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  1. You can love David Luiz and everything he did for us over the years, and you can also be really annoyed at him over the manner of his departure. They're not mutually exclusive. I'm not overly bothered about seeing him in an Arsenal shirt because I watch them (as in full 90 mins) about twice a season, funnily enough, depending on cup draws. The bit that stings is him trashing his own legacy, which nessecarily is forever cast in a different light due to the manner and destination of his exit. It doesn't cancel out Munich or Baku, that much is obvious. But it's just different now, and that's a bit sad. For me it's not about loyalty or any similar silly notions, we're all adults here and at the end of the day it's a business. David Luiz has to look out for himself, if he did a cruciate in April Marina wouldn't have given him a contract in May for example. It absolutely cuts both ways, we've had plenty of examples of the club not doing right by various players and their best interests over the years (turning Drinkwater into an utter non-entity being one random recent example). It's just the nature of the business. But in saying that, we all get drawn in by certain players who seem to 'get' the club to a greater extent than the norm. It's a very visceral thing. Sideshow Bob absolutely had been one of those players over the years. His character just meshed really well, how many other players could you imagine sodding off to PSG and then being welcomed back with open arms. In the fullness of time we'll learn the real reasons for his departure, not the bullsh*t Arsenal generic PR lines or our own 5th Stand app Pravda stuff. Time and age dictate that he'll never be retrospectively remembered as an Arsenal player, his career will always be most defined by his time with us. Eventually in a few years with water under the bridge and the sting taken out, I honestly don't think we're going to be sitting here coating him off as some sort of Judas. He won't be persona non grata or anything silly like that. It will just be a bit different. A bit tarnished. Not quite the easy, comfortable story with a happy ending that we'd have all liked it to be. David Luiz wasn't quite as Chelsea as we thought he was. Not quite the carefree, affable geezer persona. Couldn't quite depart gracefully and conveniently in a manner which suited our own selfish wishes as fans. But that's fine. Few players can live up to all of those things, and it's rarely that simple. (Fear I've typed a load of twaddle here, but sod it, started and suddenly got a bit stream of consciousness, ended up with a longer post than I had intended)
  2. Never heard of him. Guess we have to move the thread to ex-players now. Sigh.
  3. If it's true that Lamps planning to roll with Kurt and Andreas for the United game is what kicked this all off, I don't think it will affect things too much. Unless we pick up an injury and Tomori is thrown into the fray on short notice...
  4. On a scale of Eden Hazard (aka bothered/10) to Bakayoko (aka 'am I bothered though'/0), where does everybody sit on this? Subject to the final confirmation of the fee, which I'm convinced will top 10m at the very least if Marina has anything to do with it, I think I'm about a 4 at the moment.
  5. Machismo. When the variation between the initially rumoured price tag and the one leaked a few hours later is 120% (or thereabouts) you instinctively feel like we're being mugged off. Granted, he's and old and rapidly depreciating asset, but given his contract length and the fact that Arsenal are desperate for a centre half it's a very underwhelming figure. But when you start to factor in the amount we'll save on wages (assuming he's one of the top 5 or 6 paid players at the club in the rung below Kante?) it does start to make a modicum of sense. Really, though, it's not as if we actually need the money and we're not ditching him for financial reasons. But still. Why not take Arsenal for every penny we can get, not as if they have any other obvious targets on the go. Make em beg, I say.
  6. Yep. Hence 'or bust,' entirely possible he has another year slumming it around Cobham and getting up to extra curricular mischief.
  7. I think a man of David Luiz' means would find a way of managing Babbo long-distance if he was based in, say, Liverpool. He probably already pays someone to do so on his behalf. So send him to Everton, I say. In all seriousness though, bit miffed about the manner of his departure but will get over the sight of him in an Arsenal shirt quickly enough. Unless they beat us into top four... but frankly that's a possibility even if we weren't giving them Luiz.
  8. Good luck shifting Drinkwater to a European club. Think it's England or bust for him, likely on loan as we're hardly in a position to get a big fee marketing him on the basis of his production over the last 12-18 months. Zappa and Baka look likely though. Makes sense to keep Zappa around right up to the close of the Euro window as James is still recovering from injury.
  9. In fairness the stadium announcer mentioned his Chelsea and Czech Rep. status as well.
  10. Don't think so, fairly sure in that circumstance the EL winner spot just disappears and another CL spot opens up in another country based on whoever's first in line in terms of coefficients. Don't quote me on that. But I think that's how it would play out.
  11. AFTV schadenfreude going to be particularly enjoyable tonight.
  12. Woof. What a player Real have on their hands for next season. Studiously trying to ignore it and just enjoy his last handful of Chelsea games.
  13. West Ham are the scousers of London. Singing about our supposed lack of history when they don't have a single top flight title to their name. Never will, either. Never mind the Roman era, they'll never match our 55' side.
  14. I'm not exactly 'Sarri out' to be clear, more Sarri ambivalent.
  15. On current form I'd take Giroud in both, tbh. Being a Monday fixture rather than Sunday complicates it re: Thursday but it's not as if he's played a lot of football this season, I'm sure he'd be chomping at the bit to start a couple of games back-to-back.

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