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  1. Only reason I feel more confident (not by much mind you) is because our record at Wembley is good and it's a cup final so the players will (hopefully) be up for it.
  2. enigma

    Match Going Fans

    I used to go to the bridge with my dad befofe Roman took over. We had memberships for two seasons. The funny thing is, I haven't been to a game since Roman took over. I fell out of enjoyment with football for years during my late teens and early 20's. It was only a few seasons ago I got back into it again. I guess this is why I feel we should have patience with manager, but also bring some youth through. I find, with all these Chelsea YouTube fan channels, it perpetuates the notion of current match going fans as spoiled and entitled. When we are not on a good run there's fans booing and jeering players, as well as calling for the manager's head. I think people need some perspective and realise success isn't always guaranteed, and we have come a damn long way since before Roman. The clubs who have had most success in England started off earlier than us and had the chance to move way ahead before Abramovic's takeover. I think now with better run clubs, better coaches coming to England, and generally more competition, it's tougher than ever to remain consistently successful.
  3. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    The problem with relying on pur youth on loan is that we are putting all our eggs in one basket expecting them to be better than what we have and improve us. I don't deny that we have some talented youngsters on loan, but we need to slow our roll on thinking the youth will make us title/trophy challengers. This ban will need to act as a transition period I think, for a whole club overhaul. The club have messed up here. If they are trying to run a successful business, they have made a massive balls up here. Investors will think twice before investing in us as a company due to this. Roman needs to sack whomever was behind this and get in smarter individuals.
  4. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    City and PSG, as far as I know, haven't signed a large amount of underage players though. At the moment both those clubs are innocent of any wrongdoing, if they even committed any wrong doing in the first place.
  5. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    The decision now is, if Sarri stays, he will still need players for his system. If he does go, then the next manager will still need new players. It depends on our ambitions for the next two, three, four etc seasons. Sarri has coached mid table/relegation battling clubs before and done well with them, so it's up to us.
  6. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    FA can pay that fine with all the fines they've given us over the years.
  7. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    The irony here is we are getting a ban for signing young players we had no intention of playing lol.
  8. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    This is why we bought Pulisic. Can't help but think it wasn't the best way to spend so much money though. In my opinion, we need an elite striker, left footed RW, centre back, another full back, and a creative (preferably goal scoring too) midfielder. For any other squad places we can take it up with some of the youth on loan.
  9. enigma

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    The irrational condemnation for Sarri is so odd.
  10. Not long. People think this set of players are going to be world beaters after Sarri is gone. It's laughable, as if people don't have eyes to see how average some of this group are. If they need a specific system to look good, then they aren't good players.
  11. Credit to Malmo, they have set up and pressed us well that half. This is a game where Fabregas would be useful.
  12. enigma

    Arjen Robben interview

    Robben is a freak. Up until a couple seasons ago he has remained at a consistent level since his days with us. Very few players ever keep that consistency. I always wonder how Ronaldo (R9) and Ronaldinho would have done if their primes lasted a longer time and injuries were not a problem.
  13. enigma

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    He isn't a bad player. It's just there's no context to why he isn't standing out as much. 1. He is adapting to a new league. Many midfielders and players (including our own player hazard, and most recently Fabinho) have mentioned the pace is hard to adapt to initially. 2. The pressure of living up to the price tag. 3. Playing for a team which doesn't know how to effectively play Sarri's style. At Napoli they were a well oiled machine where every player knew what they were doing and there was always off the ball movement for him to pick passes out much easier. 4. Fatigue. No winter break (like in Serie A) and nobody to replace him in that role at the moment with the illogical sale of Fabregas.
  14. enigma

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Pep also had a better team player for player who were coming from an offensive system and a season with less competiton at the time. I mean a squad with Y.Toure, Aguero, KDB, Sane, Sterling, Zabaleta, Kompany, Jesus, Fernando, Fernandinho, Silva, Navas, Kolarov, Otamendi, Gundogan is far from average.