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  1. Kova done one bad pass at the early stages, but apart from that I thought he was fantastic. He is so confident on the ball. His close-ball control and dribbling was a joy to see. Takes risks, but it paid off. Thought he was fantastic.
  2. STATS

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    This is the exact reason he won't sign a contract. I pointed it out before. If he signs a contract, it will be back to square one and sometimes not even getting in the squad. It is really surprising. I am not expecting him to come in the team and perform miracles but he offers something different. Sarri cannot state he sees him on same level as Willian and Pedro but not start him against bloody Malmo. It is has got to a point now that even though from Monday, we will have 3 games within the space of 6 days, he prob will not start one. Sarri will see it is a risk to start him against Malmo because of that late goal they got.
  3. Kovacic looking really good out there. Running rings around their players.
  4. Not one person accuse CHO of being selfish and having no loyalty when he forces through another move to Bayern in the summer. Ridiculous and we turned down so much bids for him and still don't play him. Then against United he will be a sub once again. The only way he starts against Malmo next week is if the tie is already finished by a few goals and what does that actually show? Sarri will never trust him.
  5. STATS

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He is referring to Willian.
  6. Genuinely cant' remember Kante touching the ball today. City literally have run rings around him today.
  7. I knew it because of FIFA haha
  8. Your not smart are you. Getting your players sent off is automatic forfeit of 3-0. Wake up.
  9. The gameplan for Sarri second half should be get 5 players sent off and forfeit the game at 3-0. Sarri don't have a plan B. Here is a dramatic one. Will help us not fall behind Arsenal on GD too.
  10. STATS

    Eden Hazard

    I am a big fan of CHO, but stating right now that they are both on the same level is stretching it. Zaha can be frustrating but has single handedly kept Palace up season after season. His end product needs working on but he terrorizes defenders game after game. Zaha was not ready for that United move but he really has kicked on now and if you put him in a bigger team such as Arsenal, I think he would thrive on the bigger scene. Although Townsend has improved hugely, Zaha is still their best player. I am a huge fan of CHO and think he can be a top, top player but your stating they are on the same level when CHO has only had limited first team opportunities. Zaha has proven himself in the league as maybe not a world class player but a very good player, albeit very inconsistent. Has CHO got a higher ceiling than Zaha? Yes. Is he better than Zaha right now? No.
  11. Nice to see a emphatic win (finally). A clean sheet picked up too which is always nice to add to the stats. Thought Kante was brilliant. He was like an ongoing marathon man. Nice to see Hazard get a brace too. Was waiting for him to boost his goal tally. Another bonus was seeing Barkley play the whole 90 mins also. Higuaín scored 2 very good goals. Hope City really thump Arsenal tomorrow. Had an interesting observation from today. At 2-0, the players warming up were Kovacic, RLC, Pedro and maybe even Giroud I think also. CHO was not warming up. As soon as we scored the third he was sent to warm up and then Sarri later brought him on. The crowd was obviously really pleased, however it posed a question to me.. will he ever trust CHO to start a league game? I mean because we have a few months remaining to prove why he should sign a contract in the summer but he will want to get starts in the PL. Because had it remained 2-0 for longer, he prob would not have come on. I do bare in mind he started him against Spurs in the first leg of that Carabao cup game and also brought him on really early against Watford, but now all our players are fit, will be interesting to see how prominent a player he is considered towards the end of the season.
  12. No CHO on bench. Really strange. Hopefully he is back in the fold on Saturday. On the other hand, no Callum Wilson for Bournemouth is a huge bonus for us.
  13. STATS

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    It has not really. RLC has got more chances but not starting enough and has recently had injuries. Ampadu has not played in the league this season IIRC?
  14. STATS

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Yes, but he will play at Bayern in the biggest competitions and with world class players. Leipzig would be brilliant for his development but there is a world class team showing intent to buy you. It will be hard for him to ignore that. He probably knows he is not going to start every game but playing for a team that will be competing for honours every season, he will prefer that move I am sure. I do agree with what you are saying btw.
  15. STATS

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I meant compared to the start of the season when he could not even get in the squad or even start the cup games. He is playing more regularly now, but yeah has not start a league game as of yet. Yes, but how many 18 year olds in the PL are as good as CHO? Not much if any. If you know what you are capable of and other teams are aware, then his drive to play more games is understandable. I highly doubt he wants to move to Leipzig. He would start a lot more there but not the same level of quality and will be playing with top players at Bayern.