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  1. Picking up steam, and I consider Fabrizio a very reliable source
  2. But the difference is, there's no guarantee on your investment. Dropping down a league is catastrophic. As opposed to the US where failure is rewarded. The closest thing we have to international football in the states is College Football. Player recruitment depends heavily on success. Ineptitude isn't rewarded like it is in pro leagues.
  3. July 13th is a key date. That's when City hears their CAS appeal. It's the difference between a 2 point lead with 4 to play and an 8 point lead with 4 to play.
  4. You can tell his original comment is heavily influenced by the billionaire boys club franchise model that is American Sports. There is literally zero risk for the owners. They pay a franchise fee in the 9 figures to the league, which is split up by the current owners, and then they sit back and rake in the money, win, lose or draw. The league shares revenue and includes competitive balance measures to reward failure. The US model is pretty despicable by comparison. Pro/Reg is such a blessing. If a team's owners don't want to compete, they get booted out of the division. One MLB franchise literally went 20 years without a winning season, and the owners just kept getting richer and richer. So in the US, we have a different perspective on ownership, because the leagues are monopolies, the franchise owners are billionaires who buy their way into the league, not earned. In the United States, every owner is Stan Kroenke
  5. Thought he was the second best player in the squad to finish the season last year. I'd love to get a full season of a fit, mature Ruben Loftus-Cheek
  6. Best he's looked since coming back. He was in his favored CM position on the left. He was having several of those Ruben-esque long runs with the ball into space and one of them ended with Tammy's goal. Very encouraging
  7. Blocked one with a more sensitive area a moment before as well. Literally laid it all on the line for that win.
  8. The thought of seeing Werner on the other end of those passes is mouthwatering.
  9. Not a manager, but I'm a pretty good talent Scout 😀 This was posted 2 years ago "I said his ceiling would be Eden Hazard. Obviously that's best case, but Pulisic's strength is taking on defenders 1v1. He just walks by them, and he's similar in stature to Hazard (no where near as strong yet)." I've gone back through the rumors and the beginning of this thread just for Sh*ts and giggles. Like I've said from the beginning... the kid can play.
  10. Shows just how poor we were. Because I felt like it was Rudiger who Antonio had on skates, while Christensen was just missing. I swear I feel like every shot on target is a goal. I'm right more than half the time. That's scary. My 10 YO plays goalie. And I have better faith him him stopping a shot. He's gonna be about 6'4/210, I'll send him to Chelsea about the time Kepa's contract expires. I'm not meaning to place this all on Kepa obviously. It's a collective failure. David Luiz was definitely the wrong guy for that Arsenal defense, but we're worse without his aerial ability.
  11. he'll be bigger than 99% of the attackers he goes up against, so being a bully to ANYONE is a good start (pretty sure it was Mahrez he threw a shoulder in to, caught my attention as well)
  12. yes, yes, I know... and actually 3 of our last 5
  13. When he came on I text my friend "at this point, Ruben offers nothing in a front 3, but he's about a foot taller than Pulisic, so hopefully he can pitch in on set pieces" not too long after that, he cleared a cross on the near post.... there ya go... I'm glad he's back and getting time on the pitch. We just need to obviously temper our expectations for the rest of this season.

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