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  1. Got his attention too... Matic loved playing for Mourinho. Matic is a proper pro, and he got the move he asked for.
  2. This got posted on Instagram yesterday. Two class finishes.
  3. I thought Pedro struggled too, and I had no problem with that... I was shocked to see him starting after 120 minutes mid-week. I NEVER doubt Pedro's effort. He belongs in the rotation.
  4. I believe they have agreed on terms... I don't think he's signed anything. I also believe he will, because they've agreed to terms...
  5. Good news... amazing that he's back training this fast
  6. Bats just scored after a long ball from Rudiger... keeper came out and clattered him outside the box... Bats got up and chipped him...
  7. Looks like Kenedy is out there too... edit -- actually, it's not Kenedy... he's wearing #10, and running the show up top. Similar build, movement style, haircut and skin tone... don't know who it is, but I like him... second edit... https://www.chelseafc.com/en/teams/academy/tino-anjorin Tino Anjorin... looks so much like Kenedy on the pitch it's scary... even has his head just forward of his shoulders giving him a leaning look the way kenedy does. Kid can play
  8. They own a restaurant together. I'd assume they're pretty tight https://babborestaurant.co.uk/
  9. Very consistent. 😁 Same thing I've said for years when people say he's inconsistent. Nonsense, he's one of the most consistent players I've ever seen. Almost always within 1 or 2 goals and assists every single season. He was consistent out there today as well.
  10. I was pretty shocked to See Pedro starting today. He played a ton of minutes in the preseason and 120 on Wednesday. Thought we should have seen him and Dave rotated today. Also thought we'd see Alonso today. Hell, we may never see Alonso again if he can't get minutes after Emerson played 120 on Wednesday.
  11. Trying to read between the lines... Lampard publicly has said he wants Bats to take training more seriously. It's been said by reporters that Bats wants to stay and fight for his place. Leads me to believe that Lampard has told him he has the chance to be the #1, but he has to earn it.. Prove it with his work in training. Something Bats believes he can do, rather than just not being rated like Conte. I want Abraham in the team, but I want him playing less high pressure minutes. Cup games and lower leagues opponents.
  12. Cross goes in from the right, clears the two men in the middle and bounces out near the corner flag.. Probably would have been a back post tap in for Raheem Sterling. Willian watching from outside the box, never has a chance to get there. Ball comes square across the top of the box. Willian makes no effort to get a shot. Would have been simple for him to get a good look with a little effort. Examples one and two on why he doesn't score goals... Effort... Mason Mount takes the ball for a set piece... Willian sulks away. Mason tries a shot.. Pretty obvious it wouldn't come short, Willian removed himself from the play. Puts a corner into the first man, and then gets called for offsides, because he's too lazy to get back into the play. 92' - ball coming up the right wing, Willian with a slow jog across midfield, as Emerson is busting a gut to get to the left wing. Willian hangs back as Emerson stays further up the pitch on the wing. Willian plays a ball straight to a Leicester player. Emerson flies by him the other direction to track back after (another) Willian's give-away. What we saw today was not only peak Willian. It was also completely entitled Willian. He's been catered to by the management of this club for so long. A squad player treated like a hero. The #10 shirt to a player with this attitude, is a slap in the face to the club and its fans. Frankly (no pun intended), I'm disgusted. I expect better from Chelsea and those wearing the badge... Let alone a player given the honor of the #10 "She is mine".
  13. Yeah, I wasn't calling you out. Just talking about the nature of some of our supporters in general and how THEIR need for gratification warps their view on the situation.
  14. I still don't think people understand the PR nature of announcements like this. That people are slating him for not signing a contract on a time table that suits their needs to be satisfied is what makes them look greedy, immature, and entitled. I call that irony.

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