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  1. True, so used to Kepa standing there legs apart, arms up, eyes on the ball as it glides into the net. 😆
  2. Yeah Kante ruins it a lot when he picks up the ball in the final 3rd, he's a liability when we need to be clinical in attack.
  3. Lovely that we kept a clean sheet, but jesus we didn't look good at all at the other end. Not sure if I prefer the 3-3 than 0-0, pretty much a snooze fest. Best action was Mendy's save at the end, glad he was awake at that moment! lol
  4. How can we have such great attacking players, but such an awful bloody defence? Ridiculous again, f**king shambles. Kepa shouldn't be in the squad let alone the starting 11, and Christensen and Zouma aren't top 4 material. This team can go places, but not with that back line.
  5. Probably get a goal back, then lose 4-1. What I would expect with these morons playing.
  6. How is this muppet in goal for us still? Rather get Petr Cech out of retirement.
  7. Which I would take over being 45 minutes against the 11 of Liverpool. We got not much less chance of getting anything now than going 1-0 down.
  8. Well done Christensen the muppet, was only one verdict when he made that challenge. Good going now, our only chance is to sit back and defend for 45 minutes and hope for a draw.
  9. Top 3, but we gotta believe we can hit number 1 spot. Maybe next year is too soon, but depends how all the new guys gel into the side, and also what other new guys we get before the window shuts!
  10. Gonna be an awesome season if we get all 5 of those guys above! 😄
  11. Nice one, welcome Ben! Now for the other few names we're linked with! lol
  12. Well we're on course to get top 4 with our current crop of players, with the attacking players we're adding we'll at least out score our leaky defence on more occasions next season if it stays the same! lol
  13. If we get Havertz which looks nailed on at the moment, then we will have arguably the best attack in the league (on paper) or certainly the potential to be. Can't wait for the new season to start, just hope there is at least a couple of defensive trasnfer moves lined up.
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