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  1. That’s correct if he went to a team in England or Wales but to any other country the compensation is set in accordance with FIFA directives. In effect it would amount to a few hundred K at most.
  2. Are you sure? He’s over 18 and will be in the last 6 months of his contract so unless I have mid read FIFAs regulations I am unable to see anything that would stop him, if he so desired, signing a pre contract.
  3. Not sure in England that any player being transferred outside the PL will be seen in a where the same price bracket.Most of the EFL teams are short of funds so probably is close to the maximum we were going to get for him. I would suspect that there are add ons and a significant percentage of any sell on profit. Jay is a good defender in terms of positioning, ability to tackle but there is one major minus and that’s his height.Sad as it is and some will want to argue but top coaches would target him trying to isolate him on the far post in particular. Ashley Cole was considered short and he at 5 ft 9ins was 2 ins taller than Jay. In truth I expect that we will see several of our ex academy players being sold this window in part because FIFA are in the process of rule changes in the area of players out on loan. Also we have not been great when it comes to some of our loan players when it’s pretty obvious that they won’t ever be quite good enough yet we get them to sign fresh contracts when it would probably be better all round if we sold them albeit for a smaller sum up front with clauses that potentially lead to more if they eventually realise earlier promise. As an aside it’s worth bearing in mind that by virtue of FA rules all players contracted to us, even if they are registered on loan elsewhere have to be paid via Chelsea payroll. When you read that the lending club is paying their wages that’s correct in that the club will invoiced for the wages either in full , part or not at all as per the loan agreement but that the wage bill or sums accounted for by way of PAYE aren’t adjusted and any sum paid will be shown in player trading receipts.FFP will take such matters into account but no such adjustments will be reflected in the statutory accounts.
  4. In Bristol the suggestion is the fee is £2-3 million.
  5. That’s much like how I feel. Transition in football is a journey not a sprint.That said I wouldn’t dismiss our chances of a decent season as easily as some seem to be doing. In a way the constant stream of trophies has delayed what surely was inevitable at some point namely we had to take value from those loaned out but more importantly the academy.We should be embracing the change and opportunities that the ban offers. As they say make the negative a positive. We, or more to the point RA has spent millions, no tens of millions, no hundreds of millions on players who added little to the team or come to that the squad now for a very short period of time it seems that we will not, for one or two transfer windows, have to endure constant press speculation as to who is going to arrive. There is no doubt that losing Eden has weakened the squad but him leaving was always likely at the end of 2018/19 so who would have replaced him even if we could buy? None of use have a clue how Pulisic will perform but he probably is a good a replacement as we could have got. Gary Cahill has been a fantastic servant but let’s be honest his time was done. A few others are in decline but not yet enough to call time on them but even then bringing back a couple of defenders maybe a midfielder or two and who knows two forwards may well, save losing Eden, will the squad be worse ?
  6. Yep agree and guess that’s what I was suggesting in my 5) If we genuinely are thinking about a three up front of the likes of CHO, when fit , Pulisic and maybe Batshuayi/ Abraham then we will need some legs in midfield
  7. Not 100%sure that he’s wrong for a number of reasons. First he is already registered at the club Second, he qualifies as HG for the 25 man squad. Third, we will need to rotate in games like the Carabo Cup and indeed the FA cup. Fourth, he didn’t suit either Saris or Contes style and as witnessed at Derby Frank deployed Huddlestone in a role not too dissimilar to have Danny played at Leicester And finally Fifth, he may well be so motivated to prove everyone wrong it could ultimately be a defining factor.
  8. Here’s what you posted earlier “We will lose BIG against a top 6 rival. We will have an embarrassing home defeat against a team we would expect to beat. We will limp out of the CL at some stage - hopefully the QF but probably the L16 or potentially even the group stage. There is absolutely no reason for me to think none of those will happen. That isn't me being pessimistic, that's realistic. “ Not what if but we will. If that’s not pessimistic then I don't know what is You want Frank appointed but you know he’s going to : lose big against a top6 rival, have an embarrassing home defeat,limp out of the CL so if nots that very much based on the Private Fraser mantra of “We’re Doomed “then I don’t know what is So lets appoint him but you know he’s going to fail next season
  9. I didn’t miss your point at all. It seems to me you don’t want FL appointed in case he fails, but what if he doesn’t? There is no doubt at some point in time all managers have difficult periods, some get through it some get sacked. Would yo7 expect any of them to go into a job thinking they will fail? I am not sure that those I sit near or indeed others I know would turn on FL if results don’t go his way short term particularly in a season where you have just lost your best player and you can’t bring in replace but you asked me specifically how excited I would be if we lost 3-0 to Spurs or lost three on the bounce but that could happen under any manager and I repeat my original comment I am quite excited about next season
  10. For me £35 million would be a snatch their hand off offer. Yep the looming ban is a big issue but Willian as has rightly been pointed out just does not deliver enough. He isn’t going to get better. We have Pedro, Pulisic and when fit CHO we need two others and I quite like your idea of potentially Alonso being pushed further forward and with maybe Musonda and even possibly Piazon as plan c and d. Musonda had a bad injury but his talent is without question
  11. Your clearly a glass half empty sort of person. I hate losing any game but it seems to me you go into every game expecting to lose. If we do lose the world won’t end and to be honest I cherish every win, every trophy but don’t demand them from Chelsea as a bribe to retain my support of the club nor would it stop me buying my season ticket.
