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  1. I really hope we can find a suitable home for Kepa. Edou going to the ACON has serious season derailment potential at this point.
  2. Funny thing is I wouldnt actually be against it if he was still at his mid 00's level, proven PL player (with a proven partnership with Kante) who would know his place regarding minutes. However after the few years he has had it would simply be too big a gamble.
  3. On this basis we should have never promoted Terry because of his lack of pace. That type of thinking is why Jose isn't at the top of his game anymore. If our defenders can't pass well how do you propose we beat the opposition press and build up attacks of our own? Ofcourse they have to defend well (assuming Kounde can't is ridiculous stereotyping) but ball playing defenders are crucial to the modern game and refusing to adapt to that is why the likes of Jose aren't great managers anymore?
  4. Most of his hype has come from people desperate to throw shade at Mount, and even that only started because the previous player used for that purpose (Maddison) fell so far off a cliff they had to find someone else.
  5. On the contary, if Kepa became what we thought/tried to convince ourselves he would become I'd happily have took the trade off that he wasn't a Courtois/Mendy in the air. Just like I'm happy to accept Mendy being woeful at facing penalties giving what he does offer. If Kounde is as good as reported and gets even better from here, then any ariel weakness should be worked around same way we worked around Terry's non existent pace.
  6. Unfortunately the club don't want to seem to take that one on the chin. Hopefully his okay ish performances under Tuchel means we can convince someone to take a punt on loan.
  7. For many reasons. As you have already touched on young keepers need game time. So they either go on loan or play with the U23, a full time gig in the first team means they can't get those level matches. Also third keepers are also looked at for more ways than just their playing ability, as they clearly won't be doing too much of that they need to look at character and what type of wisdom they can bring to the dressing room. For example, Rob Green was clearly not going to be much help on the pitch but by all accounts he was fantastic in the locker room, a similar example is Carson at City who Pep can't praise enough.
  8. Time will tell but i think we already have one on the books, certainly in the context to TT's system.
  9. In such a system playing RCB isn't limited, if anything Azpi has produced his best attacking displays from that position (case in point his what felt like an endless stream of assists to Morata). Reece is another player who likes the halfspace and he will still find himself in many crossing and even shooting position in that role.
  10. I fully agree with all the other positions but wingback I just don't see it, maybe for the odd do or die game for tactical reasons but week by week i just don't see it. It also limits his freedom to cut inside to the middle of the pitch, like how he did to score THAT goal at Brighton.
  11. Third choice keepers are always vulnerable to banter as they look so out of place on the rooster but from what i read on a Fulham forum they are shocked he's settling for such a role. That must mean he's actually pretty decent relitevely speaking and he will probably actually get some cup games aswell as Kepa will become a league keeper for a month (when Edou goes to ACON) which means this guy will likely get the cup games in that period. Speaking of Kepa, if we can by some miracle find him a new home ì wouldn't mind looking at two other ex Fulham keepers for the new number 2 role, Sergio Rico or Areola, atleast one will be made available by Paris given Donnaruma's arrival, both if Navas stays.
  12. Seems that this is our alternative to Hakimi despite them playing in different positions. For what was going to be a long term axis of Hakimi wing back and Reece RCB will now be Reece wingback and Kounde RCB. With CHO, Azpi and possibly Sterling providing the competition/cover. Not totally sure what to feel about that, I'm happy with signing Kounde but Reece's talents are wasted as a wingback.
  13. Maybe the way to go is what was done with Saka, keep switching him between both until something clicks. Personally i think he should be ahead of Pulisic but that's an argument for another day.
  14. If we struggle for top four then that will mean Tuchel isn't any better than Lampard (domestically), infact it would make him worse. Comfortable top four has to be minimum requirement and I think it will happen.
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