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  1. got a good feeling about this lad. Given his age, I think he can be a real asset for us in future, especially with this attitude.
  2. I would hope we don't fall back too much. As I've said before, we miss out on top four it will be harder to both buy and keep the top quality players. Kante may not be here if we miss out on top four. His agent may end up having a word in his ear about moving to PSG or playing under Zidane at Real. Why wouldn't Kante ask for a move in that instance? Knowing the club will struggle to buy top players and will have no CL football. It isn't limited to Kante only, but he's been our next best player after Hazard to have been linked with other clubs. I can't say I am particularly optimistic for the next couple seasons.
  3. I am not confident about this. I have read opinions from Derby fans and many of them think he's not ready for Chelsea. There's a mutual agreement among them that he was tactically naive last season. I fear it will end badly again and it will be realised why it's the club's fault for not sufficiently backing previous coaches that's put us in this position. With our rivals able to spend freely this summer, I worry we will be left way behind. I obviously hope I am proved wrong.
  4. I wouldn't want Jose back. In my opinion, we need to build on the base left by Sarri to start playing more attractive football. The only other guy I can think of who could do this would be the Ajax manager. Lampard is the other option, but he's had an meh season with Derby in the league. The board need to decide what they want. Roman apparently wants attractive football, so there's only a few managers out there who can do this. I honestly have no idea.
  5. We did recover, but City weren't as ruthless in the market and on the field back then. There wasn't a resurgence of Liverpool, and Tottenham were actually still a bit sh*t back then. Losing our best player and facing a transfer ban is going to really hurt us.
  6. Just saw this on twitter. The footballing gods are taking a massive sh*t on us this summer. What is the reason for these internationals straight after a season? Absolute joke.
  7. I kind of expected to be made an example of after Barcelona and Atletico's bans.
  8. This source is pretty much numero uno for RM EXCLUSIVE # JUGONES | The HAZARD FICHAJE by the REAL MADRID will be OFFICIAL in the NEXT HOURS. The PRICE will be around 100 MILLION.
  9. How is this Sarri's fault though? He wanted the club to back him publicly when we went through that rough patch and they didn't. Instead he was hearing the journalists come out and keep asking about him being sacked or the papers saying he risked being fired. He asked them in the meeting a fee days ago to support him (not in the transfer market) but publicly in the media, but they have refused. He also wanted them to believe in his philosophy. I don't see that is much to ask for. The whole point of hiring Sarri was to change the philosophy from a pragmatic, defensive system to a more offensive one. The problem is, these type of changes were always going to take time and patience. If the board can't afford the patience to change style and identity then there will be no consistency.
  10. I just don't understand why the club would bring him in then. Chase him all summer, pay his release for 8m, bring in Kepa and Jorginho, only to tell him they won't back up publicly or footballing wise 10 months later. This club confuse and frustrate. There is no long term vision. When Man City went through a bad patch with Pep, likewise with Klopp at Liverpool, the board didn't say they won't continue to back the managers. Even Pochettino has continually been supported despite winning bugger all for the last 4 seasons.
  11. The board also spent a whole summer chasing Sarri, on the belief that they were going to change their ways and stick by the coach, as well as Roman's desire for a change of style. They would have known about this potential ban well before they signed Sarri, so why did they bother to sign him and not just keep Conte? They paid out nearly 20m to secure/release two coaches. After all this, we go and let him go 10 months later. Without the backing and support from the club, any manager will struggle here. We have seen it for the last 5 years at least. The club are not backing coaches for whatever reason. It's all well and good bringing in one of two players here and there, but they do this then sack the manager when he doesn't do well, which leads to again more disruption, style changes, and no stability in the side. The league is only getting stronger. Our rivals will strengthen this summer and we'll be left behind because of the illogical decision not to at least try have a transfer window to buy.
  12. People will have differing opinions on Sarri, but I have always been Sarri in. He needed at least another season here regardless of the Europa league win. Winning that proved that he should absolutely have a second season. The improvements in our style of play, especially playing out from the back were noticeable. We play out from the back so comfortably, and under pressure I rarely saw us boot the ball up the field. Seeing Kante adapting to, and beginning to flourish in, the new position was great. Also, Sarri playing Loftus Cheek in his natural position and doing really well. On top of this, Hazard having arguably his best ever season for us stats wise. It will be a bitter bill to swallow to see Sarri go, as I truly think he could have made us even better with another season if we had a transfer window. I really don't see where we go from here now. It will have to, once again, be another change of styles. I don't know who we will even go for. The clubs right now showing strength are the ones who have shown their coaches the time, patience and support over 3/4 seasons and we are witnessing the success now.
  13. We don't have good enough players mate. Take Hazard out and who will score the goals for us? Spurs are different. First of all, they have backed their manager for the past what, 4 seasons? Secondly, they have recruited well and shrewdly while having the fortune of a elite level striker at their disposal. Spurs have a very good side, let's not pretend their side is poor.
  14. Apparently he wanted us to appeal to CAS and also give their backing. I read that on twitter, so take it with pinch of salt. The problem i have with this is, why are we refusing to appeal? If we brought in some quality players this summer, next season we can actually do something. If we don't sign anybody and allow Hazard to leave, we will be in trouble. If we don't make top four next season (which is a very high possibility given the circumstances) then the summer after we may be able to sign players, but who will want to come here without any European football?

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