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  1. I don't actually think we have enough money to sort this sh*t show out even with the summer transfer window. I would happily replace at least 3 of our defenders today, we could do with some muscle in the middle of the park (RLC?), another winger (on top of Zayech), and another proper forward. Depressing to see what we've become and it's not taken long for the mighty to fall.
  2. It may seem spoilt to moan about our side when we're 4th in the league, but we're so so bad at the back it's ridiculous.
  3. Lovely header, but doesn't cover up our sh*tness. Can that actually motivate this awful team?
  4. We need more than RLC that's for sure, we're mile away from being a title challenging side let alone one who will even make the top 4 at this rate.
  5. We need players, we don't get any players. Season will go down the drain, there's no hope in this side.
  6. We're still dog sh*t. Need at least 2 or 3 players to fix this team. Lucky goal just papers over the cracks.
  7. It's becoming a chore to watch this dross every week. we're absolutely awful.
  8. TBH he doesn't want to be there, so not gonna have his heart in it is he? Not that I want him mind.
  9. Nice to beat our two North London rivals, but lets not jump the gun - we was awful for a long period of this game. Still positive results can bring changes, and lets hope we keep up what we did in the last 20 minutes. Add a couple of players in January and we won't be looking too bad fighting for 2nd - 4th place in the league.
  10. For now yes, we're still 4th so he's on track but this team needs a lot of work and our lead over the chasing pack has diminished of late. Hopefully these losses are at least aiding his skills in management, but if we lose many more and slip too far down the table then questions will be asked as with any manager. I don't want him sacked, but Premier League management has no room for emotions when results aren't going to plan, that goes with any team.
  11. To be honest mate he may be one of us, but he's being paid a hell of a lot to get this team up the league. Fortunately his subs paid off for now.
  12. We need some hard men leaders back in our team, play a different game. Rough them up with some long balls into the box. Miss the days of Ballack, Drogba, Terry, etc. Nobody like them these days. 😞
  13. Roman better have that cheque book out in January or the season is going down the sh*tter.

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