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  1. I doubt Firminho will start ...Jota is in full form and confidence.
  2. That was the stupidest decision of the game.
  3. Italians were rattled in the 1st half. Manchini did changes and they started dominating and exactly when Southgate supposed react and do subs at hour mark or so. And yes not Rice but should have sent Sancho/Foden/ Grealish/Rashford whoever. Italians were there for taking and they were scared of the speed.. Very inept and noob tactics from Southgate, that gave Italians confidence growing over the period and that exactly made them come back in the game. Another biggest mistake was England played for penalties in extra times instead of trying to win it. England has such a string bench they are supposed to be used on the field to win the game and not subbed for penalties. Stupid tactics is a exact term.
  4. Its freaking PCR test which is highly unreliable. How the F is someone positive without symptoms. What a scam.
  5. 1st team selection itself was questionable.
  6. I think Tucel got wrong this one with team selection.
  7. Chelsea did not lose this game its Lampard who lost it .
  8. Why do we sell off well groomed players like Ake and keep sh*t players like Christensen ???
  9. Feeling depressed

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