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  1. You would need to be mentally unstable if you thought that would have any chance of happening.
  2. We don’t punt it up the park as per the managers way of playing, that’s what they are told to do...... Kepa made a pass any competent footballer would read and get to, unfortunately for him and is Zouma had another famous brain fart that he’s well known for. The guys a woeful CB and should never have come back. Too many on here still protecting him because of some games of 3/4 years ago when he was teenager. He’s not very good and can’t read a simple pass
  3. The defence has been a obvious issue since pre season, it’s now nearly Christmas and they are still making several ridiculous mistakes in games. It’s not improving as you will see when you see our goals against
  4. He made a pass that any competent and switched on CB would deal with, Zouma made a fool out of himself with that play.
  5. The defenders caused this goals today, it’s on them. Evertons keeper didn’t make any saves of note either but he doesn’t have the chuckle brothers in front of him
  6. I don’t think that’s got much to do with it, any side would beat us today with our attitude and individual errors. Thats just an excuse
  7. Yup and we should be looking to move Zouma and Christensen on now, neither have progressed and are living if they hype of 4 odd years ago when they were talaneded youngsters. A CB, LB, ST have to be priorities for me
  8. Concedes too many because he has zero protection.
  9. We need a new defence. The guys in front of him are every bit as poor and worse in Zoumas case.
  10. Not really. We haven’t beaten a top side all season in the league. Due to other teams own problems is why we are where we are just now, our defensive record this season is shambolic
  11. Zouma standing still like a complete moron rather than anticipate the pass, he’s finished
  12. Should never have been allowed to come back. His decline since that injury has been rapid. He’s woeful
  13. Defence is a joke and Frank needs to do something about it fast, if he can’t see the obvious then it’s bad news
  14. But sometimes a team just wants it more...... Our attitude has been appalling today

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