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  1. Thanks for posting. A real difference in the confidence and assured nature of how he struck the ball in the early part of the season compared to the end. Such a big player for us in big games - goals and assists in some very important matches against some big teams there....and this doesnt even get into the pens he won us.
  2. Shame he never got to have a proper send off by the fans. The UCL isnt a bad way to go though! Good luck Oli - you were a cracking servant to the club. Brilliant squad player and bit of business.
  3. If he goes on to have half as solid a career as Berty has, then Tammy will have done well. The first thing he should do is knuckle down and try to make a difference in games. If he put in half as much effort in trying to contribute to the team and stay in his feet, as he does to taking pictures of himself and his GF in his Lambo, then he would have a half decent chance of making an impact in games.
  4. As nice as that looks, very few of his goals had any impact on the outcome of the game - and aside from FA cup goals against Barnsley and Luton, he was rarely a game changer. He simply did not contribute enough, when it mattered, to justify a place in the team.
  5. He makes our defence more solid, even without anything to do. The simple ability to catch a cross breeds confidence in those on front of him. Only bit that look worried was in the last 10 mins when gundogan (i think) shot from the edge of the box, mendy was on his knees and would have been wel beaten. thankfully it went window. solid keeper. and a cracking story for the romantics
  6. It's tough - Maka at his best wasn't near - as it usually goes to the more creative. But his performances against madrid and city were immense. I hope he wins it!
  7. Immense performance, dealt with Raheem the gun well all night. Much better at wingback than cb.
  8. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant performance from Andreas. Not easy to come on, pick up the pace of the game, focus from the 1st min - but he was immense. Very few better CBs in a back 5.
  9. Another brilliant performance last night. Dangerous all night, ran his socks off, and fundamental to the winning goal. What a first season. Champions league winner! I have said it before, but he is to us and our 2021 champions league winning team, to what Giroud was to the France world cup team. Can't score, but crucial to how we play and crucial to the win. Enjoy a rest turbo - fingers crossed you get some new shooting boots in the off season!
  10. Who put the crack/hole in the bottom of the cup?!
  11. It WAS written in the stars! Congratulations to every member on the shed end. What a final, What a performance. Thanks for the hours of engagement and entertainment over the season - love you all to bits, even gol15. Champions of Europe!!!! KTBFFH
  12. Posting now, as wont be online later. So excited, nervous, optimistic and pessimistic, all at once. Love the feeling, and hate it in equal measures. Unexpected opportunity to bring home the UCL, and thrilled we are in the final. Now hoping the boys do us proud, do it for the badge, for the club, for Frank and TT, and themselves. Believe boys...it is written in the stars! Enjoy the game everyone - or try to. Much easier to enjoy if we race into a 5v0 lead 🙂 KTBFFH.
  13. The only reason we should go back is if we get him on loan. We shouldnt be throwing transfer money at him.
  14. I will draw up 2 lists. A mix of big bucks and budget options for each (i.e, not all big budget in a single list) List 1) Forward: Memphis Depay Creative Mid: Dominik Szoboszlai Def Mid: Declan Rice CB: Marquinhos List 2: Forward: Danny Ings Creative Mid: Jadon Sancho Def Mid: Julian Weigl CB: Raphael Varane List 3: Dreamland Forward: Haaland Creative Mid: Jadon Sancho Def Mid: Declan Rice CB: Marquinhos Loan: Eden
  15. Name me real 5 chances we have missed on the last 3 games?
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