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  1. Amputechture

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    They'll only get 2 days rest before the cup final so it's understandable.
  2. Hopefully just a temporary ban?
  3. Amputechture

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Have only watched the first season so far and thoroughly enjoyed it. Really underrated series.
  4. Amputechture

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    @just Just curious as to whether you felt the same about Jorginho early on this season before we faced Spurs? The entire team have had a huge dip in form ever since and Jorginho was getting nothing but praise on here prior to that defeat if memory serves.
  5. Amputechture

    Sarri - In or Out?

    4-0 to Everton, 4-2 to Leicester, 3-1 to Monaco IIRC. Liverpool lost 5-0 to City last season. That's football. It happens.
  6. Amputechture

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Did they expect us to play like Barcelona halfway into his first season with us? Bring in a manager with an attacking, possession based style of football only to ditch it because it hasn't come into fruition overnight? That's not madness or insanity. It seems logical that these things take time to implement.
  7. Amputechture

    Malmo V Chelsea (EL) Thurs 14th Feb 20:00 UK

    Our last 4 games: Chelsea 3-0 Sheffield Bournemouth 4-0 Chelsea Chelsea 5-0 Huddersfield Man City 6-0 Chelsea If this continues we'll be winning every other game with a ridiculous scoreline. Happy days.
  8. Amputechture

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Great to see you posting again, you've been missed.
  9. Amputechture

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Pulisic scores! Get in
  10. Amputechture

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Didn't know Morata was your age
  11. Amputechture


    Legend. Shouldn't be on that list.
  12. Amputechture

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Klopp's Liverpool finished 8th in his first season at the helm. What happened next? Club backed him, got rid of the deadwood and now they are serious contenders. God only knows the reaction we'd get on here if we're in a similar position come the end of the season.
  13. Amputechture

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Maybe for now, but Sarri has stated he's been improving in that respect.
  14. Amputechture

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK

    My guess is Ampadu