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  1. You may be right but she has deserved a shot at coaching one of the male teams and if that isn’t to be at first team level then maybe taking charge of one of the upper age groups in the academy would be fair reward at this time and may well speed up the day when a woman is able to manage at the elite level
  2. Not so sure they are sh*t managers it’s just that those employing them know what they are getting. In other words from them it’s very much the tried and tested albeit with less resources and less expectation.For me RA has been looking for something different going back as far as AVB I can’t but help feel that had he not been so reckless then for him things may have panned out far better I am quite excited about the prospect of having a management team who are comfortable with the club, comfortable with their players but above all comfortable with themselves. If rumours are right re Cech and indeed Lampard and Morris then here we would have a team off the field who will be in a far better place with the owner and indeed the supporters.A team that knows the structure from academy to first team and a team that knows how to win.
  3. Indeed. Would have been surprised if it hadn’t happened. Will be interesting who the third keeper will be. Could be Eduardo, remember him? We still hold his registration after bizarrely giving him a one year deal and then sending him on loan. Could be Green although I doubt that one. Could be Blackman with him being the number two and Willy dropping down the pecking order. Could be a keeper stepping up from the academy .
  4. That hole just gets deeper and deeper! If you had read my response yesterday you would have noted that I posted this “When someone is acting in a bigoted way, he believes his beliefs, culture, or background is superior to others.“ Seems to hit the nail on the head.
  5. There is a 21 day window following notice of appeal outcome from FIFA to escalate the appeal to CAS.We received formal notice from FIFAs appeal committee on 8 May 2019 Its worth looking at the timings of Real Madrid’s case . Bear in mind originally they received a two window ban RM received formal notification from FIFAs appeal committee on 8 September 2016 RM lodged their appeal on 14 September 2016. At that time they made a request for provisional matters under Article A37 . That in effect is a request to suspend the ban.Their appeal at this point was no more than notice of appeal and not the full details of the grounds for the appeal. On 16 September 2016 CAS agreed to suspended the ban until their appeal was determined. What RM did then was quite clever RM agreed to have any sanction imposed as soon as CAS had made a decision. That decision was reached on 20 Dec 2016 but the written notification wasn’t issued until 5 May 2017. Why that was clever was ultimately the ban was reduced to one window namely January 2017. If they had waited till the written reasons they would have missed the far more important Summer 2017 window. Even if had been two windows those would have been spread over two seasons meaning in each season they had a window during which they would have been a able to register players. If CAS are consistent my guess is that if Chelsea have already issued notice of appeal to CAS then we will hear in the next week or so about the application to stay the ban.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7030727/Chelsea-squad-pay-poignant-visit-Holocaust-memorial-Boston.html
  7. What do they say about when your in a hole. You ask what if you said but the point is you didn’t you had to go that one step further and make mention of their sex and nationality. The sad part is you clearly have no idea why your original comment was out of order so when you are challenged all you can do is continue with the insults
  8. Odd that you seem to have forgotten you called her stupid. I have little doubt that you when you used the term Russian Woman that wasn’t meant to be a compliment.
  9. It’s not a question of being a feminist. You stated “When a stupid Russian woman who has no footballing background runs your club things like this happen, we need a director of football sharpish “ So to suggest that she is stupid is your belief, then you suggest that being a Russian and or Woman is reason enough not to be able to run a football club is nonsense. As for knowing nothing about football again that’s your belief but where are the facts to support that comment? The answer is nowhere for it’s your belief as opposed to a fact. I find your quote from Forbes amusing for it suggests that is unclear how Chelsea make transfer decisions and that the final decision is made by her yet you suggest that falls to RA . Which one is it then? So what is a bigot “ When someone is acting in a bigoted way, he believes his beliefs, culture, or background is superior to others.
  10. Not feasible due to player contract obligations, and international commitments
  11. It was agreed that we would play the game in November 2018. The date wasn’t announced until 5 March 2019 This isn’t a money making game for Chelsea it’s a game that will benefit Anti - Semitic charities with both club owners also donating $1 million.RA is passionate about this matter and we should all support both him and this cause.
  12. She is far from stupid to suggest that a Russian or indeed a woman has no skills to run a football club is nothing short of bigotry. Irrespective you clearly haven’t grasped that she doesn’t make the final decision she implements, she facilitated, she negotiates. Chelsea have a separated football board of which she is a member. If you think she identifies likely players or indeed would overule RA for it was he that advocated the game then sorry you are naive in the extreme As for a director of football that’s a title that bounded around as if it’s a magical solution. We had someone in situ who had many of the responsibilities that normally associated with that role yet many couldn’t wait to see the back of him.
