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  1. If Sarri takes over at Juve I know who I would have my money on.
  2. If Sarri takes over at Juve I know who I would have my money on.
  3. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea/chelsea-fear-ruben-loftuscheek-faces-several-months-out-with-ruptured-achilles-after-injury-in-usa-a4143611.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  4. Sigh. RLC got injured and James and Chalobah got about 10 minutes. What a disaster. The only good that could have come from this was minutes for our young lads and we couldn't even get that right.
  5. This fixture is one of our greatest own goals in recent memory. Ultimate face palm moment if Ruben is out injured for the final. Edit: Simon Johnson from the Standard (reliable) suggesting that the early mail is that he ruptured his achilles same as CHO.
  6. Hope they take No data, but he is no Griezmann replacement. Bit of a dick move from Griezmann after doing that ludicrous live TV special last year to announce he was staying. Barca again going to the chequebook to solve their problems. They've now spent about 500m on their front line trying to replace Neymar and they're still Messi reliant. No wonder they are trying to move on Coutinho to reclaim some cash.
  7. Good player who possess a threat from outside the box which we lack currently. Depends on the fee. I'm reluctant to add to our Brazilian clique.
  8. Shame to lose him, but I think we all knew after last summer's disaster where we changed coach during pre-season and failed to properly reinforce that it would be hard to keep him. Let's hope that we can send him out with a trophy against the Gooners.
  9. Wouldn't have needed to do any of that if he had not been ball watching and let Jovic score.
  10. A day after he makes yet another glaring error we give him a two year extension. I think that says we are worried we will be losing our appeal at CAS. Willian and Pedro will be next.
  11. Totally agree. He isn't my cup of tea either. A system player in a team built around strong individuals. He is built for Sarri's system. I would say he has done better now he is staying deeper and not pressing. His lack of speed isn't being exposed as much. I think his organisational skills are coming to the fore.
  12. Summed up my views well Nibs. I think he deserves another year as is fitting of making the Champions League and bringing Ruben and CHO through. But he isn't in the same class as Jose, Carlo or Conte. I can't help but feel it's a when not if question about him being moved on. He may still be moved on if we lose to Arsenal. I don't see us competing again under his leadership. I didn't see it when we hired him and this year has confirmed that view. But fair is fair. Top 4 is the benchmark and he has met that.
  13. Willian I'll cede. He was awful. Ruben, despite fitness, was still our best threat and having storming game. His reaction afterwards said everything about whether he thought he could continue. Sending on Zappacosta instead of the club captain was the most odd. We had no aerial threat afterwards and nearly conceded two headed goals. Could have used some leadership as well. We were listless after halftime. Sarri got it wrong big time. I lost count of the amount of times someone got the ball with no one within 20 metres of them. We had no answer to Frankfurt playing the high press and essentially were lucky with a couple of clearances of the line. I'm not Sarri out at all. But his tactics and subs last night missed the mark big time. I honestly think he would have been at risk if we had have lost that shootout.

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