the odds for Kepa and now realise it was a big mistake. £70m+ and a 6 year deal. Craziness.
  9. I do feel like we need to get CL for him to come. Maybe I'm wrong. If he comes, we could see him at Chelsea for a few seasons then leave for Real Madrid and I wouldn't mind. As long as he helps us to win the league.
  10. Crazy to think that by the time we play on Saturday, we could well be 6th. This league is mental. Such fine margins that slip ups have to be avoided.
  11. Sheffield Utd coming into form before they play us ffs. Typical.
  12. Nobody should, no matter how much of a club legend you are. Of course, results will show next season. I do think he's still a decent manager, but I believe Jody is the one who has more input than we think. Jody, after all, was the greatest youth coach in Europe for a while. Lampard on the other hand has only coached one side previously to this. I will stick by and support Lampard of course, but the jury was out for me before he joined the club due to his limited coaching career and unspectactular time with Derby. People, especially the media, can rave about him being an English coach and previous player etc, etc, but they are and always will be the first to bring the guy down when he doesn't do well. It is why It doesn't matter who we hire because they'll never been shown the respect by the media and will start to be hounded by them as soon as there are a couple poor results. We saw evidence of that before this virus lockdown when we weren't on the best of form.
  13. What was Jody Morris' youth side's defensive record like?
  14. What pisses me off is the board are now finally making good moves in the market, but for the past few seasons they've not supported the manager enough. The odd good signing here and there, but overall we've not invested well in the defence at all. Look at who we bought. Emerson, Alonso, Zappacosta, Rudiger, Luiz. Bang average defenders. Alonso scores the odd goal, but his all round game leaves a lot to be desired. Azpilicueta is aging, can't get a cross in to save his life, and only now he has a little bit of competition with James, who is still a young player developing.
  15. Not sure it will even matter. We don't have any top quality defenders. They are all average or above average, but nobody spectacular. The defence should have been strengthened under Conte when he apparently wanted VVD.

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