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  1. Just 3 more goals to settle the nerves
  2. Stim

    Kai Havertz

    Sort out that avatar mate, embarrassing. Type of sh*t we'd make fun of Arsenal fans doing to their players.
  3. It's the actual answer but its the harder truth to accept. Imagine we just got the draw at West Ham instead of everyone pushing forward. Whoever we get it won't matter if the defence is bad. And before anyone comes out with a better goalkeeper will do some sh*t like give them confidence and then they'll magically remember how to defend, we should all live our lives with such optimism.
  4. Its always so easy. Just replace one player We had the same defence last year as this year. Same goalkeepers. This year we ship a ton more goals. The only difference? David Luiz. The not defender.
  5. There is actually room for a draw. It wouldn't be the best on the heart method but there is room for it.
  6. Pretty much nothing hinges on this. Because of Leicester losing to spurs we can lose tonight and then everything hinges on the Wolves game. Hell if West Ham gets a result before we play then both games are meaningless.
  7. Liverpool haven't lost a game at home yet so who better than us to do so
  8. Stim

    Jan Oblak

    Based on recent history, just sign whoever atletico would line up to replace him.
  9. And Leicester have a player sent off for a dumbass kick
  10. Its such a waste of time to criticise players for mistakes you made up for them to make
  11. Villa not getting the penalty with the technique they learned from united

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