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  1. I'm not wedded to VAR if it improves the game - I haven't seen enough evidence of that yet. But I'm also not blaming VAR for us losing - its too convenient and ignores the other problems with the way Chelsea play at the moment. It's pointless having 60-70% possession every game if we can't put the ball in the net.
  2. I'm not ignoring it but I'm not blaming it on our loss. The offside hinges on a frame on a tv and it can't be called a fake offside but we didn't lose just because of that.
  3. You don't lose a game on one isolated decision. You lose because of a lot of little decisions that add up, such as the ones I've highlighted. You could also throw in the decision of playing Alonso over Chilwell and not giving Giroud more game time or not having Abraham on the bench...
  4. We didn't lose because of VAR or any other conspiracy. We lost because we continually pass the ball sideways in front of a well prepared defence. We lost because we cannot create a chance from 9 corners. We lost because we left too many non-performing players on the pitch - waiting until 67 minutes to take off Ziyech is a poor decision, particularly in light of taking off the likes of Gilmour at half-time. We lost because Tuchel thought having James stop Vardy was more important than having James create space and dangerous crosses up front - Dave is a great full-back and captain but he is not, and never will be, a wing-back. We lost because we were poor in the second-half. This loss was, like the Arsenal game, all in our own hands. It's pointless blaming anyone else.
  5. The only difference that taking Gilmour off has made is to completely negate Mount, hasn't been in the game in this half.
  6. Don't click on this one and stay true to your principles: Live Chelsea vs Brighton and Hove Albion Streaming Online (viprow.me)
  7. Probably worried about Shaw getting in behind CHO in the first half but way too defensive - need to keep the ball further up the pitch.
  8. Not sure how people are complaining about the ref - he should have given a penalty against CHO!
  9. I'm on one of these: Chelsea Matches Live Stream (totalsportek.com)
  10. Exactly right, the c**t. And he was bang average...
  11. Her job. If he scored VAR would have had a look - that is the process...
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