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  1. As if this could ever happen 🙂 But, this is the Champion's League. You KNOW City will go all Spursy, it just a matter of whether it will be in the quarter-final or the semi. They'll blow one of them. My gut feeling is it will be the semi.
  2. "As a general rule both Pisces and Aries people are squat and hairy, with a distinct, gamey odour and are dull of wit" A quote from the original astrological treatise of the Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa, translated from the Sumerian by Walcher of Malvern and critiqued by Thomas Aquinas as "that's bang on, that is!"
  3. I think too many people judge a player's entire contribution to a match on what the Sky/BT match director chooses to show us, and, as @just said, the view of the player on the ball in the middle of the pitch is vastly different to the view we get from above and in wide-screen. A forward player making any number of runs into space are of no benefit at all if the man on the ball is fronted up by a row of three or four opponents blocking his view. Also, a player in the centre of the field might see the run, but then has to judge whether their advanced teammate might or might not be offside, a defender might or might not be in a position to step across, the next-step game plan in their mind might be to pass/advance down the wings or any number of other variables that go through the mind every millisecond. Honestly, I sometimes think that some of you have never actually played the game. But I'm sure someone can provide a load of stats and youtubes to show me the error of my opinion.
  4. Alexa, play my Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify
  5. Watched Coming 2 America at the weekend as someone I know had recommended it. What a pile of plop! The only amusing bits are when Eddy Murphy recreates his old barber shop guys from the first film. Other than that, it was embarrassing dross. I only kept going because I was convinced it couldn't be that bad all the way through. It was, dear reader, it was.
  6. And that Makalele was just gash at the killer defence-splitting pass too. All he did was win the ball back and play it short. To be honest, I thought Kante played very well, and I didn't see any chances where he had brought the ball out and one or other of our forwards had mad a decent run for him to pick out. I did have to miss the last 20 minutes though, only had those on the radio, so I was relying on the Talksports twats to remind me how many inch-perfect passes to Werner Kante refused to make
  7. 🙂 I never said he wasn't. My gripe was with some google-twat teenager keeping on telling me he was at the level of prime Messi or C Ronaldo when nothing at all I had seen in a Chelsea shirt warranted that. I think I said at the time he might turn out to be THAT player, but hadn't so far, I also think we might have a bit of whistling in the dark at the moment. I thought he was outstanding against Everton, and very unlucky. I thought he had dropped a level or two against Leeds, and I don't quite see the justification of some of the more over the top praise for him this weekend. He was OK. No, he was better than OK, but fluffed his lines 2 or 3 times when it would have been easier to score. Look how we all mocked Maguire missing from 9 inches last week, and then Havertz puts a simple header very softly down onto the floor further away from the goal than his head.. I just hope he does attain the levels some claim he is at already, and that he's not a quite expensive 1 match in 4 star.
  8. Liam, how dare you? That convincing, credible cockwomble most definitely isn't a spud, not at all, no way, never, ever, ever. Never
  9. Yep, that's the same old keyboard warrior threatening bollocks that all these sneaky spuds get round to as soon as they are fronted up. I think you're a clown come to wind people up, have googled some details about some things and are, as I said as soon as I spotted you in here, a sad little opposition twat. In all the run-ins with real Chelsea fans, I have never had or seen them threatening violence to each other. You got sussed every time you come in here pretending to be Chels, and you'll get sussed every time you crawl back in, because, when it comes down to it, you just ain't that bright.
  10. I am very elaborate. And perceptive. And kind and generous to a fault. And extremely tolerant of wind-up merchants sneaking in here pretending to be Chelsea and posting bollocks.
  11. I have no idea what they gain, other than tiny-minded bitterness and a weird nasty streak. I suspect it's some inadequate 17-year old who lives with his mum and spends all his time trying to wind people up and w**king at the bimbos on Channel 4 reality shows. (but not the late night ones because he has to be up early for school now)
  12. aww bless - passive-aggressive troll infiltrates a Chelsea forum and gets called out. I don't think you'll last long.
  13. yep that was last time too, Mandy.
  14. See, you just can't help the way you interact. Almost identical posts from the last two or three times you joined in here pretending to be Chels and getting spotted.
  15. Sounding more and more like either a pikey or a dipper - Not even the spuds are as crass as you. I suspect you have been banned from here before, and I expect you will be again soon.
  16. No, I think if you said the same thing down the pub, I'd still think it was a stupid thing to say and that you really didn't have any true understanding of what you were on about. But then we're all entitled to an opinion, so you carry on with yours 🙂
  17. I find it very very strange indeed that someone so obviously not a Chelsea supporter would go to the trouble of signing up to a Chelsea forum and pretend to be one of us by posting barely concealed antagonistic rubbish that would appear to be straight out of the Spuds or Pikies book of childish insults. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you didn't sign up to forums for teenage girls with a username like Babybunny or Mandy34B and pretend that you are one of them as well. I see you, strange man. (or boy. I see you haven't posted as much rubbish since the schools went back)
  18. And no-one in any authority cares about which decision is correct. The whole referee/VAR thing is populated with incompetent arses mostly. I find it interesting that there is a great deal of comment when a referee has what everyone considers to be a good game, purely because of the rarity of that happening. This isn't a "they're all out to get us, Mr Mainwaring" CFC only thing. every side gets sh*te or clearly wrong decisions for and against them, I have long been an advocate for the same VAR set up as Rugby has, and for all referees to be miked up at all times. Then they would have to explain the decisions they make, which I think would them possibly think a bit more sensibly. Or maybe not.
  19. Perhaps you have misunderstood the meaning of the word "gritty" And as for "Lamps with a silver spoon in his mouth." I think you are just taking the piss, or don't understand what that phrase means either. Lampard was born in f**king Romford, FFS. And " onlookers who want a hero, " is bollocks. "onlookers", or fans, as we call them, want good or great players, regardless of how societal norms or twitter twats perceive them. Gaelic football at that age is just running around, with none of the fun, games and delicate interactions of the adult version
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