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  1. Never understand why people always want barcelona. Why. Played them enough and our away fans will get beaten by spanish police.
  2. Weird to have a shirt just for the FA cup. What if we get knocked out first round? But that kit deserves any excuse
  3. Yeah no one has been allowed to mention it constantly for the past 5 years.
  4. I'm sure people have had ample time to get over it. It's just a footballer. Ginger one at that.
  5. I want to see it as much as possible for the rest of the season
  6. I'd take that over the EL slogfest death by 100 games
  7. He bottled normal time and had to win via penalties
  8. So far today every away team is winning across 6 games, 7 if you include spurs result edit: nvm
  9. I doubt he wanted to come back for a third time
  10. Just predict his downfall every year til you are eventually right, and ergo were right for the past 10 years. Similar to how no clubs will hire him. Then he went to united. And no one would hire him again and back he is.
  11. Spurs fans everywhere deleting their twitter and facebook post histories.

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