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  1. That's fair. Tuchel again got it wrong (not just with Werner instead of Havertz) but also picking Dave at wingback. We really needed James' ability on the ball and his crossing but also his higher energy. Kante was left to do a lot on that side because Werner is not a great presser and Dave is a bit slow these days. We needed Dave at RCB instead.
  2. Sort of but not quite. I am saying that the reason we bought Lukaku is to finish the one moment we get in a big game, but also to breakthrough against the poor teams. Most games it won't matter that he has some areas of weakness in his game. But in the games where it does we need to pick a team that complements his style. Noting that Mount was out that was harder but I feel like that means 2 players higher up the pitch with him to press and progress the ball and one of those players should not be Werner. We learned that the hard way today.
  3. Agree. Tbf though this is what you get from Lukaku. Lethal at finishing chances but a workrate that makes Jimmy Floyd look like Kante and a poor first touch. The biggest mistake from Tuchel was starting he and Werner together in a two. Neither are good on the ball and they didn't seem to press well together. It was actually worse once Kante went off for Havertz. So we ended up unable to win the ball back high and unable to progress the ball into the final third because both players want to have one touch in an attacking move and that is the one that takes the shot. Was bizarre from Tuchel to use this game as the time to experiment with that approach.
  4. The game was very stretched when he came on. It suited him. Personally he should have come on for Werner, but then again Haven't should have also come on for Werner 25 minutes before.
  5. Back to the earth with a thud. First time I've watched Tuchel be out coached. Waaaay too negative to start with. Noone to progress the ball from midfield to attack and we didn't hunt the ball like we did against City last year. We missed Mount's work off the ball. Werner and Lukaku are not the type to build the play so why play them together? It was back to the bad old Sarri days when we tried to make Kante be creator and hunter by himself. Dave as wingback made that worse. James a better option with Dave in the back three. Somehow the changes made it even worse. Werner still standing up front playing no role at all while Kante who can change the game went off. A bin fire of a set up and performance, but probably well timed to shake up some ideas and play the best team for this game rather than give Werner a shot because he scored midweek.
  6. I feel like he lost that yard as a result of the achilles tear. When he first emerged he had that lightning ability to generate separation from a defender. Not sure I have seen him do that as much since his injury. I agree re: loans and think he probably has been hindered a bit by not having one. He has sat on the bench for the period when he might have been on loan. That has definitely stunted his growth in areas as you mention. Expectations have hurt him too in my view.
  7. Of course. But I think there is honing your craft and building that understanding of playing against men and rounding out your game. Mount and James are the best examples of that approach. I feel for CHO because he probably lost his x factor pace with the injury and that has exposed the other elements of his game that weren't as developed. Notably his shooting and work off the ball. I wonder whether RLC wasn't the only one cruelled by injury in that Sarri season. In any case, he is one of these players left in limbo now with Frank and Jody gone and the wing back system in place. For mine I think a loan to a Dortmund would have been perfect for him. He's got talent but needs to get runs on the board to truly be a chance of being a 10 year Chelsea player. He might not ever get a chance under Tuchel and the new system but chances are Tuchel will be gone in 2 seasons and he needs to position himself to be a winger when a new manager and system come in.
  8. Courtois left us on the threat of a free transfer, so not that long ago. Fair to say Hazard did the same, although in better circumstances. I agree with your broad point though. Unlikely that Christensen or Rudiger leave us unless a Real, Barcelona, PSG or Bayern come calling which is unlikely. I think we made the right calls this summer, the striker was the key and we got that - the rest were nice to haves really.
  9. That video covers it well - apart from the awful voice over. Very grating.
  10. If only we had bought him then instead of pissing away money on Drinkwaters and Bakayokos etc!
  11. That makes more sense. Barca tried to activate Saul's 70m buyout clause a few years back so it would make sense that they wanted him as part of the deal. Yes, he asked to have a kidney removed and played with a catheter. This is a guy who will give you everything. Literally bleed for the cause. Part of why I think he'll be a good addition regardless of his best form.
  12. He's a different player to Kovacic. Fewer tricks but does the little things better. At his best he is definitely a better player but there is a question on that. That goal against Bayern probably is a player who may no longer be there. But he adds versatility, a left footed option in midfield and has that Spanish midfield DNA with the ability to pass and move to shift a defence. I'd pitch him now as being a bit like Dave as a midfielder. Can play anywhere, has a big game mentality, big character and will give you 7/10 every week.
  13. All a bit odd that this deal would be linked to the deal for Griezmann noting they play different roles. Anyway, let's see what happens. I think he is a good signing if it happens!
  14. Is this all coming from that bloke on Sky?
  15. Amazing how the Youtube highlights from one season and a few stats on Whoscored convinced people who never watched him play that he was the best thing since slice bread. He's been living off those highlights packages ever since. Always be wary of people trumpeting the latest 21 year old defensive midfielder from France is my rule now. As for Saul... That's not a bad deal at all. I think he'll be a very good addition to a squad chasing the title and will quickly become a fan favourite. Let's hope the change reinvigorates him and he reaches his potential. If he does, a Saul-Kante pivot is potentially our best midfield since the days of Lampard, Ballack and Maka.
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