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  1. When Mendy was playing the amount of high pressure backpasses he received must have been exponentially lower.
  2. Wasn't it a backpass from Zouma? can't use your hands on that.
  3. Yeah. People are so quick to dismiss one of our own.
  4. It's the wages. We pay premium wages, they won't. Can't force a player to take a paycut and end his contract early so we loan. And covid making 90% of teams skint. The end.
  5. He looks like if you took the average face of the english national side
  6. Nice debut Chillwell. Just me or does he have a very forgettable face? If I passed him in the street I wouldn't realise
  7. Twitter really is the biggest collection of dipsh*ts ever assembled. When Havertz was subbed off in his first game I accidentally opened the replies to the clubs tweet about it and nearly had a brain aneurism at the sh*t flow
  8. so coming back to get a point from 3-0 down is a good thing i guess
  9. Looks like we got him out of bed for a photo and didn't give him time to change out of his jammies
  10. Isn't that still a red though. you need 2 players covering. Else last man would never be a thing because the goalkeeper is always there covering.
  11. plucky championship team away to PL opponents won't get the sending off
  12. Man still can't quite parse the fact we have Thiago Silva in defence for us in the league cup against barnsely. Wild year 2020
  13. Is FL gonna use his magic hands and heal their injuries? Where did you get your PHD from doctor
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