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  1. Can't for the life of me figure out what is in that giant glass but at first i thought i was full of cigarette butts so i assume its a gift from sarri
  2. Pep will surely play his A team in the second leg
  3. Still waiting to wake up to learn that Atletico Madrid did actually thrash us
  4. They bought into their own hype. No DM cus he probably expected that they would be on the attack for 90 minutes and chelsea who can't score wouldn't be a threat
  5. I love Michael Ballack. https://v.redd.it/sbw7kbxh94271
  6. Just missing Bosingwa front and center
  7. Now that he will have a longer leash give him what he wants so we can be more ruthless and dispatch teams who sit deep, then we will definitely challenge for the league.
  8. Til the next loss at least 😅
  9. Funnily enough spanish football fans saying the ref is not great in la liga. Turns out you just need a ref who is impartial to both teams, and don't for example, f**king live in the city and has family who support the one side (and who they might support themselves), which is something the EPL struggles with. Maybe refs should always come from foreign countries
  10. Never gonna win anything with Jorginho. Ok maybe that one thing
  11. leaning slightly towards stay
  12. Ha! They fell into our trap! We were merely pretending to be sh*t!
  13. He was captain when we won the europa league against arsenal.
  14. They'll try dock us league points for this
  15. I find the opposite tbh. I also find neutrals more put off by the PR puff pieces too. Like when liverpool were winning the league and all the papers were saying how happy the neutrals were despite it being the exact opposite sentiment. Most of my liverpool/united supporting colleagues say they want chelsea to win because we've won it before so its not that big a deal lol also to keep that pep spend a ton with city and hasn't won the cl hanging around his neck. And who doesn't love an underdog. Even if it's big bad Chelsea.
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