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  1. Marina is clearly a very intelligent and extremely competent operative. How she looks is of no matter but she is who she is. My wife made a very interesting comment the other day concerning the colour of players skins. She said that gone are the days when she even noticed what colour they were they are footballers and in a way that’s exactly how we should be looking at Marina. No not as a footballers but someone who clearly is at the top of their game and their looks, their sex, etc etc is not relevant or something you should use to measure them. Here ends the first lesson. Amen
  2. I actually saw him play whilst I can’t be 100% I am pretty sure it was for Chelmsford City against Weymouth in May 1977 a game Chelmsford City lost 3-1. In that era many many of the all time greats dropped down through the leagues indeed playing for Weymouth was Jeff Astle. It also worked the other way is many non league players were transferred to top clubs. At Weymouth the likes of Andy Townsend, Graham Roberts all started off in non league as did a GK who featured in the game a chap called Bob Iles who was sold by Weymouth to Chelsea in May 1978 for £10k
  3. Here’s a thought for you The transfer cost of the 13 players who played in yesterday’s game was £ 219 million. The 14 Spurs players cost £ 284.4 million.
  4. Sometimes the add ons or benefits are worth more. For instance as part of the deal 3 have agreed that Yokohama remain a significant commercial partner not something that happens save on rare occasions in addition 3 are installing infrastructure not just restricted to mobile technology.Whats that worth? Irrespective when these type of deals are announced rarely does the value of the package get put in the public domain. Often when it does we are told what it could be worth not what is actually paid. Take a look at the Utd deal with Chevrolet . Failure to qualify for the CL made a huge dent in the sum paid.
  5. This is very much the point.. When Arsenal embarked on their rebuild match day receipts were very much the highest of the income streams but commercial and indeed TV monies now are the top two money makers Its impossible to know if Arsenal would have been more successful since their rebuild but repayment of interest and capital payable more than accounts for the extra gate receipts. When you factor in that most replica shirt sales etc aren’t sold to match going supporters then it gets harder to justify the monies required to add capacity When you factor in their Business Rates are in excess of £3 million ( ours are around £1.25) and they pay far more security, insurance, utilities etc than we do then the financial justification is not so clear cut. Take a look at clubs in the England that have self financed a full stadium re build. Rarely does it work out .
  6. Meant to comment on this earlier. First off the £26.6 million shown in the accounts which some say is solely in respect of sacking Conte doesn’t make sense . In 2019 it was reported that a PL tribunal awarded £9 million to Conte ok he had a few staff but I really doubt they cost £17+ million to buy out their contracts irrespective my understanding is that if either party disagreed with the tribunals award the appeal process was by way of the High Court yet according to the DM Conte took the matter to an Employment Tribunal. So did Chelsea refuse to accept the ruling ? If so the sum would be more about provision rather than actual outlay More likely the £26.6 million includes the sum to bring Sari in from Napoli plus provision or payments to Conte plus something else. Next the increase in salaries again doesn’t make sense nor does the sums said to have been paid out on transfer fees. Kepa actually wasn’t signed by way of a normal transfer fee. He actually bought out his contract meaning no fee paid by Chelsea. I am far from sure how the buy out fee was funded but I can only think that he received the sum buy way of a signing on fee that would then reflect in salaries and that in turn would attract deductions so when grossed up would be way over the £70 million buy out fee.
  7. I suggested some months ago that maybe ,just maybe we should be looking at letting Kante go and got pelters. At times we all tend to take a very short term view and I am guilty of that as the next person but for the first time in many a year we truly seem to be building a squad based on HG status mainly achieved through the academy. But and a big but we need to add talent and yes whilst I agree Kante is world class his transfer value and contract length at this point in time means he is worth mega money and for me the decision to keep or sale is one that the powers that be will struggle to make. I personally would sell him if any offer around £90 million comes in. Add his name to the others I would sell either now or in the summer and here’s the list Alonso, Barkley, Willian, Pedro, Giroud, Kante, Zouma & Batshuayi. That’s before you look at those currently out on loan such as Drinkwater, Bakyoko,( spelling) Moses, Zappacosta along with several others. We need to spend big on a CD , a LB , a wide player and another forward. It seems possible that Ake may be coming back, Chilwell looks top class, Sancho or Zaha are being talked about neither would be my choice and Werner seems on the radar.aAny four from that five would cost north of £200 million but that would easily be financed from selling the players I list above. Add the likes of Ampadu who will return from loan then the squad will be better but the question would be by how much.
  8. I don't think it will be reduced. Its not like we marginally bent the rules. We committed more offences than the average Irishman in Botany Bay. We should be taking the punishment and moving on. Its not like we are going to do much business on January anyway. Not sure you are right about the ban . i have read the 44 page summary following the appeal to FIFA What struck me is that there was an awful lot of subjective conclusions indeed more often than not there isn’t a specific rule just how other rules could be interpreted another set of eyes not in the employ of FIFA may well look at things differently.
  9. In other cases the parties have agreed that the decision be announced before written reasons published . A good example is the Real Madrid case. They made an application for what’s called an “Expedited Procedure “ Their appeal was then heard by a sole arbitrator on the 14th December 2016. CAS notified all parties of its decision on 20/12/2016.
  10. No doubt the majority have picked up on the rumours regarding Erickson's wife but irrespective there is something massively wrong at Spurs, and that’s an understatement. Hey we’ve wasted a shed load of money on transfers but now they are spending money they are a pale shadow of the team they were two seasons ago. Other than Kane and Son the vast bulk of their squad have peaked . I can see Poch walking or maybe even Levy pulling the trigger the problem is they are going to have to service a multi multi million pound debt and to do that CL is a must. Do I worry about their problems ? Do I hell its very very amusing
  11. terraloon


    Every goal is actually scrutinised by VAR. If your talking about how many decisions are reversed then very few , I think it’s something like 8 that have been disallowed not many but having been at the game on Sunday and seeing how it impacts it isn’t a nice feeling at all. For me it’s the lack of consistency and indeed the lack application of VAR. For instance Arsenal’s 3rd on Sunday should have been disallowed no offside or the like but the goal was scored direct from a free kick and an Arsenal player was within a metre of the wall. Or what about our game against Man U when a Utd player encroached into the box before the penalty was taken?
  12. terraloon


    Does anyone actually understand what the rules actually are? Every time the likes of Dermot Gallagher explains how a particular decision has been arrived at the exact reverse parameters are employed in reaching another.
  13. Love the optimism. As mad as it may seem I am starting to wonder if this will be Kantes last season with us. Ironically it’s because of another youngster who you actually don’t mention. That player is Ethan Ampadu. In addition I just don’t think Zouma has the skill set of a top class defender that may be down to his injury but then again it might just be he isn’t good enough either way it’s an area that needs addressing particularly if we adopt a 3-4-3 as our go to formation.
  14. And you know this how? Chelsea Youth Twitter is probably one of the most reliable sources of information when it comes to Chelsea news and this seems to be source of the current hint that he has indeed signed.
  15. Don’t forget that Tomori is a very capable full back indeed in his academy days he regularly played as right back.

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