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  1. Well he is very forgettable Val. Miazga was an unused substitute.
  2. Star is still boozing at the Duke.
  3. Oh you Lozzer bringing sense to the Shed End, like only the Oracle of Argyll and Bute could. We are not worthy
  4. You know this thread isn't actually about Sarri, right?
  5. Well it's been fun, talk to you all again in 2034.
  6. Yea the last 15 years have only been a dream, time to wake up.
  7. Bates could have some ideas as well.
  8. Make the Shed End (CSR) Great Again!
  9. Sound as the pound all - getting old and fat in America. Great to see you guys post again, about to tear up TBH. Memories are flooding back.
  10. Loz, - Geezer, and Bluebeard? Who's next that Gay Pirate from down under? Paul? Gee Bee? Priesty? Billy and Lauren? Is this 2003?
  11. We didn't sack Sarri, he wanted to go to Juventus. He left us.
  12. First got into the game around 1978, but Italia 90 was when I fell in love with the beautiful game.
  13. Kepa Azpi Rudy Sideshow Bob Emerson Kante Mount Kovacic Willian Tammy Pulicic

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