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  1. I think the deflated market ironically has played right into the clubs hands. We don’t get to know the details in terms of payment schedules for transfers but the boost that the CL gave our finances suggests to me that clubs buying from us probably will be able to pay a smaller % of the total fee up front and the balance loaded to perhaps year two , three , four or whatever. Other clubs selling would want far more up front with balancing payments significantly less after year two etc Also the time really is opportune to sell players like Giroud, like Zappacosta like Moses also decisions have been made regarding some of our academy players who will no doubt have decent careers but maybe not at the top table where we hopefully will be seated and with the rules in respect of the number of players you can send out on loan being tightened The current that trading year will show a significant profit in player trading terms the academy players have no book value so every £ of their fees counts as profit . Selling the likes of Giroud, Zappacosta and Moses won’t show massive profits but them moving on will probably help toward the amortisation charge that will have increased by circa £19. 5 million pa following Lukakus transfer so by my reckoning one or two of the other players that we paid a decent fee for like Berkley , Drinkwater or the like will be sold for their amortised value which will help going forward
  2. Strong rumours that RLC will follow Tammy to Roma.
  3. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/11196390.football-legend-kevin-keegan-in-dorchester-dinner-date/ Not WFC but a football club nearby
  4. I personally think he may well go for Mendy Chalobah Silva Rudiger Dave Kante Jorginho Chillwell Mount Havertz ^ Lukaku ^
  5. Didn’t forget just didn’t want to give away any of your secrets ! Hey I was born there along with Alan Carr although he was born in Portwey Hospital which was the towns old Victorian workhouse . His father Graham played for and managed Weymouth before he went on to be chief scout at Newcastle. I could bore you all day with links between WFC and other clubs as well . For instance Geoff Astle played for Weymouth. Boy could he head the ball. Or last one Matt Hale, who ? , played for and managed Weymouth https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-01-09/matt-hale-southampton-fc-academy-january-2021 Enough now
  6. There’s actually some quite interesting links between Weymouth FC and Chelsea For instance Andy Townsend started in non league . Weymouth sold him to Saints . Townsend eventually played some 100+ games for Chelsea Then you have Graham Roberts again Weymouth sold him to Spurs . Roberts eventually played 70 games for Chelsea Anyone know the name Nick Crittenden . Academy player of the year ended up playing 60+ games for Weymouth Another name many won’t remember is a keeper called Bob Iles. Sold by Weymouth to Chelsea and went on to play a dozen or so games Lastly John Hollins managed Chelsea but he also managed Weymouth
  7. http://redirect.viglink.com/?key=71fe2139a887ad501313cd8cce3053c5&subId=2827867&u=https%3A//www.flickr.com/photos/146790552@N04/albums/72157719688356771
  8. Seems it’s 2.00pm not 11.00am would have been nice for Weymouth it had been at their ground proper old non league ground https://maps.apple.com/place?q=Bob Lucas Stadium&ll=50.6196975%2C-2.4838758&auid=6462766847318798334&lsp=9902&address=Radipole Lane%2C Weymouth%2C England
  9. Yep that what’s being reported in the local Weymouth paper KO is 11.am
  10. I don’t know too much about it but there is a behind closed door friendly tomorrow v Weymouth FC From what little I do know is that the Chelsea team will be mainly players who didn’t feature today
  11. We had a senior sit behind us and he had the same issue. He couldn’t upgrade for any game Alas the only way it worked if he passed his ST and indeed his tickets for CL / FA Cup games on to a family member who likewise qualified for a concession in his case that was always a junior which I always wondered about but he maintained that was allowed This May help CAN A TICKET BE UPGRADED TO AN ADULT OR DOWNGRADED TO A CHILD OR SENIOR? Unfortunately, the club does not offer upgrades or downgrades as per the Ticketing policy.
  12. I am in two minds on this There clearly is a pathway from academy to first team . It’s possible that the following players who graduated through the academy will be in the 21/22 squad James Mount RLC Christensen CHO Possibly you also will have Chaloba, Broja , Ziger Anjorin & Abraham To be honest that really is a major plus in terms of squad make up and I doubt that many PL clubs will get close to that number of homegrown players But on the other hand you have a group of players who clearly aren’t prepared to test their undoubted potential and clearly don’t see that they are up for the challenge. So it’s a no brainier if players aren’t prepared to sign new deals then squeeze every £ you can out of them moving on. These youngsters will point toward Lamptey as justification but for every Lamptey there are is a Solanke.
  13. Not sure how the moderators feels about me posting this link hopefully they are ok with https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/gemma-barnett-2 Sad sad story and if you are able to help that would be great
  14. FIFA who in effect are the controlling authority when it comes to players and their contracts simply won’t allow clubs to unilaterally end a players contract You can sack a player for gross mis conduct but even then the sacking would be subject to appeal. In effect if a club signs a 3 year contract with a player the club can’t move him on unless a contract is cancelled by mutual consent or a transfer agreed. When it comes to a player they can leave before a contract ends if they fall within the criteria of either a Webster or in certain circumstances they can apply to have their contract cancelled if they haven’t featured in 10% of first team games but each application is looked on by a case by case basis . There are defined timings that players have to adhere to normally within 15 days of a clubs last comoetive game of a season
  15. Being a bit dramatic here Tammy is a decent striker but he really isn’t close to being of the standard required to hitting 20+ goals a season on a regular basis. CHO is a conundrum because he has all the skills but rarely has he delivered when called upon . That said his injury probably hit him incredibly hard. Gilmour needs more game time to see how he develops. He wasn’t going to become a regular next season despite the hype Reece is now cemented into the squad he now needs to develop even further
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