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  1. That's a fair point ducavis. My view is that it a striker's contribution these days has to extend beyond finishing. Abraham and Michy are both pretty ordinary on the ball and don't link up as well with other players. From what I've observed they also aren't great without the ball at leading the press which is key for a striker these days. Giroud isn't perfect and his finishing isn't always great but he does the other things well. In a season where I don't think we're going to create mountains of chances for a striker, doing the other stuff is important. Tammy may grow into that and take over at some stage but he's not there yet for me.
  2. I'm not as convinced EB. His work without the ball wasn't nearly good enough. I didn't think he supported the press that well and he was often easily bypassed by Barcas defenders passing into midfield. He also missed a sitter and didn't do much on the ball. Giroud still a better option in my view, although he might be level with Bats as a second striker.
  3. He played a similar way to the approach with Italy, his lack of pace is not exposed as much when he has a partner. I thought Kovacic did well alongside him. Question is whether we keep one of Bakayoko or Drinkwater until RLC returns. Kenedy is the first player in the bin for me. Beyond being left footed he really adds nothing of value. Zouma or Tomori is probably the other key question. Kurts work on the ball has improved a lot. But neither get ahead of the other three midfielders we have for mine. When Everton are offering big money do we really keep him to be fourth choice? I'm unsure.
  4. Happy for a win there. Even if we were under the kosh a bit in the second half. Clear to me that with the exception of Tammy the first team was on the pitch in thr first half. We were much more solid and moved the ball okay. Second half was very slow with our pressing a bit inconsistent. For me I think our biggest strength and weakness will be the high press. We created most of our chances that way but we were also opened up badly on the occasions we got it wrong.
  5. Looked very solid in defence and we kept the ball well even if it was a bit slow. I've liked Jorginho and Emerson and their role in the build up. Pulisic and Mount looked promising also. Tammy should have scored two.
  6. A terrible signing. He joined straight into that Brazilian clique that whiteanted Conte and has done nothing really to justify the expense. Take the loss and be rid of him in my view.
  7. Their goal was a classic Luiz f**kup so not too much to worry about there. More concerning was our inability to create chances, but that's okay for now. Onwards and upwards with our best player still to play his first match.
  8. It's a great move for him. Similar to Andreas going to gladbach. He's going to play but in a competitive team in the CL and Bundesliga. Exactly what he needs.
  9. It's almost a shame to see him go on loan but in my view he needs to play most weeks and that's unlikely here. Hopefully he goes to a team who want to play football and gets a shot in midfield.
  10. It might be a stretch. Depends who Arsenal and United sign. I could see OGS and Emery easily getting the sack this year. Our big issue will be goals. Confident with a restored Kante we will be solid enough at the back.
  11. I've been one of those hoping for a season where we genuinely give the youth a shot. Hopefully that is this season (even though the two best ones are injured!) Dont think the JCLs will be going anywhere though. They'll still be here when we lose a few in a row which we will at some stage. I'm honestly not sure that we will finish in the top 4 but it should be a fuj ride anyway.
  12. Everyone is saying this will be done. I have faith it will be. We all know Marina is a very tough negotiator and Callum has all the leverage so i imagine both are trying to get a good deal out of the other.
  13. I thought he was classic Michy. Tunnel vision for goal and not much else. To play in a front two you have to pass the ball to your partner when they are in a better position than you. There were at least two really good moments where Michy didn't even look let alone consider passing.
  14. I thought he was actually okay bar the one clear chance that was saved. Often not helped by Michy's selfishness and lack of vision either.
  15. Seems bizarre doesn't it. He played well in some games for Milan, but had a limited role. Anytime he is asked to do more than break up play he seems to struggle. On his way if we can find a buyer, not that I buy the PSG rumours. Tuchel wants the ball and Bakayoko is hopeless with it.

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