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  1. Have you seen the fixture list? Liverpool wont be dropping points, piss easy run in. City have United away and Spuds 3 days after they play them in CL. I know who my moneys on
  2. Especially when it’s virtually handed them the title
  3. Does anyone feel confident when he has those opportunities? I don’t at all
  4. It’s obvious he is gone but the real issue is the fee. Numerous places say Real won’t pay the £100 million asking price which is a bit ludicrous given he’s easily worth double in this market. Id rather keep him and lose him for nothing if it meant a season of seriously getting top 4 and maybe even CL football which would make that money back and more.
  5. City would be about 7 up by now, that’s the difference.
  6. It’s inevitable by the sheer amount of chances we are missing here. Wasteful doesn’t cover it
  7. Witty each passing game the cries get a little bit louder. The man isn’t capable of changing this team into what he feels we should be. In continuing to do so our performances are getting worse and the crowds are becoming more hostile towards him. the sooner he is gone the better
  8. I’d want to leave too if I was the kid Sarri is an old fool
  9. I'd be putting my money on Pedro/Willian. Sadly Sarri is as predictable and stubborn as they come.
  10. Think it's just blind hope some are clinging to. Sarri won't be here after this season, of that I am certain.
  11. It’s not huge though, Sarri will not buckle, he’s far too stubborn and set in his ways to let an England appearance change his views. Sadly CHO will continue to sit out league games while we have Sarri.
  12. This is the guy who used social media riddles to announce who he wa signing for when he came here. I wouldn’t expect any straight forward answers. Hes gone though, obvious he wants out and tbh who can blame him, we are a team going nowhere while 4 or 5 clubs are well ahead of us now.

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