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  1. Unfortunate but biggest thing is we showed a reaction after the Man Utd battering. Actually was really impressed by Zouma tonight. Won everything in the air and looked a lot better. Don't have criticism for any player tonight. Thought Kante and Kovacic in particular was outstanding. Need a win against Leicester now.
  2. Give Kante MOTM already. That first half performance was out of this world.
  3. Really frustrating as we have been very good. Pedro and Zouma the only concerns. Looking forward to seeing Pulisic coming on.
  4. LOL. Can't believe there is transfer drama involving us whilst on a ban. You couldn't make it up. Regardless of people's opinions of him, we should not be selling to them. Even if we had a transfer ban, he is better and a lot better than all their current CB and would improve them, He also would create even more chances of their deadly strikeforce. Not surprised they want him. I will actually be livid to see this happen. It is like the club are settling for mediocrity this season. We defo have taken a leaf out of Arsenal's book. Selling players to PL rivals. Wow, I am not looking forward to this season at all. And if it is for the reported £8m, how does that benefit us? It is small money.....
  5. It was different when they believed they were getting him. They were getting well excited. Most likely, egg on their face now. Highly doubt majority of them actually watched him play.
  6. Feels like he has been on the scene for time, it is difficult to actually realise he is still only 20.
  7. I would hold my horses and assess him as the season progresses. He was pretty good start of last season as well and what happened? He completely faded to this side-passing midfielder. Could be the case but my point is, fans are way too quick to turn on a player for the good or bad.
  8. And also ironic considering majority of fans seamlessly vetoing against the permanent transfer which I was bemused by. He clearly is a talented player and it just takes a couple of games for fans to have a 'Eureka' moment. So frustrating. It was a no-brainer to sign Kovacic.
  9. STATS


    Musonda has gone to Vitesse on loan anyway and like Argo said, that would be quite frankly ridiculous. Musonda had a serious injury last season and Willian may not be everyone's cup of tea, but is much better than Musonda.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11769111/callum-hudson-odoi-close-to-new-chelsea-contract Skysports are reporting the contract is worth £180k p/w
  11. He done many forward passes last season that were pinpoint and the strikers never finished it off. Especially balls over the top. He should have assists to his name.
  12. Although it was refreshing to see likes of Mount and RLC sign new deals, they were rather expected. I think we can all agree that if CHO signs on, this will be the biggest relief and will be the biggest success in a transfer window where we can't make any transfers.
  13. Kenedy can still improve imo and I think he will surprise people in pre-season, however most likely go on loan, but who knows if he impresses in pre-season may be with the squad this season. He played in a friendly 4 years ago against Barcelona and had a very good game and with Hazard imo was our best player. In pre-season, due to his direct nature and power, he will be a decent asset. It is just in the usual season when he will falter, but pre-season he will be a useful weapon. So I think the wingers going on tour with us have enough about them to trouble the opposing teams.
  14. He rated him from when he had him on loan last season. Lamps played him in virtually every game, whether it was cup competitions or league games.
  15. We sold Hazard for a deal that can be worth up to £150 odd million. We have a transfer ban. It is a no brainer. Similar to Jorginho imo. Because they don't have great stats, it makes them look worse than they are but he is a very talented player. He probably now with Hazard gone is our best dribbler in the team and is brilliant at keeping possession and gliding past players. He just needs to be more effective in final third. He has a lot of room to grow. He was now awful last season, nor was he great but for me we had to buy him. I am a big fan of his like other people. I know people will say it was one game, however that performance he put in against Arsenal in EL final was waiting to happen.

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