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  1. terraloon

    The Mutu saga continues

    Have no idea if he has any funds but as far as I remember he has three properties in the US which he had been blocked from selling , their worth was around £3 million . I very much doubt that the club will ever receive all the sum but I suspect some will find its way back to the club
  2. terraloon

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Can’t diagree with your assessment of Henderson and Dier and I suspect the hype around Maguire is misjudged but he’s an ok defender. RLC is still not doing enough on a regular basis and whilst Shaw has started the season well he hasn’t been playing to a consistent standard to get in ahead of Walker as for Rashford he flatters to deceive in that his finishing is woeful and whilst Kane and Ali are the golden boys they look tired albeit only 4 weeks into the season. Di you see Kane even break into a sprint? The disallowed goal had similarities to the disallowed Southampton goal against us in the FA cup and once Welbeck moved, which he did , the call was only was always going to be in De Geas favour. I personally thought Spain were playing at a far higher level than England and in truth the game bored me.
  3. Trying to unravel Contes rigid playing approach and indeed outdated and dominating man management style was always going to take time to consign to history . We were told that It would also work massively to our disadvantage particularly in the early part of the season and specifically against Arsenal who had the advantage of the early appointment of Unai, the early return of their squad and finally their activity in the transfer market. We all saw that the major work still to be done is mainly in the defensive third but ahead of that the amount of work done going forward is eveident if for no other reasons it has taken the shackles off the likes of Pedro and Willian Barkley has done really well and looks a snip at £15 million but when Hazard and Mateo can on the whole dynamic of the team changed. its way too early to get too excited but I came away from Huddersfield impressed and from Saturdays game exhilarated
  4. Greetings friends Back home , far better journey back to Dorset Mrs T now cooking a roast. Am watching a replay of the game and interested to see things from a different angle. at this point in time I have to say that Huddersfield are well organised and show energy but lack any cutting edge. Morata looks lost in the system and for me a three of Pedro, Hazard and Willian could be devastating. Clearly Morata isn’t the answer and I am slightly concerned, but not worried, about Luiz and Alonso. At the game wasn’t sure the penalty was correct but yep fair play to the ref Anyways onward and upwards
  5. Greetings friends from Huddersfield. My good lady and myself have just had a nice bottle of wine and a steaming curry. Huddersfield is not a bad place at all Terrible journey up but what a great day. We left home at 5-30 and got here just before one. I have no idea what the pundits have said but that was a class performance capped when Eden came on it added but Pedro seems a different player as well. In truth I had no idea what to expect but some of the pressing and forced mistakes clearly are evidence of the hours on the training pitch
  6. My footballing side of me can’t see past city nor it seems can anyone else, and I suspect their own players and indeed supporters that’s why my cunning side doesn’t think they wil come first. Liverpool .On paper have improved massively but let’s not forget that Salah had a freak season will he score 30+ goals again next season? Utd. For me it all revolves around JM if he gets his head in the right place then they still have a fabulous squad. Spurs. None of us knows what went on behind closed doors but I have never ever heard of a manager not wanting to add to their squad. Poch does well in front of the cameras but he won’t be happy and whilst Kane like Salah had great seasons their squad isn’t great in depth and I don’t buy all this that about young players or indeed the starting 11 being as good as anyone’s. Erickson is far more important to them than anyone. Like Kane if Erickson gets an injury of note the whole balance of their team is jeopardised. Spurs supporters will tell you they did fine over the past 2 seasons when Kane got injured but the facts actually don’t back that up. Last season he missed one game and in season 2016/7 he missed 7 I think they drew 4 of those 7 games winning a couple and I think from memory they drew one Arsenal. New manager should make a difference but it’s possible, just like us the new manager won’t deliver even to the standards of the ex Will Cech be their number one? Sending Chambers on loan is strange ,losing Koscielny will be an issue. Their likely back four wil be a major issue for them.They have added a bit of steel to their midfield but will that compromise the fluidity they played with under Wenger. Up front PEA is a nuisance and wil score but I can’t see how they can realistically fit him and Lacazette into the same team without asking one to play wide. Us. Sometimes you can be so close to something to see what others see. That said I can’t quite work out who the front three will be but if Hazard and Willian are two of that number they should have a field day the question is will he go with Morata/ Giroud . So for me City or Liverpool Liverpool or City Man Utd Us/ Spurs Spurs/ Us Arsenal
  7. terraloon

