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  1. Funnily enough we weren't that bad defensively at the end of Frank's tenure (probably thanks to Edou and Silva more than Frank but still). It was the lack of attacking tactics (well that was certainly the main thing that turned me), we had no game plan other than to throw it in the mixer and it was utterly eye bleeding to watch.
  2. Fernandes makes Lukaku look like the ultimate big game player.
  3. Have we ever had every single outfield player score in a season? 02/03 we got close with all bar Mario Melchiot scoring.
  4. In fairness to him he's taken a few in shootouts and converted every time.
  5. Remember when he was only playing cause he was sucking Lampard and Southgate off and would be dropped the minute a world class manager comes in? Good times!
  6. Two poor opponents but still it's incredible how much more fluid we are with a false 9. I hope when Rom comes back he's tried in the RF role, that could really suit him well, as the false 9 will drag players around and give him the space he thrives on.
  7. With Lukaku in this game I reckon we win 4-0 he gets 2 or 3, but we create significantly less and about now we'd be saying "this is a game we scrape a 1-0 in without his finishing".
  8. Somewhere in French league maybe? He's better than Guendouzi who's smashing it there.
  9. Not arguing on that but I still think he would have got something out of being at 19/20 Norwich regardless (similar to how Gallagher got a lot out of being at WBA despite their poor results) and given they have the same manager I can't blame the club for thinking they would have had at the very least a competitive edge again (even if lack of quality saw to them most weeks). This Norwich look second only to Derby 07/08, was Buendia really that huge a difference for them?
  10. I could understand sending him there tbh. The Norwich last in the prem were competitive, played some great football and despite ultimedly going down they were competitive most weeks (even claiming some huge scalps like City and Leicester at home and Everton away, we only beat them by one both times also). We probably thought we would see a similar Norwich which Gilmour would have defiently benefited from regardless of results. This Norwich however are a parody so with that in mind I do agree with the sentiments to recall him, maybe send him on the continent.
  11. Making that one save when you've had nothing to do all game vs making numerous saves when your team are getting battered. Very few keepers specialise in both, he does.
  12. Is it just me that's still finding it surreal seeing our 2020 signings playing Infront of a crowd?
  13. They don't care, they're happy to keep yoyoing off "reward" money. One of the reason's why I struggled to join the ESL outrage. The parachute payments and TV money has turned the Prem and top end of the Championship into a Super League in all but name. But atleast we "got our game back".
  14. Remember when Tuchel was going to terrorise and destroy them because he could? Good times!
  15. I don't think we should build around Havertz per se. I think we should play him false 9/CF because it is what gets the best out of us as a team.
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