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  1. He was ridiculed by the ref (Pawson) on Saturday for 'the worst throw I've ever seen'. MotD2 picked the incident for its 2 good 2 bad feature last night. Here is the law: They showed the offending throw (as well as the ref's disparaging comment) on the show, and Pulisic complied with all aspects of the law. Joke decision.
  2. Did the news coverage of the incident at our place blank out all the faces in the crowd? My recollection was that it didn't. This time the entire crowd's faces were concealed by the BbC. On MotD the guy making the monkey gesture was concealed.
  3. Good interview from Lamps. You can tell he's seething at what he's seen.
  4. Everton are not a quality team. They've worked their nuts off and made life hard for us, but we have gifted them the points with our defending.
  5. We are totally dominant but have barely had a shot. And as always we look conceding any time we lose possession, even if we're in their box.
  6. Yes. Great statement that highlights the corrupt and vindictive nature of football's governing body. This is the second time they have been found to have treated us unfairly. It's interesting that, now the majority of their findings have been thrown out, there is no longer the discrepancy on the number and scale of our alleged transgressions between us and Man City. It was this discrepancy that was the basis of FIFa letting City off with a warning.
  7. But we have been trafficking children!!!!!!!
  8. https://soccer24hd.com/game/match/689/Chelsea-Vs-West-Ham-United.html
  9. At last. Well deserved. He's been fantastic this season, and our best player by a mile tonight.
  10. Manure away once again. Miles better than them but we don't take our chances.
  11. Really good feature on how late winners have impacted on Prem-winning sides over the years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50332967 Obviously there is no past data on Liverpool, who have yet to win the Prem, but the stats from this season show they are picking up a freakishly high number of points with late goals. We have never been great at grabbing late winners compared to, say, Liverpool or Manure. I remember RLC's injury-time winner at Cardiff last season was our first for about 6 years.
  12. which totally contradicts/ rips up the official position which is, as I posted above: Refs/ VAR officials have a licence to cheat.

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