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  1. Transfer ban would of factored into this decision to keep him, and I'm happy enough to have him around for another 2 years. He's been a good servant to the club, and won pretty much everything. For the future though we definitely need a high class centre back to partner Rudiger.
  2. As much as I hate Liverpool, I think it's the lesser of two bads if they win the Champions League. Just need to win our own final (after winning tonight of course) then I will be able to live with it, just.
  3. Job done! Now lets win the Europa!
  4. The Blue lion has woken up! Don't worry lads, give it 10 mins and we'll be back to sleep again. Lets hope we keep these 3 points.
  5. We need to treat our next two Premier league games like cup finals, 3rd place and automatic Champions League is well within grasp. Don't let us down Chelsea...
  6. Nice to get the important away goal, but we can win this if we carry on as we are -we had some nice one touch football just before half time. Bring Hazard on and push for the second!
  7. Lovely work for RLC to make the goal and nice finish.
  8. It was coming, we've been pressing for a goal last 5 minutes.
  9. Could be worse. 4th place is in our hands now.
  10. Higuain is just too slow, he's not the player he was and it's showing. At least Giroud can link up and hold up the bloody ball.
  11. Somebody slide tackle this f**king ref.... Absolute c*nt.
  12. How can they barge our players completely off the pitch, but if we nudge them it's a f**king freekick?

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