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  1. just I've been trying to find words to capture how I feel about the situation and you've already done it: If we look at our criteria: - Wins trophies - Plays attractive football - Promotes Youth. He ticks none of those boxes. I'm sick of us sacking managers, but if we wanted a horse to back he left last year.
  2. I hate the idea of sacking another coach but I could see Roman pulling the trigger during the break. We're at a critical point where Top 4 and EL will be decided soonish. We've already given away our best opportunity to regain top 4 status. I can see him thinking he needs a safer pair of hands for the next little while.
  3. Good on him. I suspect that we will see much more of him starting before the end of the year.
  4. Weird thing is we are spending as much money as ever, but our squads are much worse. My theory is that our scouting has gone way downhill in recent times. Kante and Rudiger are literally the only two decent signings we've made since Jose's first season. We've spent hundreds of millions during that time.
  5. Anyone else feeling like they've watched this match about 10 times already this season? Hard to believe we were talking about finishing ahead of Spurs a week ago.
  6. I take your point Val. I may well be jumping the gun. What I would challenge anyone to do though is watch this match, watch him give the ball away on the dribble, watch the poor decision making and watch the missed chances and tell me first that this is a player who will add value to Chelsea and secondly that this is a player worth 60m. I'm not sure that anyone can answer yes to both those deals. We spend an absolute fortune on recruitment and most of it in recent times has been appalling.
  7. That miss was Kalouesque too (irony being Kalou scored for Hertha!) I've said all along this deal is the biggest waste of money. From what I've seen, and certainly on today's showing we've essentially paid 60m for a guy who wouldn't make Dortmunds full strength team and who is likely to be behind CHO in our theoretical depth chart. He's the 2018 Marko Marin for 50m more.
  8. Hence why I started my post with forgive a moan after a 5 nil win I'm maybe not as much of a youth hawk as Nibs but it does annoy me lots when we're not giving young players every chance we can. Great that CHO did well but we're wasting Ampadu's talents. I won't apologise for criticising the decision not to even have him on the bench when we were 3-0 up on aggreagte.
  9. Good draw but noone should be underestimated. Happy Napoli and Arsenal drew each other and are in the other side of the draw. It's also great that we're playing at home second leg.
  10. Of course he could have played. Could have come on for Kante at halftime. Those Bayern bids were the best thing that happened to us because it meant Sarri was forced to play CHO. Pity they don't bid big money for Ampadu too.
  11. Forgive a moan after a 5-0 win, but it still baffles me that Ampadu wasn't even in the squad. We were 3-0 up and he wasn't even worth a spot on the bench? He has played more minutes for Wales this year than he has for us. Infuriating. CHO has shown that when you actually give people the chance, they do well.
  12. I think Dave is another player not helped by the system. It's a bit like when JT was aksed to play that suicidal high line under AVB. Doesn't play to his strengths at all. I do think he has done well with some of the combination play and he offers an overlap better than most. But he is not a defender who can take on someone one on one and then whip in a cross.
  13. Love Carlo but he didn't win an FA Cup in his last season with arguably the worst squad of the Abramovich era.
  14. Love Carlo but he didn't win an FA Cup in his last season with arguably the worst squad of the Abramovich era.
  15. Agreed just. It's a bad setup, particularly when your players don't press from the front. We know Hazard just doesn't run without the ball and the pressing of others is inconsistent. We're trying to shoehorn a tactical system onto a set of players ill suited for it. But again we knew this would be his approach, we hired him specifically for this approach. Yet we didn't understand enough about football to know what personnel were required to make it work. Sarri made good changes today after we conceded and tried different things, but there remains the question of why we didn't play before conceding, if we were moving the ball too slow, why did we do that for 56 minutes. I won't throw Sarri under the bus because largely the same people who are condemning Sarri now are the same ones who carried on about 'Sufferball' last year. Those people should have a look at themselves. What I will say is that the sacking of Conte is being shown to be the biggest mistake during Abramovich's time at the club.

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