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  1. A couple of years ago, I went to a Chelsea youth game at the Bridge vs Man Utd. I commented after the game, on here I think, that despite his amazing record at youth level, I couldnt see him ever making it with us. He was owned that night by a 30% fit Phil Jones. I have seen little in his subsequent loans EPL and Championship loans to change my mind. Bad decision making, clumsy at times, despite his height he struggles with physicality, heading isn't up to much, and needs 3 chances to score 1. Out of all our first team squad, I have probably the least amount of confidence in him - well, Bakayoko aside (yes, I even have more faith in Zappa!). I am all for giving youth a chance, Mount, RLC, Christensen, CHO, Ampadu all have that little spark which sets them aside from others, but this lad I am really worried about. For me, he should not be ahead of Giroud and Bats (who I also do not rate!), and should be a player who we give the odd cup game run out for squad depth.
  2. Pretty shocked that Azpi is being made the scapegoat both on here and on the matchday threads. He was no worse than any of our defenders today against leicester, nor against Utd or Liverpool. Our defence in general is worrying, particularly in transitions and counterattacks, but Azpi is no more to blame than any of the other defenders, or midfield for that matter. I am not convinced an expansive, attacking system best suits Dave, who for me is best sitting deeper, and stopping people getting past (for me, still one of the best 1v1 defenders in the league), but that same can also be said for Zouma. Emerson has been pretty widely praised on here for his attacking, but so far has nothing to show for it. Equally, Dave should have had a couple of assists this season so far, and for me, whilst not as eye catching as Emerson, is still doing a job and like Emerson, should have had something to show for his attacking endeavours so far.
  3. Pedro strikes me as a lovely chap, someone who loves playing football and does so with a great smile on his face. His effort and work rate is commendable, and could be infectious to the team, but far too often, he is sloppy and makes appalling decisions. A very frustrating player to watch, and infuriating at times. Simple mistakes, which a veteran of experience, and Barca pedigree should not be making. Vital to the squad at the moment for experience, and a useful squad player who can do a job across the front three, but he would not be in or around the first teams of anyone else battling for the top 6.
  4. The prospect of him leaving has been here all season, and I thought I had prepared for it, and at times I even felt it would be beneficial for Chelsea to sell, and rebuild a team..... .... but as we get closer, it hurts more than I expected! Good luck Eden, you little genius. You are the most skilful and balanced player I have had the pleasure of watching in a Chelsea shirt - and whilst my love for Zola was greater, I dont think there is a doubt that you are at another level. KTBFFH
  5. There are no longer play offs/preliminary rounds for qualified teams from certain leagues. The epl is one of those leagues. So whilst the 4th placed epl team would previously have entered at the CL preliminary rounds, from this year they enter straight at the first group stage.
  6. In my opinion there is no way that Tammy will be coming back as a first team starter. If anything, I can just about see him being 3rd choice back up, as, A) I don't think his style suits Sarri's play, B) we would be foolish to go into the season with a 31yr old Higuain and an unproven (in the premier league) youngster as number 2 C) Tammy was bang average when he got a chance in the premier league at Swansea. Too good for the championship, but not yet good (or proven) enough to lead the line for a top 4 team. He needs another EPL loan, or a loan to a top tier club in Germany, Spain or Italy.
  7. With the players we have now, I would tweak the formation and personnel. 4231 Kepa Azpi Rudi Christensen Emerson Kante Kovacic CHO Hazard Pedro (swap for pulisic once he is herE) Higuain Subs: Jorginho, Ampadu, Giroud, RLC, Cabellero, kids Get rid of Luiz, Willian (both Brazillians who i think cause problems in the dressing room), Cahill (not the future), Alonso, Drinky & Barkley (all 3 not good enough in this system)
  8. From where I was sat, it wasn’t a motivation issue against Utd. Players were busting a gut, even Eden! we lost due to bad defending, a clueless/toothless attack and a manager who cannot/ will not change how his team is set up. stamford bridge turned on him last night, and once that happens the writing is usually on the wall. he can say he did it his way, or at least tried to.
  9. Very grown up response. Don’t worry, I don’t need you to admit you were wrong . Grow up dude
  10. If he has made a decision not to travel to the UK, that is for him to decide. However It has nothing to do whatsoever about his ability to come here should he chose to do so. I repeat, Roman Abramovich is free and able to enter the uk. There is no ban. There is no obstacle. And you are wrong. If you would like Uk immigration advice then let me know, I am happy to continue the conversation at my usual consultation rates.
  11. That is simply not true. Roman withdrew his visa application. And then made the decision to obtain Israeli citizenship. He is free and able to come to the Uk as an Israeli national for up to 180 days at a time (visa free) as a visitor. Stop talking bollocks anout a subject you clearly know very little about
  12. No, he didn’t. There was no visa refusal and no ban under paragraph 320 (7b) of the Uk immigration rules.
  13. Firstly, I hope we do not sack Sarri. 6v0 is a disgrace, but I think we actually did ok in parts today. We sack now and we are back to square 1. Sarri has made mistakes and is a stubborn old mile, but My problem is not with the philosophy that Sarri is trying to implement or the idea of chasing what “his” football is. It is the lack of evolution and signs of change. I am fine is finishing 6th, fine us losing the europa, carabao and fa cups. Hell, I would accept us losing every other game this season, if, and this is a big if, there were signs of progress. motivation, lack of desire, fight, application- whatever it is called needs to be rooted out of this club. If that means benching the bad eggs and playing the kids then so be it, if it means selling hazard then so be it. Players need to adapt and adjust to games. Bloody well dig in when needed and stay in games. And this bunch don’t seem able to. whatever system we play, there will be times when we are under the cosh, but this bunch of players can’t hack it. They have not been able to hack it for the past couple of seasons. Sarri needs to grow a pair. If Willian and hazard can’t press with hunger, desire and real urgency, then drop them. If alonso can’t cross , run or mark then Drop him . Ditto Azpilicueta,Luiz, Jorge, all of them. Let’s see some development and evolution instead of the same dross by the same cohort of players over and over and over again. Ktbffh
  14. Everyone bitching about Sarri needs to have a look at the goals. Sarri not to blame for alonso and hazard completely switching off for the first. Sarri not to blame for barkleys brain fart. Or for Agueros worldy. Individual mistakes are costing us

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