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  1. Yeah dude why don't they just put it in the net lol its not rocket science. Kick the ball into the net.
  2. Talk about the Ajax guy now the way people spoke about Sarri's Napoli.
  3. Episode 1 was boring unless I guess you are super into characters reuniting. No one gave a sh*t the one dragon is undead.
  4. Arsenal needed a lucky goal to beat 10 men watford 1 - 0 so their away form is about as sh*t as ours.
  5. well refs made sure to put a stop to watford getting anything out this game.
  6. So if you think 90% of our players wouldn't start for a top 6 side, then us currently being in 4th means Sarri's management can't be that appaling then? Can't have it both ways surely.
  7. Wonder how long Lamps gets before people want him out. How long does the goodwill last. I'd rather not see it tbh.
  8. You know it's still actually in City's hands right ???
  9. That's not even drastic action, that's just the standard action the club takes.
  10. And VAR gave the pen against spurs for handball but not against liverpool

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