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  1. Probably worried about Shaw getting in behind CHO in the first half but way too defensive - need to keep the ball further up the pitch.
  2. Not sure how people are complaining about the ref - he should have given a penalty against CHO!
  3. I'm on one of these: Chelsea Matches Live Stream (totalsportek.com)
  4. Exactly right, the c**t. And he was bang average...
  5. Her job. If he scored VAR would have had a look - that is the process...
  6. Not sure how Mendy is getting the blame for that - Mount should not have been on his own defending the short corner and there were at least two Leicester players unmarked in the box. Basic defending not being done...
  7. Live Leicester City vs Chelsea Streaming Online (viprow.me)
  8. Sorry to hear that Gentian, I hope things get better for you and that there are more positive days ahead, I've been in your situation and it can seem hopeless but things do change and I really hope you have support close to you. Whatever Chelsea do on the pitch the Chelsea family is here for you and I hope there will be some comfort to be found among fellow members.
  9. Just like Chelsea last year and that is an area that Lampard addressed, despite some reservations that Silva was past it or not up to the pace of the Premier League. We also boast the two best full-backs outside of Liverpool. As I said in my post, the Board knew that Lampard didn't have a CV or a chance to buy players until this season and gave him a three year contract - I still don't think the Board will act before the end of the season, if for no other reason, there are no realistic candidates to take over. Last season was an achievement, the Academy players were introduced as Chelsea
  10. In other words it took him three seasons to work things out and stamp his own ideas on the squad. Lampard is a season and a half through this transition - new signings, particularly outside the Premier League, take time to settle down and bed-in. Ziyech was the quickest to adapt to the pace of the League and looked like being the focus of the attack until he got injured. Werner is obviously suffering from a lack of confidence when it comes to scoring and in the last few games has become so self-absorbed that he is neglecting the team's needs. I also think part of Lampard's problem stemmed from
  11. The formation is not the problem, playing Kante out of position in the problem. Amazing how much better we look when he plays in his best position...
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