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  1. I've always been a mellow softy, you know that. But is does strike me as a bit surreal that we have people writing off the season and some of our promising young talent after 2 matches. And booing the f**king blooming team.
  2. Isn't that the exact definition of a "fair weather fan"? Any road up, the honeymoon period lasted about as long as the time that @loz has his wallet open when it's his round, but hey, we still have Willian to hate on, eh?
  3. Whilst that would be very appealing, I am assured daily by our upright and totally altruistic politicians that any stout Englishman attempting to cross the border into what you might refer to as a "europe" but which all right-minded people know to be the un-democratic, fish-stealing, banana-straightening empire of Beelzebub, which robbed us of our virgins and innocents in its "Kavos" and "Ibiza", would instantly and irrevocably turn into a hissing and steaming puddle of red-faced bigotry and irrational gibbering about blue passports, which Delors will then fashion into his infamous anti-Thatcher "camembert". And then where would we be? Up sh*t creek without a groat or farthing, that's where.
  4. I was also very encouraged and excited, Liam - and it's good to see you back with your attempts at wit - I, for one, have missed them. Unfortunately, you'll not be able to attend the proposed piss-up, seeing as how the Brectums are going to install watch-towers and machine guns on the border and anti-aircraft balloons all along the coastline of New Albion (currently called Carmarthenshire). Still, demonocracy, eh?
  5. Yep, they always say that. And then they go googling some details about Chelsea from years ago, and get too over-complicated and then we all have a jolly good laugh at how silly they are, before they get aggressive enough to get banned or stupid enough to get banned. My money is on stupid in your case, but aggressive is equally possible.
  6. Not shouting, just pointing out that my spidey-sense (world famous as it is) has identified clearly that you're a dipper masquerading as Chels and your IP will soon be on so many iffy websites you'll end up on a register.
  7. Where's my klaxon? Dipper alert, dipper alert. Trolling but not even well done. Don't you have a chicken to mourn or compo to claim or something?
  8. I don't know if I missed this being posted previously, but I had an email from the club that says "CLAIM YOUR FREE TICKETS TODAY Chelsea FC Women v Tottenham Hotspur Women Sunday 8 September, 12:30pm Stamford Bridge The Stage is set - Chelsea FC Women’s opening match of the 2019/20 season is a mouth-watering encounter against newly promoted Tottenham Hotspur and today the news becomes a whole lot bigger. The venue for this London derby is Stamford Bridge and on top of that, all tickets are FREE! You can book up to four tickets, all for free, and as we anticipate a full house, please only claim seats if you think you are sure to attend, so as not to deny any fellow Blues the chance to be there. Join us at Stamford Bridge this September as Emma Hayes’ side begin the quest to regain the title they won as recently as 2018." I think it's for members and season ticket holders , but it's not clear. Not like the club to be giving anything away for free, but it might be a crack. OOPS! @Munkworth had already posted this at
  9. When he says "fought" he means sidled around with stockings and chewing gum in poacher pockets inside his jacket.
  10. It's not a team anymore. Damn this period of austerity. Buggers are prioritising child poverty over my special needs. I fought in three world wars and 2 world cups ill have you know. Well, you scotches voted overwhelmingly for Thatcher originally, the source of all this, and then compounded it by voting almost totally for brexit, tying up all the social welfare money in ludicrous promises of subsidised Hai Karate and red roses for Welsh sheep farmers. I do think that your need for Special Brew is more important than resolving so-called child "poverty", though. How many cans can you actually get back from Aldi in your Sholley?
  11. Not become, Loz, you know I always had a very low tolerance threshold for the sort of "I want it all and I want it now because it's my right, because I'm special, because twatter tells me so" bollocks that seems to have now become mandatory in the wonderful world of internet. But, in deference to a personal request from your carer team, I'll try not to point it out too much so that you don't get over-excited and won't need your pads changing so often.
  12. See what you've been missing, Lozzer? Some snide, opinionated bellend who is proud to be represented by a picture of Colin w**ker abusing our manager. Just think about the underlying conciousness of that. Kafka would have been embarrassed to have suggested such a plot-line. And then some posters who you would have thought would know better "interact" with it. Dicky and Notts Boy - leave it, he ain't worth it. Comeback, over, roger.

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