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  1. Of course it was, he was wearing a blue shirt. Should of been a red.
  2. They can do one, the bubble blowing bastards. 😆
  3. This is the news we needed to see some movement on the Haaland transfer.
  4. I think on loan is the only way I would take him back, it's hard to know if he's really finished as a top level footballer or he's just playing for the wrong team.
  5. I think we'll get our man, be patient! 😏
  6. He's one of us, he can still work well in our team. Get him back he's a Chelsea legend! Plus my son's named Eden after Hazard so he needs to come back for that reason too! 😆
  7. Genuine LOL at that, hope the stupid muppet gets to see that too! 😂
  8. The confidence levels rise with Kepa coming on... 😩
  9. So frustrating to watch this Chelsea team as we keep good possession and create a lot of good chances, but we have so many players who can't put the ball in the back of the net. There is a few players in this current team that really lack a killer mentality, and it's always a struggle to see where our goals will come from.
  10. Well done FA you won the cup for Leicester, just what VAR was intended for giving extra control to the guys behind the scenes. It wasn't a great performance but that was unjust.
  11. Set up. Nobody wants us to win, great excuse to let Leicester have the benefit of the doubt. f**k VAR.
  12. I would take all 3 if it only cost £30m, Eden is our boy he knows he made a mistake leaving I think he would shine again for us. The other two would improve the squad, even if Aguero only stayed here short term.
  13. Well that was bloody good wasn't it? Expected to lose by a goal or two, but we produced a dominating performance. I really can't understand why they attempted to play like a lower end Premier league side, for a team at the top of their own league... Either way Giroud's goal was worthy of a win! Hopefully it's much of the same in the second game, but I get the feeling they're not going to sit 10 men behind the ball next time round.
  14. Shame he arrived here at such an old age, but he hopefully still has a couple of years left in him? Certainly doesn't look his age!
  15. Quite warming to Tuchel, I was against him coming to Chelsea but he seems like a nice guy TBH. Also glad he has a different tactical view of our team, definitely given it a shake up.
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