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Mateo Kovačić

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One parasite less. Bye, bye thibaut, you wont be missed. Surely he had his moments, but he hasn't came as nearly close as he was supposed to be and we thought he'd be. Never truly improve our defense in the corners and the other set pieces, conceded very silly goals, his head and heart was never at the Bridge. He'd be remembered as one of the many good players to stick around for awhile. Nothing more. 

Good luck to Kovacic. this mid lane is scary. 

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There seem to be a lot of confusion about wheter we can buy Kovacic after the loan. Standard, Telegraph and Sky Italia say there is an option to buy him but top sources in Spain as well as Marca are saying there isn't such a clause.
I hope there is.

In any case we have a great player with us for the season and if there isn't a clause it gives us plenty of time to assess options to replace Kovacic next summer.

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5 minutes ago, coco said:

my worry too. fingers crossed anyway.

I think he's rotation for Kante and jorginho. He may also start as a three with them.

Remember if Kante and jorginho aren't starting, then fabregas, Drinkwater or Baka would be instead. So it's an essential purchase. 

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3 hours ago, cRyptic said:

Finally this thing is resolved. Has any of you guys actually followed Kovacic, what does he bring to the table as a player? What can we expect?

Highly energetic midfielder, he's a very good passer but not quite as good as someone like Fabregas or De Bruyne. He has brilliant technical ability, good pace and one of his best assets is his dribbling ability, his ability to carry the ball forward with pace is fantastic. Him and Hazard could cause serious problems for opposition defences 

He doesn't have a great scoring record but he did manage to score 8 goals in his last season with Inter Milan so the potential is there for him to possibly develop into a better goalscorer

For me, a midfield trio of Jorginho, Kante and Kovavic is up there with some of the best. In Sarri's tactical setup we won't be losing many midfield battles anytime soon

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38 minutes ago, Gol15 said:

He is a good player but I wonder what will be his position for Sarri, I just think it's a bit looking like Morata signing because Kovacic has been mostly on the bench for years...

He's only been on the bench due to the fact he had Kroos and Modric ahead of him and let's be honest not many players would start ahead of them


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