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  1. The intolerance of the fanbase, and many on here, is a real problem for me, and Cardiff still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. You don't have to like him, and it's fine to think he's not the right manager for us. I still think it's way too early to tell, February was horrendous, but since then i am seeing "green shoots" and my concern is that he gets fired prematurely possibly due to fan pressure, and that it turns out to be a grave error. But that's just my view, and i don't expect others to share it. But nothing - not even the most scathing assessment of Sarri's tactics etc - justifies the level of vitriol i've seen all too often on here and elsewhere.
  2. The stats you are referring to are a straw man - I wasn’t talking about those. I was talking about the probability regarding today’s match specifically, which is that Liverpool should win based on facts that have nothing to do with Sarri, and a lot to do with Liverpool being better than us right now. That means you can’t convincingly use today’s result to push your “Sarri is always to blame” narrative. Wait until we get a bad result against a lesser side and you have a better shot at it...
  3. Thank you too, sir! many of the comments on here are really plumbing new lows.
  4. Do you understand basic probability? Losing against Liverpool just doesn’t constitute failure. I’m not making excuses. It’s you that is biased and will always find a way to blame Sarri.
  5. Understood, and certainly a dent in the 4th place hope. But I don’t think it’s damaging ik a broader sense. maybe I misunderstood. Getting a result at Anfield was always a big ask though. What were you expecting?
  6. Ok but what was everyone expecting? We lost against a better team, undone by 2 great (one wonder) goals we couldn’t do much about. Performance wise, this wasn’t Bournemouth, or City away, or Arsenal away. Why do so many on here persist with the narratives from earlier in the season that no longer apply?
  7. Decent performance, disappointing and slightly harsh result against a team that should win on paper. How difficult is that to grasp?
  8. I think it’s a good article
  9. Point taken. My point is that even if we were playing the football you crave, the level can’t be sustained through every match and it’s great to win the occasional game with a lacklustre performance and minimal effort.
  10. Amazing how much some will read into a performance that has no relevance whatsoever. Job done is all that matters, and you gotta love the economy of it. We almost shouldn’t have wanted a good performance tonight.
  11. Of course he will. We have to be prepared for that.

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