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  1. Best keeper I ever saw and a lovely man. Had the pleasure of chatting to him, Paddy Mulligan and Ossie in 2005 when I picked up a centenary shirt and got it signed. The Cat was the inspiration in me becoming a keeper, I even bought his green gloves! The man was Chelsea through and through, he will be missed.
  2. I'm loving this Chelsea throw back to the 1970's - midfielder with a proper footballer's name, a centre-forward who just does centre-forward things and gets cramp if he comes into his own half, a back four that is dodgy as anything in defence but brilliant in attack, scrappy draws against sh*te teams and mullering the league leaders in the Cup. The only thing that could make this better is Eddie McCreadie in a sheepskin coat...
  3. Are you saying that age is the pre-requisite to play in the first XI rather than ability or form?
  4. Correct. Ronaldo uses his pace to push the ball past defenders and beat them - an upmarket version of Tony Galvin...
  5. I came in drunk and saw it on and, for a moment, wondered if UEFA had made us replay the match 'cos they didn't get the right result...
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