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  1. Havertz has definitely not impressed today. Makes you wonder when he will come good. Waiting for this potential of his.
  2. We can only rely on Mendy and a decent defence for so long. We can't continue winning games by a goal, eventually we'll concede a few, lose the game, then have to change the style and potentially get exposed further. Not sure the answer, but Tuchel is the man to sort it out. We know Roman doesn't wait around if he's not seeing improvement. Tuchel winning the CL gave himself a little extra time, but not a lot. We need to make sure we secure the next round of CL too.
  3. How the hell does he get supplied better chances to score at Inter Milan, opposed to here. Boggles my mind. Maybe it's the league, I don't know, but Serie A is supposed to be a toughest league to score in, so Lukaku should be banging them in here soon. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. We were supposed to be challenging this season, but look like we've regressed. Typical Chelsea.
  5. Sell Werner, bring in Saint-Maximin.
  6. They are a well oiled machine. I could see them winning it this season. A very consistent team.
  7. 2nd season syndrome under a new manager haha. I want to say I'm joking, but it's a recurring theme now isn't it.
  8. He's been a really disappointing signing in general. I really had higher expectations for him, but his time at Chelsea so far has just been totally meh.
  9. Looks like Tuchel was a half season wonder lol
  10. Juventus haven't been very good recently, so if we fail to impress tonight, I'll be a bit concerned.
  11. To be honest, City were dominant for most of the game. They had that opportunity where Bernardo Silva, I think it was, couldn't put the ball in the net and hit the post/bar twice. Man City had the opportunities to cause way more problems, but left their luck back in Stamford bridge haha. I am yet to be impressed by PSG yet, especially given they've signed the best attacking player in the world and arguably the best RB too.
  12. This is a concern. I think his brother has a heart condition or something. If there's any genetic issue there, Covid isn't going to be ideal at all. Not to mention that long Covid could potentially mess with Kante for the rest of the season. Hopefully nobody else tests positive before the weekend. Last thing we would need. Losing Kante is a big loss for us, no matter how anyone spins out. Regardless, hope Kante recovers well because health is more important than football.
  13. Pep finally got it right vs Tuchel.
  14. I'm really not a fan of this cup. Leave it for the clubs outside top 4-6 to play.
  15. The worry we'll have is replacing Kante eventually. He is so crucial to our midfield, he's a nightmare to replace.
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