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  1. Decent half and good to have a 2 goal lead but we need to score more goals because I can certainly see another Soto goal coming up in the second half. Lampard has a real job on his hands to sort out our defense.
  2. 50m with add-ons for a player who didn't work out for RM and hasn't done anything note-worthy in the one season with us is what I'd term as ridiculous. I'll bet my ass that if the transfer ban wasn't in place, there's no way we would have signed him.
  3. I can't help but think that we're signing Kovacic for such a ridiculous amount only because he's the only player we can sign this year. Not sure what to make of it. Kovacic is not a game changer in any way, so I'd rather we save up the money for when our ban expires.
  4. No, but it doesn't take a lot to be respectful and appreciative of the fact that he got to coach a top team in the Premier League that also got him his first trophy. A simple thank you would have gone a long way. Even Conte thanked everyone when he left in spite of being sacked and filing a legal suit against the club. It's an example of your character, really.
  5. https://www.espn.in/football/juventus/story/3880357/sarri-juve-step-forward-from-inferior-chelsea Inferior history, my ass. That is really a c**t of a statement from a c**t of an individual. I've lost any respect that I had left for him with this.
  6. I won't mind Lampard taking a stab at managing Chelsea but it's a 50-50 situation really. It can work out well and it can be equally disastrous. We can sit here and speculate as much as we want but the only way to find out would be to actually hire him. Although, for Lamps, it would really suck if it doesn't work out and he gets sacked mid-season. All the good cred he built up at Derby might take a serious beating if that were to happen.
  7. TBH, it looks like he is picking his nose with the shirt. :p
  8. I won't even bet a dollar on it. Arsenal, at least, have a proven goalscorer in Aubameyang. We have none.
  9. Nice to win for a change and score 3 goals too. 4th spot still not guaranteed though, Leicester will be a tough game. Good that ManU is drawing. Now only if Arsenal can lose, that would be peachy.
  10. Let's just hope we don't concede more now.
  11. Can't bear to watch this anymore. Absolutely no creativity in the box. We look vulnerable every time Everton get near our box. There's no way we're getting top 4 and we don't even deserve it with this kind of football. And I'm almost certain we're not going to win anything this season. I'm still hoping for some miracle though.
  12. Now we just need Arse and Utd. to draw tomorrow and for us to win. That would be sweet!
  13. Seriously, if CHO doesn't get a start for this game then I'd escort him to Bayern myself since he deserves better than this.
  14. If we somehow bottle it against Malmoe, we would know what to expect come Sunday.

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