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  1. Yes, but agents have a bigger say than the players a lot of the time. They convince their client that they can do more, earn more etc elsewhere.
  2. Our performance away to Everton doesn't look too bad in hindsight. It's a weird game.
  3. Azpilicueta has been quite sub-par for a while. Nowhere near as good technically on the ball. Defensively good, but that's where it ends. Such a shame. Emerson has been mediocre too. Our full backs need replacing in the summer if possible.
  4. Gotta be a English club win this year. Barcelona are below par and can't see them not conceding goals home or away. Ajax would be interesting, but is it even possible they would get past Liverpool or City? Maybe they have a chance vs Spurs.
  5. I don't know what happened with negotiations, but: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/6592672/Chelsea-on-verge-of-signing-Sergio-Aguero-for-40m-from-Atletico-Madrid.html
  6. I'll never forgive our board for buying Torres over Aguero. One of the worst transfer f**k ups in a good while. Aguero has been incredible for City. I am positive we would have won at least another couple of league trophies if we had bought him.
  7. On a side note, this year's CL has been poor. Then again it was poor last season too. Bayern, Juve and Madrid have been dreadful. No longer the big dogs. All three clubs need a clear out and rebuild of their teams. I can't believe Atletico were beat by Juve. Juventus suck.
  8. I hope Ajax win the thing. Their team is getting stripped apart this summer with Barca already getting two of their players in de ligt and de jong apparently. There's also a couple others who will likely be snapped up too.
  9. Okay, so who, in your opinion, will do a better job? Because we are running out of managers and keep going from one system to another until it runs it course and we sack another manager. We have to bring in a bunch of new players to fit another new system, then when we don't do well people are surprised and call for the manager's head. I can see how it all pans out, it's become very tiresome now. Pochettino has been at Spurs, for what, 4 years? He's won nothing but gets praised despite having, in my opinion, a better side than we do.
  10. If people were to look back at Serie A before Sarri, Napoli were way, way behind Juventus. Under Sarri Napoli actually started to become competitive in the league and could have won the league last season. This season, Napoli are something like 17 points behind Juve (and a worse Juventus too imo) and that's under a manager that won a hell of a lot of trophies and is praised by many of our fanbase as a fantastic manager too. Granted, they lost Jorginho and Hamsik, but it just shows how much good work Sarri did at Napoli. However, because he didn't win anything at Napoli people think he's not a good manager.
  11. Not sure why people care about Liverpool winning the league. How is City winning the league twice in two years a good thing? Liverpool winning it means the league would have had four different winners in the past 4 seasons. For me that's the sign of a strong and unpredictable league.
  12. Serious question. Do you genuinely think any other manager would have done a better job this season with this group of players and considering the competitive nature of the league this season? Take into consideration that Sarri has virtually had no striker up until late Jan/Early Feb? I personally don't. Of course, a new system will always have teething problems and we've had some crap results because of poor individual mistakes and adapting to the new style. However, I don't think the right decision is to sack every manager (especially not after 8 months!) just because we are not challenging for the title or a couple points off top four in arguably the most competitive season for many years.
  13. Today was a defensive mistake by, and I hate to say it, Hudson Odoi. Not closing down the wide attacker on his side. As well as a wonder goal by Salah. Apart from that we were in the game and also had chances. Hazard central was probably a poor decision in hindsight, but I'm sure there were reasons for it. Giroud was bossed by VVD last time we played Liverpool, so not sure how hoofing the ball up to him in a 1v1 with Van Dijk would have helped. Starting Hazard wide may or may not have made much of a difference during the course of the game. I don't think Klopp expected us to start with Hazard centrally. By the sounds of things before the game in his presser he was planning to double mark Hazard out of the game.

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