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  1. Just a little reminder of how influential he could be for us in the long-term. Couldn't find a clip of his performance against Bournemouth on youtube but kept digging and finally got it. https://streamable.com/7i1u8
  2. My favorite player to watch at the moment. Would probably be considered one of the best midfielders in the world if not for his injury record IMO.
  3. Would be worth a gamble IMO. His intelligence and end product have undoubtedly improved over time and with the right coaching I could see him flourishing in the PL.
  4. I'm currently leading in the predictions thread and now I know why that is
  5. Anyone else unable to view new content in condensed view anymore? It opens in expanded view regardless of what I select. I'm on android by the way. Haven't tested it on a laptop yet.
  6. Would've been interesting to see the reaction on here had you posted that after he got hooked at half time against Ajax. Crazy how quickly opinions change in football isn't it?

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