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  1. Did a perfectly good job sabotaging it without him
  2. Willian clearly came on to be a lightning rod of hate
  3. Worked for me. A dislike button sounds horrible
  4. Stim


    Dunno what people are moaning about the post clearly says you can get your 19/20 Willian shirts updated with the new number free of charge.
  5. I've been under the impression that 'tapping up' was only an english FA thing. For example Barcelona have been very egregious in their pursuits of players, with countless comments on international duty or players putting barcelona shirts on other clubs players on international duty but no one really reports them over it.
  6. Stim


    They are just upset that their 2020 Willian shirts have the wrong number on now. Hopefully the club don't disappoint them again and offer replacements.
  7. Dunno why we pay managers so much money when the answer is so simple, throw a youth player in. Experience means nothing.
  8. While I agree with the gist of what you are saying, but I think Conte wanted Lukaku but got Morata.
  9. Not to be pedantic (but I will be), but there is no minimum home grown quota, he was bought because wasting such a rarely used position on a foreign player slot is stupid. If he is leaving expect us to sign another random english GK it really doesn't matter who except in a squad morale kinda way which I guess green contributed to. edit: we can't sign anyone so it will go to whoever doesn't take up a foreign slot
  10. 28th of June Log The nights are long, restless. Constantly waking up in a cold sweat. Why do they delay? Do they enjoy it when I suffer? What are they waiting for.
  11. Yeah musta been real hard to be in the majority opinion. Give it a rest with this cult nonsense.

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