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  1. Good result. Next leg without jorgi and mason will be interesting
  2. Magnificent from mason. Tragic from timo who should have gone direct to goal
  3. Surely we are the best team in the world.... ... at passing sideways, inching our way to the edge of the pen box? I can't think of any better than us
  4. Ssshhhh - some people will tell you he was only picked as a lamps vanity project!
  5. Another game of possession possession possession, but with sweet FA to show for it. Our ineptitude up front, coupled with our penchant for shooting ourselves in the foot at the back, and a red card waiting to happen for mount, means I am not optimistic!
  6. A move away from slow possession based football to a faster counter attacking football would suit a lot of players in the squad, it would play to Kantes strengths. Arguably, only Jorginho would be fully redundant playing that way. Unfortunately, we have seen a constant desire from many to move away from that style - and i cant see it happening anytime soon.
  7. The guy has talent, and is a class player. but.... ... I have zero confidence that he can be relied upon to fight, scrap and dig in for a result. He appears to me to be a player who looks world class when others are playing well, but doesn't have the will, mindset, ability (any or all!) to take a game by the scruff of the next and change it. He also has the look of someone who gives up easily, and gets effected by poor form/ results. In short - a lack of bouncebackability 😳
  8. It used to be that when Kante played, he made others play better, and looked like there were 2 of him on the field. At the moment, I am not sure that he makes anyone play or look better. He is still good at tackling and nicking the ball away from the opposition, but the rest of his play ( passing, vision, creativity, goal threat, decision making) has regressed significantly, to the extent that it can b me argued that he makes the current team look worse.
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