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  1. And what about after the first 8 games?
  2. The guy literally said he couldn't care less, pal.
  3. Not caring about a final appearance because you lost is not having high standards or ambition. All achievements are not meaningless because you didn't finish first, that is a very entitled attitude.
  4. Well our fans turned Conte into a miserable git, just took longer than it did with Sarri. I don't actually blame Sarri for feeling no connection to the fans much when we turned on him pretty much immediately things weren't going well.
  5. It's nice to have a spokesperson for every match going fan, and interesting how they always agree with him.
  6. Instead of securing top 4 against their easy opponents, they decided they'd rather take the harder route and rely on getting it on the last game of the season.
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Not gonna check but we are probably the only european team to not win the Club World Cup. And the man invented the like for like substitution. Right back for right back every game.
  9. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. It really makes me laugh when one minute they are hailing satan and the next scene is some high school drama which pales in comparison stakes wise.
  10. Yeah but he isn't stubborn and changes his formations a lot. I mean they still lose when he does it but he does it.
  11. You mean pornhub pirate euron?
  12. Yeah not like we had a DOF last time we had friendly's post season. I'm pretty sure the date was settled long after we were knocked out. You can't think THAT lowly of the people in charge. We were out of the competition in February already. Agreed. 13 days between the two matches is a bigger break than any player will have gotten during the season. Much ado about nothing.
  13. Yeah isn't that convenient.
  14. Guardiola constantly talks like his own team are some kind of underdog
  15. Luckiest team in history has lucked their way into third!
  16. the 50 million pound substitute with the third goal
  17. You really think we don't have state of the art facilities?
  18. We didn't have a transfer ban looming back then.
  19. We beat Liverpool and Spurs in 2 legged ties this season. Beat City, Took them to pens in the final. When we want to we can beat anyone. or lose to anyone but whatever thats irrelevant.
  20. I hope we win the final so I can read about how lucky we were to win it.

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