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  1. No one is or could be. There isn't a player capable of 40 plus goals a season, he was a freak. Same with Messi, Barca will be in big trouble when he goes.
  2. Still have him back in a heartbeat. Not the first to struggle after moving to Spain.
  3. A bit different managing in a mickey mouse league compared to one of the best in Europe. Still waiting for either to win something, hopefully very soon for both.
  4. I'd imagine they want him for the EL. They are one of the favourites and could get them a CL place. This has a few weeks to run
  5. Well you clearly haven't been following us since 94 if you think Abraham is our worst striker. That's a ridiculously stupid thing to say
  6. Probably a bit rusty. Could have scored 3 here. He also hit the bar with a superb strike. I don't know how anyone watching that couldn't see his class.
  7. Yeah at the end of the day it's about the money, it's not like Cech or anyone of that ilk. He's a luxury that wr don't need now, we need output and his has been very poor given the teams he has played in.
  8. Pretty pathetic that they are paying staff off and offering obscene contract offers to over the hill has beens. It is ARSE right enough, run like a back street brothel.
  9. He's not worth 40m or anywhere near it tbh. Nice lad but he's not a top class centre back. I'd have Zouma over him
  10. That new midfielder City have signed from Valencia stated he left them because they wouldn't make him captain and their highest paid player.... He's 20 What a shining example of professionalism
  11. Sancho is as big a signing for them as Ronaldo was. He's such a talent but I'm not sure why he's went there.
  12. It's not just his goal tally but setting up goals and chances too. How many times has he got in great positions just to either put in a poor delivery or play it backwards. I have appreciated his efforts and work rate but in terms of an attacking midfielder his numbers and output are poor in comparisons with the top players at the top clubs. He has shown in flashes he has the ability but its never consistent so he won't be missed quite like our very best players of the past.
  13. He's a hard worker but for the money he's on you want goals and assists and his numbers are below average. If he won't accept a couple of years playing where he has settled then it's best he goes as he's not all in for the cause. Rather we give the place to someone who wants to be here and prove themselves.
  14. If he wants to go to Arse then good riddence. He's past his prime and in his prime he wasn't exactly brilliant.
  15. Surely he has a good season left in him!

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