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  1. I think the best way to solve our defensive issues is playing five at the back. But then this limits us offensively. I really don't know. Lampard has tried this and it worked well and kept us pretty defensively solid, but again, it limits us going forward.
  2. If the club had built from the back years ago, we may not have been in this situation. But with signings like Zappacosta, Rudiger, Luiz, Alonso, Emerson etc, we have neglected any real quality in defence. I can understand that this window it was difficult to find the top quality. It's unfortunate. We could have brought in VVD years ago when Conte was here, but instead we focused on saving money and bringing in average players.
  3. Look at how Liverpool built their team. First Mane and Firmino. Then Salah. Then VVD.
  4. Hudson-Odoi should have made the run there. Was standing looking into space.
  5. Well unfortunately we've had to bring in half a new team and expect them to gel within a few weeks. Doesn't work like that. I blame the board for not making smart signings, rather lots of average ones.
  6. Should be in prison if we are to believe the story of him killing that girl, who was the passenger in his car when he crashed it. It has always been difficult to defend the guy when rival fans kept mentioning this. Something always been a bit off about him. Now it seems he is just an entitled player who isn't consistent or particularly good.
  7. People still praise the board for fantastic business, but forget the transfer window when Mourinho returned, after we won the league. They also forget the abysmal business done during the transfer window under Conte. The players we struggle to get rid of now and who have barely played for us, came from those seasons. Absolutely terrible business by the club. The club must have wasted £250-300m during those transfer windows.
  8. Lampard travelled to Germany with Cech to speak to Werner. Not sure about Havertz, but he spoke to Lampard on the phone numerous times from what I've heard. Lampard was VERY keen on bringing Kai to the club.
  9. I can understand this decision. The club need to choose between keeping Tomori or Rudiger. Rudiger isn't better than Tomori. I also think Rudiger was the most experienced CB in the squad. Now we have Silva to bring the younger defenders along, it's time to cut ties with Rudiger.
  10. I don't know about Christensen. However, I did read on twitter that Fabrizio Romano was on a Chelsea podcast and mentioned that we are targeting Gimenez of Atletico Madrid next summer. Also, not sure if related to the defence or other positions, but we will start looking towards South America for talent.
  11. Yeah it's not like our midfielders don't know how to provide long passes. It is more of a case of having barely played together.
  12. I mean Liverpool hardly have a creative midfield and in two seasons they have won the CL and league. They have a fantastic offensive front three which is very good. Pretty much the same with City, except they do have KDB. Our creativity will likely come from Havertz, Ziyech, Mount and Jorginho. I would have liked us to have gone for Thiago, but you can't buy everyone.
  13. When it says companies linked to Abramovich. This means he likely knew about their motives? I have no idea about the situation in the middle east. I know about the Palestinians and Israelis battling for land, right? That's about as much as I know. It sounds like a sh*tty situation for the Palestinians.
  14. With no fans, the advantage for the bigger sides lessens at home that's for sure. The smaller sides likely have less pressure on them without fans in the stadium, so they feel more free to go out and take it the bigger sides.
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