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  1. I remember him always hitting the woodwork. Quite unlucky at times.
  2. Ah bugger. Recently changed shifts, so am getting up at 4:45 am every morning now. These night games are a killer!
  3. Ha ha! Honestly I don't mind if this one is removed, and replaced, I'm easy 😄 As for a BBQ....Was gonna do the same, but it's my wedding anniversary, luckily booked a restaurant for 8:15, that way even if it goes to extra time, I won't miss any.
  4. On another note, surprised the Megastore isn't advertising 'The FA Cup Final range'. Was hoping to pick up the new shirt for my boy, with the cup final embroidery.
  5. Well gang, here's to hopefully (another) new name change! I'm buzzing already! Don't care what anyone says, I still love FA Cup Final day, obviously it's a shame we cannot go, but hey! Let's make the best of it at home! Gonna say 2-0 to us!
  6. I clicked 1st, thinking this was for NEXT season lol This season I reckon 5th, which isn't the end of the world.
  7. We can't really knock City for the big spending, we had our fun, and will again, in time.
  8. Love you John! You could miss one hundred penalties in Champions League finals, and you'll still always be our hero! Good luck sir!
  9. PSG are nothing special at all, this result doesn't surprise me. Mickey mouse league.
  10. Maybe, just maybe.......things are going to be alright after all.
  11. You know what, if we win the Europa, then I don't care what else happens, 1 it's an underrated trophy, 2. It's a pass to next seasons Champions League.
  12. Was basing this on the Shield performance, hopefully with latest signings, we can do more.
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