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  1. What a weekend! Spurs, United and Arsenal all lost. We must win tomorrow and even if we are in a comfortable lead we need to continue to go for goals. This may well come down to goal difference and it is important we score as much as possible. Right now that is what is keeping Arsenal ahead of us. Fantastic weekend all round
  2. Watching the Leeds and Wigan and once again have to say, what a performance! Been watching the whole game. Relegation threatened Wigan with 10 men have beaten promotion chasing Leeds on their own patch and he has been the standout player along with Gavin Massey. Surely James will be given MOTM. Been outstanding and the commentator cannot stop running with compliments for the player. What a player we have on our books. Bossed the game.
  3. De Jong was not playing that game. He is actually a product of Willem's academy. But, yeah good point. Not just CHO and RLC. Christensen as well. Progress is being made. We have had three members of the successful youth teams playing this season. All of them were on the pitch against Liverpool at the same time. Made a point in another thread, it would be interesting to see those Ajax players current position if they had swapped teams in that UEFA youth league game. Kasey Palmer outshone Kluivert in that competition that season and has been struggling to get in the first 11 for two different Championship teams this season. Kluivert, is playing for a heavyweight team in Serie A. How fortunes contrast is interesting.
  4. He is confident on the ball. He just needs a run of games. Confidence is a big thing. He is very composed when he is in his stride.
  5. Can you believe only 3 years ago he was lining up for their U19 against our U19 in the Uefa Youth League and we won the game 1-0. Three years later he is playing on the biggest stage and considered one of the best CB in Europe. Van de Beek was also playing that game too. Another top player who goes under the radar compared to the likes of De Jong and De Ligt. https://www.goal.com/en/match/chelsea-u19-v-ajax-u19/lineups/ex7qwm44jxv6lr2m8qpsddd61 Lineups there. Kluivert was also a sub that game and himself managed a big move. Shows the emphasis they place on youth. Amazing.
  6. I was at the game yesterday. I actually thought he was a little below par yesterday. Not a huge concern as we lost 3-0 but he seemed to lose out in the few tussles he had and the game seemed to pass him by sometimes. I was impressed with Bissouma for Brighton. Anyway, one of our least concerns as I think he is improving a lot in the CM position but just would like to see more consistency in him being a major influence in the game and taking control.
  7. He is a huge issue. He looks hugely out his depth. He has not got no pace and does not have the required fitness levels. Looks very lethargic. Yeah, service could be better but let's not blank out facts. Higuaín has been underwhelming and has not looked much of an improvement on Morata at all.
  8. Wow. We got unbelievably lucky. Official's helped us out big time. Cardiff should of had a penalty. Azpi was clearly offside. Rudi was 50/50 call but went our way. Back to the game. Leaving Hazard out was crazy. He last played 6 days ago ffs. CHO not coming on tbh is being blown over too much. Hazard had to come on. RLC was needed to come on and he made a big difference. Higuaín was just useless up front and we needed something different. Had we gone with CHO instead of Willian, it would of been same old. Working our way around but no one to put ball in back of net. When you are chasing a goal and you have a striker on the bench, you bring them on. I agree with Sarri there. If he had brought CHO, he simply would have been bowing down to fan and media pressure. The crazy thing was just leaving Hazard out in beginning. Other than that, his subs he got spot on. Let's just hope he starts Hazard and CHO against Brighton. Fair play to Willian though today. Provided the assist at the end. Pedro was poor though. This result has saved his job for a bit longer. Really annoyed at the fans for singing "we want Sarri out". That is Arsenal levels of embarrassing we have resorted to there. That was not nice at all and no matter how frustrating Sarri can be, I don't like to see any player/manager get treated by his own fans like that. Really felt for him there. But big win. Knowing us, knew this would never be an easy game but we got the 3 crucial points now. Can relax and enjoy Liverpool and Spurs now.
  9. Higuaín is completely finished. The guy is out of his depth and useless. Not been an improvement on Morata at all. Like playing with 10 men.
  10. Been the best player on the pitch. You can see the confidence the players have him in too. Constantly passing the ball to him. He is taking the attention of Sterling as the commentary team mentioned. Has put in brilliant crosses and looks so menacing when he is running directly at the opponent. Man, we better keep this lad. (One of our own).
  11. Salah and Mane will be very difficult to get due to both signing new contracts recently. Also they are only a year younger than Hazard and like you say Hazard's contract situation.
  12. WOW. Starting tonight. Massive It seems that most people are focused on having a dig at Sarri for CHO playing for England but let's look at the other perspective. This is a massive moment for the club either way. We have the youngest English international to play a competitive game. Let's celebrate and hope everything just goes up for him from here
  13. I disagree with this argument solely because, if a player is not developed accordingly by one club and they don't use him and shift him on, he then is in a whole new surroundings. There is no coincidence that our youth teams excel every season but majority of them don't end up in our first team and thus, they gradually are shifted out on loan, albeit because we have not given them a chance. I remember watching Chelsea U19 against Ajax U19 in next gen series this time three years ago. We won the game 1-0, in a really hard thought battle. Ajax fielded the likes of De Lijt who is coveted by almost all the big teams around Europe and considered one of the best CB around, already at his young age. They also had Van den de Beek playing who I think will be a top club too in the not doo distant future. Kluivert was a sub that game, can you believe it or not, however couple seasons after that he was a regular in Ajax team and got a move to Roma, because he was too good for the Eredivisie. Barca and United also were heavily linked with him. Frankie de Jong was not even around the first team or the U19 at that point but has got a chance in the first team and now is moving to Barca. Jake Clarke-Salter was standout player for us in that game and competition but because we fail to give him the chance, he won't get the chance to prove himself at another major team because they won't take the gamble, but for instance had he played for Ajax, he may be getting the recognition. If you were watching the next gen series that season, no way would anyone would have concretely say Kluivert is better than Kasey Palmer, who was on another level that season, however we instantly loan Palmer to a Championship club and we don't have enough faith to give him a chance in the first team but say he had been at Ajax, he may have got the opportunity Kluivert had and found himself with a platform to a bigger club like Kluivert found by moving from Ajax to Roma. Colkett too. Another classy player too who had he been integrated in the first team, would look a better player but sending him out on loan, some players struggle to make that impact as the level around you is not good. Put Colkett in Ajax and circumstances might be different because he is playing in a possession based team and probably would get chances. If you fail to give your youngsters opportunities, it can have a detriment on the player in the long term in terms of the level they are playing at. I remember a few seasons ago our u19 battered Schalke U19. Both Sane and Kehrer were playing that game. They both eventually got in the first team for Schalke and now both are playing in the first team of two major teams in Europe. Our youngsters battered them. However, lack of opportunity means our players in long run will decline and not reach same level as other players who during the youth years probably were around a similar level. Just imagine if Kehrer was at our club. Do you reckon he would be at PSG now? Doubt it.
  14. Pedro scores more goals, but generally prefer Willian. Think he is an overall better player, albeit frustrating.
  15. But he is a lot more vulnerable in defence now too which is a concern. Annoying that none of our FB provide the ability to cross too. Azpi had it when he played at RWB and was always setting up Morata. I look at TAA at Liverpool and the balls he puts in the box are top class. I would like to see us give Reece James a chance in the squad next season, however unlikely it is.

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