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  1. This window we've already sold Giroud, Guehi, Tomori, and Victor Moses. We've made about 50m already, not including any loan fees for players going out on loan.
  2. How do City do it without ever selling any players? They barely sell anybody and yet evry summer they seem to be able to spend £100-150m+
  3. If Grealish is worth £100m, then Haaland is worth double that. Haaland is absolutely worth £150m. Come on Roman, get that cheque book out.
  4. Haha the Silva family are already Chelsea legends. Thiago Silva's son on an instagram post from Haaland.
  5. WE WANT HAALAND, WE WANT HAALAND! Question is. Do we win the league of we sign Haaland?
  6. I'd rather us spend the extra and get Haaland than sign Lukaku.
  7. What have the club made so far from selling players we won't be using. Something like £40m, right? I hope they can get rid of the likes of Zappacosta, Batshuayi, Emerson, Bakayoko, Drinkwater etc. No reason we can't make another £60-80m on those players too.
  8. I'm not wasting energy on following our transfer rumours this season. I'm just going to avoid social media rumours and wait until the season starts and any signings have signed a contract and in a chelsea kit.
  9. I mean he's not going to get a place in England's side any time soon if we're honest. He wants to play football, so why not switch if he can. Sterling, Grealish, Foden, Sancho, Mount, and at the moment he isn't better than any of them.
  10. I mean we don't know this. Also, which clubs have a better 'project' right now. Real Madrid have hired Ancelotti, who in my opinion, isn't going to be more successful than Zidane. Barcelona are struggling for options and don't have the money. Bayern Munich could get him, but doubt they have the money and they don't need him. The Italian clubs can't afford him. The thing is, he is young enough to join us and then leave in 5 years if he wants. Most top players don't necessarily stay at one club for their whole careers, so...
  11. Southgate is going to be another nearly man with a group of talented players. Same old, same old.
  12. hope he doesn't. The racism he will prob receive won't be pretty
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