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  1. Spot on! You know the club is a shambles when we fear Leicester.
  2. He even looks a beaten man. Arms folded completely speechless.
  3. The gaffer is f**king clueless.......A club legend, but clueless.
  4. Moan all you what, but that Europa League trophy has our name on it next season. Providing we get a decent manager.
  5. We should bring back that Kante fella from a few years back.
  6. Tammy is championship standard at best, just like his manager.
  7. You can't beat a big local derby at Christmas, can you? Looking forward to this more than my presents tomorrow. 2-1 Chelsea! Merry Christmas Chelsea fans!
  8. f**king commentators have been awful tonight!!! So f**king biassed.
  9. One of those games lads! Don't worry, we'll be fine.
  10. For Christ sake, it's a contact sport....or at least used to be....He got the frigging ball!
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