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  1. No prize for guessing the other exception. This virus has laid bare the flaws of our and that other place’s model.
  2. Quite a big ‘apart from’ to be fair
  3. Pedro’s defensive work has been really valuable.
  4. Dunno. Have heard that a lot of real fans didn’t want to sell him and felt vindicated in that view this season. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the big guns coming with bids this summer.
  5. When we sold de Bruyne, it was a mistake arising from impatience, but when Real sold Kovacic to us it was due to the ‘cold hard fact’ that he’s a reject? Do you not think maybe Real made a mistake too, showing precisely the same lack of patience, typical of big clubs, that we showed with de Bruyne? Kovacic would now sell for more than what Real sold him to us, implying it was indeed an error on their part. I think he would be in contention for a starting place if he were still there, or would certainly be playing more than he did before.
  6. Got it and thought that might be the case :). As a fellow “fanboy”, I agree with all the rest.
  7. To be fair, Slojo, Davey doesn’t seem to be saying Kovacic himself needs to be more physical, just that maybe the other CM should be. He’s also one of Kovacic’s key advocates on here though I suspect you know that and maybe I misinterpreted your post?
  8. Dean

    CB dilemma.

    Went for keep them all with age playing a big part in the decision. All should have a long way to go till their peak.
  9. great post. As for putting Kova in that Bayern side - by the same token, put Kimmich in our side and I don’t think many would be claiming his rightful place was in the opposing team. Instead he’d be getting lambasted more than anyone for gifting them the ball.
  10. I would say some combination of phenomenal technical ability/close control, timing and decision-making (when to play it safe, when to make a run, when not to...). I.e. Some of the things he’s routinely criticised for are in fact his key strengths. Far from being outclassed tonight, he barely put a foot wrong. He showed that this is the stage on which he belongs, and the gulf in class between him and the rest of our players was embarrassing. His performance is obviously overshadowed by the result, but I would say, factoring in the quality of the opposition (important to emphasise this), tonight was his best performance in a Chelsea shirt. I genuinely do my best to try and see things through the lens of the detractors, as I think it’s always healthy to try and see the ‘other side’. But I really don’t get what’s not to like.

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