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  1. Scott

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Yeah guys went crazy for the lady physio a few years back but Marina has always been a class above IMO.
  2. Scott

    Chance Encounters as a Chelsea Fan

    Ran into Hernan Crespo on Portobello said hey he said hi back but kept on walking. The next day walking down the Kings road window shopping at a shoe store looked to my left and the bloke in a white leather jacket was Mario Stanic looking in the window at the shoes. He was very nice talked a few minuets with us.
  3. Yeah and Lampard is Derby manager should we hate him as well?
  4. Scott

    Alvaro Morata

    It's to the point that he's actually hurting our ability to score. Feel so sorry for him but I just can't see him ever getting his form back at Chelsea.
  5. I'll never understand the Jose hate.
  6. I just hope he can hang on for one last visit to The Bridge. Full circle and all
  7. Scott

    Rangers 2018/19 Match Day Thread

    Happy for the club but still have a hard time not hating Stevie Me. #WATP
  8. Scott

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    3 pigeons don't give a f*ck.
  9. Scott

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Cardiff

    Eden naturally, but what a difference Ollie G made.
  10. Scott

    Following our ex`s...

    Happy Birthday to our best #23 of all time. Don't care if you went to Sp*rs Chelsea Legend! One Cudicini there's only one Cudicini .. . . @Valerie