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  1. His save last night isn't getting the attention it deserves, the save in itself was excellent but the way he quickly reacted to it bouncing of his foot with Rennes players ready to pounce was sensational.
  2. That will be the case anyway. Score draw in Spain and we will hold the head to head advantage no matter what whereas another 0-0 will all but give it (the advantage in case of a points tie) to us due to our superior goal difference, if we follow up a goalless draw in Spain with a 1 goal victory Vs Krasnodar, Sevilla would have to beat Rennes by 7 clear goals to gazump us.
  3. That Sevilla winner makes very little difference. Had they drew it would still have been win there to top the group and draw to keep it in our hands, as is the case now.
  4. It does this year, i genuinely believe we'll make the quarters if we avoid Bayern!
  5. Not to mention since his arrival he blocked Xhaka's sale while offering Mustafi and Elnenny new deals and has made all three important players again. What would our equivalent's to those 3 be? Probably AC, Drinkwater and Baka, could you even imagine the reaction here had Lampard done the above with them?
  6. They're long gone from CL contention, infact I believe they're Leno losing form away from being relegation candidates.
  7. I know it's a bit naughty but we should plan to wind them up. Jose can probably mentally gee them up again if they merely lose the game, if they lose their heads however that will set them back and destroy them from a psychological POV. I'm nervous about this one already, calling it a 6 pointer doesn't do it justice.
  8. I'm sorry but that type of thinking is what led to us being stuck with Torres for the better part of half a decade. Thankfully Kante doesn't seem to have gone down that route (I was seriously concerned last season) but playing someone who's out of form/declined because of a misguided notion that class is permanent is and always has been a one way ticket down the table.
  9. Part of the reason we signed Werner was his flexibility and ableness to coexist with our other forwards.
  10. There's also some really good games to enjoy for the rest of the weekend if we get our job done.
  11. Its the fact he's not featured more which is why our opinion of him is as high as it is. He's an incredibly streaky player which is why Sarri and Lampard have both come across as a bit bipolar in regards to selecting him. When he's on form he's a real asset but when he's not his form can be quite destructive, twice Arsenal bombed out of title races because he hit goal droughts at a time Arsenal really couldn't afford him too. That's why we're happy with him and Arsenal fans constantly moaned about him, because for us he plays when his form merits it, with Arsenal he was bonafide numb
  12. But that's the thing (and it often gets lost in translation regarding promoting young players) we don't nesseserily need him to be a starter. We also need squad players who can come in and do good jobs (especially from tactical POV's) when we need to rest key men or there's injury's. If Conor can be that type of player for us then it saves us digging into the market and spending £30m on similar, £30m which can go towards pushing the boat out for a world class CB.
  13. As that was clearly aimed at me I feel I have to respond. I stand by what I said last season. Kante playing in sitting DM killed our first phase build up (you can make as many sarcastic quirks to passing as you like but all the successful modern teams have good first phase build up). I remember the first game back from the restart against Villa a highlight reel came out of him practically hiding when we were trying to play out (I noticed it during the game anyway but seeing such in a reel was grim) and given the two previous games to that we saw a masterclass on how to play that position
  14. We have Gallagher who's progressing really well, he should be considered ahead of both now, especially Ruben.
  15. I disagree, reason he hasn't built on his promise is because he's lost tactically in terms of how to regularly influence a game.
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