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  1. He’s lost the crowd time to just call it a day
  2. I am just bored of this, be different if he showed some invention and the urge to change things but he does the same repetitive rubbish game after game. Its like he wants the sack
  3. No changes The guy really doesn’t know what he’s doing
  4. So the 50 million man he had orchestrate his Napoli side was not his man? Really?
  5. If we are going to be spanked every other week can we not just play some of our promising players to give us something to cheer about? I’d rather lose knowing the players will grow rather than lose that way than with Alonso and co not giving a hoot making the same brain farts every single game.
  6. Is there any player you haven’t abused today? You seem to hate Chelsea
  7. He picks the team, he sets us up tactically and mentality. The buck stops with the manager and always has done before. He has not been anywhere near good enough nor have his picks of Alonso and Jorginho in almost every game yet both start consistently. Hes out his depth and his style of football is redundant in English football
  8. Worse than AVB this defending its rank amateurish and Sarri will never learn
  9. Bye Sarri What a waste of time and money
  10. Can’t think of too many time we have come back from being behind this season and especially not to a quality team. We have no backbone
  11. Look at the positioning of Alonso criminal
  12. Looks a forgone conclusion this.
  13. Wow No wonder CHO wants out, embarrassing way to utilise talented players
  14. Chelsbear

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    And they will still win f**k all