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  1. What's funny about it? The top 4 this season like with teams like Arsenal, Spurs, City, Liverpool are all far stronger than we are and importantly are winning games. We have a side that has lots of young promising players but not much experience in key areas which is what we have seen with our results and performances thus far. If you think we can get top 4 then fair enough but I think you are putting far too much expectation on our team and manager given our circumstances this season.
  2. Nah. Top 4 is a pipe dream and it’s not about being negative it’s about being realistic. We have a young squad and a transfer ban, we can’t compete with those teams. We are 4 points behind the pace already after 2 games with 1 being at home. It’s going to be a tough season and it was always going to be that way.
  3. Sorry but they ain’t. They are a decent top half EPL side but that’s about it. They just sold their best player too. We were at home and have lost 2 games on the bounce, we should have been far far better than that but for 60 minutes were bullied all over the park
  4. No chance of top 4 that’s for sure, we are light years behind those teams despite what a few on here say. Looked Leicester’s level today and maybe worse.
  5. I don’t think we can cope with Europe and domestic football judging by this. We look like a bottom half side
  6. Abraham’s confidence is shot, might be harsh but don’t think he has he bottle to play up top for us
  7. Poor finish that from Tammy, that’s bread and butter
  8. It’s a huge factor in how we have played since pre season. Look really weak defensively

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