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  1. ^^ One of the best halves of football ever. More than made up for how bad we were before Gullit brought Hughes on.
  2. Maybe they factor in the probability of a team conceding a goal 13 seconds after taking a corner.
  3. Apparently Arsenal's expected goals against us was 0.39, so they bettered that by over 500%. Ours was 2.79 so we should have outscored them by a factor of 7. Is that a record?
  4. Forget about the fee. Just ask if he's good enough. So far this season he's been woeful - at shot-stopping, dealing with crosses, commanding his area and with the ball at his feet.
  5. Watching us this season, I'd say our shots to goals ratio seems a lot higher, but presumably that stat includes wayward shots that sail miles wide or over the bar. In the last two games we faced three shots on target and conceded three goals. Having f*ck all to do all game seems to make Kepa incapable of doing his job when called upon. I remember when we played Ajax we went 3-1 down having faced one shot on target.
  6. And I seem to remember playing in it pretty much finished Essien as a top class player. Or was that a normal international break?
  7. Drogba got a lot of stick for overreacting/ milking it. Which overlooks the fact he'd had his ribs broken.
  8. You can't forget how they invested the Torres money.
  9. Amazing that he was 30 when he joined. I had no idea he was as talented as I had barely seen him play. An unbelievable signing by Gullit/ Hutchinson.
  10. Thanks for posting that. I've always wanted to see that incident. Scandalous decision.
  11. I just got round to watching the football racism documentary Out of their Skin, in which Canoville featured prominently. They focused on his performance as sub in that game, which he claims was the day he was finally accepted by the Chelsea fans. His memory is playing tricks on him, as he had played a fair bit during THAT promotion season the year before, and scored in the epic 5-0 clincher v Leeds, and he was certainly accepted then (Pat Nevin condemned the abuse he had been getting, which played a big part in ending it). They showed him going back to the Bridge, and he was thrilled to see a yellow 80s v-neck pinstripe away jersey. He seemed to think that was the kit he wore v Sheff Wed! So he was confused about that as well. I'll let him off as the poor bloke has been through so much.
  12. Fantastic. Possibly my favourite Bragg song.
  13. Anthony Taylor this season v Spuds, ignorng the assault on Alonso, not giving the most obvious penalty you'll ever see, and penalising Alonso for being taken out by the keeper. I damaged my voice yelling at the TV when I witnessed that.

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