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  1. Brentford about to pull of a miracle to keep the streak going 👀
  2. would like it more without the orange stripes down the side but other than that I dig it
  3. Tommy Tactics with his finest masterpiece yet, only winning 2-0 to make sure they stick with Arteta longer. Barely even tried second half
  4. Based on very recent events, Messi 😄
  5. Yes our champions league winning starter really needs to prove himself
  6. You need a control ref to make all the other refs look better
  7. Make sure your tinfoil hat is on tight enough
  8. Can't for the life of me figure out what is in that giant glass but at first i thought i was full of cigarette butts so i assume its a gift from sarri
  9. Pep will surely play his A team in the second leg
  10. Still waiting to wake up to learn that Atletico Madrid did actually thrash us
  11. They bought into their own hype. No DM cus he probably expected that they would be on the attack for 90 minutes and chelsea who can't score wouldn't be a threat
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