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  1. Bitching about how the oppo plays is the usual war cry of the losers. Yeah we lost but we play P R O P E R football. P R O P E R football is letting us do what we want against you
  2. at least: All players and staff from Greek football team Olympiakos have tested negative for Covid-19, the club has announced. (bbc.co.uk) Although I read that a negative test is not putting them 100% in the clear.
  3. Man I was gonna edit my post and predict you to say that. It's always the excuse when someone people don't like has good passing stats
  4. One of the highest pass success percentages in the chelsea squad with 85%. Third highest average amount of passes per game but ok.
  5. It is impossible for us to end up buying nobody as we have already bought a player
  6. Yeah you must be a free agent in the transfer window else it would be open to all kinds of abuse.
  7. hahahahahahahaahahahaha o man thank goodness I don't think we can even do that.
  8. I don't really blame Kavanagh because he was fully prepared to give the goal, it was the VAR officials who ruled it out.
  9. In all seriousness its Everton at home then Villa away then city at home so, gulp.
  10. sh*t when did the FA cup start giving out PL points?
  11. His stats are similar to Willians and we know what people think of Willian. If anyone tells me they watch atalanta regularly I will call them a liar, we also only judge players on goals and assists.

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