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    WC 2018

    Fiery Costa need to be handled carefully and Conte just could not do it ......we missed him badly last season .....still feel sad to see him go
  2. Baka and Zappa both were responsible for goal ....Torres was unchallenged there to win the header. Finishing definitely needs to be clinical for sure , so many clean chances wasted. Pedro changed the game and gave us lot of momentum and I think he should have started at the place of Zappacosta.
  3. us who? ...Board never will
  4. Well KDB would have have made our squad much stronger and natural replacement for Cesc , We still need that someone who can score from distance when needed .....We dont have someone like Lampard and KDB would have been the answer.
  5. Mourinho...he shipped out some of our great talents in his 2ns spell
  6. I think Conte should try Rudiger in that position...he is fast and can play there.
  7. Hope both beat City ...Manure eventually will falter ...
  8. Citi tend to to be crowded on the flanks where the ball is, they put number of players to snatch the ball back. Any team that switch the flanks quickly from one side to another side quickly where City leaves lot of space to exploit would be able to punish them on counter. I think spurs can do it and hope spurs beat them next week. Once a team find the way to counter city I think they will be found out.
  9. probably he meant they controlled the bus
  10. Beautiful game...fully deserved to win ...we showed that desire and fighting spirit today ....everyone played class Just we should take those chances.
  11. Thats the biggest worry because it defines character and fighting spirit.
  12. Tactics misfired, with Italians we should have played their catenaccio style...should have played this same formation with Zappa & Hazard in for Moses and Willian http://www.skysports.com/football/tottenham-vs-chelsea/teams/373115
  13. I would say get all three of them with Drinkwater and Kante as DM and Baka fas box to box player.
  14. Dropped shoulders , fire and will to fightback was missing.
  15. Well I am talking about fiery Character and not about Costa in particular....moreover he was mismanaged I believe.