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  1. Jesus christ, so good going forward yet so bad at the back.
  2. sh*t keeping for the 1st goal, kepa should of saved that he looked slow to move? Nice strike for the second, lovely assist and great finish from Kante! 😄
  3. Not the same line up again but it's nice to see CHO and RLC getting two games in a row. Let's see how Higuain performs in front of that forward line!
  4. I want the Chelsea of old - strong, powerful, fast on the counter. A majority of these bunch of weaklings aren't worthy to wear our shirt. Embarrassing supporting this team as it's under performing so badly it's unreal.
  5. Here we go again... FFS. How is this clown still in charge of our team? Same old sh*t, different day.
  6. F**k off Sarri you useless b@#$tard. Same old same old, nothing changed. Does this clown not realise his one dimensional tactic doesn't work? Hope this is the final nail in his coffin.
  7. These aren't the greatest group of players we've called a Chelsea 'team' but they're the ones to blame, as we know full well they can play when they want to. On the other hand I'm sick of the decisions Sarri makes with the same players playing out of form, same subs, same team with Jouginho stealing kantes best position and doing bugger all in the process. Also special mention to the board, they're also useless. How can we have a woman with limited footballing knowledge out there signing our players? To be fair the whole club is stinking at the moment.
  8. Get. Sarri. Out. This isn't working, his Sarri ball is useless, and he's made our team look so fragile it's a joke.
  9. You don't even need to get an answer to this question to know the answer.
  10. I reckon at least 20 years ago, I can't remember our last loss by that many goals. We're a complete joke.
  11. Sorry but this is a joke having all the possession we have yet we can't score and were extremely vulnerable at the back. Can Sarri actually sort this mess out? I'm doubting it...

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