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  1. Type of inconsistency happens when you play such a young inexperienced team. Something people said they would gladly put up with ... But nah. Buy a Tammy replacement buy a mount replacement buy buy buy
  2. So both palace and city have had VAR give no pen to what looked like pretty much penalties
  3. Stim


    Especially when we were 2 or 3 goals up already lol
  4. Stim

    Nathan Ake

    Then it takes about 4 bad results for everyone else to agree with them
  5. - in line camera shows clear offside - goes to var camera which is on the goal line, with the players off to the left and therefore not a clear or accurate depiction of the offside - use the angle from the goal line to check the offside Bizarre system.
  6. It's a special kit celebrating the 50th anniversary of our first FA cup win. The sponsors are there, just in the same color as the shirt so hard to see. I thought the printing would be more reflective but if its matte then its really nice.
  7. Not even close Especially when being backed up by a person in the crowd saying they cant hear him.
  8. 5 mins to flip the mood in here on its head. Love it.
  9. Rofl I know people gonna probably bitch about it but Im finding Jose's post match comments absolutely hilarious
  10. Haha "First team to win away against Spurs at 3 different venues" Their first shot on Target in overtime
  11. Hell yeah play the youth until someone better is available then toss them immediately then later complain about no youth

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