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  1. What contradictions? For what its worth, I stand by my comments. Timo's touch is lacking and his finishing is, well, we all know how bad that has been.... ...But few other forwards scare defenders quite as much, pull them out of comfortable positions, have the pace to worry and make them think, have the work rate to chase players down, contribute to the number of assists etc. All things that Timo is undoubtedly effective at. Just take a look at our champions league final winning goal, Timos makes the run, pulling the defender out of position, which made the space allowing the ball to be played to Kai. That is really effective forward play in my opinion (hence the effective forward comment). Of course, had he been in the havertz position for that goal, he would probably have fluffed his lines (hence the touch and finish comment). So we have a player who has certain strengths and a number of weaknesses. His strengths being pace and movement to be played in behind. His weaknesses being his touch and general play when crowded by defenders. The managers job is to decide if we play to those strengths or weaknesses. When we play to his strengths, he is very effective. Some examples that spring to mind: - His goals against Southampton last season, particularly the second one... quick ball forward, playing Timo in behind. Goal. -Or his goal away to Burnley - ball forward for him to run onto. Goal. - Or his goal at home to Sheffield Utd - ball in behind for him to run onto. Goal. - Or the foul that led to the penalty away to Sheffield Utd. Ball played forward early for him to run onto. GK brings Timo down. Pen. Goal. - Or his wrongly disallowed goal against Liverpool - quick ball forward for him to run onto. Goal But instead of playing to these strengths, which have proven to be effective, we instead insist on playing in a way that further highlights his weaknesses. Slow, stagnant build up play is NEVER going to get the best of Timo (or Rom) in my opinion. If we continue to play that way, then it is going to severely blunt their effectiveness.
  2. Appalling footballer some say.... ....yet, in a team that pays to his strengths, he is still one of the most effective forwards on the planet. Why we refuse to at least give it a try is beyond me. The same is true of Lukaku, instead of playing to his strengths, we are trying to turn him into Chris Wood of Burnley. The instruction has to be "pass the ball forward quickly" - THAT is the way to get the best of Timo and Lukaku .... but no, instead we insist with the super slow, inch it forward to azpi, who checks inside, knocks it back to kante etc etc etc stagnant football we have seen for years. For what its worth, I do agree that Werner is not a natural footballer. Touch and finish is severely lacking. BUT, he is still super effective if used in the right way. We just refuse to play that way. And for those pointing out that Kante tried 1 pass that wasnt read by Werner...well, for each 1 tried, there were another 10 when he refused to play the ball quicker. We shouldnt be talking about 1 attempt at a quick forward pass between the lines, there should be 10s of such balls every game.
  3. Just want us to try, just for once, our midfielders getting their head up, and playing a forward pass early! All this debate, lazy, wrong system, wrong formation etc....yet, we can count on one hand the number of times over the past 5 games we have played the ball forward quickly to him. Tuchel needs to instruct our players to stop with the sideways/backwards crap, and get the ball forward quickly. But given this was the same as with Werner last season, I doubt it will happen. We simply seem unable to pass it forward at pace with any regularity.
  4. Getting off lightly here..... Missed the game squad due to having a bloody HEADACHE! Madness!
  5. Maybe a case of TTs pre match comments working a treat? The corrupt Taylor was lenient on us today.
  6. It is the same bullsh*t that was holding back Timo. It is really simply, we need to play the ball early. Today Kante (again), Azpi (again) and Chillwell guilty of not taking options to pass forward quickly. Kante in particular guilty of holding on too long. Lukaku could even be seen more than once telling players to pass it early. We have a mental block that stops us being able to play forward quickly, instead loving the slowly slowly touch it inside, knock it back route.
  7. World class performance today, and a man that I feel is growing into his role in the team. Match winning show no doubt.
  8. Surely time to move this to the alumni section.
  9. Needs to take being benched, and looked over for Ross, as a rocket up the arse. Double down, stop fluffy flicks and back heels and start grabbing games by the scruff of the neck.
  10. Ross being subbed on the last 2 games is more a message to others (Ziyech and Kai), than any genuine endorsement of his own game. But he has looked useful in both games, and certainly offered more than either Ziyech or Kai has in recent times. Needs to seize the chance.
  11. Been saying the same for months - have also been mocked for saying so, so hope you don’t get the same levels of vitriol sent your way!
  12. The same reason why we rarely picked up Timos runs last season. Our players lack vision, generally hold the ball too long, and have a tendency to take a first touch either backwards or inwards on the half turn, which in a game of split seconds usually means the opportunity is gone. Mount, Azpi and Kante the worst culprits for not playing in the simple ball behind
  13. FFS VAR check ! ruled out for a foul throw in the first half!
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