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  1. Izzy has been unlucky with injuries, but I never thought he would make the grade at us. He was a kind of a jack of all trades but master of none. We also gave him a big contract at an early age. He was on like £30k p/w as soon as he turned 18, which was a lot at the time. So maybe the high wages he received got him way over his head a little bit and lacked the huge motivation. Girls, cars etc, he was living the young lavish footballer life. But yeah, although he excelled for our youth teams, I did not have faith in him making the step up. Due to a succession of injuries, his career is in dange
  2. But again even if he does not perform at that age consistently, we still should stick by him. 22/23 years of age is very young. What is clear that he has excellent ability and if he reaches his potential, can be world class. He defo will have his moments next season where he frustrates, however if he stays fit, he will also have his spells where he tears teams apart.
  3. Pulisic will stay hopefully. Woudl be ludicrous to let him go. Villa won't sign Barkley. Did not impress last few months and Dean Smith all but confirmed he will return to us.
  4. Will most likely be between Trippier and TAA. TAA end of season form might just edge him.
  5. I always think he is going to Euros regardless of yesterday, but that performance might just convince Southgate to make him his first choice for that position.
  6. Not yet. You are able to pre-order it but probably be available in a few weeks or so.
  7. So proud of this team. Bossed the game. Every player out there put in a shift and we were fully deserving of our win over them. Despite all our spending this season, on average we have also had 2 players from the academy in the starting 11 for like almost every game. To see Mount and James start the game and win the UCL at such a young age is a huge achievement. Christensen played majority of that game and was faultless. Mount provided the match winning assist with a perfect through ball. James was a boss out there and won virtually every duel against Sterling. I love being the underdog i
  8. Feel so sorry for him. Especially him being a player from the academy, that will really hurt him. Things like this were always bound to happen with such a strong squad and generally we do really well on the injury front.
  9. His ball playing abilities is fine. He is not as good on the ball as Christensen but he is better than Zouma on the ball and would do quite well here in a 3 man defence and is extremely fast too.
  10. Silva won't be rested two games in a row, especially now with Christensen being injured. Mount I reckon will be back in too. Mbuyamba will not be anywhere near the first team picture this season. Not sure if you are trolling or not 😄 He has just recovered from a serious injury and will be with U23 this and next season predominantly. Livramento won't play also. While we are in very good position to secure top 4, it is not yet guaranteed.
  11. I am glad to see James given MOTM, however had Alexander-Arnold had that type of game, the pundits would non stop talking about him having to be in England squad etc. James was a monster today. He scored a goal against Villa and was not that good in actual game and it was all the "how is TAA not in the England squad etc...
  12. Agreed with most bar the Pulisic comment. He was fantastic. He won us so many free kicks and was a big part of us getting that equalizer. They were terrified of him and his directness worked brilliant on the counter.
  13. Wow. What a turnaround in events. Thanks a lot Aguero. I wonder if he done that on purpose as he wants to play UCL with us next season 😄 Anyway to the game, my MOTM was Reece James. He was brilliant. He was brilliant defensively and offensively. Thought Pulisic was outstanding too. The amount of fouls he drew and counter attacks he initiated was amazing. I thought when Gilmour conceded that penalty, that was us finished. Wow. Totally ecstatic right now. Don't want to get complacent but that should be us top 4. Also paid off, resting likes of Mount, Chilwell, Silva and also Havertz d
  14. One of those games where I think Tuchel is thinking we can afford to lose and earlier results today and yesterday have gone in our favour. He prob was also praying that Pep rested some of his key men, which he has done. No KDB in squad is relief. He couldn'r risk burning out some of our players and had to trust squad. Did not see him resting Mount completely though.
  15. Giroud would be an awful option. They will play a high line so the best way is to get in behind their defence with pace. If Giroud starts, we will play right into their hands.
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