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  1. That video they posted of his goal was on the day he signed for us I thought
  2. Difference is Mourinho is/was one of the most successful managers of all time, unlike Lampard who is just starting out as a manager. Not that I wouldn't back him to the hilt personally.
  3. He's a phenomenal player. Would be a great signing.
  4. Seemed to be the correct call from the linesman, unfortunately.
  5. I've never quite understood the playoffs. Why aren't the top 3 of the Championship automatically promoted to the PL?
  6. Weren't they top of the table for almost the entire season? What happened?
  7. You know he's performed well when it's been over ten minutes since @just has posted on this thread
  8. He was definitely in the mood last night. More of that please.

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