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  1. Anyone else worried about Tammy? He looked like he was in We’re far more enjoyable to watch when we’re winning, regardless of how we play. I had my doubts about Tuchel but it’s been a marked improvement from Frank’s tenure. Players who we needed to perform are now performing consistently. Our defensive problems are all but solved. The team looks invigorated and passionate. I don’t see how any Chelsea fan looks at our performances and thinks “I’m not enjoying this”.
  2. Have to feel sorry for the guy, don’t think he could step foot in any pub in London!
  3. Courtois would be on that list. Such an evil bastard.
  4. One of the (many) reasons I hate football Twitter. I genuinely have no idea how any Chelsea fan could hate Mount. He’s an incredible player and a shining example of everything great about Chelsea.
  5. Kalou was a great sub, but if he started he would never be quite as good. Very under-appreciated though. Fun fact: I went on a school trip to Berlin where I visited the Olympiastadion, home of Hertha Berlin. I sat in Kalou’s spot in the dressing room when we went on the stadium tour.
  6. “Florent Malouda-louda-louda, Florent Malouda-louda-louda!” One of my favourite names to chant ever.
  7. A nice topic of discussion for my first post: who do you think is the most underrated player - past or present - to play for the Chels. My choices would be Ramires (Champions League hero) and Caballero (always puts in a great performance). Interested to hear your thoughts!
  8. Thank you, I look forward to joining in 😁
  9. I agree with you. I don’t think it’s as bad as it was two or three seasons ago, but I get the feeling some of the players have the potential to the way of Willian, Luiz and Courtois (🐍).
  10. Player power has always been greater at Chelsea than other clubs. Since 2004 we’ve had a dressing room full of leaders and strong personalities from JT, Cech, Drogba and Frank himself to Azpilicueta, Hazard, Ivanovic and JT (again). It doesn’t surprise me that we have an issue with player power, when the players that inherited the dressing room succeeded some of the most powerful players in the club’s history.
  11. Hi all, great to be here. I've come here in search of quality Chels discussion, as football Twitter is painful at times. I have the privilege of being a younger fan - only a few months older than Hudson-Odoi in fact - so I managed to avoid suffering through the bleaker periods of our history, but it's never stopped me from learning about it. Both my dad and grandad are Chelsea fans and they've told me many stories about the trials and tribulations they endured. I should let you know off the bat that I haven't been to the Bridge...yet. I will go eventually, when time and finances allow for it. I have watched the mighty Chels before however at Wigan, Blackburn, Bolton and numerous Northern clubs near me. So I'm not 100% plastic. My favourite Chelsea player ever is JT, closely followed by Lampard, Zola, Drogba and Hazard. I hope I can contribute to a couple of discussions and maybe see some of you at the Bridge one day. Thanks all! KTBFFH
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