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  1. Doesn't matter if he was a Bayern target considering he's yet to make an impact in the PL. At the moment Tammy has had a much greater impact for us this season so why shouldn't he expect to get more out of it?
  2. Can we get him to play under OGS just for next week's fixture?
  3. I agree with this. Similarly to last season, before our massive dip in form, he was receiving quite a bit of praise. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve the criticism he's been getting of late, though it's always been more of a collective issue for me. Unfortunately, in this day and age especially, scapegoats are a common theme. And our main scapegoat has been our manager, for his lack of managerial experience. Spurs made it to the CL final last season and sacked their manager for a past-it Mourinho. This is Lampard's second season in his managerial career. What were people expecting with our injuries and the loss of hazard and the transfer ban? It's baffling the amount of moaning we get constantly about everything surrounding the club, by our own fans. I've recently watched some of our matches from earlier this season and we were being praised, left right and center, and rightly so, even from our rivals. I'm convinced patience no longer exists in football. All of the positives of this season have long been forgotten. It's now considered a complete disaster.
  4. Too bad Ruben isn't match fit. Would've loved to see him start here.
  5. Another top performance from him today.
  6. MOTM for me. Best I've seen him play in a Chelsea shirt.
  7. To be fair, he did turn into Drogba for about 7 seconds against Man Utd in the league cup.
  8. Get a grip mate, it was obviously his daughter

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