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  1. Is it just me or are we even lighter at LWB going into next season?
  2. Nobody dislikes him, the majority seem to despise him. Personally I think he should be moved on for a decent fee. I like him.
  3. Great news, been feeling for a while now that we need someone to challenge Timo for the worst first touch in the squad award.
  4. Mendy Azpi Silva Rüdiger CHO Kanté James Chilly Havertz Werner Mount
  5. Yeah, he scores in the first minute on Sunday and then in the last minute against City in the final. What a fitting end to the season that'd be.
  6. Hahaha how on earth is Torres 3rd on that list.
  7. Seems fairly logical doesn't it? I don't get the uproar over that decision personally. Maybe an argument could be made that we opt for CHO at RWB over Azpi due to his lack of pace? Overall it does make sense IMO to have James at CB to nullify Vardy‘s strengths.
  8. Toni Rüdiger on a different level there. Jorginho and Mount were excellent as well. We desperately needed this response after the week we've had. Proud of all the players tonight.
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