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  1. I don't know if I missed this being posted previously, but I had an email from the club that says "CLAIM YOUR FREE TICKETS TODAY Chelsea FC Women v Tottenham Hotspur Women Sunday 8 September, 12:30pm Stamford Bridge The Stage is set - Chelsea FC Women’s opening match of the 2019/20 season is a mouth-watering encounter against newly promoted Tottenham Hotspur and today the news becomes a whole lot bigger. The venue for this London derby is Stamford Bridge and on top of that, all tickets are FREE! You can book up to four tickets, all for free, and as we anticipate a full house, please only claim seats if you think you are sure to attend, so as not to deny any fellow Blues the chance to be there. Join us at Stamford Bridge this September as Emma Hayes’ side begin the quest to regain the title they won as recently as 2018." I think it's for members and season ticket holders , but it's not clear. Not like the club to be giving anything away for free, but it might be a crack. OOPS! @Munkworth had already posted this at
  2. When he says "fought" he means sidled around with stockings and chewing gum in poacher pockets inside his jacket.
  3. It's not a team anymore. Damn this period of austerity. Buggers are prioritising child poverty over my special needs. I fought in three world wars and 2 world cups ill have you know. Well, you scotches voted overwhelmingly for Thatcher originally, the source of all this, and then compounded it by voting almost totally for brexit, tying up all the social welfare money in ludicrous promises of subsidised Hai Karate and red roses for Welsh sheep farmers. I do think that your need for Special Brew is more important than resolving so-called child "poverty", though. How many cans can you actually get back from Aldi in your Sholley?
  4. Not become, Loz, you know I always had a very low tolerance threshold for the sort of "I want it all and I want it now because it's my right, because I'm special, because twatter tells me so" bollocks that seems to have now become mandatory in the wonderful world of internet. But, in deference to a personal request from your carer team, I'll try not to point it out too much so that you don't get over-excited and won't need your pads changing so often.
  5. See what you've been missing, Lozzer? Some snide, opinionated bellend who is proud to be represented by a picture of Colin w**ker abusing our manager. Just think about the underlying conciousness of that. Kafka would have been embarrassed to have suggested such a plot-line. And then some posters who you would have thought would know better "interact" with it. Dicky and Notts Boy - leave it, he ain't worth it. Comeback, over, roger.
  6. Not back. Never went away.
  7. Apparently, there have been a series of unfounded rumours that I had been "banned" from this place. These are simply untrue. I had taken a sabbatical to perform my usual, typically un-trumpeted, good works, helping orphans,handling teenage single mothers ostracised by the Catholic Church and developing a cure for a series of nasty diseases in the third world. Well, Swindon, actually, but the point stands. However, just this very afternoon I received an email from the Barlinnie prison officer in charge of monitoring inmates released on licence to warn me that Loz was in fact out, and also to warn MrsYorkleyBlue that, because of that, she shouldn't leave her unmentionables on the washing line, because that would be an irresistable temptation to Loz, as it was the last three times. So, I thought I'd pop in here and warn you all to keep your hands on your preciouses, and to be vigilant. As I walked through the door I could not help but notice the choking smell of damp Tena for men, the number of slightly soiled zimmer frames and the collection of dodgy tramps, sitting around drinking snakebites of Tennants Super and Diamond White Extra (all except one bearded fellow, under the pier with a 5 litre plastic container of methylated spirits) reminiscing about the time when they were all young men and had hair and a waistline, when Eddie Newton could hit a cross-field pass without endangering punters in the East Upper row F and Brian M was still in the closet. Anyway, I notice that we now have a whole new load of Murican experts joined up, to aid the Shed End to understand the complex and confusing world of soccer, and that there are still some mewling infants and their mums, taking offence at everything and desperately whining about what their entitlements are when it comes to what the club owes them. Still, it's really good to see that some of the brightest and most erudite and knowledgeable world class football managers are members here under pseudonyms to tell us exactly where the duffers our club keep employing are going wrong. It's all down to being scruffy and a smoker, apparently. Though, I must say to Colin w**ker, using your own picture as an avatar makes you look more of a tit than we all thought you were, anyway, regardless of what witty forum name you choose to use. Any road up, watch out for Loz, keep your daughters and sisters away from any of Liam's brothers, and hold on for a bumpy ride once Super Frank fails to have us in the top half of the league in October by playing 13 year-olds.
  8. And did f**k all against a sh*t team. Get a f**king grip on reality
  9. new boy, glory-hunting plastic w**ker - f**k off back to city or wherever, coming in here with your in-depth knowledge gleaned from Sky sports and google
  10. You won away from home in a european knockout competition - what more do you want you spoilt f**k?
  11. Bummer that we scored from one, then What exactly did he do?
  12. What do you mean "about 6 months?" Still very fashionable round here.
  13. and strolled around, missing passes, losing the ball and generally just replicating what most of the team had been doing for the first hour. I would have expected just a little bit of "look at me, boss, I'm better than these w**kers you have been picking for most of the season" but we didn't get that. Boy really gotta take whatever chances he gets. Like I said, sometimes he's almost unplayable when he can be arsed, a lot of the time doesn't look like he deserves to be in the squad. I mean, honestly @Nibs, you or I would put more effort in.
  14. And they have an incredible Cuban Salsa Congress Weekender there every year.
  15. I'd argue with your list of ones showing consistency as well. The only ones who are consistent are Kante (almost consistently running, like the Duracell bunny) and Giroud, consistently not quite there at the right time or in the right place.
  16. But that's not a snappy over-simplistic one-liner cliche
  17. Ampadu does it a huge amount too.
  18. I'm not going through all this again with you. You know my position on this. If Willian doesn't fit into your playstation FIFA way of seeing things, that's your problem, not mine nor his. You appear to have a personal dislike of the player, for whatever reason, and so twist and distort facts and opinions to suit that. Professionals in the world or real-life football, not those fiddling on their keyboards and watching on hooky streams rate the player. That's good enough for me. I'm not playing this game any more with you. You know what I think, and you know why I think you are wrong. Leave it at that. But, I'm glad that you know the inner workings of Sarri's mind. Must make it so much easier to be so certain about everything.
  19. I'm not arguing with that, it's like everything, consistency is key. We can't have the entire forum going up in flames about the inconsistency of various scapegoats of the day on one hand and then saying that our chosen "great new hope" of the day can be inconsistent because we like him. I agree he should be ahead of Barkley, maybe even Kovacic, or at least sharing time with him, but how long before we all turn on him if he phones in three or four consecutive performances like Sunday's. Like I said earlier, sometimes you'd think he was the future of our Champions League winning side, dominating Europe and the Premier league for a decade, and sometimes he looks like he's never met his team mates or a football before, and can't be arsed to learn. I really do hope it's the first.
  20. 30 against 22? Out of how many games played so far? And in the bigger games? How well has that worked out, then? The only positive I can take from Sunday was that not too many idiots in here were putting all the blame on Willian

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