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  1. Don't see why, he was let go by United - hasn't really done anything great ever since - bets we stay well clear
  2. But Debruyne at a similar age and playing pants should have been given a first team place and time, is that right?
  3. Also interestingly, Zaha bombed in his only stint at a "top club". He really f**ked up big time there, didn't he? Just a divier, whinier Walcott, in my view.
  4. I'm not going to get into the middle of your little spat with some grown-ups, but I'm not totally sure that you actually understand football.
  5. No, I said "went on to be a great" Surely you can't be claiming Lukaku is one of the fiotbal world's greats?
  6. I can. Zaha is a big fish in a very small, very sh*t pond, and still looks piss-poor most if the time. All of those players are consistently better, even Pedro, who must be 83 years old by now.
  7. Really? Scott Parker and Lukaku? Neither one of them could be considered world-class and even a relatively piss-poor United let Lukaku go, as did we, and Everton. I don't know much about Gnabry, though. if you are talking about Zaha, he didn't give Reece James any problems.
  8. True, but most are rejected for a reason, they just aren't top-level. Wilf is one of those, in my opinion. Without getting all KdB/Salah on me, who can you remember who was let go by a top 6 club who then went on to be a great?
  9. He did and he flopped, didn't he?
  10. Was trying to clarify for the others, who are a bit more hard of understanding than you are. But I disagree about Wilson. journeyman mid-table level player in my view
  11. Awww sh*t, I thought I'd mastered that sarcasm thing, but obviously not. Back to college for me then. And isn't Wilson some sort of fragile sick-note?
  12. We've already been told all we need is Lewis Cooke, Callum Wilson and Grealish. Genius transfer business right there.
  13. Chelsea, and I suspect every other club, already donate tickets every home match to charitable causes and organisations.
  14. I noticed that you weasled out of confirming one way or the other whether you are, in fact, a passive aggressive feminist or vegan. f**king typical, I think.
  15. I got about 15 minutes into the first episode and gave up - was dire and trying way to hard to be moody and clever. I have a download of the Orson Welles radio play of War of the Worlds from the 30's which is incredibly good, and my favourite version of all.

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