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  1. I very much doubt Lampard or anyone will drop Jorginho currently, who will replace him? We ain't signing Kovacic, he won't be dropped for Bakayoko or Drinkwater, Mount and Barkley will be competing for the more attacking position in the midfield three. I don't think any manager will drop Jorginho anyway but certainly not now given who the alternatives are.
  2. From what i heard he's been offered a ambassadorial role and turned it down as he wants to carry on coaching. Is it me or has his return gone a little bit too under the radar? You would think his return after all this time even as assistant would have caused unprecedented fanfare but he's barely been adknowledged atall, not even an initial fuss was made of him.
  3. On the contrary I think they've stagnated. Even upto February when they were getting the results they were doing it in a ridiculously unconvincing manner (their victory against us aside), the run to the CL final has masked over a spectacular collapse, they don't look even half as good as previous years. Unless Levy bucks a trend and goes all out in the market I can see them getting worse.
  4. That doesn't really fit as even the biggest "apologist's" have accepted and adknowleged the flaws in the season. However looking at it the other way there is certainly a few that refuse to credit him for anything and anytime he does something good there's an excuse as to why it happened. We start looking comfortable playing out of danger "but that's not a big deal" (even though there was universal cries pre Sarri when we saw other teams comfortably play out of danger while we use to get trapped by any form of commited pressing). CHO gets serious game time, "but it's not in the league". He then gets serious league game time, "oh it's because he was pressure too". He gets top four, "it's because of the other teams and Hazard not him". He improves Loftus Cheek, "but he still didn't start him earlier". Apart from the Europa title there has been a stream of ridiculous excuses to discredit every thing he did.
  5. He was relaxed initially returning to us and going United. He'll never change. Soon as the pressure starts he'll blow up. We are a few years away from winning another title, no way would Jose's ego allow him to patiently build up our new generation while Pep and Klopp are running away from sight, he won't be able to handle it.
  6. I would love someone who thinks reappointing Mourinho would be a good idea to truly explain their reasoning as to why he would suddenly change. Not even prime Jose suits the direction we are trying to head in, let alone this version of who's totally lost his edge.
  7. Why on earth would you want a start like that?
  8. God as if the thought of Liverpool winning the league isn't already horrendous enough, if they do it this time they will likely lift it the day we go to Anfield.
  9. Yes but that point is easily counteracted by the fact both Arsenal and United had title winning form for 1/3 of the season also under new manager bounces, i can just as easily say they wouldn't have got close to us in the first place if it weren't for that. Also the other 3 outperformed their XP tally by about 10 while ours was in line. The season may have been very far from perfect but we were more than good value for 3rd place, infact given 72 points historically gets you top 4 more often than not and our XP total was so far ahead of our rivals i would say we would have been very unlucky to miss out.
  10. Most of the time this points totals enough.
  11. Jose isn't one of the best managers any more. Appointing him in 2019 would by far be the worst decision we have made in the Roman era bar none.
  12. If Mourinho returns i won't be renewing my membership, I can't even begin to express what a disaster that would be.
  13. I would say corners depend a lot more on who's in the box than the taker. I never thought we ever had a particularly good corner taker but they were causing trouble back in the day due to who we had in the box.
  14. De Boer took over from Allardyce so had to start the new philosophy from scratch. Lampard/Ten Hag will come in with the initial ground work done for them.
  15. It was always going to happen eventually, DDG is the opposite of a modern keeper, he's an excellent shot stopper but too passive, playing for a rubbish United team (alas allowing his major strength to come to the fore as opposed to his weaknesses) has allowed him to inflate public opinion to the point people thought he was the world's best. Kepa's more assured with his feet, is more proactive in sweeping (both vital components for a side like Spain) and can actually save penalty's (very important trait for international football given many Champions of the Euro's/WC go through atleast one shootout, almost always atleast one finalist does).

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