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  1. Come on @Stim, it's been FIVE f**kING MONTHS already. What is that fraud Lampard playing at?
  2. In identical systems with identical team mates against identical opponents? @Argo you are arguing with the master of that debating tactic who seems to enjoy getting into arguments with a huge variety of people and tries to defend some quite inane and ridiculous positions by droning on and on like a Tory politician trying to avoid justifying his leader, ignoring any and all counter-arguments, no matter how cogently and rationally put.
  3. For me, the best ever Dracula experience was listening to a talking book of the original Stoker novel in headphones lying next to the pool in the Luxor Sheraton in Egypt in temperatures over 100 degrees. Was scary as f**k.
  4. Cheers, I can see what it is doing, but I still don't understand how these values are calculated. perhaps I'm just a bit simple.
  5. @Argo Can you explain in simple terms for an old bastard exactly what this XG/XGA thing is and how it gets calculated? I see it a lot in here and on MoTD and it means f**k all to me.
  6. I'm amazed you got that far Munky. I forced myself to stay till the end of episode 1 and that was a struggle. I managed to convince myself that episode 2 couldn't be as bad, because it was Gatis, after all. Managed 5 minutes and then deleted it. Same with the Christmas Carol on the Beeb. They are trying way too hard to be youf-ish and zanny.
  7. They will be playing to overturn those fancy-dan, soft,southern millionaires and cause a cup upset. Mostly by agricultural tactics, thuggery and running about a f**k of a lot. (Oh, and every pundit,media outlet and non-Chelsea fan will be willing them on, desperately hoping for a shock)
  8. Actually, you and @Nibs are the "youngsters on here" to some of us!
  9. It's obvious according to the simplistic world view of FIFA19 experts, someone scores against us - BUY HIM! Some muppet goalkeeper has the game of his life against us, BUY HIM! Some lad in some northern sh*thole has a couple of decent games reported in the Green 'Un, BUY HIM! L'agente di un centrocampista Italiano o Brasiliano di un giornalista inizia a puntarlo intorno ai vari editorialisti di gossip Sky, ACQUISTA LUI!
  10. But that doesn't gel with the scapegoating vibe.
  11. I must admit, I was totally wrong about all this. Back when Frank was announced as the new manager I said that regardless of transfer bans, Hazard going and everyone saying they'd be happy with a mid-table finish, people would turn on Frank and specific scapegoats by November. I am happy to say that was ridiculously pessimistic of me, given that, for what appears to be quite a few in here, it has taken till mid-January. Alright, there were the obvious muppets who started in October/November, I grant you, but for most of the whining to be deferred this long makes my predictive skills look as good as that on my old Nokia 3310

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