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  1. Difference being Smalling gets away with it and we don't...
  2. Get Barkley off ffs his having a mare...
  3. Been kicking off inside the ground apparently, malmo fans fighting with the stewards, f**king assholes!!
  4. Wow he's finally dropped golden boy
  5. I still can't get over that Zappacosta substitution...
  6. Get the f**k out of our club Sarri and take yr f**king sorryball, golden boy and yr f**king ashtray with ya!!!
  7. Now there singing yr getting sacked in the morning
  8. f**k me we're even getting yellow cards for taking the ball first
  9. Thats it ive had enough get the f**k out of our club Sarri you useless twat!!!
  10. I know, I know Iam just finding it hard to muster any confidence in Sarri and the team these days...so I'll put my head on the line and go 2-1 to the Chels
  11. Even if we do by some miracle manage to knock the manure out what's the odds we draw Citeh away in the next round...