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  1. Well we are kissing goodbye to any CL hopes with him currently. So if that's the reason then he'd be gone soon.
  2. All our other managers under Roman got the sack so I don't see why this will be any different.
  3. It's pretty much over, his comments tonight are just a re run of past defeats and poor showings. He doesn't sound confident about how to get out of this slump and neither am I. Forever a legend but we need an astute manager to get these lads playing in a way where it looks somewhat like we have an identity. Cheers Frank and maybe in a few years down the line things can be different but we need change and fast. This is Jose levels of stink
  4. At least the chant where were you when you were sh*t can no longer be aimed at the younger generation.
  5. If you can't find that out after 18 months then it's not going to happen. I admire the loyalty and hope but realistically he's not ready for this job.
  6. We won't be signing anyone like thay, we won't even have CL football for goodness sake.
  7. At least Sarri ball was a thing, what we have now is nothing ball. It's like a group of guys who met in the pub agreeing a kick about the next day. It's embarrassing .
  8. Will change soon. When we drop down to the bottom half.
  9. From what I see on here he gets anything but am easy ride. The kid was just back from being out with Covid and folk wanted blood at his first misplaced pass. Facts are bar Giroud and maybe mount they have all been pathetic this season.
  10. It's OK, 4 years time we might have learned how to close players down.
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