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  1. Looked like that last year too so dull as dishwater 0-0 coming up
  2. Which is a bit different to 'did well in training but never got picked' innit. I'll be honest, I never read the article just going off the guy quoting it saying he did well in training but never got picked. Unless he is specifically saying never picked to start a PL game but even then I think that's the usual mr fantastic reach to make the situation sound so much worse than it was.
  3. He was picked before that too. He just continued to be picked after.
  4. Just sell him to Roma then we can complain about him later.
  5. So confusing with PSG playing at home in white and Madrid the away team in navy. Why.
  6. Stim


    Someone in the match thread was saying its partly his fault Barkley missed his pen 😂
  7. Duncan Alexander ✔@oilysailor David Luiz: 3 penalties conceded in 160 PL games for Chelsea 2 penalties conceded in 4 PL games for Arsenal

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