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  1. I love you Shed Enders, you beautiful darlings. Up the Chels
  2. There is probably a long list to be honest
  3. I’ve only just woken up after passing out from happiness when it was announced. He goes in goal for me, end of.
  4. It’s not my strongest position. Just like it’s not Kepa’s. ffs I can’t help it 😑 I’m full agenda mode.
  5. I’m going to refrain from posting about Chelsea for the foreseeable. I don’t think I could hide the absolute hatred I have towards him at the moment. Absolutely useless, worst I’ve ever seen at Chelsea.
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence Val, I must admit although I’d pass out after the warm up and will never be able to reach a crossbar - I’d still be a better option 🙂 Jokes aside, would Mendy have to be in quarantine when he gets here? We can’t afford to wait over 2 weeks for him. There must be an English goalkeeper would could get on a free (Green?) who could play until Mendy arrives. That said that may be harsh in Willy C who has always been fairly decent when called upon.
  7. Oh sweetie, I understand the frustration when people go OTT and have a constant agenda... but you must let me vent on this one if you’d be so kind. For a brief period I played in goal for my girls’ football team (I was sh*te so moved to defence) and even I appreciated that I was allowed to use my hands and had stand in a good position so I had a good chance of getting the ball should it come my way. I did not see one ounce of improvement in any aspects of his game against Brighton. Yes I’m throwing toys, knee jerking all over the place and spouting my superior knowledge(!) about Kepa but Christ on a bike, I’m jus SO frustrated that I’ve lost all rationale. His effort to get down and his positioning for that goal against for Brighton? Never seen such weak goalkeeping at Chelaea, truly.
  8. sh*t, our GD is gonna be appalling after the Liverpool game.
  9. Honestly can’t wait for this guy. Doesn’t matter how rusty or average he is, Kepa will easily concede 4 against Liverpool. Even if this fella is a stop gap (which some people are suggesting it is?) we need him in. Kepa will cost us more points than he saves this season. Cech always helped us get 10/15 more points each year and he was knocked out and nearly bloody died on the pitch.
  10. We do need a goalkeeper for sure, 100% but we can always promote one of the under 9’s or get Telford over from CFCW. Despite that weakness, it’s got to be 10/10, when you look at that the players we’ve signed/been linked to in the past it’s been insane. We’ve crushed it.
  11. King Carlo is my favourite, the football we played under him was unreal, still the best I’ve seen in my 23 odd years watching us. Of course a very good chance he’ll be bumped down to second shortly.
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