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  1. Like? I've literally seen no one saying sack Lampard.
  2. Also this talk of top 10 would be good enough is nonsense. We have a squad clearly capable of top 4 especially the way the teams behind Liverpool have been dropping points. No one expected trophies but to beat teams like Villa at home and a team playing with 10 men for 70 minutes who are on worse shape than us? It's not a huge ask and if we are struggling now God help us when the rest of the teams around us start getting into some form. Honeymoon period is over and we are making the same amateurish mistakes every other week and not learning basic lessons. Doesn't matter who's the manager that will catch up with you
  3. Who's calling for his head? I don't recall any posts wanting him sacked but rather he needs to wake up and stop making the same mistakes game after game
  4. The lesson has been the same for months now, it's not suddenly going to change now. There's a week left to bring in players and we have done nothing so far.
  5. It's been a dogsh*t performance against 10 men. No c**t is trying out there
  6. Can't trust this team one bit. Our defense is laughable and our attack feeble. This isn't a cheap fix
  7. Got what we deserve Team of bottlers who can't defend. Shocked if Lampard survives much more of these dog sh*t performances
  8. Batshuyi was not good enough 3 seasons ago so why he is still here is anyone's guess.
  9. Jody is his assistant, of course he's going to be talking to him.
  10. We are woeful. Slow, lazy and uninterested. I honestly don't enjoy watching us anymore especially at home. Players don't look bothered and management don't seem to know what to do when plan A fails. All self inflicted tbh
  11. It's been the case for months yet nothing changes, is it the coaching staff who can't cut it or the players just not bothering either way something has to give as this can't go on
  12. He picks the team, he sees the way the game is going and doesn't change anything. End of the day the manager is the one who takes the flack

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