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  1. Relief. Lamps and the team got complacent for sure. Thought he took off Pulisic way too early tbh. He was our best offensive outlet and was terrorizing them. We took him off just past the 60th minute. Should have waited for a third. We got sloppy towards the ends but Rudiger and Zouma looked quite solid until the final stages of the game. Look, whoever we play in the knockouts we will be up against. There are too many world class teams in the team finishing top of their groups. But that is what the CL is about. I did not want us dropping down to the Europa League. Challenge ourselves against the best. Wow, this team gives me scares sometimes. Made that a lot harder than it should have been, especially against a weakened team. Thanks God, they did not turn to Oshimen and Ikone. Bring on the next round!
  2. Lamps made poor selections again. Christensen over Tomori was confusing. Christensen was awful today. Richarlison and DCL won every tussle against him. People are criticizing Zouma but he has been one of the better players over the past few weeks. I also thought Christensen was the much worse out the pairing today. And seriously Lamps, starting James I agree but Azpi is not a good defensive LB anymore. If you are going to do play James, just start Emerson at LB. I have no idea why Emerson did not come on for Azpi in the second half also. Kovacic got caught being too arrogant on the ball sometimes, but again was our best player. Wow those midweek games really helped us with the results swinging our way. Another learning curve.
  3. They have a lot of injuries too, which probably plays a factor.
  4. Was confused at first, due to the colours. They could have made it easier, highlighting Tomori in blue and Luiz in red, knowing that is their team colours. Thanks for the confusion
  5. Banning 'Crapbag' for that was harsh. I know Scott was not being 100% serious by calling Kane 'dicknose', but I think Crapbag found it offensive and he did not necessarily see the funny side like the rest of ours. Other than that, he has posted reasonable stuff. Hope that is not a permanent ban.
  6. He really has improved his passing. He has defo been working on it. Defo should be kept here and in recent matches, has been our best defender imo. Pace, strong in the air and good tackler. All round perfect CB. Hope his form remains consistent. Also scares the life out of strikers too, which is always a bonus.
  7. Another win. And got to get a clean sheet too. James was fantastic wow. A little too confident sometimes, but wow he is special. Kovacic, bearing in mind Jorginho was absent and he is not usually in the pivot with Kante, was once again fantastic. Willian top class. Pulisic top class too. Three league games in a row he has scored in and he looks electrifying when he is on the ball, with a purpose. You can see how much improvement he has made. Him being thrown out the limelight for a bit has done him wonders. Did not thought Abraham was at his best today, but another goal and a top finish too. Tomori was solid and Zouma was excellent. Wow, hopefully Leciester beat Arsenal or at worst get a draw and top 4 is looking really good. Nice way to go into the international break.
  8. Usually, I would be angry but it is understandable. France are currently second and don't have qualification guaranteed. Kante was in squad against Ajax and most likely will start on Saturday. This will be France last competitive fixture before the Euros so you want your best players available. I hope they don't play him against Moldova, however Albania aren't pushovers and France cannot take them lightly. Annoying one, but would have been more angry if he had called them up if France were already qualified.
  9. Annoyed and happy at same time. Never saw us coming back at 4-1 down. We got a point but in the circumstances, should have got a winner. James was fantastic when coming on. Kovacic, I thought was top class again. Ajax really are a top side though. It is really important we don't lost to Valencia next round as if Valencia beat us and Ajax beat Lille as expected, Ajax and Valencia can literally play out for a draw in the last game, meaning both of them qualify.
  10. He was literally sensational today. He defo is the most underrated player in the league. Oozes quality throughout.
  11. Kovacic MOTM for me, definitely. The attacking trio of Pulisic, Mount and Willian were very good too. My heart was racing up and down in those final stages. Any equalizer for them would be totally unjust. We totally dominated that match. 6 points above Arsenal with a considerable better goal difference. United losing too. Wow. Annoying that Jorginho will be suspended for that Palace game as we need to win that before that City game. Loved Lamps post-match interview. He is so composed and speaks well. Abraham also scoring again after going without 3 games or so without a goal was refreshing to see and back to back assists for him too.
  12. Pleased to say, I have been proven right. Was just looking back a few pages, and it is amazing that a huge majority of fans on this forum did not want us signing Kovacic on a permanent basis, despite the transfer ban. Hindsight point of view, it was essential we bought him. If we had not, we would of been in a whole spot of bother, when you consider Kante's injury issues this season.
  13. Wow. Elated. Deserved win and top credit to Lamps once again. If you had said to me 0-0 before the start of the game, I would have been very content, however after the game turned out, I would not have been happy. We were the much better team and we were carving them open but was just wasteful. I actually thought Bats skied that, but then I saw it went into the net. LOL. You sensed a goal coming but we just didn't have that final touch until then. Pulisic, what a performance he put in. Came on at the right time and put in MOTM performance. Zouma nearly cost us dearly, twice. One with that stupid backwards header and the other with that sloppy pass but in terms of actual defensive performance, him and Tomori were fantastic together and they worked really well as a defensive united. Azpi struggled against Promes initially but as the game went on, he was fantastic. Jorginho was fantastic once again. Kovacic, good. Every player put in a fantastic shift. Alonso was not really troubled by Ziyech too. Probably best performance under Lampard when you consider the team we played, away from home, clean sheet and the fact we were simply the better team against a team who had their full squad available.

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