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  1. Leicester scored 2 goals that we handled poorly. Just cheap, cheap goals. The midfield as I have said before is too lightweight. No muscle and we do not know how to deal with the counter attack. With or without Kante. Second half Havertz actually looked good, made nice passes and done some good runs on and off the ball. Kovacic for me was our only decent player throughout the match. He was constantly running with the ball and trying to make things happen and rarely lost possession. But Leicester read us like a book. They new we would have a lot of the ball and how it is easy to counter us
  2. The shame is once again we have really good passages of play going forward but we have no idea on how to defend and once we lose possession we are so suspectible to the counter and conceding. That second goal for Leicester was so predictable.
  3. Agreed. United have not been great but what helps Ole is the physicality in midfield. We couldn't play the type of game they played on Sunday because we don't have the muscle in midfield to contain the opposition. Players are too lightweight and easy to counter and brush off the ball. Hence why a player like Rice is needed to provide better protection and more muscle in midfield. Even Arsenal look more solid and keeping clean sheets and being tougher to break down with Partey in that team now.
  4. I would leave Ziyech on the bench tomorrow. Not denying his qualities but sometimes without the ball, can look a little bit of a liability and Leicester's fullbacks love to bomb on. If we lose possession we need to ensure our wingers are able to match them. Leicester also play with a high line so think it would be worth trying, CHO, Werner and Pulisic. Werner has been poor but I would play him this game. His pace may well be needed.
  5. Harsh decision imo. If Azpi gets up straight away then I would not be surprised if that was a yellow but sometimes you have to exaggerate to get what you want. Really fortunate as Fulham were getting into the game and missed a guilt-edge chance. We must cement this opportunity now.
  6. Worried about Lookman against Azpi. Lookman is a really talented player with a low centre of gravity. Azpi will need protection as his legs are slowing down.
  7. Highly doubt they will be parking the bus. I mean we will have more possession but they will counter a lot and will give it a go. Especially when they see how leaky we have been recently.
  8. With Gilmour, I think Frank is concerned on the physical aspect. Fulham have physical players in the team. Not too surprised and he probably is worried about him being bullied off the ball.
  9. Another really good performance from him after coming off the bench. Only positive from today.
  10. We started so brightly as well then one goal conceded and we totally collapse. Really really depressing to see. Even when other teams have other players inured we are the gift that keeps on gifting.
  11. Ziyech, Pulisic, Werner was what everyone was waiting to see and finally we get that! I think it is good to play Werner CF due to City's high line.
  12. We had Werner, Havertz and Abraham all on bench. Something is really wrong if we struggling to beat these teams without their key players. Ziyech has been a miss but we should with the quality we have, be able to beat majority of teams we play.
  13. We have much better squad depth than they do. No excuses there. Villa have been very good but if we are really saying that after spending all that money and the depth we have that we "did not have this and that player" then that is concerning.
  14. Villa without two key players in Mings and Barkley and we succumb to a 1-1 draw. Just not good enough.
  15. I said the exact same thing a few posts earlier. Barkley offered that. He played CM for us a few times also but he has that physical nous.
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