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  1. Completely agree. His game is all about movement and pace.
  2. Seems that he’s a gained a little pace and burst on the ball too. Constantly going past people.
  3. Well when you have zero service out of midfield and Kante making mistake after mistake in the final third, I’m not sure what they’re supposed to do. We need Ziyech fit and that can push Havertz back to midfield to offer some creativity, service - specifically to pick out Werner’s runs.
  4. We must still be waiting on some paperwork to process and official announcements in a couple cases, right? Sarr for one. Moses to inter? MvG to PSV?
  5. Went super quiet on that front, didn’t it? It seemed likely we would sign Soumare ahead of last January’s window.
  6. If the club were going to sell Kante, it likely would have been done already.
  7. I don’t see how he is “clearly feeling the pressure”. He hasn’t even had his full squad yet, with a handful of injuries and hardly a preseason. It’s a long season. In years past, even last season, there’s no way we would have even fought back from 3-0 down. Shouldn’t be in that position to begin with, but everyone would’ve taken a draw against Sheffield, Bournemouth, or West Ham last season after the losses we took there.
  8. You’re on a f**king roll today. It’s not a new injury, and he was ahead of schedule with his recovery, nobody was expecting him to be in the squad versus Brighton to begin with.
  9. He hardly looked poor. Showed his quality on multiple occasions. I don’t think anyone assumed he would come in and immediately dominate. In fact, most posts I’ve seen have been tempering expectations for his first few matches.
  10. If they got rid of the blue stripes and just went with the off-red, almost salmon color, it would be better. Either way, I’m not buying it so I don’t care too much.
  11. No move announced as of yet.
  12. I would be very bummed if he left. Think he still has a role he can fill here.
  13. You haven’t had one positive thing to say about Chelsea’s business this entire window and have posted some frightfully outlandish opinions. If you think Ampdu’s career in Chelsea is over, then I’m fully confident it is just beginning.
  14. A loan fee and wages completely off the books is good enough at this point. Though I do think we will sell at least a couple players.
  15. Some rag was reporting that both Ziyech and Chilwell will be hard pressed to play matchweek 1.
  16. I think you are right. I’m completely shocked at how many players we’ve brought in. Didn’t see that coming. Still think we will have trouble selling some of the “deadwood”.
  17. Wait I thought we were getting gazumped? #KingKai welcome to Chelsea!
  18. So what? That is literally Leverkusen’s official account confirming that he’s left the national team to complete a move to Chelsea.
  19. The difference is he’s been playing steadily for Milan since he was 16. Much more experienced and established than any other 21 year olds in recent memory.
  20. I don’t buy that. He had a very public fallout with the fans a few years back because he asked for a transfer.
  21. You’re only hearing that from earlier posts showing tweets from German sources, in this thread.
  22. I believe the increases for substitutions and bench spots was not voted to continue. Will revert back to what it was pre-COVID.
  23. The first word that comes to mind when watching Silva is control. He’s always in control, no matter what he’s doing. Never rushed on the ball, confident in his positional sense, and leads from the back.
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