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  1. Makes sense. Of course the money comes from Roman 🙂! What club has the self-sufficiency / bottom line to splash 200 mln on players at a time like this? Not Liverpool, as Klopp kept moaning about over the summer. And in that case certainly not Chelsea, as we must be considerably less profitable. When you factor in the astronomical costs of running a football club, plus all the foregone revenues etc, 200 mil is a hell of a lot to be spending on players right now.
  2. The trouble is Gol, there’s no magic money tree in the way there was when Roman first arrived. There are limits on how many players we can get and the board has made it clear. In strictly business terms, Roman wants a return on his investment and the extra £200 mil spent adds to the pressure / shortens the required timeline in which this return needs to be delivered. Surely you would agree that our current squad can do better than what we’ve been seeing lately. If you don’t believe that it means the £200 mil was a horrendous malinvestment. I suspect you think the former; hence, it comes d
  3. Underrated views 👏. I know I bang on about it but I feel if I don’t push back against the groupthink, nobody will.... except you of course. The narrative that has been dreamt up about Sarri on here is mostly wrong. For one thing, the “sarriball” that is so derided wasn’t really his football at all. We only saw glimpses of the football he intended towards the end of the season and it looked pretty good, but the fans have opted to forget that. The rest of the time, including the mid-season shxtshow (not unlike our mid season shxtshow last year under Lampard, or our current slump, btw) it wa
  4. For now it looks like we are just not well drilled enough as a unit. It’s not about the midfield, the attack or the defence. We have the players to succeed. So this bad spell IS on Frank but, as before, I’m prepared to give him time to sort it out. He’s done it before, perhaps against the odds? Something I’ve said before so sorry to repeat: a lot of people don’t seem to fully appreciate just how hard it is to succeed as a football manager at the highest level. It’s mind-boggling how competitive it is.
  5. Gol15 Gol15! What happened? Are we really back to this? You’d raised your game mightily on here since last season. What’s brought on this relapse? Who cares if some members don’t like Jorginho! It’s pretty daft to get worked up about this stuff and I know we’re all guilty of it (including me) but you take it to a whole other level. Does you no favours. Take a step back man.
  6. Can we please end the Sarri comparisons? They misrepresent both our current football and “Sarriball”.... which by the way wasn’t always bad or dull. So much selective memory.
  7. True but wasn’t it like this last season? We improved. I think this was definitely better than the Arsenal game. Keeping the faith for the time being.
  8. Things aren’t as bad as many think. Disappointing but a long way from being a crisis.
  9. Reserving judgment for now. But what I will say is all this talk about how eg “Frank needs to go all out for Declan Rice next window”... or “we just need to buy another winger”.... is an implicit admission that Lampard is not good enough . I mean i could argue that if only the board splashed out on Mbappe and Messi, it would have a positive impact on our results. You see the problem? If you don’t think that Lampard can do better than today’s and last few performances with our current squad, ie without Declan Rice, then you must also think he’s not good enough to be Chelsea manager. It’s very
  10. Well said. Absolutely true and not just in football.
  11. I’m keeping the faith. Not refuting what everyone says about the poor finishing. But there’s also no denying he gets into a lot of goal scoring positions. And he has pace to burn. He’s still adapting to a tough league, he’s still young and he seems to have a great attitude. I’m assuming his confidence will improve and the goals will come. He may never be super clinical but that, along with all the above, is why I see him much more as a number 11 than a number 9. Sorry for repeating myself on that. Whether that’s right or wrong, I’m fairly certain that all these comparisons to Morata and Torres
  12. Win is a win. We’ll play much better than that and lose too. Werner issue is he’s low on confidence. It’s not about his position. We should keep the faith and give him a bit more time.
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