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  1. I love a good cover version. Excellent call mate. Here goes
  2. I truly don't think he is, @Nibs I think he's at his level, he was missing for most of last night and spent the first half or so hiding away from Reece out on their left wing because he got well and truly pocketed by him last time out. He has some flicks and tricks but doesn't really make me gasp with admiration in the way that the great players do. He tried at the top(ish) level and was found severely wanting. AND, he sulks like f**k when things don't go his way. You know how I hate the mis-use of statistics, but Zaha has 4 goals and 3 assists this season (probably excluding last night) while that total waste of a Chelsea shirt who has no end product and should never ever be in the team again because he waves his hands about and took the piss out of Conte, Willian has 9 goals and 7 assists.
  3. They really didn't. They didn't score as many goals as we did. Simple, really. Our problem was the Zaha goal. Kepa should have done much better, they had a couple of lucky bounces went their way in the lead-up, and he could take that exact shot 100 times and only score once. Same as the Sturridge goal against us the other season. People in here declaiming Sturridge as back to world class when it was a chancer shot that he got lucky with. Both of them would be saved or miss 99 times out of 100. As people said last night, Cech would have tipped it over the bar, Schmeicel would have caught it and Bonetti would have head-trapped it, bounced it from shoulder to shoulder and then cleared it upfield to start a counter attack.
  4. I had a couple of these that I got through Green Shield stamps from Fairfax House in Bristol. I used to practice my swerve shots for hours using the garage door as a goal. I could bend it left to right very well, but never could get a decent right to left curve. Funny how some memories get dragged up by something like this
  5. Wasn't good enough then, and isn't good enough now. English and had a good-ish few minutes against us last week aren't enough, IMHO
  6. And we all decide the very best targets in the transfer market on some donkey who happened to play well against us for 35 minutes of the latest match we lost 😁
  7. Is greenwood this young manc lad who has had a couple of good-ish games of late and who nobody, even in Manchester, had heard much of until then?
  8. I'm sorry, " best attack in the world " and "Sterling and Sturridge."????????? Gotta be a wind-up, surely!
  9. I'm not sure about "most important" player, that's obviously Willian, but I think he needs to be there the majority of the time.
  10. Is Frank Sinclair still available?
  11. Though it seems in the other thread that you think all the goals were Tammy's fault.
  12. come on @coco, we have to have a scapegoat, a player to moan about and blame, and Morata is gone, Jorginho wasn't playing and Mikel has retired or whatever.
  13. Won't catch me anywhere near a pub for a while yet- I'll wait for the cull of the f**kwits to sort it out for me. But you're right in a way, Wemberlee is well big enough to trial a small number of supporters. Trouble is, the surrounding area will be rammed with muppets like the scousers did last week.
  14. I thought it was only a couple of weeks ago that you were saying that football shouldn't be coming back, it was too soon, lives were more important than sport and to write the season off this year. Or am I getting you mixed up with someone else? Or, reading your post again, I might just be being dim, and misreading your point. In which case, sorry.
  15. Until RLC came on, when Barkley went all to cack, and lost even the most rudimentary understanding of the concepts of football, and all bodily co-ordination. I have no idea why that would be.

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