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  1. So the closer to the 30th of June we get without announcing a manager the less and less sleep I will be getting
  2. I don't really get Lacazette tbh. The guy has the PL scoring record like 2 off Morata and half the output of Giroud in the EL.
  3. Shoulda just hid away for a year like you then pop up to claim the moral victory based on what happened.
  4. Let me get this straight, we think a player who played next to Drinkwater, Matic, Fabregas was the defensive one?? The one known for his lungs and breaking up play in midfield was actually just staying back and shielding the back 4 the whole time?
  5. Lot's of people don't think he should play there. He is box to box not a DM.
  6. Stim


    People are very clouded by personal dislike. Sorry but when you start talking about ego and demands it just shows you are making stuff up. Where does he demand to start? He is 9th on our appearance list and has never in my recollection moaned about starts. As for set pieces, it's him Alonso or Luiz sharing. Alonso rarely played so its him or Luiz and Luiz took his fair share. On corners was him or Hazard who never got as much stick for hitting the first man.
  7. Stim


    Sound the klaxon
  8. Stim


    What the f**k are they thinking not thinning out our squad when we aren't allowed to sign anyone
  9. Because in the context of length of contract he signed vs wondering about health of parents the longer the contract the more that sounds like a made up reason. The shorter contract is therefore relevant.
  10. He only got a 2 year contract.
  11. You are just in the on the fence cult
  12. cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult cult
  13. Why does it always boil down to calling people a cult. God forbid anyone disagrees with you.
  14. Allegri taking a year off so can't wait for the first sign of trouble to have 100x Allegri waiting in the wings to take over stories.

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