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  1. Sorry - Harvey Barnes' dad. Not Ashley f*cking Barnes.
  2. Spuds and Palace too. We obviously should have had points docked, as we are to blame when other teams get involved in flare-ups.
  3. "In between the chairs?" Better than being out on your ear, I suppose. "Not an over-performance from him at Aston Villa". Kind way of saying he was sh!te.
  4. Embarrassing when you get outspent by Mike Ashley.
  5. While the media are rightly condemning the Hungarian fans' appalling behaviour, and highlighting the fact that bottles were thrown onto the pitch, can anyone tell me what action the FA has taken against Arsenal and Liverpool for throwing bottles at our players and - in the case of LFC fans - for repeatedly using homophobic chants against our players and supporters? I understand the FA has had their hands full charging one particular club over some onfield handbags, but I am curious how they have dealt with these issues of violence and offensive chanting. Thanks.
  6. A point for us. Plus we took two points off them. That makes three.
  7. It's not handball when it hits the arm from another part of the body . Except today
  8. A disgrace of a ref. Always has been. Not booking Salah there is beyond belief. As was not booking Matip for tripping Mount.
  9. Chelsea head to A field in a crisis of confidence as their 2-0 win at Arsenal is shown up as relegation form.
  10. As we saw with the Holding tackle last week? I agree with you, but that was a massive homer decision not to send him off.
  11. That album -one of my all-time favourites- was released 46 years ago this week. In the absence of Spotify etc. I didn't get to listen to it till 1980. I was pissed off that the British music press wrote him off on '75 as just an overhyped Yank and more or condemned him to getting zero airplay over here. That changed when The River came out in 1980, when the press suddenly decided he was cool (even though BtR is a far better album).
  12. Agree. I'll miss him and might have to change my avatar. He's been a great servant and a lot of Chelsea fans underestimate his contribution in recent seasons. His tackle at Palace the season before last was one of the greatest in our history.
  13. Love Thin Lizzy. Always have. By miles the best band ever to come from Ireland. Saw them live in '82, when they were past their best but still great. A couple of months later saw this band at Wembley. They were tremendous:
  14. Had exactly the same thought watching the game. Was hoping he'd pick up a muscle injury but seemed to avoid anything that might keep him out of Saturday's game. He turned down two penalty appeals from Monaco and booked one of their players for diving. All good decisions IMO, so he is overdue some disgraceful ones that will hurt us. Given his track record against in big games in recent seasons it's pretty obvious why Liverpool selected him for this match.
  15. Last night Sky showed the entire Demba Ba/ Slippy G match from 2014. It was a joy to watch, and almost the whole team played superbly (Salah was as bad I remember, and Schürrle wasn't great). The defence was fantastic (Kalas played out of his skin), but Azpi was incredible. Sterling and Suarez were in peak form, but Azpi dealt with everything flawlessly. An absolute masterclass.
  16. He's been fantastic the whole time he's been with us. And he's still doing the business.
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