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  1. I don't think he was hinting that. I think he is just making it clear that he has returned at a stage, where all the other attackers are also fit, so game time will be difficult. But he definitely will get game time, I am sure about it. Whether it coming as a sub etc, I would not be surprised to see him even start one of our next three games against Palace, Porto or Brighton.
  2. Either way, the form we are on and considering we are playing 19th placed team, there is no reason for us not being able to do a lot better than that. It is almost as if we just didnt want to compete with 10 men.
  3. 10 men yes, but the way we just threw away the game was pathetic. I have never seen a 'big team' crumble like that after going down to 10. Embarrassing. Especially against a team/manager who are known for being more stubborn. Bayern for instance couple weeks ago went down to 10 men against Stuttgart at 0-0 and still won 4-0. Arsenal went down to 10 against Leeds earlier this season and still held for the point. We did not plan at all on dealing with 10 against 11. Kovacic is the only player to come out of this with any credit. He played really well despite being down to 10. Huge wake up call n
  4. We have some really difficult games for top 4. Looking at fixtures, we may possibly need to win the UCL to be in it next season. Also please bring on Chilwell for Alonso. Just way too slow.
  5. Great performance. Such an underrated quality player. Top class tonight.
  6. It will frustrate me if we play Pulisic at RWB just to keep the formation. I hope he is playing his natural role rather than shoehorning to fit in formation.
  7. Looking forward to Havertz, Mount, Werner already. Hoping that will be the three. Havertz has played himself into the team. Mount obviously will be back and Werner is still contributing despite the lack of goals and all three will be suitable players for the pressing game Leeds like to play.
  8. Another game where we have dominated but also looking brilliant in attack. Havertz best game in a Chelsea shirt, league wise. Was top class. Played a major part in both goals. Christensen, another dominant performance. Another clean sheet. Everton were so bad but I think it is one of the games where we were just too goo and could not handle our dominance. Everton have been really good going into today's game but we did not give them a sniff. Werner being really unlucky again. Just feels scoring wise he is cursed, but he is really contributing and I like him in the team. Whole team was brillian
  9. I actually really like it. Like the yellow on the side and on the Nike badge and logo.
  10. As evident by the goal Burnley just scored. Comical 😆
  11. Yep. We have been doing it magnificently and we done it superbly again against a team who are notorious for their pressing which was a risky strategy. I was nearly having a heart attack sometimes with us playing out the back last night. It is so nerve wracking. Especially when doing it against top opposition. Luckily it paid off and heart rate got back to normal.
  12. People may say Mane was being honest in staying up and not going down under than challenge from Christensen, but it is funny, I have been saying for a while, if anything it is selfish from him. I feel him and Salah are almost competing with each other sometimes. The amount of times the other one goes for glory instead of assisting the other one is quite frequent. Mane did a similar thing against Sheffield United and decided to not go to ground and I believe on both occasions, he does not want Salah taking the penalty, because it made no sense for him to stay up. If Mane is designated penalty t
  13. Although can be clumsy, he is very difficult to beat for pace which is a bonus of having him in the backline. Christensen is no slouch either but Rudiger has always had very good pace for a CB.
  14. Disagree on that note. You concede and go 1-0 down, you still have a better chance of getting back into it at 1-0 down rather than 0-0 and a player less. Eventually, when you play with 10 men, it is backs against the wall and it is just a matter of time before the opposition team scores. Mane scored 2 within 10 mins of second half restarting and bar the penalty miss, it became a impossible task.
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