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  1. Come on @Stim, it's been FIVE f**kING MONTHS already. What is that fraud Lampard playing at?
  2. In identical systems with identical team mates against identical opponents? @Argo you are arguing with the master of that debating tactic who seems to enjoy getting into arguments with a huge variety of people and tries to defend some quite inane and ridiculous positions by droning on and on like a Tory politician trying to avoid justifying his leader, ignoring any and all counter-arguments, no matter how cogently and rationally put.
  3. For me, the best ever Dracula experience was listening to a talking book of the original Stoker novel in headphones lying next to the pool in the Luxor Sheraton in Egypt in temperatures over 100 degrees. Was scary as f**k.
  4. Cheers, I can see what it is doing, but I still don't understand how these values are calculated. perhaps I'm just a bit simple.
  5. @Argo Can you explain in simple terms for an old bastard exactly what this XG/XGA thing is and how it gets calculated? I see it a lot in here and on MoTD and it means f**k all to me.
  6. I'm amazed you got that far Munky. I forced myself to stay till the end of episode 1 and that was a struggle. I managed to convince myself that episode 2 couldn't be as bad, because it was Gatis, after all. Managed 5 minutes and then deleted it. Same with the Christmas Carol on the Beeb. They are trying way too hard to be youf-ish and zanny.
  7. They will be playing to overturn those fancy-dan, soft,southern millionaires and cause a cup upset. Mostly by agricultural tactics, thuggery and running about a f**k of a lot. (Oh, and every pundit,media outlet and non-Chelsea fan will be willing them on, desperately hoping for a shock)
  8. Actually, you and @Nibs are the "youngsters on here" to some of us!
  9. It's obvious according to the simplistic world view of FIFA19 experts, someone scores against us - BUY HIM! Some muppet goalkeeper has the game of his life against us, BUY HIM! Some lad in some northern sh*thole has a couple of decent games reported in the Green 'Un, BUY HIM! L'agente di un centrocampista Italiano o Brasiliano di un giornalista inizia a puntarlo intorno ai vari editorialisti di gossip Sky, ACQUISTA LUI!
  10. But that doesn't gel with the scapegoating vibe.
  11. I must admit, I was totally wrong about all this. Back when Frank was announced as the new manager I said that regardless of transfer bans, Hazard going and everyone saying they'd be happy with a mid-table finish, people would turn on Frank and specific scapegoats by November. I am happy to say that was ridiculously pessimistic of me, given that, for what appears to be quite a few in here, it has taken till mid-January. Alright, there were the obvious muppets who started in October/November, I grant you, but for most of the whining to be deferred this long makes my predictive skills look as good as that on my old Nokia 3310
  12. Kante doing a StevieMe impression of Bambi was "entirely predictable"?????? Oh @Davey Baby, please, please, please PM me the Euromillions numbers for this weekend?
  13. I agree with @Argo, I thought they were clueless and typical Arsenal, lots of style and very little substance, throughout, really.
  14. But that's just it, they didn't look threatening at all. We were comfortable at the back for the majority of the match. And I didn't say the whole match we were unfortunate, we were wasteful and out of ideas for a large part, but both their goals were incredibly lucky. Kante didn't slip, that attack is over, Tammy being able to walk and tackle, Bellend goes back or passes outside and doesn't shoot directly. And I'm not really picking and choosing stats, you know I'm very sceptical of the whole stats thing, but you taking a few minutes when Arsenal had 80% possession as meaningful has to be put into the context of the whole match where they had 41% possession.
  15. Now you're just being silly. Take a few minutes when Arse had the ball and try to make out they were either dominant or comfortable and you lose all credibility. Match stats (if you believe in them are: We didn't have a "sh*te performance", we were unlucky on two occasions. I have no great brief for Emerson, I think he's the poor man's Zappacosta, but even I can't see how you can blame him for either goal. Kante slipping over was the only reason they got the first, their tossed had totally overrun the ball. The second, most of the team had a chance to put the ball out when Tammy was injured, but it was the fact that he was injured that allowed Bellend to come past him and shoot. Like I said, we didn't play that badly, got undone by an Arse side who had 2 attempts at goal. Seriously, people need to stop being such drama queens.
  16. Come on @Slojo, you're better than that. That is incredibly naive and simplistic. That's a total of 24 matches against different opposition, in different conditions, at different stages of the season and of individual fitness levels with different players in our team as well. The only way that statistic can ever be anything more than a rhetorical stick to beat home a specific point of view is if all 24 matches were played against exactly the same opposition, in exactly the same conditions, with all of our team being exactly the same and all being at exactly the same level of fitness, tiredness and concentration, with ALL other variables being identical. Otherwise you truly do get down to Saturn was rising in Aquarius, the hanged man card and the four of cups together mean ill will befall your rhododendrons and the entrails of a toad looking like Keith Chegwin's mother mean you will inherit a valuable antique Davenport in the near future, and all of those things directly affect the outcome of the millions of physical interactions between players, ball, grass, officials, atmosphere and amount of Singha drunk in exactly the same way every single time. Football is a funny old game, Saint, and every match is unique and unpredictable. That's one of the reasons I never get involved in the "predict the score, predict the team" threads in here. That and the fact that I'm not a sad f**ker and have a life. PS, That's not just aimed at you @Slojo, BTW, but all the people quoting similar "stats" as being meaningful
  17. What I find truly embarrassing is the reaction of a lot of the people in here. We dominated that match for long periods, and we let in two goals in the most unlucky of circumstances and we still have people in here using words like disgusting, sh*te, worst match I've ever seen, and "I know I said I was behind Lamps back in the summer, but f**k me, we're only 4th - I am not happy and I want my money back". FFS, there was even some tit saying it was a worse performance than the Citeh 6 and Bournemouth 4. Kante slipped and some Arse f**ker did a Demba, Tammy had his leg amputated above the knee and the Arse f**ker he should have tackled had a free shot from distance. Two shots they had, Some of you people need to get a grip on reality.
  18. We have a better win percentage when there is a sunny day with a light North westerly. I suggest we invest in a roof, some lamps and an industrial fan. We always win when I have my leopard-print thong on, we always lose when I put my rings on in the wrong order and we very nearly always draw when we score the same amount of goals as the opposing team.

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