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  1. Carloseyebrow

    Man City V Chelsea (PL) Sun 10th Feb 16:00 UK

    Not so sure Sarri has made us weak, but inside 10 minutes, gospel, I was thinking imagine if we had Ballack or Essien in there clattering a few of them.
  2. Carloseyebrow

    Man of the Match - Man City Vs Chelsea (PL 2019)

    Rudiger, he looked like the only one who gave a sh*t today.
  3. Carloseyebrow

    Man City V Chelsea (PL) Sun 10th Feb 16:00 UK

    I remember being pretty horrified when Forest done us by 7 , this is right up there with that. Not sure what else to say, Haven't been on for a while but christ we are way off. Too many squad players who are in our starting 11. Hazard will f**k off, and rightly so, time to give Ruben, and Odoi a shot. Drop Alonso, Jorginho, play Kante where he should be. Alonso has been shocking and today just passing a player on for the 1st goal is so lazy and far too comfortable for him to do. Bollocks to it anyway.
  4. Carloseyebrow

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Been a long time since I was last on here, but felt compelled to come and pay respect to a true Chelsea man. I loved his humility and class when he was with us, always made me feel great when he spoke. His passing has reminded people of what a true great of the game he was, but much more importantly is the respect and revere he was held in for just being a good bloke. An aspiration many could do with adopting. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h'anam
  5. Carloseyebrow

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Oh my what a mad few months. So it looks like he is going to Manchester and to be honest I don't really give a monkey's. I will enjoy listening to all the Utd fans now backtracking on their comments for the last ten years about Jose being the enemy of football and now being the Messiah. I will wish him well but not professionally, at this stage I'm more interested in our new governor and Chelsea Football Club.
  6. Carloseyebrow

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    I find it amazing that JT is so reviled not only by oppositions fans but by sections of the media. He maybe no angel but in the greater picture it's pitiful enough, the high horse brigade might want to look after their own houses first. Can't wait to watch the highlights this evening on the BBC and see what they have to say.
  7. Carloseyebrow

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Not saying that at all, but the vitriol aimed at him is f**king desperate. It didn't work out, he's gone leave it at that. We're better than that.
  8. Carloseyebrow

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Bobby, that is my memories.
  9. Carloseyebrow

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Am I glad he's gone ? Absolutely. Am I glad it didn't work out ? Absolutely not. Good luck Nando, I wish you well and thanks. You wore our blue and whilst it didn't work out you were ours and were part of our greatest night.
  10. Carloseyebrow

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    I might add I've been an ardent supporter of Torres and have hoped that things would change for the better for him, for us. Regardless of the scoreline, the instinct should have been to bury it. He has finally lost any lingering hopes I had for him. f**king sad day for me personally.
  11. Carloseyebrow

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Without hesitation or thought, when I seen that I shouted 'get rid of him'.
  12. Carloseyebrow

    Cesc Fabregas

    Head says he would be a good signing, my heart says keep the bollox away from our club. Not too sure why I feel like that TBH.
  13. 1905, it's not coincidence. Love this club.
  14. Carloseyebrow

    Blauw is de kleur

    That serves me right, my eyes my eyes
  15. Carloseyebrow

    Blauw is de kleur

    I read boobs ? sorry easily led.....I'll get me coat