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  1. A player in his late 20's trusting a process that sees them in the bottom half. A young player you could maybe rationalise it a little but a 29 year old that's suppose to be in his peak....
  2. Honestly i don't know if this is just me but there's a lot of "simple" saves Mendy makes where I think to myself that flies in on Kepa's watch and in the process is made to look unsavable.
  3. If that's legit then my word, their standards go further in the gutter with every passing day.
  4. Keepers now have such a big responsibility playing out and being sweeper keepers they will occasionally f**k up and badly, even the creative "sexy" keepers Ederson, Ter Stegan and Neuer have had some hilarious fails down the years. Given Mendy was playing for lesser teams where (i'm assuming) there was no big playing out/sweeping expectations a couple of years ago i think he's done fine. Yes he got away with one Tuesday and yes he will likely make a big blooper at some point but it's the nature of the beast, constantly ask a keeper to find solutions under pressure the odd time it will backfire
  5. At the risk of this backfiring i'd be a lot more worried if they play Van De Beek because he actually has big game pedigree, including at The Bridge. United have scored one goal from open play in 12 big six clashes with Bruno on the pitch, he's flat tracking well but has looked lost against half decent opposition.
  6. Being utilized better more like. Wenger use to play him every game no matter what for the first few years and he's good but not quite good enough to be bonafide #1 at a club with lofty ambitions. I see him similarly to what i do Marcos, Tammy and present day Kante, pick and choose their minutes carefully and we'd be largely happy with them, make them untouchable starters and the frustrations will eventually come home to roost (as we're currently seeing with Marcos) .
  7. Actually quite taken aback by how humble he seems to be, i watched a fair bit of his BVB/Paris sides but for whatever reason never watched a single interview so kind of naturally assumed he was a spiky character as per his reputation but not a bit of it so far. He seems to talk about players like they're mates aswell Edou, NG, Ney...
  8. It's because our defenders are good and were made to look bad by Kepa and Willy. On another note thankgod for Leicester's 5-2 win at City, our defensive record would have been in serious trouble without it.
  9. There's been noises about his hesitancy to commit long term ever since he's returned pretty much, all the other boys were signed up to new deals within months (of Lampard's arrival) but reports suggested Tammy was/is waiting on how the long term picture in regards to his role looked.
  10. Consistency in the league has always been a weakness of his. Only 4 in two decades managing Juve, Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real and Bayern isn't a great return. To put it into context, Pep has won double the titles in half the time at similar level jobs but his titles are regularly dismissed because they're apparently easy to win.
  11. What makes you think that? Carlo has 'only' won 4 despite two decades being at one of the top two teams in each league.
  12. He's like those scientist's trying to stay one step ahead of virus mutations only he's working out our manager changes in advance to give him a head start collecting the required material. Word is he's got a plane ticket to Leipzig ready for when lockdown is lifted.
  13. Blackmailing yet another manager.
  14. In a way I'm a little deflated this was only one. Make no mistake this tie should be over!
  15. Perfect away performance in Europe. Still a lot to do and if Leti open the scoring at Stamford Bridge they're right back in but that was a tactically perfect performance at this stage.
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