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  1. Todd left this morning with the rest of the team and there taking a 18 man squad. Malouda will train with louiz and the rest tonight at 9pm at the Allienz arena. After this Robbie will make a Call weather Chaloba and Todd will be on the bench or not. There will be 2 left out, if malouda is fit then he will be in obviously, but whatever the call it would have been a great experience for the young lads to travel with the first team and I'll get players bar lol. Good luck boys I'll see you out there later......... Up the chels
  2. Time of the month?.. Don't know if you realise but through suspension and injuries we as a squad are flat on our arse. Give them a go they wouldn't be there if they weren't highly regarded would they. And yes pal were all aware just how important it is. None of us wants to lose it. We had an important game to play against Liverpool away to play and played our strong team, where did that get us.
  3. Doubt hell play but bench is a good shout, remember the squad lose 3/4 players before they name the team and bench but a great experience for him never the less.
  4. Hutch is not available and I'm not sure about paulo. But hutch no
  5. Hi mate the only one who knows the team would be robbie. But I have been told I can tell who I like this by him. I'm f**kin made up Todd Kane is in the squad for the final and travels tomorrow morning with the first team at 9.00. Yes I'm a little biased but I've seen how dedicated this lad is, don't drink, smoke, stay out late and he's a Chelsea fan through and through. I'm so proud, pleased for him and his whole family. Even if he sits on the bench it's an unbelievable opportunity for him. Up the chels
  6. I've also been told that he's got a very good chance of playing there for the final. I'm also awaiting some very interesting news which hopefully I'll post on here later if it happens. Stay tuned.
  7. Bertrand on the right of a 4-2-3-1? Got a bit of pace, and will give natural width but will also do his defensive duties well covering. Could be good you never know.
  8. Is Toure really he's age? If you ask me he looks a lot older........
  9. As everyone probably wants Neymar I would love to see us go all out for this lad and make a statement of intent.
  10. I was told by someone in winter that Modric will be a Chelsea player come summer. This was someone close to Modric as well. Watch this space I hope it happens.
  11. Welcome to The Shed End Chelsea8oy :)

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