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  1. Its still very early days, he's very young and its not his fault that he comes with a hefty price tag. H'es shown some nice touches here and there and is very easy on the eye, however i dont think we will see him at his best until he's given the real freedom to play very high almost as a false nine. We've seen him played wide a couple of times which i dont think suits, he needs to play in tandem with Werner, when werner pulls out he becomes the nine from deep which is a nightmare for defenders to track. At the moment im not sure lamps feels completely happy with the platform behind(K
  2. I wasn’t blaming anything on Chilwell Forbzy, but at Right back he can do very little about the constant mistakes being made by the likes of Zouma and Christensen. Zouma was lucky again on at least 2 occasions last night, like I said we’re playing twice a week regularly, that was another high tempo game for Thiago, it’s too much to ask him to play in excess of 40 games, if we have decent cup runs we could play as many as 55 first team games, if he stays injury free we’ll be lucky to get 30 out of him if we’re sensible, to me that leaves us very vulnerable.
  3. Fair point, and i appreciate the money that Roman has spent. My worry is as ive said with Silva and his age, how many games will we get out of him. Take him out of the equation and we're stuck with literally the same back four that shipped over 50 goals last season. With Spurs, Arsenal and Everton all stronger this season, there's no guarantee that we will finish top 4. If we were unlikely to shift any of our centre backs in the last window why should that change in the next one. I cant help but feel that we put all our eggs in one basket and focused too much on changing our attacking options(
  4. im a big admirer of Frank and one result has'nt changed that. However i do feel he has failed to address the all important frailties that we could all see from last season, our inability to defend. Obviously Chilwell is an improvement but the fact that he only brought in one Central defender to mend our Achilles heel, will i have no doubts, haunt him all season. Yes Thiago will improve our central defence, but we'll be lucky given his age and international duties if he plays 60% of matches for us. That leaves possibly 40% of matches with the defence we had today, agreed you can take
  5. I’m beginning to find it very frustrating that we seem unable to sell any of or unwanted Squad players. Why do we only seem to be able to negotiate loan deals for these players, there appears to be plenty of interest but nobody wants to cough up the cash for them. Yet when we try to buy a player the price is always through the roof, We need to toughen up. I appreciate that in the past we’ve sold players that we’ve gone on to regret but that’s just Football, some of the players we are talking about, Rahman, Drinkwater, Bakayoko Batshui etc are never going to feature for us in the f
  6. You can Add John Bumstead to that impressive collection 🙂
  7. Ah the Strawberry, now there's a place, Im not sure there's many places the Chelsea boys hav'nt frequented over the years, like i said back in the day they had an amazing following"Over land and Sea"
  8. Barry, Liverpool would'nt be what they are without Henderson, Asshole that he is, Mane, Salah and Firmino would'nt get half the ammunition without him. Rice is the same sort of player, no thrills, just blood and sweat, but maybe its the vital ingredient that we are currently missing.
  9. You cant beat a Clogger Just, they will never die in my book, for every fancy player you need someone who will roll their sleeves up and die for the cause, imo Rice fits that Bill.
  10. Sone interesting opinions on Rice, what i do think he will bring is some Presence. Ive watched him closely in a few West ham games and he's competitive both in the air and in the tackle, something in my opinion we have lacked for some time. He may not be the most creative but he's a Chelsea boy through and through and could offer us leadership in a similar way that JT did. Im not saying he will be a world beater but it could be money well spent if he can bring that all important ingredient to back up the thrills of Ziyech, Havertz and co.
  11. One of the best Atmospheres ive ever experienced at a game, Full House at St James Park with 6k Chelsea packed into the away end. I went with the Oxford supporters club Branch, fantastic day out until we stopped in Ripon for a beer on the way home, when we returned to our Coach all of the windows from halfway to the back had been taken out, Freezing on the way home. Could never take away the smile from Speedie's equiliser to earn a valuable point on our way to becoming Champions, Great Days, our support was magnificent back then.
  12. Mendy James Silva Zouma Chilwell Rice Kante Ziyech Havertz Captain America Werner
  13. Disappointed to see Barkley go out on loan, but to be fair to the lad he deserves to be starting for someone not keeping our bench warm. Hes done well for us when called upon and I wish him well.
  14. I watched him off the ball today, he gets in some nice pockets and makes nice runs but its early days and the connection with his team mates is'nt there yet. I think Ziyech might be the player to link up well with him in the future. Its a typical reaction for fans to expect wonders straight away because of the price tag but ive watched him a bit for Leverkusen and he's an outstanding talent and just needs time to get up to speed with the premiership. Im more concerned with the platform behind him, i have grave reservations about the combination of Kante and Kovacic being good enough,
  15. What a shower of sh*t Cabellero 4 Not really much you can say, could possibly have done better with the first, nothing much he could do about the other two. James 4 Apart from a couple of early Balls in, thought his delivery was generally Poor, Why can’t we find a defender that can deliver the thing? Alonso 1 I’ll give him one for not missing the bus to the game. I really can’t wait much longer for him to be replaced and sold ASAP please Christensen 5 Didn’t do much wrong but like most of our players far to ponderous in possession, Under absolutely no pressure alway
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