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  1. Not only that, there isn't any reason why he can't be learning the system while getting backup striker minutes. How many games are there in a season? 55? If he's the No. 2 option playing against the likes of Cardiff, Southampton, Brighton, etc... while getting some time in (hopefully) Champions League Group Stages and League Cup, there are more than enough minutes to go around for him to learn AT Chelsea. Rather than take a season on loan, then come in and need a season to adapt to the system. I want Tammy at Chelsea next year.
  2. I'm happy with this lineup as CHO and RLC are being rotated in properly. I like the defensive steel that Kovacic brings to the regista role.
  3. Against teams currently sitting 13th or better in the EPL Table Willian - 15 Starts / 18 Appearances / 1178 Minutes 0 Goals / 2 Assists I agree, Willian isn't cut out to play in a front three against mid-table or better EPL competition. He'd have been better off emulating Marcello
  4. I'm quite confident that if Callum Hudson-Odoi had featured in 30 EPL matches this season, he would have more than 3 goals on the year... against teams in the bottom 1/3 of table. That's Willian's return on 30 games... 3. Freakin. Goals. Only one of which either put Chelsea ahead or tied the match (Newcastle 2-1). Willian is the one of the worst producing front three, not just in the Top 6, but really, all of the EPL. It's obvious that the 18 year old is going to be better than the 30 year old in 3 years, when he's already better. Willian 2018/2019 Season Goals Against / Month / Day / Year, place in the table at the time Newcastle 1/12/19 (18th) Burnley 10/28/18 (15th) Cardiff 9/15/18 (16th) This doesn't even get into the argument at how stupid it is to struggle for Top 4 with the oldest lineup in the Top 6, with players who are either past 30 or out of contract. The lack of vision to build for the future is astounding. But forget that argument. Willian isn't good enough right now for the EPL. He has the (lack of ) goal record to prove it.
  5. Since I feel Cesc and Jorginho are linked in some ways, I looked up Cesc's numbers since his move to Monaco 13 Games - 0 assists that shocked me
  6. I disagree... He's not a shoulder shrugger... Willian throws his hands in the air... 🤣
  7. I disagree... He's not a shoulder shrugger... Willian throws his hands in the air... 🤣
  8. I'm sure I'm looking wayyyyy too much into this...call it paranoia.... But Chelsea puts Willian in an inordinate amount of their promotional material. Sponsored content, Game Previews, graphics, etc... Are they getting us ready for him to be the face of the club next season with Eden gone, or is he just a marketable bloke with a terrific smile?
  9. Would be nice to have a defender next to the LB. If that's our vulnerable area, why not shore it up with a CB that is more steady defensively?
  10. The workrate, defensive contribution is a myth... he's arguably the second most skilled player on the team behind Hazard, but what he contributes on the field is minimal. This drove me nuts
  11. All I can say, is I'm happy I'm seeing this team during the first leg of a Europa League game, and hopefully not on Sunday against Liverpool. Uninspired, Lazy, selfish football. Hopefully I'll never have to watch a game next year where Pedro, Willian and Alonso all start together.
  12. It's odd how this same lineup made me want to jump off a bridge just a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm thrilled to see it.

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