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  1. Pretty good season thus far if you think that chelsea was considered to have 2 world class players, lost one, and for all intents and purposes, lost the other, on top of a transfer ban.
  2. pretty much everything has been canceled here in the states. The youth soccer association in Georgia just put everything on hold until April 30th. Baseball and Softball are still on for now, but I think it's going to be an early Summer Vacation around here with a bunch of stir crazy kids.
  3. You're right... I answered "who to keep"
  4. As I was watching Willian, Pedro, and Giroud put on a Masterclass in the first half on Saturday, I was thinking "Ya know, there's something to this playing for a contract thing"
  5. If he's taking minutes away from Son, Moura, Bergwijn... I'll consider that a win for Chelsea. Ironic that Spurs fans are ready for a straight swap Willian for Moura right now it seems. Going to Spurs seems risky for Willian, how long do we actually think Mourinho lasts there? And if Mourinho is gone, will Willian really want to be at Spurs?
  6. Not sure if you saw it after the fact, but he looked over and said "I was offsides", so I think he intentionally took a big swing at it and sent it to the stands. Square it anyway and make them make a call, so that comes with maturity
  7. Yeah, the foul probably could have been called on VVD. He kind of flipped Giroud into a cartwheel. So it flipped his foot high...
  8. It's mental... getting a little extra space away from the corner flag makes you feel like you have a cleaner swing... like being under a tree playing golf, you KNOW you have enough room, but it's just in your head that you might hit a branch with a back swing. When I was a kid, right footed on the left side, the first time I saw a corner flag, I uprooted it and threw it to the side... lol There's so little room for a run up on some of these pitches as well, that any little advantage, even if it's just mental, is still an advantage you want.
  9. I've probably said it somewhere in this thread, but I like having Barkley in the squad. His touch isn't good enough for high pressing superb quality opponents, but he's got a directness that can pay dividends at times. I think sometimes he gets judged based on who everyone thought he should be one day. But for the £13M or so that we paid for him, I think we're getting good value. I like having him in the team against lesser opponents. He's got a directness that we miss sometimes with our more "creative" players. Every so often, we need a hammer, not a scalpel. I'm not advocating he be a nailed on starter, but I think he is a very capable squad player.
  10. Chelsea Nation has spoken What a performance.
  11. Doubling down on Willian turning down a 2-year extension from Chelsea.
  12. Masterstroke of a lineup considering what's available for Frank. Playing two attacking midfielders in the front 3 while having 2 wingbacks getting forward really highlights the system at its best. Hazard liked to stay out wide and would sometime occupy the same spots as the wingback, Willian always stays out wide. But Mount and Barkley were comfortable making run beyond Griroud on the inside channels and getting in behind. And having them both pressing was superb. It's not a lineup I want to see often, but for today or was spot on. Great performance when you have 3 or 4 guys being called for MOTM. For me, it was Christensen. He was so composed in the sweeper position in the middle of the back three. Rudiger under Conte had a magic wand of a right back on long switches and diagonals. That part of his game has completely abandoned him since returning from injury. Hopefully it comes back. His long balls have been poor since his return. Let's keep some momentum now!
  13. Emerson started that game and was yanked. He was dreadful Alonso had played great but wasn't fit to go again after going 90 for the first time in ages. Hopefully Alonso recovers quickly this time. He's a good option to have.
  14. Good player to have in the squad. He doesn't always need to be a starter, but he's a specialist.

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