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  1. Honestly, after our superb performances against Atletico, I'd not have entertained the possibility of us getting knocked out by Porto but now it feels as if anything can happen. It's funny how you have one bad game and suddenly, all the positivity from the good run of games before just vanishes into thin air.
  2. The only positive today is that at least it's not 7-1.
  3. I have to pass on some of the blame to Tuchel here. There was absolutely no need to start with Silva instead of Christensen when he was doing so well already. Not having a settled lineup is what cost Lamps his job and Tuchel should be wise enough to not repeat the same mistake.
  4. The amount we paid for Drogba and Costa was high but not ridiculously high. Even taking inflation into account, the transfer value wouldn't be anywhere near as much as Haaland is commanding right now. It's not about being superstitious but being cautious about spending ridiculous sums on "potential" world class players. Again, it's ridiculous that Haaland has had only a couple of good seasons and he's already being billed as the next Ronaldo/Messi.
  5. I really don't want us throwing that kind of money on Haaland given our absolute sh*te luck when it comes to strikers. Imagine the f**king hue and cry if we do get him and he turns into Morata. Apart from getting laughed at, it would put off any high profile striker ever signing for us again. I know we still continue to attract top players and we probably always will, but it would be an absolute dampener for both the club and the fans if Haaland doesn't work out. After all, you also have to take into account that he's only had a couple of good seasons. In fact, I'd say it would be wise for Haa
  6. Well, this result has definitely made the rest of my week!
  7. No one would mind that, but targeting a draw would be extremely risky. If AM get a goal, then we are back to square one. I honestly believe that we should be treating this match as a knockout one and go for a win. We are really lacking goals at the moment and a couple of them against a top-class defensive team would do a world of good to our confidence.
  8. What a massive loss of 2 pts this is... almost feels like a defeat! I can't help but think that matches like these are what's going to hurt us in the race for top 4.
  9. Story of our entire season, innit? Werner did everything except put the ball in the back of the net.
  10. that disallowed goal seems to have awoken Liverpool...
  11. Not a great performance but we did have better chances. Can't help but think that a top class striker would have finished at least one or created something out of nothing.
  12. That probably was our best chance for the entirety of the match...
  13. The implication being that we were fun to watch under Lampard? I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I'll agree that we're not where we want to be in terms of performances but you cannot deny that there have been some improvements in different parts of the pitch. Gotta give Tuchel at least that.
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