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  1. Then there is Cafu, Del Piero, and Buffon for starters.
  2. Anyone saying they are glad to see him go needs a history lesson. Willian has been one of our top players since he came to Chelsea. Carried us for an entire season when the rest of the team downed tools. Rember this? Chants of 'Jose Mourinho' echoed around Stamford Bridge, while Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa were booed as their names were read out over the Stamford Bridge tannoy. Willian, one of the bright sparks in a troubled campaign for Mourinho and the Blues, was roundly cheered by fans. The ill-feeling towards some of the club's players was emphasised by one of many banners in support of Mourinho, which read: "The three rats; Hazard, Cesc and Costa."
  3. Well that's that. Frank has a huge job on his hands now trying to basically build a team from scratch. Up The Chels !
  4. Seriously you let Barkley take that and not Mason?
  5. I'd be happy to fight back for a 2-2 at this point.
  6. Or at least tell him we aren't playing in red.
  7. Kind of glad I went to make a drink and missed the second.
  8. If you mean slow by standing still and letting your man run in alone on your keeper, then yes he's slow.

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