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  1. The usual. Useless, like playing with 9 men, ineffective etc etc
  2. So whose opinion do we value more Random forum posters vs UEFA Technical Observer
  3. AFAIK there is no rule against women playing in the PL.
  4. I would be on board if it was just a uniform zigzag design but that is just too much going on. We wear blue. Just make it blue?
  5. Indeed especially after the guaranteed loss against Atletico Madrid
  6. United will feel aggrieved by not getting a penalty just like we were when Azpi was rugby wrestled to the ground without even a look. It all evens out. Just 20 or so more soft pens not going uniteds way to go
  7. We get to play with the benefit of hindsight
  8. They do have the worlds most dodgy sponsorship deals.
  9. We concluded a deal and had it announced outside of a transfer window. Papers didn't even know they had to make up any rumours. It was done too quick and too clean for the usual transfer shenanigans.
  10. Agent doing agent things.
  11. No. 'Best in england in the next year' have a rest. And what disrespect to Mount. Shameful
  12. Yeah think we might be getting a bit carried away with the foden hype train.
  13. Not much care for liverpool but they are also weakened. They literally have no fit CBs.
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