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  1. In fairness the stadium announcer mentioned his Chelsea and Czech Rep. status as well.
  2. Don't think so, fairly sure in that circumstance the EL winner spot just disappears and another CL spot opens up in another country based on whoever's first in line in terms of coefficients. Don't quote me on that. But I think that's how it would play out.
  3. AFTV schadenfreude going to be particularly enjoyable tonight.
  4. Woof. What a player Real have on their hands for next season. Studiously trying to ignore it and just enjoy his last handful of Chelsea games.
  5. West Ham are the scousers of London. Singing about our supposed lack of history when they don't have a single top flight title to their name. Never will, either. Never mind the Roman era, they'll never match our 55' side.
  6. I'm not exactly 'Sarri out' to be clear, more Sarri ambivalent.
  7. On current form I'd take Giroud in both, tbh. Being a Monday fixture rather than Sunday complicates it re: Thursday but it's not as if he's played a lot of football this season, I'm sure he'd be chomping at the bit to start a couple of games back-to-back.
  8. RLC and CH-O starting consecutive league games? What on earth has Sarri been smoking. It's almost as if he's stumbled onto the one thing that may well keep him in the job and quell the baying mob.
  9. Think Kepa would have got to it first regardless of Rudi's 'intervention,' tbf.
  10. Ought not to, 1 point isn't of much use as far as the top four race is concerned. Not that we're really in it, of course.
  11. Illegitimate goal, Azpi offside by miles but I'm not complaining. Good thing we don't have VAR yet.
  12. This might be a tad controversial, but it's almost like Hazard CHO and RLC should have started, rather than coming on to rescue a draw.
  13. Well lads, look on the bright sight, we've only got about 15 minutes to wait until Hazard is thrown on.
  14. Leclerc about to get his maiden Grand Prix win later on... though think the race starts after the match has finished. The Checkatrade Trophy final is on atm, if that's your sort of thing.

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