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  1. I could see something like this happening. An experienced and competent upgrade on willy, to genuinely challenge Kepa. We spent big on Kepa, and I cant see us simply writing that fee off, and going again with another huge outlay - particularly given the strengthening that is needed elsewhere. Fore me: 1) Our first choice should be to sell Kepa, and reinvest that money into a new keeper. AND buy a topclass CB.... But...That will be hard, as nobody is likely to pay 50mill for him, and I dont think we sell for less.... 2) ....So, my second choice would be to spend the money on a top class CB, and bring in a decent(ish) keeper, cheaply (Areola, Akinfeev, The turkish guy we were linked with, Foster, Joe Hart? - christ - cant believe I included him!), who is better than Cabellero, and can challenge/replace Kepa for a season if needed. I genuinely believe that Liverpool this year, with Kepa in goal, still win the league. I also think that Kepa in goal for City would still get them 2nd place. The point is, that the defence and system is more important than the single player. I think that with a rock solid defence, and some decent tactics (get rid of the zonal rubbish), Kepa can still come good. For me, a world class CB is more of a priority than a keeper. Kepa behind Terry and Riccy, would still win us the league. Kepa behind vidic and Rio ditto. Kepa behind Rudi and anyone of the others we have is relegation material! So - Areola to Chelsea? That's a nipple I could come around to licking, I mean liking....
  2. "We started well for 10-15 minutes and we can only blame ourselves form that point. We got complacent, we took time on the ball like it was a stroll and we allowed them into the game. It's hard to get back into the game then. A lot of today is on us. "All I can do form the sidelines is shout! There are elements in our game that we have worked hard on all year but that is in you as a group. Today we were slow, we played back on ourselves, invited pressure. We didn't play well enough to win a final. "I'm not even thinking about next week, it all came together for us today, two hamstrings, a dislocated shoulder. It's the end of a long long season and it was the tipping point for us." Frank
  3. I am not watching the bbc -as currently overseas. But my mates in the uk said that the bbc showed a replay of the handball and that it was in the box? Can anyone confirm?
  4. Can’t believe some people are even contemplating Baka being given another try. He is probably the worst player I have ever seen put on a Chelsea shirt. And if not the worst player, then certainly he wins the award for the worst ever individual performance in a game (Watford). I said at the time, he looks like a confused goat when playing, and seemed to have no idea of wtf was going on, why he was there or what he was meant to be doing.
  5. BBC reporting that city have had a 40m bid accepted. They are wrapping up business early as well. I dont think that he is the answer to our CB problems, so not disappointed if we are not in for him. But think he will do well at City. He isn't the dominant Kompany style defender, but as a intelligent, ball playing defender, i think he suits City better than us.
  6. I am ok with Jorgi alongside Kova for another season. But yes, ideal world, we turn back the clock and re-sign Maka!
  7. I think we need to do 2 things on our defence. 1) Spend big money on a world class CB. Not many around. Inclined to go back to Koubailly, who seems to be realistic for £60-70m. With a genuine beast in the CB, I think the Rudi is a better player. Rudi has been poor as the senior/lead CB. But alongside someone else I think he can still be a big player. 2) A goalkeeper that breeds confidence. Someone big. Oblak of course is the ideal - albeit unrealistic. I don't know who else. With a confidence inspiring GK, and a beast of a CB, I think a lot of our problems go away. I am not keen on dropping big money on Chillwell, and would prefer Azpi/Alonso to play there, and use the money saved on a CB.
  8. Really feel for Pulisic and Willian - They didnt deserve to be on the losing side. We are so frustrating. Can be electric when playing quick 1 or 2 touch football, but out players seem to take far too many touches, far too often, and just slow the game down. Tammy - I have said since well before the start of the season, I dont rate him. Bambi on Ice. I was hoping I would have to eat my words - but he is a poor front man for a top 5 team. Azpi - The guy is comical at the moment. WTF was he doing on the corner, on the disallowed goal. How many f**king crosses does he put into the box, none of which find a chelsea head. Great servant, but decline has been apparent. Christensen/Rudi/Zouma. Not good enough/solid enough to be starting CBs for us. Rudi might be ok with a world class defender next to him. But not as a leader of the line. Marcos A - nothing we dont already know. I actually like him - is he good enough to play left back? probably not - but he offers more than emerson. Kova -like him a lot. shouldnt have got taken off. Ross - shouldnt be starting EPL games. Not a bad player to come on Kante - conflicted on this lad at the moment. Kepa - doesnt inspire confidence. did he make a save tonight? f**k knows how to change it. really gutted.
  9. Marina is hot. But then, in our house, we also refer to Giroud as "Handsome man" (including my 6 and 8 yr old), so I hope that balances out any negativity about us referring to Marina as a red hot cougar. ;)
  10. You have been here too long to still be an optimist!
  11. Great that you are not complaining, however, the reality is that our finishing today lost us the game. With 2 very good chances, including one 1v1 with the keeper, Tammy was more guilty than most for us losing today. He has to be more clinical than he was today. We have to be more clinical than we were today.
  12. Fully agree with this. Tammy has not "done it" at every level, and looked poor and out of his depth at times during his Swansea loan. But, that was a few years back, and his scoring record in the youth and championship mean that he deserves a chance. As I have said in other posts, I am keeping my expectations low, as since watching him at youth level, I have worries about his overall game, particularly his hold up, positioning, and strength. But he deserves his chance, and if he keeps playing and scoring like he did yesterday, I will be happy to eat my words, indeed, have them shoved down my throat. 2 good goals against Norwich, which won us the game. But then Morata scored a hatrick against Stoke that won us the game a couple of seasons ago - so I will temper expectations until he is doing it over a prolonged period against a variety of teams, not just those likely to be battling relegation. Long may his hard work and upward trajectory continue.... KTBFFH
  13. Credit where credit is due, 2 good finishes today, and so happy for the lad to get his first goals for his boyhood club. It must be a great feeling. Lets hope he can continue to develop and I will continue to hope that he proves me wrong!
  14. A couple of years ago, I went to a Chelsea youth game at the Bridge vs Man Utd. I commented after the game, on here I think, that despite his amazing record at youth level, I couldnt see him ever making it with us. He was owned that night by a 30% fit Phil Jones. I have seen little in his subsequent loans EPL and Championship loans to change my mind. Bad decision making, clumsy at times, despite his height he struggles with physicality, heading isn't up to much, and needs 3 chances to score 1. Out of all our first team squad, I have probably the least amount of confidence in him - well, Bakayoko aside (yes, I even have more faith in Zappa!). I am all for giving youth a chance, Mount, RLC, Christensen, CHO, Ampadu all have that little spark which sets them aside from others, but this lad I am really worried about. For me, he should not be ahead of Giroud and Bats (who I also do not rate!), and should be a player who we give the odd cup game run out for squad depth.

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