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  1. We will see if he's changed his ways and learned. Didn't he say his break from football has given him time to learn during a recent interview.
  2. I honestly think Jose's tactics are pretty redundant in 2019. Then again, with Poch gone, Pep possibly leaving in another season and Klopp maybe gone too at the end of the season if he wins the league, who knows. There will be less competition in the league and maybe more of a chance for him to win something. I don't see it myself, but I'm not going to arrogantly rule his chances out considering he's still an elite coach.
  3. Also, why we didn't go in for Vardy when we had the chance I don't know. He's shown he is a top class striker.
  4. He's been a good player for us for years, but since last season he has looked uncomfortable in a more offensive system. He struggles to make any dangerous crosses, and he's looking inferior defensively too compared to previous seasons. I think he and Alonso both thrive in a system which make them look good, rather than their ability to adapt to any system. For me, a top player can play in any system.
  5. Ajax don't even have any fans there do they?
  6. Willian is so bad. Cannot make a decent pass.
  7. He's a knob. Why are alonso and Tomori trying to kick a player. Should know he will go down.
  8. What tackle is that? Why bother forcing a tackle, should have known he would go down.
  9. Could hear a pin drop. Come on, make some noise.
  10. He's dreadful tonight. Passing like he's just come out of a coma.

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