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  1. Argo


    If he's a threat to team morale I could feesably see him being gone before the end of the European market.
  2. That's a really poor way to look at things, if Conte decided he wanted to resign Torres would you have let him just because he won the league? It's more appropriate look at a managers record with signings when it comes to how much rope you give them in the market. For example, Ranieri is not a proven winner on the pitch but he has a good track record in the market. Conte has many strengths as a manager but the transfer market isn't one of them, as he's spectacularly showing now. Not only has he signed Lukaku and is trying to sign Sanchez, he wants shot of two players (Radja and Perisic) that he desperately wanted us to splash what would have been about a combined £100m on. His record with transfers is about as bad as it gets.
  3. That's a bit of an OTT sensational headline, no one thinks he's going to single handedly switch our defense to a Jose 1.0 esque backline. It's however clear to see why it's widely felt he will improve us at this minute, he has an ariel presence which we lack, has recovery speed which Azpi in the present day lacks and is dynamic going forward again something Azpi isn't. He was better than Mount at youth level and in the Championship last season and Mason has taken to first team duties like a duck to water, James is exactly the type that that will slot in seemlessly.
  4. I think the poor 60 minutes narrative is overegged, poor 45 for sure however while we lost the complete control in the second half of the first half, we didn't look like conceding.
  5. Doesn't really work like that, natural fitness will be up by the time those games come about hopefully alongside better rotation from Frank.
  6. Argo

    Mason Mount

    I think he will likely end up our top scorer this season. He keeps getting openings and with more luck he'd be on 4/5 already.
  7. I think the "Lampard out" trend on twitter is more a running joke started after Bohemians, well i hope so.
  8. Argo

    Mason Mount

    Unfortunately i think RLC is a write off until next season. I mean he will physically be back at some point this season but I predict he won't get upto speed in time to make a serious impact akin to what he did at the back end of last.
  9. There isn't, trust me. Reece is the jewell out of our academy boys, even ahead of Odoi.
  10. When you're in a transition of sorts you have to look at the bright sparks and the first half hour was incredible, totally battered Leicester and should have been 3/4 up, very worrying what happened afterwards however some of you's complaints about Sarri was there was no "signs" of good stuff to come, well you certainly "signs" in the opening. The reality is we are an inconsistent side right now. Sometimes we will match some of the worlds best sides (vs Liverpool) and other times we will look poo against sides like Leicester, today we were brilliant, average and rubbish all at varying stages which is about aplicable for where we are right now. Sometimes Pulisic will look like he can replace Hazard, other times he will look sh*t, he's 20. We could have gone through this transition in 2012/13 but decided to go for a quick title, we have to go through this process now if we want to compete long term because with Pep and his 100 point seasons about going for the quick fix just won't work anymore.
  11. He had a chance to come back to Chelsea build a long lasting legacy's but gave it up for a quick title and then remarkably got a second chance to build one in England at United and made an absolute pig's ear of it. Now clubs are starting to wise up to the fact he's never going to change, his only chance of a top job now is if a club get desperate to win immediately and even then he'd most likely be behind Conte and Allegri in people's wishlist. He's got no one to blame other than himself for the predicament he's found himself in.
  12. He was told at the start playing time would be limited, he could have done what Luiz has did this time and gone somewhere for game time but he chose not to (which is his right). I always had a slight suspicion he wasn't as humble and unassuming as made out and I guess this proves it.
  13. Apparently Conte wants Alexis now This is the guy some of you wanted to be trusted with a blank cheque.
  14. He wouldn't have accepted a squad role and would look out of his depth with the new system. He went down in my estimations with that interview at the back end of last season, that was everybit as crass as the Willian emoji gate, if not more.
  15. It was ball to hand, accidental. I'd prefer human error to this, sucks the joy out of the immediate aftermath of a goal, imagine scoring what we think is a CL winning goal only for it to be chalked off a minute later for a ball to hand? For sure have an extra pair of eyes in the studio to flag up obvious errors IMMEDIATELY so there's no minute celebrations for nothing, but little things like ball to hand or whether an inch of a player's dick is offside getting called back a whole minute after celebration is too much. It will ruin the game if this carry's on.

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