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  1. Terrible performance. Lampard out of his depth. We need to replace the entire squad except Pulisic.
  2. Yeah agree. Think Christensen often been a scapegoat, shielding others’ errors and poor performances, particularly Rudiger’s. I really rate him.much better pairing on tonight’s evidence.
  3. Interesting. I think his passing is excellent and am surprised it seems to go unnoticed. He played a sweet through ball to Tammy yesterday that a better forward might have done something with - score even. It’s just one example but I would say his final ball is usually good. Agree with Strider therefore about wanting to see him and RLC develop an understanding.
  4. It’s not the end of the world, people. Bad performance for sure, but there will be better ones, maybe even soon, and we shouldn’t view the entire season through the prism of tonight.
  5. If you think he was played out of position and this was the problem, presumably Lampard would be aware of this too and consider switching things around. Yet he opted to take him off instead, which to me suggests Billy just wasn’t quite up to it today.
  6. I think today was just the inevitable reality check after we all got a bit overexcited. His credentials as a potential Chelsea legend in the making are very much intact.
  7. Job done! Everyone still feeling their way back in so we should try not to be too critical. Let’s focus instead on the many positives I’m too lazy to list right now.
  8. He has. Highlights again the importance of patience, or at least not writing off players until we are sure they don’t have something to give us.
  9. I agree with this and also think he gets too much stick. Really classy player with huge potential. indeed it would be a real shame if that is fulfilled elsewhere.
  10. 100%. I’ll probably regret this next time he makes the inevitable error, but I think Christensen is a class act. I don’t disagree with the criticism often levelled at him re lack of physicality, but different strokes for different folks: I feel his qualities are underappreciated. it would be madness to let such a young CB with so much quality and promise go. Fortunately SFL clearly rates him so doesn’t look like that will happen.
  11. Hi all. Haven’t posted in a while. Want to give it a couple of games before saying much. bit of a lottery the first game back so can’t read too much into it. All I’ll say for now is - delighted with the result and it looks like rating Christensen is getting even more lonely 🙂

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