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  1. His plan as i understand it is to have two number 8's, and get players between the lines, his preferred choice for this was intended to be Mount and Havertz but this was upset by the Latter's illness and loss of form. I dont see why this could'nt work as i have no concerns with Havertz eventually coming good, however my concern is the quality we have at the base and the protection it gives the defence and indeed the momentum it gives us to move up the pitch. For Franks plan to work he needs a change of personnel in this area and im reluctant to agree that this now includes Kante.
  2. My point Slojo is that with all the previous managers we’ve done the hiring and firing, won a few trophies along the way, maybe it’s time we changed tack and showed some patience with a manager. im just saying that I personally feel that Frank is the perfect candidate to offer that chance to.
  3. I think the circumstances were slightly different, Jose second time round turned unfortunately rather sour, reports that he’d lost the dressing room etc and given his previous it wasn’t really working out. Frank in comparison is a manager cutting his teeth in the game, hugely respected as a player but inexperienced as a coach. The board knew that when they took him on, so to sack him now would in my opinion be very short sighted of them as I don’t feel he’s been given any sort of chance. He needs at least a season and a half( with these players) and then judge him. With Jose there wasn’t reall
  4. All a bit negative Argo, we're 7th in the league 5 points behind City and Liverpool, but hey lets sack the manager after half a season with the players he's brought in. The fact is that there isn't really anyone suitable around, not anyone that is going to obviously make us champions and win the champions league and FA cup which is obviously what you're looking for.
  5. Apart from Jose, they didn't stay long did they? Of course im thankful for their contribution but im fed up of us constantly changing our manager when the slightest thing goes wrong. How would we all feel if we bombed Frank out and he went on top be a success somewhere else? I think its time Roman bucked the trend and gave someone a chance to provide some continuity. Let me ask you Slojo, who would you bring in to replace Frank? and how long do you think they would stay before we're in the same situation?
  6. I see Frank took his usual battering again this weekend. Admittedly the team are in a poor run of form and I for one have sat at home and questioned what is the ethos of our play? We're all frustrated because we've seen money spent and expect more, but are we really in that bad a position that some of us are calling for the managers head. Frank had a freebie last season, because of the transfer ban he had the luxury of blooding youngsters and trying other players without criticism. As soon as he spent a penny the magnifying glass is out and he's in the firing line, and rightly so, wh
  7. Agreed, my reason for selecting Giroud was more that i consider him a better hold up merchant than Tammy, and i just feel that with his current lack of Confidence Timo would find it tough against a side like Leicester, But yes we can be too one dimensional with Giroud up top.
  8. It's funny how people see the game differently Axeman,although i fully respect your opinion i thought Kovacic was poor, and has been all season, a shadow of the player we saw last term. He frustrates me as he gets in some threatening positions but often his end product lets him down. I'd like to see Mason and Billy given a chance as the pivotal midfield, not much height agreed but both reasonably quick on the ball and plenty of energy. Our build up play is far to ponderous of late, we need to move it quicker with less passing in my opinion
  9. 4-2-3-1 Mendy James Silva Zouma Chilli Mount Billy Ziyech Havertz Callum Giroud
  10. I agree, far too many unnecessary passes, we have 20 passes and not make any progress, very few of our defensive players have the ability to make a probing pass, Maybe James and Silva, the same goes for Giorginho and Kovacic, both of whom should not be starting imo as they would'nt start for Liverpool, City, Man Utd or Spuds. Billy Moves the ball a bit quicker but the glaring problem in our team is in the centre of the park. We need Legs and someone like Saul Niguez or a player similar to Alcantara who passes it with purpose, its all far too slow and far too many unforced passing errors t
  11. Another Sloppy performance, far too many basic errors, our build up play is all very scrappy. Bemused by the team selection if im honest and I'd like to know the logic behind it. Performances of note from Mount and Silva and flashes from Ziyech, Thought Callum was excellent when he came on, the rest were very average. Three points but i would'nt call it the morale boosting performance that we are all looking for, we'll get done by Leicester if we perform like that.
  12. What are your Chelsea Favourites? Favourite All Time Player and Why: Mickey Fillery, The one player that had some class during a Baron Period. Favourite Match: Arsenal Away First game back Favourite Goal: Ossie diving Header against Leeds Favourite Away Day: Villa Park Favourite Moment as a supporter: Dixon Equaliser at Highbury- my place in the Clock end changed by about 20 meters.
  13. 4-2-3-1 Mendy Azpi Silva Zouma Chilli Mount Billy Ziyech Havertz Callum Werner
  14. im not going to Criticise, i think we would have all taken a 4-0 win with goals for Havertz and Werner at the start of play. There were signs that the confidence is starting to come back, but one thing that frustrated me was careless Basic passing which interrupts the flow of the move, Morecombe did'nt particularly press so there's no need for it and it must frustrate Frank. Solid performances from Billy and Callum and some nice creativity from Ziyech, Werner and Havertz should feel a bit happier tonight as both put in positive displays. Onwards and Upwards and a good platf
  15. Tad Harsh, Bale's career has been riddled with injury and his attitude given the skills he's been blessed with is an insult to anyone of us that never made the grade. Hazard is only 30, and does'nt rely on just pace, he's not finished by any means imo
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