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  1. Well BBC gave him MOTM.
  2. STATS

    Mason Mount

    Agreed regarding Kane, but he never gets subbed. For club or country. Almost as it is a written rule he must play 90 mins. Especially if England are behind, they will never take Kane off.
  3. Agreed. It is funny to see the contrasting opinions. I remember after the game, RIo Ferdinand was singing his praises and said he had been fantastic to be precise. I thought he was very good.
  4. STATS

    Mason Mount

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12016/11832531/mason-mount-to-start-for-england-in-european-qualifier-against-czech-republic Brilliant news. What a rise for him
  5. Nothing serious apparently according to Nizaar Kinsella and should be back in training next week. Hopefully it is just one of those 'international injuries', if you get what I mean.
  6. STATS

    Mason Mount

    I think Southgate likes Mount's press etc which is why I think he in good stead. He may keep it safe and go with same team as before. Last England game, I thought Barkley was average also, so who knows? I just want an injury-free squad on return from internationals.
  7. STATS

    Mason Mount

    That was exactly my point. He may have started even if Maddison was in the squad. Although Barkley started the last two England games, Mount's club form has been consistent and I think he may start one of those games.
  8. STATS

    Mason Mount

    Well Maddison has withdrew from the squad due to illness, so Mount will definitely not be getting nay rest. Think he will start personally and may have started even if Maddison was in the squad.
  9. Zaha's scoring stats need to improve but the issue is that he is the one quality player in that team. Teams literally are now double marking him because they know he is Palace one genuine attacking threat. Must be really frustrating for him. If he went to a better team, he is around attacking quality around his level which means teams know he is not the only threat in the team and he probably would be able to thrive more. I don't think he will set the world alight but think he would be a good option to replace Willian/Pedro if they are to leave. He really needs to be playing in a better team.
  10. Their youngsters may turn out to be good but they are being thrown at the deep end. Poor management from OGS. Look at the likes of Mount, James, Tomori, Abraham. They have gone out to lower leagues to experience a taste for first team football. They have reaped the benefits out of that and performed like men in a time when we need them most due to transfer ban. United have got rid of Sanchez, Lukaku and only bought one outfield player in James. Look who they bring off the bench? Kids with no first team experience. They should look at our policy for an example. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw they sold Lukaku and did not buy a replacement. Rashford needs a break and look who they have to look at? 17 year old Greenwood who is a kid and Martial injured. Logic out the window. Look at the subs that came on today. Chong, Grenwood, Rojo. I will say no more...
  11. But, that is my point. CHO has returned from a serious injury. You can't expect him to be turning in top performances immediately. Look at the positives. Made a quicker return than expected from a serious injury and in that period has scored and made around 3 assists. He is also still 18 which means he will still improve and you would expect his decision making to improve also. He needs more games to pick up the decisiveness in his game but overall I am happy with what he has contributed since returning from that injury.
  12. Yet it was CHO who set up Abraham's goal. This was his first PL start for how long. Got another assist to his name. Could have improved in some areas but seriously, you are really exaggerating. He will get better. We win 4-1 and this is your reaction....
  13. WOW. What a win and an emphatic one. Willian MOTM by far for me. Brilliant defensive work, constantly chasing back and regaining possession and also setting up Mount superbly for our 2nd. Should of had another assist if CHO scored too. That was a brilliant solo run. So many positives to take out. Another game where an academy player sets up another academy player (this time CHO for Abraham). Mount scoring. And we are in 2 points of City. If someone said we would be in this position after the 2nd game of the season, I would have laughed my head off. We got a nice set of fixtures coming ahead too. Good to go into the international break with a win for a change. Lamps has won me over already, must say
  14. I thought he was very good. Got down the flanks a few times and put a couple dangerous balls in. His upper body strength was pretty evident too. The way he outmuscled their players on a few occasions too was impressive. Showed good acceleration too. Was very happy.
  15. Remember his left footed strike in injury time against Sparta Prague, 6 years ago that got us to the last 16. That was no fluke as he has proven he can score top goals with either foot. Also remember his goal against Hull at the KC stadium when we beat them 3-2, which was a long ranged shot which he placed perfectly. Again with his left foot. Callum may not be bad on his left foot, but Hazard is defo more two footed than CHO is.

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