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  1. Pretty sure the club will ask for the transfer ban to be frozen while ban is in place and hope that the ban is realistically reduced to one window. We have lost our best player, and have two players who will have a big part to play next season injured. We need to strengthen. If we don't ask for the ban to be frozen, I don't see how we will compete for top 4 this season. No quality striker, the wingers are not quality. Pulisic needs time. And rivals around us will be spending big. Wow, not feeling optimistic at all for next season.
  2. Surprised no one has mentioned this until now but he has started both games for Spain in their Euro qualifiers this week. DDG was left on the bench. Massive achievement and deserved. Has had his errors but on the whole has been very good this season and impressed. Shows how underwhelming DDG has been. Massive for him
  3. Best of Hazard is on at 8pm tonight and 2am tomorrow. Not sure if it will come on again. Has been on several times, however not sure how much people know, Chelsea TV is ceasing its contract from July 1st, so I will be recording this and keeping this forever. Shows his first 50 goals (I think) for Chelsea and it is a joy to watch. From seeing is cheeky penalty style to some absolute beauties, a must watch for anyone with access to Chelsea TV and a must keep. Enjoy! May repeat once or twice before July but no guarantees so if you got sky plus, record and keep!
  4. A lot of journos and ex-pros are deluded tbh. They just jump on the bandwagon. They all jumped with the "Kante needs to play in his right position" etc and Jorginho should not be playing there. They don't realise that Kante is a B2B player but instead just say the cop out line. It is cringy. I would rather listen to the likes of Cundy and pundits who actually watch and know about Chelsea. There are other good pundits around but a lot of them just talk utter rubbish.
  5. I would definitely keep him. like Jorginho, always have thought the criticism is OTT. Now Jorginho has been very good recently, fans are starting to realise he is a very good player but a large majority just don't have patience. There is a good player in Kovacic. I don't even think he has been poor, just not offered a lot but he has shown enough for me to want to keep him. His ability on the ball last night was amazing. After Hazard and Bernardo Silva, probably the best close-ball dribbler in the league. His balance is bloody brilliant too. He has only just turned 25 too and he can and imo will get better. This is his first season in the prem too which is the toughest league in the world. He will grow into a very good player imo. Transfer ban or not, I would keep him. No-brainer for me. Like Jorginho, I think Kovacic will eventually grow with our fans.
  6. Hazard top 5 goals for Chelsea He has scored so many wonderful goals, that there are goals not included which I would have there. His once against Stoke in 2013, when we thumped them 4-0 at the Britannia was world class. That was his weaker foot and from around 30 yards out. Would arguably have that up there. That Newcastle one was my favourite though, in which he got his hattrick. The second goal to be precise, when he played that one-two with Eto'o is my favourite goal. Will never get bored of watching that.
  7. I can give you perfect examples where he has been excellent too this season. Man City he did not give Sterling, Jesus and co a sniff. He was MOTM for me that game. He won everything. We have kept 16 clean sheets this season in league with Luiz being in the team for most of those games. People exaggerate the problems. He makes mistakes but he is a good defender and the good games he has had this season is not recognized.
  8. Yeah, same thing I was reading. They were same odds, however I only realised they were same odds now. Had Villa got Abraham at that period, they would of been placed at better odds but they got him end of that month. But in theory, bookies did not make it a definite for Derby to reach play offs. There were teams they expected to get automatic promotion and play offs who did not even get top 6 at all.
  9. Expected by who? In terms of bookies, they were not expected to get play offs. They were expected to compete, however be just outsiders.
  10. Yes, amongst, but like I was saying, they were competing with many other good teams who had bought players. Bookies fancied other teams ahead of them. That is my point. Massive achievement either way in first season of management.
  11. I highly doubt that the vast majority of Derby fans expected them to get play offs. Maybe they expected them to compete with teams vying for play-off but even the odds at the start of the season, they were placed behind other teams by bookies in where teams would finish. Stoke were the big favourites and failed miserably, followed by Middlesbrough, WBA, Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Swansea, Villa and Brentford. That is 5 teams they finished above who at start of season bookies, predicted them to finish below. It was a massive achievement for them to reach play offs. No doubts about it. Especially in first season in charge and with a very young team. Not at all expected.
  12. Let's not lie, the half season at Liverpool he had before joining Barca and the season before, he was brilliant for Liverpool. But that can happen when you go Barca, when you are surrounded by world class stars. Can be difficult for you to shine. Apart from pace, (not that he is a slouch), he has everything to his game and I think he would be a good signing for any PL team if he were to end up at them.
  13. Yeah Dasilva is hugely underrated and I think his height will also give hesitations to whatever Chelsea manager in place. I doubt he will take the option to stay at Bristol City though if his insta message is anything to go by: "Thank you to the fans for your support all season ❤️ Wish all the best to the lads and the club in the future...⚽️ " Doesn't mean he won't move but you imagine he is setting his ambition higher.
  14. When I heard he won goal of the season, I assumed it was the West Ham one 😆 Just shows how good of a player he is. He has had a few goals this season which were contenders. Liverpool, West Ham, Cardiff...
  15. He makes mistakes but he also has a lot of very good games too. We have kept 15 clean sheets in league, with him in that defensive duo for a large majority of them. Having a ball playing CB like him is a bonus. How many chances has he created with his long range passing. He is a key component to our team. The criticism he gets is way OTT.

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