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Our Legend Coco

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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An extremely hard post to write here on the forum, but our legend and moderator Coco passed away this morning.

He's a private person and only shared details of his illness with me and Loz recently when he knew the outlook wasn't good for him.

His son kindly logged in to his account to share the news.

Coco has always been around on the forum and before that, many years ago on the CSR Forum. I will miss him around here terribly, the place won't feel the same. He loved it here and at times, it felt like he ran things on his own. He even requested to move into a different member group when the time came. He will be truly missed and our thoughts go out to his family.

I would say sleep well coco, but you won't be sleeping and will be powering up Motorbikes on the other side.

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The sad news that Coco told us was coming but that makes it no less tough to hear.  

Clearly what Coco shared with Mod and I was in confidence and that is how it will say. But what I can say from the chat we had, and I doubt it will surprise anyone, is that the courage he showed in the way he dealt with his illness  was incredible. It's terribly sad that he is no longer with us but I'd also say that our lives were all made better by the fact that he was with us.

Goodbye old friend 

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Damn, I reckon it was finally going to be his year on the prediction game too. RIP mate, definitely a massive presence on here that will be felt and missed for years to come.

What’s the forum equivalent of naming a stand after a legend?

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I needed to take a few minutes before words would come back to me. I didn't know him outside of this place, but in here he was a top person. Very involved, you could tell he really cared not only about Chelsea, but about this place. It was good to talk with him, we had a laugh in some topics, disagreed in others, and had some great fun finding out who should be reminding who between myself, him and Munk to make predictions in Zetas comp. He even set himself some sort of reminder for this year's comp so I would stop tagging him  🤣


I should have noticed he has not been posting basically at all for a while. Man I feel bad for not seeing it and reaching out.


God's peace to his family and friends, and a thank you for sharing him with us.


God bless you Coco, here is to you.

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Haven't been on for a little while and having made me early morning coffee, thought I'd catch up on recent TSE posts before today's game.

And then I read this. I can't quite believe it. Coco was one of the posters on here, and on the old CSR, I most enjoyed engaging with. Always up for a laugh. Quick to spot intended humour in people's posts and to add his own twist to it. Passionate, knowledgeable, interesting, insightful and humourous. My God he will be missed on here.

Heartfelt condolences to his family.

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40 minutes ago, Jezz said:

Very sad news.

Always enjoyed reading his posts and engaging with him over the years.

RIP Coco.

Condolences to his family and friends.

I agree with that and respected him too and we shared some PMs over the years.

A decent moderator and a good football blogger, he will be missed.

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Thank you to Mod for reaching out and letting me know the sad news. I don’t venture on here much anymore but there were years when I posted nearly every 2 minutes, and I remember coco fondly from that time. I couldn’t quite remember if he was one of us old (aged) CSR lot but I know he was part of the much loved furniture. I always enjoyed his posts and opinions. 

Sincere condolences to his friends and family. 

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