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  1. Is he no longer first choice for them?
  2. So being our only standout player of the night isn't good enough. It's his responsibility to make sure everyone else plays well? Gotcha. Come to think of it, I blame Kovacic for Kepa's pass to Zouma because you know, why the f**k not.
  3. He genuinely looked a promising player a couple seasons ago. Seems to have regressed significantly.
  4. Would be pointless. He'd only manage to play a few games a season.
  5. I hope it doesn't go down that road. Do you have any theories on what Whiterose's machine/project could be besides that?
  6. Yeah I couldn't believe they were able to pull that off. It'll surely go down as one of the greatest TV episodes of all time. As a whole it seems to be such an underrated series. By the way, here's what Elliot Villar (the actor who plays Fernando Vera) sounds like in real life. The difference is staggering! https://youtu.be/pM1qY9Fafgs?t=58
  7. Not necessarily. If Ajax beat Valencia, then a draw against Lille is all that's required to see us through.
  8. Brilliant. Been looking for a video showcasing his highlights from this season. Thanks for sharing.

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