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  1. May just be that the league has a better scouting report on him now, but I don't think he's been the same since this....
  2. unfortunately, education around drug and alcohol abuse is so poor, that we confuse the two things you mention as two separate things. Not being able to handle your drink IS a problem... that I might have been an irresponsible d**khead was just ancillary
  3. Pre-injury, Rudi was the fastest player on the team. Saw that on one of those comprehensive stats in who ran the most and who hit the highest speed. My eyes agreed. He can fly. We need a fit Rudi. Best CB we've had the last 3 seasons.
  4. If you're at Heathrow this morning and hear a goofy American singing "Oh Tammy 🎶" , feel free to say Hi...
  5. So my dad gets to come back to the Bridge after that sh*t show on Saturday. We had a blast. We sat in the... wait for it.... The Shed End tonight... Was good talking football all week with everyone, and everyone we met was incredibly friendly. Brilliant time... going home tomorrow.
  6. I was talking with someone before the game, and I said "I don't think Mason has scored since that ex-Arsenal #$$@er about broke his leg. Hopefully tonight's the night".. I was wrong, he did have one goal after that, but he looked by FAR his most fit tonight... I think that ankle slowed him down more than anyone wanted to admit.
  7. You can't reach them. The place you'll find the least sympathy for an addict is from another addict. Because we know better than anyone that until the person realizes for themselves that they want to make a change, you basically have to let them hit bottom on their own. And pray they don't ruin other's lives along the way. I understand both points. I can be incredibly difficult to realize you have a problem when everything is going so well, at least optically. "I'm a millionaire, I'm a young, rich footballer. How could I possibly have a problem?" And then to Coco's point, if the young, rich footballer doesn't face similar consequences as everyone else, it gets harder for him to realize he has a problem. That's enabling. Any way.. here's to hoping Drinkwater has that "moment of clarity" before he hurts anyone else physically or emotionally.
  8. Just a bit about Amazon, legacy media is absolutely pissing its pants for when Amazon, Apple, Google and Netflix get serious about sporting rights. Of course, any of those companies might ease their pain by simply buying any of the old broadcasters. And.... The pitch looks immaculate as ever today.
  9. Yeah, I'm just speaking strictly starting roles. I think Emerson is with the team next season, but he'd be the first position is be looking to upgrade in the market. Other than that, I can see 10/11 spots that start next year, already in the team this year. That's why I don't see it as a major overhaul. But I can also see 6 new squad players, which would fit your definition.
  10. Most of the guys you mentioned are either not starters, or are in the process of being replaced internally. how many new starters via transfer do you think we'll have by September 2020? I can't see more than 3 at the very most. And really, I think the number won't be any more than 2, possibly a wing and a fullback. To me, that's not an overhaul... Like I said, might just be semantics... squad players should ALWAYS be on the fringe.. I think the player in most danger of losing his job to an outsider is one you didn't list... Emerson .
  11. I don't see it as a huge rebuild at all. As the players we are all wanting to replace, for the most part, aren't in the first team. We have an amazing core of young talent. That needs supplemented, not rebuilt. in the first team, where is there a glaring hole? I'd say Left Back is probably our weakest position with an aging Azpi and a squad player in Emerson. Tammy has saved probably saved us over £100M Pulisic and CHO on the wings long term... but here to add world class and/or depth Midfield, lots of options here Defense - Left back is a need for me. Need Rudiger to get Healthy, but there's a solid 4 CBs, a young promising RB... good core, and could add a WC CB. but not a glaring need Keeper. Kepa isn't going anywhere for at least two more years. I expect a lot of changes to aging, out of favor squad players, but not a rebuild... I think the rebuild already happened... Pulisic, Mount, Tomori, James, Abraham, CHO
  12. If we tank against Villa too, I promise, I won't bring my old man back to the Bridge...
  13. Boarding the plane in a couple of hours and headed to the Bridge. Hanging around until Wednesday for the Villa game too
  14. I refer to it as the La Liga Gang Bang. It happens in other places, but it's the worst in Spain It's disgraceful

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