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  1. Let's just hope we don't concede more now.
  2. Can't bear to watch this anymore. Absolutely no creativity in the box. We look vulnerable every time Everton get near our box. There's no way we're getting top 4 and we don't even deserve it with this kind of football. And I'm almost certain we're not going to win anything this season. I'm still hoping for some miracle though.
  3. Now we just need Arse and Utd. to draw tomorrow and for us to win. That would be sweet!
  4. Seriously, if CHO doesn't get a start for this game then I'd escort him to Bayern myself since he deserves better than this.
  5. If we somehow bottle it against Malmoe, we would know what to expect come Sunday.
  6. I'm trying to gather as much positivity as I can before this match but I absolutely cannot shake off the feeling that we're going to lose embarrassingly. It would really help my nerves if we can see some sort of improvement (as small as it may be) against Malmoe first.
  7. https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/12/chelsea-stars-suffer-fresh-humiliation-after-they-draw-against-academy-side-in-front-of-beleaguered-maurizio-sarri-8583303/ Wow. It seems the first team is unable to beat our youth team as well. Still hung over from the defeat against City or have they just given up entirely? Now I'm really starting to wonder if anyone can motivate these bunch of players.
  8. You could say the same for us under Guus Hiddink or RDM. But we knew the former wasn't a permanent solution and we all know how it ended for the latter. It doesn't take an expert to know that Utd. players pretty much ganged up and stopped playing for Mourinho. OGS is giving them more freedom to express themselves since he knows he probably won't get the job full time. He's probably also more open to suggestions from the players as well. But in the event that he does get the permanent job and when he has to actually start asserting his own principles onto the squad, that's when his true managerial skills will come into play. Hence, I firmly believe that you cannot judge OGS or Utd's performance solely on their performance now. And oh, let's not forget our own unbeaten run with Sarri at the beginning of the season and how everyone thought Sarri had turned around the team.
  9. I don't think it's clutching at straws when people are reading too much into Utd's resurgence under OGS. It's way too early to say that OGS has revitalized Utd. So when people start glorifying Utd's current form, it's only obvious that people will point out when they falter against good opposition.
  10. heh, me too. And that too a PSG side without Neymar and Cavani at that.
  11. I don't think the problem entirely lies with Jorginho here. It's Sarri's tactics. More than half of Chelsea's gameplan is Jorginho getting the ball and dictating play. When teams effectively shut down Jorginho by sheer strength in numbers, there is no plan B to fall back on. Almost all teams have figured this out by now and that's where we're getting caught. Jorginho is doing exactly what he has been asked to do but when he's taken out from the equation, there has to be a plan B and that's something Sarri has not figured out yet. It's high time though.
  12. Considering that we have tried pretty much everything there is to try when it comes to managers except trusting the manager, I presume we need to give Sarri another year. For once, give the manager what he wants and see how it goes. If he's still not able to make it with "his" bunch of players, then it's justified to cut him loose. For now, let's accept the 5th or 6th position. If we somehow make it back into the top 4, it will be a miracle.
  13. Welcome to The Shed End Girish :)

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