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  1. Chelsbear

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    The pros are the longer Liverpool and Spuds are in the CL then the more chance of us making some progress in the league as they will need to rest big players for the knockout games. Everything else is cons though, no denying it. Liverpool MUST not win the league and Spuds MUST not win a trophy. If those two things are achieved then happy days (With a Chelsea cup win of course!)
  2. Pathetic Its clear if we are to go all in with sarri we need a few massive windows. I just don’t think we have the ambition anymore
  3. Ah well. Saturday will be a complete thumping I suspect.
  4. Chelsbear

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Pickford is a melt and Klopp is a cringey mess
  5. Chelsbear


    He's not been excellent for Arsenal so I don't see how he would be for us. We need a step up in quality
  6. There will be a DVD of this the way it’s going. Utterly humiliating
  7. That’s that then. Shame on our players, no bottle
  8. That’s a pen ya corrupt creep
  9. Getting embarrassing this
  10. A decent keeper would have palmed that out, he left him is to have no power in his hands arms which is crucial for a keeper
  11. Typical spuds implosion we look rank
  12. Are we that moronic? It’s an exact same goal as last year pathetic and so was Kepa there
  13. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    You wont be there long if its any consolation!
  14. Chelsbear

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Belgium absolutely destroyed