  13. This is a really good read. Based on what little is in the public domain I have always wondered about the strength of FIFAs case and indeed was hoping that the matter be dealt with by the appeals committee in time for it to be referred to CAS prior to the window that opens on Thursday 16 May Chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee explains the decision to uphold the transfer ban In an interview in his native Sweden, Thomas Bodström – chariman of the FIFA Appeal Committee, talks about the decision to partly uphold the transfer ban. He says that they deliberated for several hours before making the decision, that they dealt with “very skillful lawyers” and he explains why they decided to permit Chelsea to register domestic players under the age of 16. FIFA announced, in the end of February, that Chelsea had been found guilty of violating the rules for signing players under the age of 18. The London club was banned from signing players over the course of two transfer windows, in the coming summer and in January 2020. They were also fined £460,000. The ruling followed a FIFA investigation of 92 under-aged players that Chelsea has signed over the years.Chelsea appealed the ruling to FIFA’s Appeal Committee, and were informed earlier this week that the ruling is upheld, but with one exception. Chelsea are – despite the transfer ban – permitted to register domestic players under the age of 16.A statement from FIFA said: “The ban on registering new players for two registration periods has been confirmed, with the following exception: the appeal committee believes that Chelsea’s wrongdoing consisted in not respecting the prohibition from internationally transferring or registering for the first time foreign minor players. In the committee’s opinion, imposing a ban on registering each and every minor would not be proportionate to the offence committed.“Consequently, the appeal committee decided that, as far as youth categories are concerned, the ban shall not cover the registration of minor players under the age of 16.”In an exclusive interview with the Swedish website Fotbollskanalen.se Thomas Bodström, chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee, explains the proceedings and how they reached that rather discrepantoutcome. He starts by suggesting that it was not obvious that the transfer ban would be upheld.“No, I would not say so. We deliberated for several hours and were very thorough. It was a large number of players and many objections. We had to deal with very skillful lawyers and we negotiated for hours, he told the website.Bodström does not think it is harder to punish a club as big as Chelsea, and suggested that this type of clubs have bigger resources than smaller clubs in such cases.“I think it should be the same, but of course Chelsea have obviously bigger resources and can act according to them. They came with very skillful lawyers, and I am a lawyer myself, so it was an experience. But the rules are the same.”Bodström also explains why FIFA’s Appeal Committee chose to make an exception for Chelsea to sign players under the age of 16:“We upheld a big part of the ruling, but with an exception to British citizens. The ban is applicable to all international transfers to protect kids. But to protect the players who live in the Chelsea area they will have the opportunity to play. They should not be punished for this. Because then they would be affected by this in a harder way than others. Those who come from other places and are 16, 17, 18 years old can go to other clubs, but the domestic players maybe can’t, he said.Bodström continues:“The part about youth players is incredibly important. Of course there are many clubs who are serious, and Chelsea will be in the future, but the kids can get hurt if the clubs don’t follow the rules. There is a strong protection interest, because many players come from poor countries. They might not be able to return, and end up in a totally different environment in a foreign country. The rules must be followed.”Bodström cannot answer why FIFA did not decide to make the exception regarding domestic players in the first instance:“I’m only on this committee, so I can’t answer why. I only have an influence over the cases that I rule in and nothing else. But I do hope that this can become precedent. It is not the kids that should be punished, but the clubs”.Earlier clubs like Barcelona and Atlético Madrid have been on the receiving end of a transfer ban. Bodström says that it’s more usual with this kind of punishments than you might think, but it is rarely reported as much when it comes to smaller clubs.Following the ruling from the Appeal Committee Chelsea announced that they will appeal to Court of Arbitration for Sport, CAS. A club statement reads:‘The Club notes that the FIFA Appeal Committee has decided to partially uphold the appeal lodged by Chelsea FC against the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. However, the Club is very disappointed that the transfer ban of two consecutive registration periods was not overturned.‘Chelsea FC categorically refutes the findings of the FIFA Appeal Committee. It acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and will appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).”Bodström believes that the ruling will be upheld, but he also states that he has his doubts. “CAS have ruled in different ways in the Spanish cases, but it is a big decision, so I fully understand that they have chosen to appeal to them”, he said.“I have detached myself from this, but of course I follow the matter. I think they will appeal immediately since the first window is already in the summer.”
  14. I keep going back to how little time Sari had to work on anything prior to the commencement of the season. From players returning late from the WC to not being involved with the initial pre season it was staggering When he did eventually ship up decisions about players out on loan had not just started but many had been put in place then he was faced with somehow trying to get the likes of Morata to up their game play.He also walked into all the nonsense surrounding Courtois. Lets face it our squad is unbalanced but several players for me have improved as the season has gone on and the emergence of RLC and CHO is a type of success we haven’t seen for many a year. Some point to his comments about Higuain. To be fair to Sari there is no way realistically he could, would or indeed should say much different in public. So for me one more year is justified but to go longer would mean a new contract and that may well be a bridge too far

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