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  1. Bayern must be so relieved they didnt pay all that money for this
  2. Mason needs to get out of this post-Euro funk that hes in
  3. VVD already shakin in his boots ahead of next weekend
  4. A friendly when the premier league has already started? Why?
  5. Definitely wouldn't have signed him if it was up to me, never go back to your ex and all that, huge money signing comes with added pressure, Im sure many of us will turn on him after 2-3 bad games ... but it's official, so welcome Romelu, now lets go win that Premier League 😄
  6. With the way things are going now, you really think the board is confident Frank can get us top 4?!
  7. More sick than the thought of finishing mid-table?
  8. We're gonna win the league, we're gonna win the league
  9. I think he could do well loaned to a Premier League side, one that creates more chances than Swansea has.
  10. Wow van ginkel is still a Chelsea player .. seems like we signed him ages ago
  11. I heard somewhere that Seri cant really play in cold weather? Dont know if thats absolute bullsh*t or not have you heard anything about that?
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