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  1. Scoring is not a problem for us.
  2. The defenders were not full of these errors under previous managers. The buck stops with him and the coaching staff. You can either blame a group of 6 or 7 International players who have played at the highest level or question what the hell goes on on training and match preparation.
  3. I'm actually livid at that. This isn't Fifa but that's how it seems its being approached. Stick talented forwards on and pray they score more than the other team. It's a complete shambles and we have no control over games whatsoever. We look dlike relegation fodder in that second half, our defensive record is probably the worst in my living memory as a Chelsea fan. It's not on and Frank better come out and apologise for that today and hang that keeper and defence out to dry. His protection method hadn't worked for over a year
  4. That's the killer. We have to get top 4 after the investment. We won't get it if this continues.
  5. It's becoming noticed more and more. Its individual errors, its the keeper, its Zouma, its Christensen... No its Frank and his coaches who cant tea h the bloody basics of being solid at the back. We either get new coaches in or Frank will be sacked, that's what's going to happen here.
  6. Done with this defence its a absolute shambles and for Frank to keep picking that disatser of a keeper is on him. Folk can't protect Frank anymore
  7. I don't know how anyone can say there's nothing wrong with the defending today, it's all over the shop.they could have had 5 as could we
  8. Embarrassing to surrender a 2 goal lead. Will Frank actually do something about this defending or just stand there like a plank allowing it game after game? Get Kepa to f**k
  9. Sums the season up so far. No idea what direction we are going in
  10. A big X across a legends face is outrageous. I have many reservations about Frank but to disrespect him like that is ludicrous. Frank is one of the main reasons we are what we are today, never forget that. You can critisise and want change without the disrespect sh*thousery shown here
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