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  1. Spot on. He's a volume shooter. You can't play slow build up football and expect him to convert the one chance he has. We knew this when we bought him. This is the thing I find so frustrating. Every mug punter and forum poster who watched a few games can see that he wasn't clinical. We spent millions on recruitment. How are the experts not seeing this? My new line with players in Germany is if Bayern don't fight you for them, then maybe ask why that's the case.
  2. Milinkovic Savic is immensely inconsistent and not overly mobile. No thanks.
  3. He didn't fall into their diving traps. Neither of the incidents you mention was a foul but worse referees would have been duped. A light breeze knocked them over and then they got up waving around for cards. Actually some of the worst diving I've seen since they bought in the yellow card for simulation.
  4. Another pretty dour performance under Tickle but it got the job done. I think we scrapped it out which is sometimes what you need to do away in Europe. Mount's turn and goal changed the game. Up to 8 goals across all competitions now. Some work from a bloke only in the team because he is Frank's favourite... Can't be complacent coming into the second leg. Porto won't be giving up.
  5. Good professional away result. Got to keep it up and we'll be on our way to our first CL semi in 7 seasons.
  6. I think they've done well given their team. Mbemba was pants at Newcastle yet here he is featuring in a huge CL quarter final tie. That is credit to Conceicao.
  7. Would love to see Werner have that sort of composure in front of goal!
  8. Conceicao's touch is better than pretty much all of their team. I like him as a coach. Doing a lot with pretty poor cattle.
  9. Porto's pressure is pretty insane even after 70 mins. Very hard to build up the play
  10. Diving central now. We need a to take a chance. I can feel a dodgy dive and red card or penalty coming on for them.
  11. Yup. I'm sure he's getting paid a bomb too.
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