  12. Nail on head. As I said before I was broadly neutral re Sari but now he has gone I am really quite excited by next season whereas I was just going with the flow. What I will say re Sari is he did strike me as tactically naive and whilst I loved Zola as a player I really don’t think he added to Saris skill set. If Frank comes he will almost certainly have a fresh modern and clearly well thought of coach in Morris by his side. Frankie may well be in experienced as a coach but as my old boss once said to me you have 20 years experience one year current the rest out of date.
  13. I think some of you are missing the point of the article.No one in their right mind would question the success that RA has facilitated but that model at some point in time inevitably would have to be changed. We rightly criticise Liverpool supporters for their constant drivel regarding history but aren’t we in danger of the same? Ok we won the EL last season and I celebrate that but we won it because we didn’t play in the CL. I’d rather finish runners up in the Premier League than win the Championship. Rightly on here some talk about our transfer failures and if we are honest there have been plenty of them . So let’s not be too precious when it’s pointed out by others the number of players we have transferred in and indeed some of the vast sums wasted. Spurs have changed how they develop and operate. Liverpool likewise both have integrated a style of play that is fresh and modern. Neither won the league but Liverpool did . Neither of the clubs are close to perfect but they do certain things extremely well so let’s not be dismissive instead let’s steal some of their ideas and improve on them. FFP is a massive issue going forward, the soon to be restrictions on numbers of players being loaned out will impact to a degree but any organisation that wants to improve has to embrace change and football isn’t exempt from that fact. SAF for me is without doubt the greatest manager there ever has been in English football ( it hurts admitting to that) but his ability to re invent both himself and indeed his teams were a master class. Yes he did spend but he had a knack of knowing when change had to happen . He dismantled team after team and improved by integrating academy players, brining in players who were in the Autumn of their careers, taking risks but never did he fail miserably. Add to that the fact he constantly wanted those chirping in his ear to be replaced. He went through assistant after assistant yes he was a constant but his frontline coaches changed on a reasonably regular basis. When Wenger shipped up in the PL he re invented Arsenal from changing training to a focus on proper nutrition and rest. He was both radical and a success. The point is that he didn’t tweak that model and slowly but surely others improved on his innovations and not only caught Arsenal up but went significantly past them.
  14. Whilst it’s too easy for us to over hype some of our young players they clearly are extremely talented and are highly rated by international managers. Most of the academy products being talked about as being close to breaking through have all been included in or close to their respective international teams. For me Ampadu was ready last season to be considered and yes I know he had some unfortunate injuries but he is a huge talent who has the ability to play at the back but his speed of thought , ability to tackle ,pass, close down space and crucially concentrate for a whole game suggests to me that his natural position is in midfield. Mount may need a little time to find his feet but everything I have ever seen from him suggests once he does indeed find his feet’s a level he quickly adapts. I am looking forward to seeing him in the U21 UEFA tournament and hope he is the star that I think he can be. Tammy has gained full caps and again will be at the U21 tournament. I can’t make my mind up about him but he probably will be at the club next season maybe not initially as a starter but once he gets a chance he has to grasp it with both hands. Tomori again I am far from sure about but there’s no question he did well at Derby so Frank & Jody will be well aware of his talent. CHO. He could be the real jewel in the crown but how will he overcome his injury ?Fingers amongst other things crossed on that. Back to midfield. I personally think playing Kante deeper with Jorginho released from his current defensive role is far more attractive with one off Barkley and in time a RLC would be interesting. Drinkwater hopefully for his sanity and indeed the club will be gone but we still have the likes of Van Ginkel who hopefully is over his injury and in an emergency you have Luiz who is more than capable I personally don’t think our midfield options are too shabby at all.

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