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  1. I don’t think he will though, we have said the same thing every single game since pre season and nothing’s changed. I don’t get it but he clearly doesn’t want to change it for some reason
  2. Such a shame we can’t defend. It’s not a one off we are really struggling to stop goals. Going to cost us big this season
  3. Liverpool didn’t even play well either, they looked shattered from midweek but we still struggled. Far too many times we are saying the same things already in games we are struggling in like Sheffield United, Man U, Valencia and today yet it’s only September. I know we have a young team and have the ban but we still have a squad with quality players who should be doing better and not making the mistakes we are (Dave, Alonso, Willian for example). It wouldn’t be such an issue if we knew the time would be given but if people think we can afford to lose or draw every other game and for Frank to still be here next season then they will be in for a shock.
  4. No point saying we did well and all the rest when we keep dropping points. It’s a results business and thus far we are struggling on all fronts. Our defending has been a big issue ever since pre season and it’s still the main issue. We know how it will pan out if results don’t pick up so saying “good effort” and the likes isn’t going to do us or Frank any good. We need to sharpen up and quickly
  5. His end product is still shocking though and always had been
  6. Our finishing is way below the standard required. Can’t miss those at this level and expect to pick up points.
  7. I hope this is a parody account, I really do.
  8. Reminds me of AVBs tenure, we would attack in droves but our defending was so bad it cost us every other game. This has some alarming similarities
  9. When did they last win the league? I mean you seem convinced it’s rigged for them so they must have won it multiple times in the past few years....
  10. The League isn’t rigged, stop being ridiculous
  11. f**k arsenal we are getting beat at home ffs
  12. Our defending has been shambolic, we absolutely don’t deserve to be level based on that alone
  13. AVB used it and well you know the rest of the story
  14. Embarrassing again. Another battering no doubt.

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