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  1. Crespo after scoring in Monaco 15 years ago today.
  2. It's criminal mismanagement that a club that's won what we've won, with an owner as rich as Roman should field the two oldest, most broken down strikers in the whole league.
  3. I used to really think Dan talked a lot of sense about all things Chelsea then he went all Social Justice Warrior on our fanbase and I had to unfollow him on twitter. Doesn't even talk about the football much anymore . I believe he has good intentions but he's so deep into it now that dividing us doesn't seem to bother him at all. To Levene his cause is greater than the good of the club we love.
  4. No question Eden but I just want to say Reuben had one of his best games tonight in the Chelsea first team.
  5. Probably was, but I think most neutrals would say it's 50/50.
  6. Rory gives me the impression he started supporting Chelsea in 2012. Spoiled, know it all that has never known his club coming 12th in the 2nd division.
  7. Scott


    In any case we need some in at board level that knows talent, football systems and tactics etc and has played the game to oversee the football side of the club. Chelsea is sinking
  8. I think Jorginho has upped his game under Sarri.
  9. Not a good first half and down to 10 men as well.

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