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  1. Ugh. Another game, another defensive disaster class after utterly dominating. Our descent into late-Wenger Arsenal continues apace. I won't blame Frank for today individual f**kups for 2 goals. Havertz thinking he can waltz around 5 players in his own half like it's the Bundesliga and then the collective Zouma/Kepa f**kup for the second. The naivety of some of our players is staggering. It's actually one of my least favourite characteristics in a football team and it's probably the one word that defines us best. As for positives. Great to see Werner on the board and nice to see Ziye
  2. Wouldn't say it's disrespect. Many of us just think he is too slow to play deep in midfield in the Premier League. Think he would be a fine player in a league where teams are a bit more structured and that is less physical.
  3. Eh. I wouldn't call it a tough pill to swallow. Sarri got binned and noone else wanted to buy him. Thems the brakes. No doubt he'll be moved on for Rice or another defensive midfielder when the opportunity arrives again. No one would question his attitude or commitment, so I don't have a problem with him being here another year.
  4. Have to say it seems bizarre that doesn't exist in the UK. We pay 15 a month here for all PL games and the CL and EL. PPV seems a shameless money grab.
  5. I agree, Partey is handy but we were looking at something different. I'm interested to see how he goes outside Simeone's very compact defensive system, no doubt though he's a player that will improve Arsenal quite a bit I'd imagine. Still doesn't fix the fact that Luiz plays in their backline.
  6. Financially this isn't looking like a great desdline for us. By my count we have quite a bit of our dead wood still on the books that we haven't veen able to shift. 100k a week for Drinkwater to play PL2 isn't great. Glad that Rudiger is staying though. Good player if he can get back to his peak. Lord knows we can't play 36 year old Thiago Silva every game.
  7. Yeah I'm torn on Billy. I love him throwing himself around the pitch but I really wish he was half a foot taller and a couple of stone heavier. I fear he might just not quite have the physical skills to play deep in midfield long term. Would love him to prove me wrong though. Been too long since we've had a Scot in the first team.
  8. Dave was right. Tammy and Werner were both keen for a goal. Both had good chances to score. Convert those chances, don't carry on about not getting to take penalties. Anyone remember Pato demanding to take a penalty a few years back? Buried it and then carried on as if he'd just scored a worldie. That ended up being his only goal for the club. Penalties won't save you. I remember Drogba having a whinge about not getting to take one on the last day when we were 2-0 up against Wigan and needed to win. Didier wanted it for the golden boot. Frank told him to bugger off and scored. T
  9. Homegrown status is an interesting one. From my measure we have James, Tomori, Christensen, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, Hudson-Odoi and Abraham club home grown and then Chilwell as England home-grown. I think Billy Gilmour would count as well if needed. We're almost at the point where we could sacrifice him if needed. For Sarr isn't at the same level as even Christensen. He'll be heading on loan I'd imagine. He won't be playing otherwise.
  10. Shame Spurs had to be the one to do it but United getting done 6-1 is superb. Few things better than watching that entitled born to rule lot shown exactly how far away from the best they are. Seems that Sir Alex quip of "Lads it's Tottenham" doesn't quite hold true anymore.
  11. It's interesting when you consider the link to Rice. He doesn't seem to really offer any passing range either. Kante and Kovacic can dribble to progress the ball but neither have great range. A Koopmeiners from AZ interests me for this role. Left footer with very nice passing range. Mobility may be a problem similar to Jorginho however.
  12. 18 October I believe. Two weeks of largely meaningless international football to endure between now and then.
  13. Everytime he catches a cross or makes a simple save my heart sings.
  14. I thought he played well. I thought we played well. I also thought once the first goal went in Palace's tactic was busted and they offered zero. In the same way I didn't hyperventilate after Spurs, I'm not gonna pretend like we were superb. We got the job done and garnished the scoreline with two penalties.
  15. Any idea why he wasnt in the squad yesterday? Zouma and Silva were sublime but I'm curious about what happened to him.
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