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  1. Our telly is probably a bit old now, but it has something called a "volume" button on the remote. Oddly, it can allow you to make the sounds coming out of the TV both louder AND quieter on the same button. A bit like Beckham's thermos flask.
  2. Anyone have a reliable stream? my usual one at vipbox is all pants today
  3. Alexa, shuffle me songs like Sweet Home Alabama
  4. Alexa, shuffle me songs by the Doobie Brothers
  5. Is it me, or does the New Content list now default to the first post on a thread rather than the first unread post?
  6. But not flagged though, and still a wowser of a miss
  7. Really? Did he get flagged? I didn't see that. Thought the ball was played backwards to him, if anything Anyway, I was just taking the piss, really. That sort of open goal sitter gets missed as often as it get scored. I am actually quite excited for Werner. Not sure how Tammy will fare this season, but we shall see.
  8. Aaaah, the old "Torres is still the world-class striker he always was, he's just not getting the right service from midfield" gambit. I expect it's because Malouda won't pass to him.
  9. Are you for real????? Got dominated, created nothing, a lucky screamer, my arse. This is just revisionist bullsh*t and you should be ashamed to come in here and post bollocks like that.
  10. Mane never had control of the ball at any point - he was at least5-10 yards away from the ball and Kepa got to it before Mane could have even if he had been running on his own. That's why I think it was a very harsh red, but Christensen was stupid to give the referee and VAR twat the opportunity to send him off.
  11. Missed 2 sitters yesterday.
  12. No, he wasn't a proven winner, Klopp had won nothing for nearly 10 years and then it was 2 league titles and their FA Cup. Nothing in Europe as far as I can find out. People should stop over-venerating the man - he was OK, but not great and took a long time to get the dippers to anywhere. AND they still have only done as well as Blackburn in the league.
  13. I wouldn't argue if Mane had had any chance at all of getting to the ball, but he didn't. Was only a Yellow as it didn't deny a clear goal-scoring opportunity.
  14. Did Mount piss on your chips or something? Every other post of yours is whining about Mount and Lampard picking him, despite it being the general consensus across the world of football that Mount is a great prospect and, for the most part, does exactly the job that the manager asks of him.
  15. Was one of Alice Cooper's choices of records to play, as well. Sunday afternoon on the lawn with beer and Johnny Walker is the theme of this weird summer 🙂
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