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  1. I think they might be in relative terms (relative to their money, recent success and what’s expected of them). q is how long does Pep want to stay there. I don’t think it will ever have the same appeal to foreign managers that some of the other clubs have, no matter how much money they throw at it, and Pep seems like someone who tends to get itchy feet
  2. Stunned that kovacic gets a 5. Thought he was one of our best 3 players and would give an 8. I really do often wonder whether I’m watching the same games as some. I’d honestly recommend watching it again. Tammy was terrible. Probably a 4.
  3. I’m talking about the game today. But since we’re on the subject of the others, are you that surprised by those results and our current standing given the circumstances: new manager and key players with no experience in PL, transfer ban, improvements made by other teams etc? You see, I’m not and am on record somewhere on here saying I expected mid table for this season. I wasn’t a fan of the Lampard appointment or of Sarri leaving, and all the other stuff (transfer ban, uncertainty around the owner) is a major handicap. but I am hoping to be proven wrong. In a way, I’ve accepted mediocrity as our current reality and that’s the difference between us. From that angle, you might say it’s rich of me to berate others for their negativity and you'd have a point. On the other hand, that acceptance does help me to take things in my stride. Lampard and the team are actually doing better than i thought they would. 4th place would be a major result for me .
  4. Kovacic too. Surprised he didn’t get more praise.
  5. It does but on paper we can’t be expected to get them off Liverpool, difficult though that is to admit. My main point is on expectations though. Still too high for many which explains the constant state of being disappointed.
  6. Great response and lots to be positive. the problems are so obvious that they SHOULD be fixable with time. Waaaay too much negativity on here. What were you expecting people?
  7. Also the 3-0 would have led to a kickoff this changing the course of the game so we wouldn’t have had the second save. I know I may be pedantic but this error, constantly made by commentators, annoys me.
  8. Indeed if you think it’s rigged why bother watching at all?
  9. This season, maybe. Tonight, no. tammy was v poor, control not good. But that’s completely understandable and normal for first CL outing. Broadly agree. Really naive all round, and I was also especially puzzled by the Giroud for Zouma sub. Am prepared to cut them all some slack though and put it down to lack of experience, first CL outing for so many of them etc
  10. Having been there, I think this succinct take is the best on here
  11. Fantastic! Such a quality hat-trick too with a broad range of goal type (if you know what I mean :)). Having voiced doubts myself about this team and where our goals would come from this season, I’m delighted to be proven wrong and hope these youngsters continue to do so every match.

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