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  1. enigma


    €80m for transfer and wages. f**k that!
  2. enigma


    https://mobile.twitter.com/partidazocope/status/1220479378938875904?s=19 The translation in English: News @partidazocope Informs @juanmacastano The @Atleti is optimistic with the arrival of @ECavaniOfficial in january The operation would reach 80M € (transfer and salary) for the next 2 and a half years Simeone has put a lot of pressure on the club #PartidazoCOPE
  3. I always wondered why this wasn't considered more. He is left footed, and from watching his highlights the guy is a fantastic finisher with an eye for goal. I honestly don't know much about him though, but worth a punt if we need somebody. We have needed a left footed attacker for a while. Can't be worse than Pepe (who we were linked with for a ridiculous fee) at Arsenal haha.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/OllieGlanvill/status/1220266718129467392
  5. I just don't want or expect any replacement to be the level of Nick f**king Pope.
  6. He's actually saved us plenty times with quality saves and being a sweeper keeper. The blame should fall on the whole defence. We lack a real leader in defence. Van Dijk made an immense difference to Liverpool after joining them. Before he came they were constantly vulnerable.
  7. Look at City and Liverpool. They have multiple goal threats. Aguero, Jesus, KDB, Silva, B.Silva, Mahrez. Liverpool have Firmino, Salah, Mane, Origi, plus two quality full backs. We literally have one good goal threat in Abraham, but he can't do everything.
  8. I don't think the striker is so much the issue. Don't get me wrong, we need another striker, at least a competent one to fight with Tammy for the no.1 spot. However, it's the supply to the striker which is the biggest problem. We simply lack creativity. Willian doesn't provide it, Callum is still getting back to form. Our midfield lacks creativity and goal threats too tbh. We need a goal threat and a creative outlet in this team. This is where we miss Hazard, but we also miss a Fabregas hybrid with goal scoring ability. I think Ruben would fill some of that creative outlet, but he's out for this season.
  9. enigma


    What is the point of that? We need a player now. We need someone (or two) to come in and strengthen us. We are still in cup games and have the chance to make top four.
  10. Our whole midfield are not goal scorers, maybe barring Mount, but even he is adapting to the league. We need a goal threat from midfield.
  11. Yep he did well. I think he just needs to build the confidence up again after that bad injury. It's looking like he's getting back to his pre-injury self.
  12. We miss Hazard. Nobody is yet to fill that gap unfortunately. We also miss Loftus-Cheek in midfield. I do think Reece would have made a difference last night with his crossing. It is what it is, we were just not good enough, and we have needed major investment for a while now. Missing out on a summer transfer window, then trying to frantically search for a good player this window was always going to be tough because we no longer have the money to throw around.
  13. I'm done. I'm going for a shower. Probably a cold one. f**king sh*t.
  14. Come on Lampard ffs. You are being outclassed by the guy who put out the cones for Pep's training sessions.

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