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  1. "you don't get that type of space in the Premier League"
  2. It's the third season in a row West Ham have gone to The Emirates and played them off the park, they lost the other two aswell.
  3. Likewise Arsenal. Arteta has done a good job there but f**k me, style wise he appears to have learned more from Moyes than he has Pep. Arsenal are utter w**k to watch.
  4. I've been on the avoid Bale at all costs train since about 2016, and that was before his systematic injury's and new found preference for golf. Players who got to where they are largely thanks to physical ability are the one's that tend to badly bottom out, as we found out with Torres and Essien.
  5. No chance, Bale is basically going to be Sanchez/Torres after their moves to United and Chelsea respectively. He's finished at the top level.
  6. So much for football being sh*t behind closed doors.
  7. Agreed, Zappacosta was ordinary but I can't recall a single match where he was genuinely sh*t or a disaster. Hes the type of backup fullback signing we'll probably have to make once Azpi goes and James is fully established as no one of any serious quality will come with no scope of breaking through.
  8. Then one month later Charlie Webster makes his debut and they vow to be patient with him cause he's a young player.
  9. He got one. He played (and scored) vs Brentford in the cup when it was common knowledge he was leaving.
  10. Reading through the live match comments i'm surprised about the criticism of the defense, Alonso had a tough time with Lamptey but the other 3 were excellent, they only got in behind us once although admittedly that was a huge chance that Dunk squandered. Even though BHA were playing decent football and had a lot of possession i wasn't too worried apart from when they were gearing up for long shots for obvious reasons. Hopefully this is a sign the new coach has made a difference.
  11. Last night's game was his MO, less possession and a two man midfield with someone sweeping up behind him, he will always do well in these conditions for aslong as he still has his stamina. My worry remains games like the one we have coming up at WBA, especially if he's playing as a sitter.
  12. Unless Kepa literally has no ambition for his career and is happy to see through his contract like Bogarde or Bravo (at City) did they'll be a way somehow, if United under Woodward can find a new home for Alexis anything's possible.
  13. Am i the only one who just doesn't see it with Donnaruma? He does something stupid almost everytime i watch him.
  14. No back 3 against Liverpool, i was saying that also before the Anfield game and was unfortunately proved right, Mane and Salah are kings at utilizing half spaces between not only wingback and CB but outside CB and middle CB. Unless you play sh*thouse tactics against them like Arteta did (and Frank won't) we'll get terrorized.

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