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  1. So Walker's unforgettable, game-changing 20-minute substitute appearance was rated 8/ 10. A few goal-line clearances in injury time and he might have had a 9.
  2. Coincidentally, this game was shown on BT Sport overnight. We played some superb stuff that day. The night before they showed our home defeat to Leeds a few weeks before we met them in the FA cup final in 1970. I'd never seen the game before. We lost 5-2 to a very powerful Leeds, and I always assumed we were battered, but it was a much closer game than I expected. Bonetti was out and Tommy Hughes was in goal. Ossie was guilty of. Gerrard-style starfish dive, but the ref wasn't fooled. He gave Leeds a soft pen for handball when Dempsey's arm was by his side.
  3. Definitely Pates. Can't identify the opposition in orange, though. Never heard the tattoo rumour before. Hope it's BS.
  4. There is no aspect to Zouma's game that is better than Rudiger's.
  5. I can't believe you are serious.
  6. That photo was posted on this site, which looks well worth reading: https://www.ablueheart.com/football/chelsea/chelsea-and-leeds-a-history-of-hatred
  7. Yes, that's correct A player on loan is not allowed to play against his parent club, which is very sensible (although they can play against the parent club in cup matches). So in reality, Chelsea loaning a player to a club who then scores against one of our rivals is a very good thing for us. Altidore was an absolute disaster at Sunderland, I'm afraid. We have another American in our squad - Matt Miazga, who played a couple of times a few seasons ago. He's now one of our many players out on loan.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Too early to say if CP will make it with us. We've invested a lot in him so we've clearly got high hopes, but the last player we spent a similar amount of money on (Morata) was a huge disappointment and is now on loan in Spain. Yes, CP is young, but with our manager that's no barrier to selection. He'll have to perform to his potential to earn and keep his place. We won't play him just because we spent a lot on him. As for the system of buying players, it's just like trading for players in baseball, but 99% of the time money changes hands rather than players. As in US sports, the players are assets of the club they are contracted to, so they can be bought and sold. Players are not free agents until their contract expires, so clubs do their best to tie players down to a contract to ensure they get money for them if they leave. The loan system is mainly to develop players, to ensure they get playing time while they are not ready to make it to the first team. Chelsea have probably the biggest squad of registered players in the world, with a huge number out on loan. The club knows that most of these are unlikely to make the first team, but has made a load of money in recent years by loaning them out and then selling them. A good example is Nathan Aké of Bournemouth, who only played a few games for Chelsea but did well on loan, and was sold for £20m. I think the club inserted a 'buy back clause', meaning we kept an option to buy him back in the future. Current players Abraham, Mount and Tomori have both played a lot of games on loan at other clubs, and the club is now reaping the benefit of that experience.
  9. I reckon he was looking for the karate kick, which is missing from those highlights. I remember Jimmy Hill analysing it in detail on MotD that night, but I think the BBC must have been embarrassed and expunged that section. I've not seen it since!
  10. Have Liverpool condemned it yet? The reports I read showed Klopp condemning Choudhury for injuring Salah, but I haven't seen any condemnation of the racial abuse.
  11. That was the North Stand: http://www.stamford-bridge.com/bridge.htm It omits to mention that it was actually chopped in half in the early 70s when the (ruinous) East Stand was rebuilt and bankrupted the club.
  12. My thoughts exactly. That was why they allowed the Norwich goal to stand despite a foul in the build up
  13. No Peter Bonetti gloves? Must have been in breach of his endorsement deal. As serious as if Michael Jordan had played in Gola basketball boots.

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