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  1. Salah kicking the ball away was mentioned and Fabinho for persistent fouling, not sure if any singular foul was worthy. We got a point, which in the circumstances is pretty good I feel.
  2. Regarding the referee in general as I didn't get to watch the game but got text updates. As unbiased as you can be, and forgetting the main incident aside, did he treat us differently today ? A couple of the updates suggested leniency towards Liverpool players ? Just to add, I think it was the correct decision and I'd expect no less if an opposition player did the same to us.
  3. I 100% get your point, I just don't get the bigger picture. I'm thrilled to see us more recently using our academy regardless of why we had to. So we sell Tomori for £30 million (maybe it's Euros) just my opinion but I think he is worth more to us as a player to develop, particularly alongside Silva than that amount of money, which we now have to spend in excess of to buy in a player to replace Silva and Tomori. I'm sure Tuchel has his reasons, and he has just guided us to champions league victory so I'm not as qualified as him to make assertions.
  4. It's done and dusted so there is no point in me crying over it but..... Silva is not a long term option, Kurt is a worry for me, I just always see a rick in him. Tomori the little I seen of him looked as if he was well worth investing a bit more time in. If he is good enough or potentially at the very least we've made a balls of it. I dont see the point in developing academy players if the majority of the time we loan them out, buy in experienced players to occupy their positions and them sell them because there is no place for them. All the best to Fikayo and his family, he seems like a humble man who has not bad mouthed the club or thrown digs along the way, good luck to him.
  5. Interesting to see him match up against Mount and Shaw. Looked like he struggled to get into the game for the first 10 or 15 minutes and then seemed to get on the ball a bit and he grew. Fantastic to see the Scottish number 8 at one point almost demanding that Gilmour get the ball and keep passing it, must have been great for his confidence.
  6. Dave is magnificent. Monday morning and we are Champions of Europe, I've the day off as I anticipated a few beers yesterday, life is good. Hope you are all well.
  7. What a day, a BBQ and a few beers and plenty of sneaking off to catch up on snippets of last night's match. The drone light show looked fantastic, Tuchel with his kids and talking about his wife and family gave me a lump in my throat. Dave with Havertz, another lump in my throat, Rudiger falling to his knees throwing his hands to heaven while everyone was celebrating, I can go on but this club, this family have made me very very happy.
  8. Was thinking the same as some of you regarding our obvious draw to marquee players after last night's victory. But I think it's more than that, any prospective signing must look at us right now and think 'I want to go there'. Young squad, clearly a very clever manager and a bond between the players I haven't seen for a few years. Who ? I don't follow European football really, but obviously the names of Haaland, Sancho are being mentioned. Personally I'd love Kane, but I don't see it happening at all. Too much bad blood between the club's, but if we can get someone to stick 15-20 goals away for us, Timo learns the offside rule and stops swinging his boot at imaginary footballs, and Havertz continues his form, I think we will challenge for the league next season.
  9. I'm so happy for all of us. What a magnificent feeling last night was, a few beers calmed me enough to watch but much effing and jeffing throughout and the 7 minutes of additional time. Last night wasn't about any individual and hats off to Tuchel, but Frank deserves some of that last night. Anyway me and my slightly fathead caused by Heineken are going to watch highlights all day long. Up the mighty Blues. KTBFFH
  10. To everyone on here enjoy your evening. I'm gonna try but I'm terrible when I get anxious like this. Come on you mighty Blues KTBFFH
  11. Anxiety is killing me, just like the other one I'm not going to mention. 2012 I was really calm about it. At this moment if I could take a pill and wake up tomorrow I would. Its not losing that is bothering me it's all the sh*t attached to how they want Pep to win, the commentary everything. I've not looked at Sky sports all week, nor any of our feeds showing previous games. Perhaps one good sign is my daughter gave me a Chelsea coin last night, I've kept in my pocket since. This might sound like a strange thing to say but at the minute I don't know if I can watch the match.
  12. I think we will have to agree to differ. I absolutely believe in leaders on a pitch when things are not going your way. To call it nonsense to me is wrong.
  13. I'm not going to call them bottlers, but there is an issue with lack of leaders in this team. We've always had multiple leaders to look toward when we were in the sh*t. Whether it was to drive the team on or to get us a goal to turn a game in our favour when we needed it. Jorginho in particular is not the answer for us, I like Kovacic but he doesn't offer enough in terms of final ball or getting us a goal. Honestly Ziyech, isn't going to do it for us, far too lightweight in terms of his application, no will in him to work for the team, which at least is a trait you can't accuse Timo of. Talking of Timo, I'm not sure where we go with him, maybe the 2nd season might be where we see what he is all about, simarlarly with Havertz. Chilwell had his best offensive game for us, he looked forward at most opportunities. Tuchel, the team and all of us got lucky today, personally this was a game for Tammy and Billy. If he doesn't start showing Gilmour in particular some faith, he will rightfully move on and we will lose one of what I consider to be the best prospects in midfield in Europe. and breathe......
  14. The Iraqi lad I'm listening to is better than Tyler
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