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  1. Great lot of bollocks been written on Werner and others. Transfer market is full of uncertainty and no one has any idea. Hasn't stopped us being linked to half the players we played in the CL this year and anyone who scored a goal in Germany on the weekend.
  2. Nothing special. Every agent knows we have money and we are being linked with everyone as a result. Doesn't really lift above what we have now. We'd actually be better of keeping Pedro or Willian.
  3. Regardless of United and Spurs, I can't hate the guy. Too many good memories.
  4. Alli is actually a good comparison. For me if Ruben could stay fit for 5 games at a time he has all of Havertz's game covered and then some. Only thing that really appeals to me is his left foot which makes me wonder whether Ruben and Havertz could play together with Kante covering both in behind.
  5. Top player. Was a star with three different clubs. Would have been a good fit in that role that Anelka ended up playing for us. That Spanish team had talent everywhere.
  6. I said this in an earlier thread but I think he is an answer to a question that is already answered. Spends much of his time in the right inside channel that we have just bought Ziyech for. Also takes up spaces that would suit Ruben and Mason. I watched last night as well and I have to say I wasn't thinking 100m based on that performance. He scored with a pretty weak finish that Sommer should have saved and then with a penalty. His contribution beyond that was a bit so so. My overwhelming take was that the game was so slow. It had no energy, or pressure without the crowd. Two of the best Bundesliga teams and it was a bit of a fizzer. I'm not actually convinced that these games are a fair reflection of what it is like playing with a full stadium. It just seems so much more relaxed.
  7. Fair point - Question is what would have the bigger impact one year left or teams nor having any money. United's results were a disaster and I imagine other teams will be too.
  8. He still holds that record? Wow. I would also think players are rested more now than they might have been then. Dave has been the only one close to playing every game of a season since him I'd say. I actually think the physical side of our game is a massive weakness at the minute all round. We've too many waifish technical players who lack the strength needed at Premier League level. It feels very late Wenger-era Arsenal. It's one of the biggest things that needs to be addressed this summer from an outgoing and incoming transfer perspective
  9. Injuries haven't helped granted but I would say he'll need to step up to another level to replace Pedro and Willian next year.
  10. Sancho is superb but he won't be moving until the market stabilises. Dortmund are too smart for that. Havertz is a funny one. I'm honestly not sure where he fits. He has huge overlap with Loftus Cheek, Mount and critically Ziyech. He seems to occupy that right inside channel same place as Ziyech does his best work. He seems like an answer to a question that is already answered. I love his left footedness but I havent seen him be the guy who opens up the angles on the left side of the pitch. His passing isn't that great either, better with the ball at his feet. Jury is out for me as to whether he would be worth the fee. More and more I think this is a summer to find value and strengthen our defence and then wait for next season to pay huge fees on attackers.
  11. I remain firmly on the fence. He has had, I reckon a month of decent football. For 60m and huge wages I think that's not enough. I'd give him a B- as a signing so far. Certainly hasn't dramatically outshone any of the youngsters who we paid nothing for.
  12. He has awful family history too. Totally understand when you've got clowns breaking lockdown left right and centre. Our best midfielder in the post Frank era by streets. Back him 100% and glad the club are doing the same. Wouldn't be surprised if he was happy to take a pay cut too, he's just that nice a guy.
  13. They also won this morning without their best player KALOOOU
  14. Kante not keen on playing again. Dont blame him. He has an awful family history and Callum is breaking lockdown. This is getting more and more ludicrous.
  15. Good news. He has been underused this year but is a good club man and has played a solid role whenever he has started. Opens the door for us to get a young pacey striker who could play in combination with him.

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