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  1. Sad thing is he's a few levels ahead of Michy. Giroud made the first goal and he still has important moments in games, sadly Michys appearance gives the opposition important moments.
  2. A summer transfer window isn't soeti g this. Tactics and defending have not improved all season.
  3. You tend to back a manager who has just won the league.....
  4. Why would I want to bet? Its a gut feeling after watching us make the same mistakes all season.
  5. Don't see Frank seeing out the season tbh. We keep getting shown up by poor teams.
  6. It's not an argument because there's nothing to argue about. Throwing your toys out the pram about it is a bit silly though.
  7. So you weren't trying to hit back at the poster about his team buying success? We all know they bought Dortmund best players, it's been said in evert post on the subject. Dortmund choose to sell those players, Bayern didn't hold them at gun point. Bayern are doing what any other club including ours would do in the same circumstances. We literally tried the same thing when going after Cole, Gerrard, Rooney and so on. The Budusligas lack of competition is down to the teams who choose to punt their best players to rivals, not because Bayern are doing anything wrong.
  8. Because our league has more teams capible of winning it. We at that time had Mancheat United, Arsenal and Liverpool who were all full of great players. Bayern historically have been the best team in Germany for decades, thay have continually won the majority of domestic trophies. The other teams in the league are not as commercially big and the best players in Germany usually want to play for the biggest and best team they grew up watching which is Bayern. I don't see how them buying the best players from the league they play in can be an insult or some sort of stick to beat them with, it's literally making sure they stay top which is what it is all about.
  9. We bought Ashley Cole who was the best LB in in Europe. We tried to sign the best young players in England constantly too. There are plenty of examples. Bayern signing players to enhance their chances of winning is obviously a successful strategy. Just because you dont like it doesn't make it wrong or unethical. Just makes you seem bitter tbh If Dortmund and others had real ambitions of being the best they wouldn't have sold Lewy, Gotze, Hummells and so on. Not Bayerns fault they are push overs
  10. So basically like we did circa 2005. Bayern doing what they do to keep winning is up to them and if their rivals allow themselves to sell their best players to them then more fool them. Not sure why this is a dig at Bayern tbh
  11. Exactly. Need to build from the back, no point having the exciting vibrant attack when you keep conceding simple goals every game. Give me a comanding centre back and leader every time. Then you can start to look further ahead.

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