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  1. I'd play Billy at every opportunity we could. What's it saying to him sitting on the bench looking at us playing like this ?
  2. Firstly let me place my hat on the keep Frank in place corner. We are not a bad team, we are just playing poorly. Yes it has been a half a dozen games or so, but this year is going to be the most unpredictable league ever I suspect. The highs and lows of every team have been massive, we are clearly in a low point, but we can come good again. I agree 100% with many people's analysis of lack of character, willingness to run and battle from players. Our play is very poor, too slow, too predictable, Lamps has to accept that is partly at his door, it comes with the job. Personally I
  3. I've gone for Kovacic, Mount could have gotten it as well, but to be honest Johnny Bumstead could have played tonight and had a good shout for it.
  4. The corner routine bugs me, why do we get caught like that ?? Tammy is not the answer unfortunately, when you need a forward to do something special and drag you back he just doesn't seem to have it. That said, so many players just didn't seem to give a sh*t again. Our first instinct when we get the ball is to pass backwards, do that for a couple of minutes, lose the ball and then sh*t ourselves.
  5. Hugely disappointed tonight. We just don't seem to have will or want to break the lines when we have possession (and we have a lot). It's obviously in the coaching, but the players FFS have to have the awareness and bravery at some stage to say let's take a gamble and do something different. Too predictable, too easy for Leicester and plenty before. I still believe in Frank, Jody and this group of players, but if we don't change something soon I fear for Frank. KTBFFH
  6. It's been a while since I last posted, and it's not great so where doyou start. Lampard has to take huge responsibility, absolutely no doubt. But you can't legislate for a lack of desire and huge individual mistakes. Zouma always makes me nervous, I'm not convinced by him. Kante is not the player or is not playing in a way that offers anything above a blocker, it's not good enough. Ziyech, spent most of the game with his hands in the air in exasperation rather than fighting for us (in fairness he wasn't alone) again not good enough. From the Wolves 2nd half, we've sh
  7. It's not even the likes of Robson before the match, but literally non stop Man Utd all the way through . Great from everyone although I still sh*t myself when the ball goes near Zouma.
  8. Brilliant performance, love that high press. Kovacic man of the match for me. Whom the f**k is that bellend commentating with Keown ? Could he be anymore pro Utd.
  9. Oh my what a mad few months. So it looks like he is going to Manchester and to be honest I don't really give a monkey's. I will enjoy listening to all the Utd fans now backtracking on their comments for the last ten years about Jose being the enemy of football and now being the Messiah. I will wish him well but not professionally, at this stage I'm more interested in our new governor and Chelsea Football Club.
  10. I find it amazing that JT is so reviled not only by oppositions fans but by sections of the media. He maybe no angel but in the greater picture it's pitiful enough, the high horse brigade might want to look after their own houses first. Can't wait to watch the highlights this evening on the BBC and see what they have to say.
  11. Not saying that at all, but the vitriol aimed at him is f**king desperate. It didn't work out, he's gone leave it at that. We're better than that.
  12. Am I glad he's gone ? Absolutely. Am I glad it didn't work out ? Absolutely not. Good luck Nando, I wish you well and thanks. You wore our blue and whilst it didn't work out you were ours and were part of our greatest night.
  13. I might add I've been an ardent supporter of Torres and have hoped that things would change for the better for him, for us. Regardless of the scoreline, the instinct should have been to bury it. He has finally lost any lingering hopes I had for him. f**king sad day for me personally.
  14. Without hesitation or thought, when I seen that I shouted 'get rid of him'.
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