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  1. Morata Back to being utterly hopeless
  2. Sshould have been a routine win this, blown several great chances.
  3. Why Morata in his way?
  4. Willian again, guys a liability
  5. Chelsbear

    Alvaro Morata

    What a completely pointless discussion.
  6. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    It’s one of the best looking games of all time. the attention to detail is staggering, I’ve not seen the advert but I have played the game for countless hours.
  7. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    Is one not a sniper like rifle that you have to get when with John
  8. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    Did I just see someone say COD was for the serious gamers Trash turn your mind off shooters for the youngsters. That’s why I ditched it when I got a PS3 all those years ago
  9. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    If I lose my Arabian after spending a hour trying to find her I’d be devastated. What a horse that is
  10. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    Don’t think you can.
  11. Chelsbear

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    You can't expect someone who has no match practise to come in and play like he's never been out. Match sharpness is vital
  12. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    I'm the opposite. I like the travelling as you encounter countless little random scenarios on the way to missions etc which side track you in a good way. I much prefer it than GTA and I always have since RRD. I suppose if travelling is an issue there is the speed map unlock which transports you to certain areas instantly. I find it extremely hard to get into games these days and it's been a good few years since a game has drew me in quite like this,. It's a masterpiece in my eyes.
  13. Chelsbear

    Any game recommendation?

    Folk in the canteen talking about having a few drinks at the weekend and what not and all I am thinking is I was skinning a legendary bear and hunting a decent conditioned crocodile...