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  1. Truly great athletes can do this... he glides... so he doesn't look like he's putting forth a ton of effort. So you need some perspective... other players around him. and when he's carrying the ball in open space, NO ONE catches up with him. The man is a unit (that's a good thing in american english, so apologies if that doesn't translate). I think we're going to several new levels of him as he settles in and matures.
  2. I was a fan of football before I was a Chelsea fan. I became a Chelsea fan because of football, not the other way around. I watch a TON of matches, not necessarily because I'm a neutral, but because of how I can relate it to Chelsea. For me the question is really... would you, could you pick another team to support, even if not as passionately as Chelsea, or would you walk away from the game if there was no Chelsea... for me that's easy... I'm a fan of football.. I played, my son has played, I have season tickets to my local clubs, I kind of adopt teams in other leagues based on their tie
  3. Tata Martino would have taken the USMNT job... and oh what an upgrade that would have been 😪
  4. It's their option. It was considered high at the time, so we'll see if they decide to exercise the option or try and negotiate the price down. I have a feeling I know what Marina is going to say when they ask for a discount.
  5. The offsides is the one bothering me the most. I think the letter of the law has to change in the age of technology to represent the intent of the law. The naked eye can't see strides or sleeves. feet move to fast to know whose foot is in front of the other at any given time. Get a guy reaching for a tackle, and he's objectively half a meter behind the other player, but his shoelace may hold the other player on... or off... it's ridiculous. I think it should be like sprinters. When you want to draw an offsides line, draw use the sternum. I saw someone else say the waist... that's fin
  6. I thought it was strange that Zouma started centrally in that game. Of the 7 or so CBs we've had on the team this year, Zouma might be my LAST choice of the guy to put in the middle. (Silva, Christensen, Rudiger, Tomori, James, Azpi, Zouma). He needs the freedom to roam and attack aerially, not be a sweeper...
  7. I still think this guy is underrated...
  8. He worked hard but was largely ineffective. One of the few players who looked active. I'd sum it up by saying, better than most, but not good. It was a really drab performance yesterday
  9. On one of his last overlap passes, the one that chillwell played for a corner, on the replay, Pulisic had 4 defenders inside of him. Cutting inside was completely taken away. Having a threat in behind him trailing the play will be helpful. As we know, Kovacic just isn't that type of player. Pulisic's options were limited for a great deal of the game. Thats one reason I wanted to see him move more centrally. But once CHO came on, Pulisic also came alive on the wing.
  10. As soon as CHO came on, Pulisic nearly has two assists. Big chances by Werner and Azpilicueta and the narrative around Pulisic might be a bit different today. Neither Pulisic or Ziyech looked great today. The only thing I'm convinced of right now, is that wing #1 needs to be CHO.
  11. One of the things I keep reading is "Frank spending...." It's strange to me. In the US, the scouting, acquisition, budgeting, negotiation, etc... is completely separate from the coaching. The coach will have his say and get involved in recruitment of course, but that's really the extent of it. And that's how I see most modern football these days. I saw a comment about "why would Frank spend all that money on Havertz and Werner if he didn't know how to use them?" Now, I have no doubt that he was consulted on the targets, but he's not spending that money. That money is being spen
  12. My friend asked me after the City game... "who realistically gets into this City team from Chelsea?" And right now, we're just not there. I told him from that game - Mendy over Steffen - Chillwell over Zinchenko - and Probably Silva over Stones, but Stones is in great form it was eye opening. Sure, we still didn't play very well, and there's no cohesion with a midfield 3 of Kante, Mount, Kovacic, but man for man, we were still outmanned. Big Time When our young players have matured... I expect to put at least 3 players on that same list within a year or 2 Anj
  13. I was pissed, and I'll own it... you stay down like that, and you'd better be coming off... he should have come off if he was injured. From the moment Grealish dragged a leg back, Christensen only hurt himself and the team. Now those 2 points weren't only on him obviously, but it was so disappointing to see him get another chance and have it go by the way-side. I feel like he has to be about out of chances at the Club. He's 4th choice now...
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