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  1. Karla Bonoff - All My Life - The Best Of Karla Bonoff Never heard of Karla Bonoff? Check her out:
  2. So far today: Serge Gainsbourg's BO Cannibis album King of The Sax by King Curtis. and Tea & Sympathy - a UK folk compilation put together by Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne.
  3. Lots and lots of Rickie Lee Jones, including "The Magazine" album which includes the absolutely gorgeous "It Must Be Love". Sadly, criminally even, I've been unable to find this song on youtube. Ah well, here's the title song: More Rickie Lee, "Chuck E's In Love" live at the BBC: Rickie Lee "Makin' Whoopee" lve with Doctor John:
  4. IRM by Charlotte Gainsbourg. I adored 5:55 but am not too sure about this one yet. I'll give it a little more time however, because I've got a feeling it'll be a grower. She & Him - Volume 1 She being the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel, him folk singer M. Ward. It's something of a '60s throwback but none the worse for that. I really do like this album.. While I'm on the subject of actresses turned singers, Julie Delpy, who is surely one of the most beautiful women in the world, released a wonderfully sexy, sultry CD a few years back. This is a very, very nice album, give it a listen if you get the chance.
  5. I'm impressed you got that so quickly. I thought it was a pretty difficult Q. Shows how much I know, huh!
  6. Hi again, there certainly are some interesting contributions to this thread! Of course I'm still dipping into the recent batch of Saint Etienne re-releases. Not too fond of Sound Of Water, but the others - Foxbase Alpha, Continental, and So Tough are amazing. Recent non-StEt stuff to hit my CD player/mp3 player includes: The Best of Del Amitri - I had totally forgotten what a good band they were until a good friend reminded me. Pure quality, easy to listen to without being easy listening.. It's All Over Now Baby Blue by Marianne Faithfull - I'm very fond of this CD, which is taken from her 'forgotten period' between the days when she was better known for being Mick Jagger's girlfriend than her music, and the Broken English/Ballad of Lucy Jordan era classics. It's Like This by Rickie Lee Jones - another (fantastic) CD full of cover versions but Ms Jones gives each song a fresh take. Wonderful CD from another almost forgotten singer. This CD took me to: Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys by Traffic - the title song of which is covered by Rickie Lee on It's Like This. I really do love discovering unexpected connections; an obvious example being Saint Etienne covering Neil Young; I wonder, can anyone name The Equals song covered by The Clash? Blue Lady by Petula Clark - yes I am serious. This is a wonderful CD recorded in Nashville that is quite unlike anything else the lady ever recorded. I would urge anyone with an open musical mind to give this CD a listen should you ever be fortunate enough to have the opportunity.
  7. Although my favorite band by far are Saint Etienne, I listen to a wide variety of music. Recent faves include: Foxbase Beta - Richard X's reworking of Foxbase Alpha, Saint Etienne's Classic debut album Saint Etienne Present Songs for the Dog & Duck - a far more cohesive compilation than the previous 'Mario's Cafe' set The Small Hours by Eliot - a recent discovery (thanks to the StEt mailing list!) that includes 'Love To Be Real', a gorgeous track heavily inspired by Saint Etienne's 'Former Lover'. Sock It To 'Em J.J.: The Soul Years by Jimmy James and The Vagabonds - another recent discovery, this 2-CD set pulsates with '60s style soul and energy. Foot Stomping Soul by Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band - in a similar vein to the Jimmy James set, picked up on a recommendation, my very latest CD purchase. Walking The Line: The Legendary Sun Recordings by Johnny Cash - no home should be without a Johnny Cash compilation, and this set is not only one of the best available, but is also a total bargain. Afterglow by Dot Allison - her debut solo CD and still her best output to date, not quite on a level with One Dove's 'Morning White Dove' perhaps, but still a classic in it's own right.
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