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  1. Was he playing in midfield? Stunning goal.
  2. And Kovacic to come on in injury time to score his first goal in years.
  3. What about his miss in stoppage time? Also down to Sarri?
  4. Had high hopes for him and thought he started the season relatively well. Seems to be getting worse unfortunately and just doesn't offer enough going forward.
  5. Then what am I missing? Pep was blasted by the media and fans alike after his first season in charge, saying it was impossible to be successful playing that way in the Premier League, only for them to go on and win the title in record-breaking fashion the following season.
  6. Didn't Man City break records left and right doing just that?
  7. Go and watch the goal again. Our defenders didn't cover themselves in glory whatsoever. At the very least they should be fouling the player and going into the book before the opportunity presented itself in front of goal. I don't know if it'll work long-term. I think it's too early to tell and I don't think it's too much to ask for us fans to have some patience every now and again. We pressed high against City and got battered. Played them again a couple weeks later with a completely different approach. Wolves, albeit an excellent team this season, are no Man City. Chelsea failing to break down stubborn defences is nothing new to me. I've seen it happen time and time again over the past few years.
  8. They were comfortable in terms of the difficulty we had breaking them down. I don't disagree there. I was referring solely to their goal and the amount of chances they created due to our high press.
  9. Did the high press contribute in some way? Sure. I also think you have an agenda and it's getting boring. When I responded to your initial comment, you agreed that it was a fair point, so what's all the fuss about the goal we conceded today? Now that I've answered your question, would you care to point out how many times our high press caused us to concede dangerous chances today? Kepa could've taken a nap. Wolves were lucky. Very lucky.
  10. Yes. We have conceded ridiculously silly and avoidable goals under both Conte and Mourinho. Does that answer your question?

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