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  1. It takes more than half a season and many were willing to give it ‘at least a season’. He hasn’t been in the role or job long enough to establish an identity / playing style. He’s still finding his way. Look, I had serious doubts about Lampard - getting him in as coach seemed like an emotional decision to me, plus I’m a fan of Sarri (one of about 3 on here). I still have doubts about Lampard but he’s done a lot better than I thought. Managing a premier league team is really hard and he has zero experience. What were people expecting?
  2. There are some positives believe it or not. - we were looking pretty good until the goal. - Christensen looking better and better and and may have the makings of a world class centre half. Do people seriously prefer Zouma? - 4 points against arsenal - obvs 6 would be better but we got a bit lucky there and they got a bit lucky tonight. Leno made a howler in the away leg and played a blinder tonight. - CHO looked really good and is proving me (a doubter not long ago) wrong. - 4th place is pretty damn good and even 6th would be good with our current squad. Stop having such a go at Lampard and the players. He and many of the players lack some experience. we all knew that! - tonight was one of those crazy games. Don’t read too much into it.
  3. Yeah it really isn’t so bad. The one man advantage cuts both ways. I have enough experience to know never to celebrate when the other team has a player sent off. I do find the lack of faith of some members.... disturbing.
  4. Yeah that’s exactly what I was saying. Get some sleep.
  5. too much hysteria on here. Get a grip people.
  6. So the Barcelona team we beat at the nou camp when Terry got sent off wasn’t a good team? I don’t have many strong opinions but I do here and have zero time for anyone who doesn’t understand the psychology at work here.
  7. Never underestimate the psychological advantage of going down to 10 men. That is literally all there is to this match.
  8. People talking so much bxllocks. The only thing you need to know is this: games in which a player gets sent off are a complete headfxck. They never go the way you think. I’ve been on the right and wrong side of enough of these to realise this.
  9. I see the logic here - have alluded to it before. It’s all about the fit. I feel Kante’s attributes would be better deployed in a team of galacticos as the unsung hero/spoiler/engine. It’s not a criticism of Kante as much as an acknowledgment of our lack of really potent attacking players elsewhere on the pitch. If we’re playing less good sides his attributes are wasted and we need all the attacking threat we can muster. Now against the better sides he is really valuable but we need to ask ourselves: 1) what’s better for Kante: would he be happy with missing half the games vs being possibly the first name on the team sheet at a Real/PSG?; and 2) could we, net, with the money we get for Kante, improve our current team/squad/find a better fit?
  10. Kepa (reluctantly) Lamptey Christensen Rudiger Azpi (anything to avoid emerson) Jorginho Kovacic Barkley CHO Abraham Willian
  11. Good point. I must admit I hadn’t considered that angle
  12. Yes! What does it say about SMS’ judgment?
  13. I think SMS would be a bad idea. The fact Kezman is his agent is one of several red flags.
  14. Yeah I/we really miss those dribbles through the midfield. I’m sticking to temporary dip in form as the explanation for his absence, am optimistic we’ll see him back in the fold soon and that the best may be yet to come.

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