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  1. Not to be also pedantic, but we are less than half the matches played, we are 6 points off 3rd and 8 points off a w**ky and very lucky united in 1st. We still have the same goal difference as Leicester and better than United. And still we have bitches whining about having to sack the manager. Some people truly are the epitome of spoilt brats. The problem we have is that the forum and the world of social media increasingly attracts the sort of football fan who only really knows what "statistics" Sky sports and Google tells them, and are conditioned to scream and scream and scream till t
  2. And I have to be honest and say that bold bit is bollocks. If we scrape a drab 1-0 win in every match between now and the end of the season, that will still be 89 points, probably good enough for top 4, the FA Cup and the Champions league. Not one of you moaning minnies would be whingeing on about changing the manager then.
  3. And people droning on about how much money we spent ( seemingly an obsession with some of our fans) ignores the fact that Havertz and Werner have turned out to be not quite good enough yet (actually they are both a bit pants, but I don't have a Youtube compilation to prove that), Ziyech has been good-ish the very few times he's actually played at full fitness, Chilwell has been out for a good period and Silva is 104-years old. But the fickleness of some (a lot?) means that the same supporters who were raving on a few weeks ago about challenging for the title after a long unbeaten run then
  4. What sort of working-class hell is this? Heinz or Branston?????? Home-grown borlotti in a hand-made sauce from fresh tomatoes, garlic and shallots.
  5. Mushrooms - Oyster and Chestnut from the allotment, Magic from up the woods Tomatoes - From the greenhouse Was that before he came out as gay?
  6. But you are obviously ignoring the fact that we ONLY scored 4 against a team playing 2 banks of 5 across their own penalty area, and whose only game plan was to not get battered. Jeesus, dicky, you know nothing about football, do you?
  7. Didn't you know the only reason Mount gets picked is because he is Frank's favourite?
  8. But, but, but....... Where are the pie charts and Venn diagrams to prove this??? No pictures? It never happened.
  9. The thing I noticed at the same time was that they were pressing us right back in our own penalty area, but doing it at a sprint every time. I said to the cat at the time, they won't be able to keep that up for long, but it turns out they didn't need to. From that google-meister? Surely not.
  10. They remaking Dune again? jeez, I hope it's better than the last one.
  11. We get a lot of those, @Nibs. Know everything, no patience and want it all and want it NOW!!!! Unless they can come up with anything sensible or even mildly thought out, I just ignore the f**kers. Sadly, they rarely do. I blame Kenyon.
  12. There you go @Valerie, I've fixed that for you. We have just gone up to very nearly 1000 deaths a day again, and I can see no possible reason for football to be exempted from the regulations, other than greed.
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