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  1. And again showing a lack of understanding. A complete definition of "socialism" - everyone contributes to the well-being of everyone in the country. The well-off look after the less well-off. In a truly just society, millionaires and billionaires pay a fair share of their money in tax, not spend tens of millions on tax-avoidance specialists. For example, Branson has approximately 4.8 billion pounds but is requesting taxpayers' money to pay for his Virgin Atlantic staff and aircraft costs during this pandemic. If Branson paid all of his staff's wages for the next year out of his own pocket he would still have over 4.5 billion pounds. That is a very minor billionaire in the big scheme of things. To put this all into some sort of perspective, and to try to establish why there should be some sort of equality of assets, if I had started "earning" £5000 a day in 1492, the year that America was discovered, had continued getting £5K a day ever since and never spent a penny of it, just stuck it in a box, I would still need another 20 years or so to get my first billion pounds. Somebody try to justify anyone having that sort of wealth when nurses and doctors have no protective equipment and are having to use food banks and hospitals have 1 ventilator for every 9000 patients (approximately).
  2. Someone from up your arctic tundra wastelands, I think, @loz
  3. In the same way as we had some twat in here claiming that homeless people chose to sleep on the streets, and this bloke thinks it is a valuable perk for firefighters to have to take on a second job to provide a decent life for their families. I suspect that this bloke thinks the Mail, Express and the S*n are extreme loonie left-wing rags as well.
  4. That was under a Tory government led by Heath. I was there, and despite all the bad things, hospitals had the resources they needed,and people weren't kicking pensioners over to get to the bog-rolls.
  5. And how did you get "angry" out of what I wrote? Pointing out that your seeming obsession with "whataboutery" concerning the Labour Party isn't angry, name-calling or vitriolic? Identifying that what seems to be a consistent trope of your posting persona, of you and several like you failing to show any indication of empathy may well hold up a mirror to you that shows you something that you don't like, but then, if you don't like it, show a bit of compassion and understanding. This is not a right vs left thing, it's common decency vs extreme self-centred "f**k society, and look out for number 1"
  6. Talk about missing the f**king point. Self-serving politician says "it'll all be fine in 12 weeks" when all reputable scientists say it could well be 6-12 months. How you manage to get to a smear against the Labour Party from that I have no idea apart from what appears to be a nasty right-wing "I'm alright Jack" ideology.
  7. Really strider? You have seen medical evidence that vitamin C reduces the chances of catching a virus? That viruses "hide" in intestinal fat, reducing their infection rates? AND that children have a lower infection rate than, say, teenagers? twenty-somethings?
  8. And now they are saying this - are you as happy to follow now? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-uk-self-isolation-cases-social-distancing-advice-boris-johnson-a9413836.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3yIkFxf3WFNJlj2CZCDr1oFboomKCd8KzEuPzqsMwj2LbfFxkQr393zac#Echobox=1584707999
  9. Fair enough, Ewell. I truly cannot understand how any rational person can have anything but disgust and loathing for this crop of Tories, who really are the nastiest, most bigoted, self-serving bunch that I have seen in my very, very long lifetime. Would never have voted for them, but I had a grudging respect for the likes of Heath, Clarke, Heseltine and even, jahweh forgive me, Major. At least in those days they had the best interests of the country at heart, even if their view of what that was and mine differed quite a lot. Not this lot though. If you are happy with the country being run by a serial liar, philanderer who's whole life has been dedicated to deceiving and betraying his way to the position of Prime Minister only to be discovered immediately he achieves that as not having the ability or the commitment to anything but himself, then possibly Tory voters and brexit believers deserve what they get, or get what they deserve. For the majority in this country, we are being well and truly f**ked over by a racist , elitist cabal, driving a coup-d'etat supported and promoted by billionaire press owners, desperate to preserve their own billions on off-shore tax havens.
  10. The money was always there, @Ewell CFC but for purely ideological reasons the Tories opted not to spend any of it. They chose to underfund the NHS, the Police service, the Fire service, Local Government, Social services, the homeless and every other sector as a deliberate method of social control, rooted in Thatcher's obsession with destroying the power of the trade unions,and continuing with the "Look after number , there is no such thing as society, f**k the poor and the less able" mantra. Now there is a depression and all the major Tory supporters are all making vast profits by betting against the UK economy on the stock markets or are bleating for government subsidy, like Branson and Martin, so the government are forced to release the money. Rees-Mogg took a 7 million pound grant to renovate his stately home and then voted consistently for the bedroom tax. All of the current government and Tory MPS at the time cheered and clapped when they voted down a pay rise for nurses, and the same nasty hypocritical bastards were virtue-signalling their twatter feeds of them clapping the NHS the other night. So no, not looney tunes, not crackpot and I don't feel any need to be ashamed for taking these venal f**kers to task about any of it.
  11. It's already proven to have been wrong, fukcing herd immunity FFS for a virus for which there is no vaccine. Not even cummings could keep a straight face when trying to present that as a genuinely medical way forward. Purely from analysing the comparative figures between the UK and Germany, and the different ways in which they observed the WHO best practice advice proves that our government are wrong now, and have been wrong for many years in the way that they have malevolently and deliberately underfunded our critical services. Just the fact that suddenly, there actually IS a £330 billion pound money tree to support the economy when we have been told for 10 years that there is no money and the NHS needs to work twice as hard on less money proves that the years of "austerity" were purely dogmatic and ideological, not fiscally necessary.
  12. I never said you voted for either, I said that the sort of attitude you were portraying was indicative of the sort of mindset that would allow our citizens to be killed for the sake of the purity of the brexit ideology, and I though that was wrong. Why would you decide that is inevitably the case that British experts are infallibly correct when all the rest of the world's experts are saying the exact opposite (with the minor exceptions of some nutter in one of the ex-USSR states) and recognised authority on this, the World Health Organisation are most emphatically against the way that Johnson's government have behaved from the start? Secondly, the only expert advice that you are getting is filtered through the government. Why, when Johnson has lied throughout his career for his own advancement, would you necessarily believe that? I see no evidence that he has stopped lying now.
  13. They explicitly said that we could still participate as we are still in the transition period. No arguments, no qualification, explicitly. We could still take part and be involved. If it means me or my family not dying, I would run back every time. Standing up and shouting "We're British, we don't need protective equipment or ventilators because they are tainted with European" is just f**king stupid, but no more than I would expect from people who supported brexit or voted Tory. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-boris-johnson-eu-medical-equipment-brexit-latest-a9428401.html?fbclid=IwAR3mOGgXVagv43WBEKgoXOikNVsYI0px4lXg44nr4MvNt1IX_jtk0V9mm9g

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