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  1. Were they singing 'We want you to stay", too?
  2. Crisis club Chelsea turn to ex-City player who's won nothing.
  3. Much as I despise them, there is no dispute they are the biggest club in the world.
  4. Must have been days before Fillery jumped ship and joined QPha.
  5. Bit like the Liverpool teams of the 80s. More Celts than English players, I'd say: Hansen, Lawrenson, Souness, Rush. Whelan, Houghton, Nichol ...
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but was it FIFA or the CAS who downgraded the punishment given to the Spanish clubs? And if it was the CAS, what are the chances of it ruling that - unlike FIFA - they have to treat Chelsea exactly the same way as they did the Spanish clubs?
  7. Came on for Wales in our narrow 2-1 defeat in Croatia. Played centre mid and was very impressive in everything he did. Strong and composed in possession, and passed very well. Injuries wrecked his season but he must have a future with us. Unbelievably, Kovacic scored .........but it was disallowed.
  8. Great farewell statement. I despise Real, but Madrid is a fantastic city.
  9. He's obviously seen how well his mate Tibo's move has gone and been tempted away. Gutted, but truly grateful for the 7 years' service he's given us. An absolute joy to watch. A genuine Chelsea legend who will always be revered.
  10. The keeper Grant Lunn is one of the players who is alleging abuse at the hands of Gwyn Williams. He's a witness in the racism allegations made against him and Rix. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/08/chelsea-racism-allegations-white-players-gwyn-williams-graham-rix

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