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  1. Like going from Rib Eye to canned meat. I really hope not.
  2. Madrid are skint, a Haaland type deal would drown them.
  3. It's always last gasp stuff when an international tournament is ongoing. It's a deal in principle with no medical or terms agreed yet so this isn't a signing either. We really don't have many options either though, Sancho leaving means no Haaland which was our big target so we might not be doing much this window. Our team is solid enough though so I'm not worried.
  4. He's been a garbage signing so no one to blame but himself.
  5. Like Rooney when he was in his late teens. An absulote machine. If we can we must because he is going to be the best striker around for years to come. Can't see it but we can dream
  6. We are paying massive wages for not much in return in my view. Yes he's young but there's a heap of players in and around his age in the EPL alone who are performing better. Don't see it with him at all.
  7. Don't see them keeping him. They don't have CL football and they will need to spend about 100 million plus to win anything of note.
  8. Conte isnt a long term manager, he will come in and ruffle some feathers, won't be given the funds to win anything and will leave in a cloud of smoke after he's fallen out with everyone at the club. Spurs squad is mince
  9. I didn't think the feeling I had in Munich would ever be matched or beaten but last night I was in tears. This young team didn't have huge names like 2012 and somehow managed to lift the trophy in style. I've been hugely critical with the team and players at points this season but it's because I know the talent they have and they can produce nights like that. God knows when or if it will happen again in my lifetime but I'm hugely grateful to have seen us lift that trophy twice and get to 3 finals.
  10. He was quite reserved during it all, was at the back almost alone during the trophy lift.
  11. The way it's all happened like 2012 can you rule it out.
  12. Can't sleep.. Won't sleep Ann Lee said it best... 2 times
  13. He came on and offered very little and fluffed the big chance. When he gets minutes he doesn't impress. Simple as
  14. Every Chels kids dream and he's done it at this stage of his career. He will be every bit as big as JT and lamps for us.
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