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  1. Hope you are right buddy! I do feel bad for slating him earlier, but he's just so frustrating.
  2. It doesn't help when you have no strikers at the club.
  3. To be fair, there are some bang average players in this side, a few real promising players, and a few has beens. Look at the striking options, Werner (awful), Giroud (brilliant on his day, but getting on a bit now), Tammy.......Well he's a Championship striker at best. Jorginhio has never done anything for me, Alonso is another one who's seen better days, Azpi is not a captain, I don't care what anyone says. We need a bit of a rebuild. I'd like to see who he brings it, needs to be at least two decent strikers.
  4. Agreed! Was disappointing to see him come off.
  5. The highlight of his managerial career is being England manager for one game. f**k him.
  6. Hope I never see this waste of space in a Chelsea shirt again. We may as well be playing with nine men. He is woeful! I thought Torres and Morata were frustrating to watch...
  7. Meh! Not a big fan of the competition anyway. Call me crazy, but I get more excited over the FA Cup. Obviously the Champions League is a better trophy to win, I just very rarely enjoy the group stage games. Wish it were straight knock out, no two legs either, could be very nervy on the night! I'm probably alone in my feelings, but still a bit bitter over the Barcelona game back in 2009, that was a fix.
  8. That's not real is it, surely not? I mean whatever makes him happy, I wouldn't want to see him get a load of abuse or anything like that.
  9. I'm currently playing 'Rise of the tomb raider'. Enjoying it so much I've just ordered the other recent games in the series.
  10. Another quote from the Spurs forum..... I actually want this printed on a banner "Sport is about mentality. I cannot conceive of a club who are the epitome of weak mindedness more than us. "
  11. Had it been anywhere else, I would have felt sorry for him....But to go to them!! Still, glad to see it's all going pear shaped.
  12. This is great reading folks! "Playing call of duty and pretending every opponent is Jose" Enjoy your evening https://thefightingcock.co.uk/forum/threads/dinamo-zagreb-vs-tottenham-thurs-18th-march-5-55pm-ko-live-on-bt-sport.40206/page-90
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