    Rate our transfer window

    This sort of posting intrigues me and dare I say like the majority of posters on other sites and indeed journalists is a little narrow in its perspective. First let’s look at the claim that we have downgraded in terms of goalkeeper and also the process was chaotic. I along with no doubt 99% of those commenting on the skill set of our new keeper have absolutely no idea as to his personal qualities but one thing is for sure Courtois has an annoying habit of winding people up. I have worked with numerous individuals over the years that had undoubted skills and because they delivered better than average results management tended to ignore their manner and behaviour. When for whatever reason those individuals moved on the remaining members of that teams moral improved and maybe not immediately but very quickly the team as a functioning unit improved. We may or indeed may not have downgraded our keeper but for me his attitude in public stank the place out and for that reason alone I am glad he has been moved on. Hidden away in a Sky report yesterday and something that has been ignored but it seems that Kepa was always our number 1 target and discussions with his old team around a month ago. The club identified his talent and wrote a massive cheque not really the signs of a club in decline. As for polishing Reals gem. I have heard this elsewhere and can’t help but shake my head in disbelief Real are a far bigger club than us and we have a player on loan the reasons there isn’t an option to buy is two fold one they genuinely don’t want to be committed to selling him but just as important any option would stipulate a price and in 12 months who knows what they would value him in a rising market or we would value him having gauged how he settled and performed in or indeed want him at the end of the loan. Irrespective we loan out dozens of players year on year and to take the view that brining in a loan player is wrong based on some sort of view that all we are doing is develop someone else’s player for me smacks a little bit of hypocrisy
  8. My selection may surprise a few Kepa Dave. Rudiger. Cahill. Emerson Kante. Jorginho. Berkley Hazard. Morata. Willian My guess is that he will risk Hazard , Kante and Cahill and try and get 60-70 minutes as a minimum out of them
  9. terraloon

    We've got a new Kepa

    Looking forward to seeing him hopefully on Saturday if not against Arsenal. The fee it’s a huge but when you just look at our business relating to GK over the last few years is it that bad a deal? 1) We are said to be getting £35 million from Real 2) The player( his name escapes me ) going to Real had he signed a new deal would have been circa £4 million , £80k Weekly more in wages. So on what probably would have been at least a 3 year deal that’s £12 million extra 3) When the player detailed at 2) above was initaly purchased he went on loan for a few years the fees received for that loan in effect meant that when he returned to Chelsea hevin effect cost nothing 4) Cech as we all know was sold for £10 million that was in effect a GK windfall. We also made around £2 million from selling Becovic Ok my assumptions are clearly open to challenge but we now have a GK aged 23 highly rated and on a very long term contract. May not be the madness some suggest.
  10. terraloon

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    Pretty sure that VAT isn’t payable on transfers within the EU.
  11. terraloon

    Thibaut Courtois

    Butland is an ok keeper not as bad as some making out but he would do a job I read elsewhere that Bulka is not just highly rated but his speed of development has not surprised anyone especially Hilario whose recommendation led to him being signed. For me the smart thing to do is bring back Cech be it on a one year deal, which is unlikel,his wages at Arsenal are massive, but a deal where we pay a % of his wages may not be idea for Arsenal but they almost certainly will be letting either Ospina or Cech go but there don’t appear any takers.The clock is ticking and our taking Cech may be the only solution. One way or anotherCourtois has be be go you really don’t want dis effected palyers around the group.
  12. terraloon


    Me too. Its actually surprising that Conte didn’t get more pelters. In truth I can’t stand all the platitudes players spout when a manager gets the sack. In a way it’s actually quite refreshing for a player to be honest and indicate things werent all rosy.
  13. terraloon

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Cahill has a family so in truth his first loyalties at this time must and should be to his family Cahill did indeed only have limited playing time at the WC but he was still with and part of the squad for the whole tournament and that on the back of a season that was one week longer than most due to our involvement in the FA cup.
  14. terraloon

    Random Rumours

    If we do indeed sign him I can’t think it’s with the initial intention of loaning him out.
  15. terraloon

    Random Rumours

    I am not 100% sure he would get a work permit. no transfer fee involved, not played in competitive International games, his wage wouldn’t be in the higher levels so it may well be difficult to qualify for a permit automatically and based on the trajectory of his career would not be difficult to go down the exceptional talent route