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  1. My heart has still not stopped pounding. How we got away with that I don't know.
  2. Boss Barkley! Deserved that goal. Put in a really good shift. Bossed that game.
  3. Rudiger is such an idiot. Why did he kick that out for a corner. We are so bad on set pieces. It is as if Rudiger sympathized with West Ham and said have another shot at a corner.
  4. I really like the new home shirt. Really impressed and think it is going to really be popular with fans eventually. I certainly will be purchasing the new shirt.
  5. This is the third season in a row at the bridge where Aguero has been injured against us. Blessing in disguise for us as he always scores against us when he is fit. Home, away or neutral venue.
  6. STATS

    Ben Chilwell

    His pace isn't an issue. Sarr is just way too fast. Just look at Liverpool's supposed good defence who he also tore apart.
  7. STATS

    Ben Chilwell

    He looks very good offensively but he is up against Watford's best player. He tormented Liverpool before the football suspension.
  8. I would be up for it tbh. Great player but we have proven we can cope without him and in fact performed better when he has not played this season. He is the highest earner on the team and picks up more injuries than he used to. The issue is a lot of the big teams don't require that type of player. On top of my head, PSG ay go for him but with Neymar excessive wages and them looking to give Mbappe a similar contract will they move for him and he will be 30 next year. If we can't get a big fee for him then yes keep him around of course but if we got say £70-75m (which I doubt) I would be up for it albeit we use the money to buy other players.
  9. STATS

    Timo Werner

    Deep this. We bought Ziyech and Werner combined for less than United paid for Maguire at £80m
  10. TBH Jorginho has more assets suited to Frank's football than Kante does. Lamps likes to keep the ball and move. It worked so well throughout large parts of this season, to a point where many fans were not even missing Kante, because Jorginho and Kante looked so good together.
  11. Well you can also switch that and say there were large amounts throughout this season where fans did not miss Kante, because Jorginho and Kovacic were playing so well together and his impact on the team has been massive this season. I think Tammy has done brilliantly well and overachieved this season. However, my POTY will be Kovacic. Think he has stepped up his game to another level this season.
  12. That reel brings back so much memories. Much appreciated. So many quality goals from there to enjoy. That individual solo run against WBA U18 in the 7-0 rout in the FAYC. That hattrick against Sunderland in the U23 game. 2 of those goas as showing in the clips were absolutely fantastic. The double he scored at the Bridge in the FAYC game against Birmingham U18 was fantastic too. The free kick and the goal from 5:17 was outstanding. Thanks a lot!
  13. Jorginho is suspended, otherwise pretty sure he would be playing. Villa have a game in the week and hoping that will be to our advantage. Also due to that, we will dominate the ball and eventually wear them down, hence why despite his small frame, I would rather see Gilmour than Kante in the lineup.
  14. It is still a game where we will dominate the ball. I think Tammy will be given the nod and Kovacic too. Pedro may drop out but on merit I would not be surprised if Lamps went with majority of that team. Out of interest who do you want coming out/in?

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