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  1. Don't keep on repeating this calumny. I said nothing offensive and got called a c**t by someone who has history for viciously abusing people in this forum, and got banned last time for some very nasty misogynistic abuse of female members. I observed an irony, nothing more. Any road up, not getting into this any more. One nasty f**ker and one nosy interfering busybody on the ignore list and I'll move on.
  2. You're right, Munky, no point asking me, I've never argued with another person in my life
  3. I think that's the point. You've dismissed them, you haven't rebutted them with anything like, oh, i don't know, facts or something? Oh, yes, you do have the world of TV punditry on your side, don't you? No, actually you don't. Unless you are counting some muppet who isn't really on mainstream football television.
  4. Once again you feel the need to butt in with inaccurate and personal remarks. I made no such "uncalled for personal insult", I pointed out the irony of someone who's forum persona was based on playing "da youf" calling for some big name purchases. That was about as personal as I got, and got called a c**t for it. This was nothing to do with you, you made it something to do with you and I don't know why you think you had that right, but, as far as I am concerned, I made no attacks, and, even if I did, it has f**k all to do with you so butt the f**k out and mind your own business. If you don't like my "demeaning comments" then by all means feel totally free to put me on your ignore list. It's incredibly easy to do, I have probably the longest ignore list in the forum, and you and "da youf" are going on it as we speak. If you need instruction, let me know, or ask a grown-up.
  5. And you know the opinion of all rival fans, right? Anyway, many people have come up with "a genuine counter argument" above, and you have just ignored them. If it posts like a troll and it trolls like a troll, it probably lives in a dark, dank place.
  6. Well bugger me, that's a stunning surprise, you turning up and poking your beak into a conversation I'm having with other people, just to make your animosity towards me very clear. I never would have expected that, not in a month of Sundays.* *That is a lie.
  7. And I do, but then I haven't made my entire (and very short) presence on this forum about playing "da youf". That's simple as well.
  8. Does that make any sense at all? Just picking a bit of my comment and putting "wakey wakey" on the end doesn't really form a sentence. The delights the social media world, I suppose.
  9. Oh bless you with your erudition and comically dubious use of grammar and spelling. Pointing out the inconsistencies of what you say doesn't count as trolling, silly little man. But you really should keep clear of my "ass", it's not a very nice place to be at the best of times, and I had an onion tarte tatin for supper last night and even I don't want to be in the same room as it.
  10. Perhaps there is no word for irony in your first language either. That poster's chosen a witty street username implying a desire to see our own come through and succeed and then wanders off down the road of we gotta be going buying people, I know, let's think of some big names we've seen mentioned on Sky and buy them. Just strikes me as funny, really.
  11. This is quite amusing. A poster named "playdayouf" (Scores 22 in Scrabble if you don't hit a double or triple word score) says " hit the transfer market when we can again" I assume that "da youf" is some sort of dialect relating to our academy players, but I don't really speak street-arse so can't be sure. Whatever the language is, is obviously has no word for irony, nor any concept of self-awareness.
  12. That's what I meant about fitting right on in,mate. So many mind-readers who know exactly what player X or manager is thinking. Makes us mere humans feel inadequate and uninformed. It's a bit like all the world-class soccer experts who know exactly how and why top club managers don't understand the game,tactics, or the requirements of their specific hate-figure player of choice.
  13. Really good to see that you passed your BTec in mind-reading. You'll fit in well with most of the posters now :)
  14. You always did get excited watching young men "develop".

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