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  1. And you know this how? Chelsea Youth Twitter is probably one of the most reliable sources of information when it comes to Chelsea news and this seems to be source of the current hint that he has indeed signed.
  2. Don’t forget that Tomori is a very capable full back indeed in his academy days he regularly played as right back.
  3. From what little has been put in the public domain the main thrust of the problem revolves around players who participated in trial matches or extended periods of trials. FIFA now believe that playing in “organised games” counts as signing a player. In effect they believe if you play a non EU player under the age of 18 in say a summer youth tournament or have them stay over for a period of say 6 weeks for a trial that player has in effect signed for you. It’s why so many cases were looked into by FIFA. From what I can gather one of the “proven “ charges was Bernard Tarore , it’s worth noting he had no association with any club in his native country is effect he wasn’t registered as a player anywhere prior to signing with us He didn’t sign on a contract until after he turned 18 but it seems when we bought him and his family over to England wepaid for his education & played him in several trial matches.I haven't seen it in writing but my take on it is that the FA sanctioned the games he played in hence why the FA were also slapped on the wrist. The trouble with FIFAs regulations are they are clear as mud and time after have to time they have to issue clarification and the further clarification and so on.
  4. In view of my comment made way back in June (copied above) and articles like this one https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7439453/Chelsea-alert-leading-agents-expect-transfer-business-January.html Seems there is chatter out there in those football circles so maybe, just maybe!
  5. In theory they can sign him now , and on the basis that he is already training full time with them, then its possible he has already signed. What they can’t do is actually register him to play.
  6. Reports are they are paying £8 million.
  7. The journey home to Dorset on Saturday was like pulling teeth. Mrs Terraloon wanted to talk about the game and I didn’t . Two and a bit hours of sheer joy! Ive calmed down a bit now and have read a report or two and just about everyone is talking about Dave and Zouma and with good reason. Kurt simply isn’t good enough but Dave has been good enough but now his ability is in decline. That’s sad but as we were saying at the game we are particularly open on his side and time after time teams are targeting him. I don’t know if it came over but as the game wore on he was struggling to get up and down and on several occasions we had to wait for him to get Into an attacking position. It’s truly sad but as many have suggested it’s much akin to how Ivanovich was targeted and eventually had to be dropped. I might be wrong but I see that Dave was 30 last week and his contract ends at the end of the season. I really can’t see him being offered a new contract.
  8. Did he or didn’t he sign? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7375681/Chelsea-news-Callum-Hudson-Odoi-returns-Chelsea-training-injury.html
  9. Gonna have to add “really really “ to the sorry
  10. Difficult to argue with this.^ Following the announcement of City’s punishment I am even more convinced that our appeal is all about the two window ban as opposed to the decision. We have nothing to be gained from maintaining our innocence FIFA have us banged to rights even if we believe we acted in good faith. Pure speculation on my part but I am expecting that once the last European transfer window closes the outcome of our appeal will be announced then come February the other English clubs will know the outcome of the FIFA investigations into their academy signings.
  11. Worth reading this article http://www.thefalse9.com/2016/07/evolution-right-footed-leftback.html The comments re Dave are interesting
  12. Can understand that point if view but for me it’s a double edged sword in that if you have an experienced number two there seems an almost obligation to play then in say FA cup and CC games yet very very few goalkeepers need to be rested. I haven’t the time to go through the stats but I would be interested to know how many games have been missed through injury by GKs in the PL in the last say 5 years. I understand the risk but just like say a midfielder you need a pathway through from the academy to the first team squad for as we seen fees paid for GKs has gone mad and how much do you need to invest on a back up ?
  13. He didn’t. Irrespective none of our midfielders save Kante is good enough to provide that security The pace of Martial and Rashford can be dealt with by protecting the ball in midfield but time after time Barkley and sadly Pedro lost the ball. As for Bournemouth yep I will be there indeed it’s far closer to home (32 miles away) than SB (125 miles) is for me. This is a season where we will learn a lot about players and indeed FL . Yesterday I suspected that Utd were strong at the front but their midfield didn’t cry out as being that special but once will fell behind we needed to get back into the game and then settle back into a shape but as the end drew closer we became more desperate and once that happened we were by virtue of that wide open to the counter
  14. The point I was trying to make is that that is one hellava expensive back four and yet we created chances on anther day one or two probably would have gone in. If we weren’t chasing the game so hard then we wouldn’t have to had push the midfield so far up and probably goals two, three and four wouldn’t have come about. Man Utd are all about counter attacking and had we had a screen in front of our back four then it could and probably would have been a different game.
  15. You are Private Fraser and I claim my £5. Yesterday we faced a back four who cost around £190 million. Ok we didn’t score but Tammy and Emerson were incredibly unlucky not to score. It was Tammy's first ever game against that type of defence and I didn’t think he did that badly. Yesterdays game was nothing like that Cup Final that day we created little yesterday there were far more positive signs.We had greater possession, we had more shots than them and more on target . Lets see how things go over the next few games before we write off the squad.

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