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  1. My feeling, based on years of dodgy decisions that have caused a degree of paranoia, is that if we had scored the Llorente goal it would have been disallowed for handball, as the VAR official would have shown the clearest angle over and over rather than the one the Turkish ref looked at. And if we had conceded the late offside winner that the linesman failed to spot, the VAR official would not have bothered to alert the ref to Aguero being offside. VAR still gives the officials the power to dictate the outcome of games.
  2. 51st and 53rd minute on Sunday. 51st and 54th minute tonight. 49th minute at Everton. Those half-time team talks must be something special.
  3. Dalglish had a lot of time for Suarez as well.
  4. I see your Chewy Suarez and raise you Tommy Smith: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/oct/03/howard-gayle-being-liverpool-first-black-player-was-difficult
  5. As Liverpool have issued a strong statement condemning our fans over last night's song, which is fair enough, it would be a good time to remind them of this: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/kick-it-out-chairman-welcomes-list-of-unacceptable-words-issued-by-liverpool-to-staff-8739015.html I'm unaware of them issuing a statement condemning their own fans for their routine and recurrent homophobic abuse of the entire Chelsea fanbase.
  6. A draw would hugely damage their title hopes. But it would also be a massive blow to our bid for the top 4. A win would be orgasmic.
  7. Have been to see Glenn Tilbrook a couple of times in the last few months. He always seems to be touring, either with Squeeze or solo. The other week he played in a converted chapel about two miles from my house. The place was packed out and it was a brilliant atmosphere. In the bar after I got chatting to some blokes who were totally blown away by his guitar playing, which was no surprise to me, but I really think he's massively underrated. He's known for his superb singing and songwriting, but deserves to be revered for his talent on the guitar. Here's an oldish clip that's well worth watching, as is the whole of this gig: And another cover which has earned him under 700 views in six years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UthUS9d9O68
  8. Haven't seen that CTV interview but I remember years ago reading an interview with him when he said he was a member of a Northern Ireland Chelsea supporters club as a youngster. He said nothing about whether he still had any affection for us but, having heard him commentate on us over the years he certainly hides any love of the club very well. He has long been rumoured to be a Liverpool fan, but the CTV programme and what I read all those years ago suggest there must be some truth to this hard-to-believe story.
  9. What minute did they equalise in last April?
  10. CHO has not had a good half. We'll do well to hang on for the points here. West Ham much sharper than us now.
  11. There won't be the outrage that greeted Azpi's equaliser at Cardiff, though.
  12. Just spotted CHO playing in the NCAA basketball playoffs for Texas Tech. No wonder Sarri isn't starting him today: https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/jarrett-culver-of-the-texas-tech-red-raiders-brings-the-ball-up-court-picture-id1067463360

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