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  1. Richard Keys is a knob. End of story.
  2. Interesting you say that Munkworth, I often wonder whether the effects mics are turned up more on the away supporters. On the TV for most of the second half you could only here United. On a separate note, glad that Sarri and his assistant apologised. Good form. We don't disrespect a guy who won us a first title in 50 years.
  3. Great to pinch a point at the end! So happy for Ross. However, three key weaknesses we all knew of before the season nearly bit us on the bum today: 1. Luiz, who despite his header at the end, came charging out on a number of occasions and missed. Crucially for their second goal. 2. Morata, who becomes more Torresian everyday, was abysmal. Amazing how we started to play again when Giroud came on to actually hold the ball up the field. 3. Lack of physicality in midfield. When Pogba turned up in the second half he cruised past Jorginho a few times and we were unable to get the ball back from Lukaku in similar areas. We need an option to address that. That said of course we pinched a point and remain undefeated. Onwards with the blue flag flying high.
  4. We should. Bloke won us three titles and deserves respect for that. Disappointed we booed him at the end. No need to wind up in that moment. Just be happy with the goal and point.
  5. Hmm a combination of lack of match fitness for many and a bit of flat motivation nearly cost us there. Happy Alvaro got a goal.
  6. Spiller86

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Seems odd he didn't feature at all. But Alonso is going great so no complaints from me.
  7. Decent start in our hardest game. Wasteful again though. Happy for Barkley, great performance and assist. The calls for youth are a bit misplaced in my view. It was a tough away game. Win this one and let the kids play in the easier home games after we've qualified.
  8. Spiller86

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Hmm might be looking at old DL through rose coloured glasses there. He has always been erratic not only with positioning but particularly with one on ones. He's a bit slower now too which doesn't help. Key upgrade area in my view is that left sided CB. But I see this morning we are trying to resign him, so I've got no idea.
  9. Good solid win again. Setting ourselves up nicely, 6 points clear of Spuds, United and Arsenal in the top four race so early on. Hazard sublime, Giroud and Pedro great. Only question marks come at the back, I may be being super harsh here but I thought Kepa could have come for the cross on their goal. But it seems our approach will be simply to score more goals and win anyway despite our dodgy defence. Looking forward to our match against Liverpool in a couple of weeks. Then we'll get a real sense of where we are.
  10. Spiller86

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Once again proved himself to be superior to Morata even when he doesn't score. If Morata isn't scoring he offers nothing yet Giroud (even putting aside the assists) was involved in much of our best build up and made a big impact on the match. He simply must be the first choice this year.
  11. Agree with you on Kante @Dixon. I think we might well be wasting his talents playing in that spot. Playing him deeper next to Jorginho makes more sense in my view. He's the best in the world in his position. We need to let him do what he does best. Would help our pourous defence no end.
  12. Spiller86

    Another defender or two in January?

    Of course and to clarify I wasn't suggesting otherwise. I'll admit Sarri wasn't my first choice as I prefer managers who are solid at the back. That said of course his system deserves time and he largely worked out the kinks in the second half. (I imagine Wilian and Barkley were also given a kick up the backside for not working hard enough at halftime) I think there may be an argument at some stage for Kante to play deeper. We'll see how it works out. I'm not convinced this system is playing to his strengths, I'm also not convinced that Jorginho does much of anything without the ball, which is an issue in my view. But as you say we are two from two and have scored 6 goals, so we have a very positive base to build on. Time will certainly tell.
  13. Spiller86

    Another defender or two in January?

    Largely what happened yesterday was systematic rather than down to individuals. When a guy like Dave is being exposed you know that is a problem. We will probably need a new CB at some stage to replace Luiz, but if I'm honest there aren't many players out there who fit the bill of a physical defender who is good on the ball.
  14. Spiller86

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    @just the bloke has influence within the dressing room, but that isn't always positive as we saw last season.
  15. Spiller86

    Following our ex`s...

    Poyet sacked by Bordeaux after this: http://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2018/bordeaux-manager-gus-poyet-fired-after-a-sensational-rant/ Incredible.