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  1. I’d probably give Kovacevic a bit of time to settle in and get to know his teammates rather than throw him in at the deepend.
  2. Lampard is certainly not beyond reproach and the last few games have been bad, no question. But calling for sacking him now is seriously jumping the gun and i have to question whether all of those doing so are posting in good faith.
  3. Can’t complain. Fully deserved. At least less fixture congestion. But Frank needs to turn things around ASAP and prove he has the tactical nous it takes to manage at the top level, which, lest we forget, is extremely demanding. The excuse that he’s integrating new players is probably still valid but only just and for how long? The worrying thing is it’s not at all clear what the players are being integrated into, as there is no system to speak of from what I can tell. And it’s just joyless to watch.
  4. True he has looked somewhat off the pace and out of form
  5. If people balk at this (and I do on one level - I guess my heart?) it’s probably because you’re correct - we don’t want to believe it and so push it out. But our heads (certainly mine) also recognise the flaws along with the reality that SFL will have to correct them ASAP ... coz football management at the top is brutally competitive. The odds of success are slim beyond our comprehension, and that’s before we even get to the specifics of being the manager at Chelsea, where even the successful ones all ultimately failed. We all want SFL to succeed as Chelsea manager but it’s important
  6. Am surprised nobody picked up on that Kova action. Seems many still see what they want to. Ok it’s just one piece of play but realistically you’re only going to get a few chances like that against Liverpool. It’s a “should-be” assist following a great run, yet goes unnoticed coz of bias and coz Werner (who is getting rave reviews and I don’t disagree with those by the way) failed to convert.
  7. I also don’t think we were that bad. One could argue that it was after we became more emboldened that we got into trouble.
  8. Too much ugliness and name calling on here at times. I know passions are ignited etc, but try and keep it civil. Don’t forget we all want the same thing.
  9. Fair enough. I think he would have been slated for that too though. Anyway, all pretty academic now. Ugh
  10. This argument is logically flawed. On the reasoning that Mane wasn’t getting their first, it’s a yellow. Presumably you’d have been ok with a yellow and the risk of committing the foul would then have been justified?
  11. Completely agree. Let’s examine the counterfactual where Christensen doesn’t commit, Mane rounds Kepa and it’s 0-1. Which would see Christensen more vilified?
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