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  1. That all comes back down to a subjective argument. You seem to think that Kai and Timo missing is justification for Tammy to play more. Others like myself think that despite those misses, kai and timo add more to the team overall and contribute to more game/resulting changing goals or assists. Seems like TT is also in this camp. On the back of this season, the choices seem to be: 1) Play Werner, mindful that he is in awful goal scoring form, but accept that his overall contribution to the team, alongside his high combined goal/asssit output, that regularly impact games and
  2. Unfortunately, despite being our joint top scorer, his goals/assists have rarely been game changing. To quote the stat for goals scored by itself, does not tell you even half the picture. He simply has not had much of an impact and his goals or assists have not won us many points. In most circumstances, I would agree with you that failing to play your top scorer would fly in the face of logic. But it is equally true that you should play the players who have the most impact on the team. Tammy isn't one of them. Giroud played for the the French World Cup winning team. He rarely
  3. I don't think there is anything to be bemused about. Rightly or wrongly, TT made his position clear weeks ago. He said something along the lines of 1)Tammy played a lot when I first came, he didn't make the impact he or we would have wanted 2) he then got injured at a crucial time, and it is hard to reintegrate people into the team at such a key part of the season 3) what Tammy needs to do is keep working hard, and then when the opportunity comes, he needs to take them to make an impact. These are all points made by TT, so he has already made clear why Tammy has not
  4. I warned him to stay away from my wife!
  5. Started badly with the Havertz miss, Got worse with the Zouma dallying on the ball Bad escalated quickly to worse, with a criminal blind backpass from Jorginho. That Descended into farce, with the worst game management of the Tuchel era, when he took off our best player of the game (billy) but kept on jorgi. That change also nullified probably our biggest threat in Mason. Who other than hitting the first man on a few corners was anonymous for the entire 2nd half. Then brought on our secret weapon in Giroud, but rather than cross it to him, we kept getting to the edge o
  6. Hadn't realised the role zouma played in the goal. Absolutely criminal defending
  7. Kepa moved to give a passing option. That goal had zero to do with him.
  8. We are the most wasteful team in the World. Unbelievable
  9. He is key to our recent good run for sure.
  10. Agree that he looked knackered at times and would benefit from a rest. The problem is that we don't have another forward to replace him. Tammy has been ineffective all season and makes minimal game or result changing contributions, and Giroud, although effective at what he does, necessitates a complete change of playing style. The only realistic solution if we drop Timo is to play Kai as a false 9. But that will not cause defenders the same headaches as Timos pace and closing down does.
  11. I celebrated yet another match winning contribution from Timo. I also commented on how frustrating he is, and how bad his touch and control are. Was that harsh? I would call it balanced. I celebrated how good Reece was yesterday (quote: Reece played really well). I also commented how good his delivery was. I simply pointed out that his decision making needs to improve. He had a number of opportunities to play the ball forward into space for runners, but instead took the easy, sideways or backwards option. This bad decision making didn't cost us points yesterday, but in other games it coul
  12. For me his touch and ball control is the worst in our team, perhaps with the exception of Mendy and Zouma. He struggles to dribble with the ball at his feet (unless he has lots of space to kick it forward and run on to it), and his football brain/intelligence, with how often he is blatantly offside and where he chooses to run/turn is severely lacking. His finishing this year needs no summary and he seems to panic, overanalyse and make bad decisions when he has too much time on the ball.... ...but... ...he is a player whose energy, pressing, relentless running and goal contr
  13. Agree with it all - except I would say that a the tiny contact on Christensen wouldn't have mattered , had he had dealt with the ball properly rather than trying to Kung fu kick it. for me, that goal and potentially his injury, awas of his own making.
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