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  1. I just don't get the current point to our play. We pass the ball to death, moving it from side to side in the final third with no end product. We work the ball to decent wide areas then we've always only got one attacker in the box, so we recycle it again, its unbelievably frustrating and very easy for an above average side to cope with. Where are the runners from deep? Non exisitant, the lads on the BBC are spot on, we could have the best striker in world in our team and it would make no difference. There are so many things wrong with this current team and the way they are set up its very depressing. Sorry to be so Negative but it hurts.
  2. Costa was never in the same Class as the Drog.
  3. Well ive been patient and thing have not improved, if anything they've got worse. Alonso just about got away with being a wing back but his defensive frailties are there for everyone to see as a full back, he's positionally Naïve and keeps costing us goals, he's got to go. Dave is a great defender but is having an inconsistent season which we are just not used to. He's normally Mr Reliable but has been found wanting several times this season and just doesn't look comfortable in the system. So do we Buy or do we give an opportunity to some of the younger promising players Like Ania and James?
  4. Woeful again today, why don't they mark instead of giving the likes of sterling and De Bruyne acres of room. Alonso is one of the worst defenders ive seen, they seem obsessed with being close to the centre backs even though City only had Aguero in a central role.
  5. But the experience that you're talking about are playing poorly, CHO wont weaken the side imo
  6. We all know what side Sarri will go with tomorrow, so i'm not sure how the club expects Callum Hudson-Odoi to change his philosophy and sign a new contract. The fans want him to stay and many see him as part of the future, Willian and Pedro have done very little all season in my opinion to be keeping him out, especially Willian. Tomorrow is an ideal opportunity for Sarri to send a message out to CHO to say, yes I do trust you, show us what you can do, but alas I fear not. Very Frustrating
  7. 1. Ruud Gullit- Has to be the finest player ever to wear a Chelsea Shirt, had so much time and space, even aged 33/34 and dropped into midfield, he was like a Rolls Royce. Pure Class 2. Gianfranco Zola- A pocket Dynamo, full of tricks and a set piece master. 3. Frank Lampard- Cant really remember him having a poor game, always a threat and he loved playing for us. A managers Dream 4. John Terry- Mr Chelsea, one of the finest defenders ive ever seen, read the game so well and a very underated passer of the ball, Legend 5. Didier Drogba- What a handful and a complete Nightmare for defenders, deadly in the air and very skilful for a big man- Fantastic Striker
  8. I did'nt say he was awful, just that imo he's not worth that sort of money. In his position he doesn't score or assist enough.
  9. The main problem being that Kovacic isn't worth 40/50m. He's surplus to requirements at Madrid so why should we consider him good enough for us. As ive already suggested in todays climate Hazard will fetch a fee of between 100-120m and no less. Madrid are desperate for him.
  10. Oh Right, because Jorginho has hardly featured all season has he? Please forgive me
  11. Perhaps my description as a "holding" midfielder was incorrect, my point is that Kante is not as effective in a three as he would be 4-4-2, and he's being asked to play there to accommodate that system, and that in my opinion weakens us.
  12. When has that ever been Neccesary? Jorginho is always on the pitch because Sarri is trying to justify his purchase. We didn't need him in the first place.
  13. Kante is the best holding midfielder in the world, the only reason he's playing where he is, is that Jorginho cant. Total waste of money
  14. In the current climate, example, Neymar(200m), Mbappe(160m) Van Djyk(85m), we would be seriously deranged if we let Hazard go for anything less than 120m, even given that his contract is up soon, has to be in the top 5 most sought after players. Put it this way, if it was us trying to buy him, what do you think the asking price would be?

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