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  1. Interesting.. at least he seems to be on the right path then :)?
  2. Yeah. A key factor for me is that, given his heavy involvement at the business end of the pitch, only minor adjustments are required for a significant potential impact (goals). We’re talking fractions of seconds in the timing of his runs, for example.
  3. Yes I agree on the latter. Also, everyone remember how urgently we needed to ship in an entire new defence last season? Obviously Silva had a big impact but the improvement has been mainly “organic” - existing players massively upping their game. If our current attacking players can improve by the same degree next season as the defence this season (not unrealistic imo), we will be formidable.
  4. Not “soon to be” but “already” legendary.
  5. Interesting to see the positive spin in the media on his (soon to be legendary) post match comments! Both the Sun (“brilliant”) and, at other end of the spectrum, the Guardian. It didn’t have to get spun this way and wouldn’t have in the past. On a related note, I think the media in general is waaaaay more favourably disposed towards this Chelsea side vs the ones of the past. Not hard to understand why. Not sure it matters either but it can’t hurt.
  6. Always thought this was more applicable to Pep tbh and last night gives more conviction on it.
  7. Went for Kante but it’s so close. Might have gone for dave had I not done my bit for him on the dedicated thread the other day. Happy to say that comment has aged pretty well and certainly a lot better than my predictions about the CL final
  8. Soon to be the envy of all the top clubs in Europe. And to think many wanted him shipped out
  9. “Preordained” 😂 😂 😂 I can’t believe it!!!! Pinching myself Was it really that easy too?? Shoulda been 3-0!
  10. I think we will finally be challenging next season. I wonder if City could surprise by disappointing. They and Pep aren’t all that consistent and have a tendency to take their foot off the pedal ever so slightly after big seasons. As another potential sort of surprise (not the same level as Leicester winning the league or anything), how feasible is a title race between us and United? United is a weird one. Nobody seems to talk of them as a contender (all the talk is still about Liverpool and City) yet they did come second pretty comfortably . This will suit them. I can’t wo
  11. I love Dave. Such a dependable, intelligent player both in defence and attack. Rarely makes a mistake, almost always makes the right decision, and on occasion pops up with a key goal or reminds us he has some sublime ball skills too (THAT moment in the second leg vs Real). The Grealish incident made me love Dave even more. I think he’s been a great captain. Us not winning stuff comes down to us not being as good as during the glory days. Simple as that. I’m not sure having a more charismatic (or whatever some people think it is that Dave lacks) captain would have changed much.
  12. Yep - got it now! I also think a lot will come down to the performance / effort.
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