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  1. I would take all 3 if it only cost £30m, Eden is our boy he knows he made a mistake leaving I think he would shine again for us. The other two would improve the squad, even if Aguero only stayed here short term.
  2. Well that was bloody good wasn't it? Expected to lose by a goal or two, but we produced a dominating performance. I really can't understand why they attempted to play like a lower end Premier league side, for a team at the top of their own league... Either way Giroud's goal was worthy of a win! Hopefully it's much of the same in the second game, but I get the feeling they're not going to sit 10 men behind the ball next time round.
  3. Shame he arrived here at such an old age, but he hopefully still has a couple of years left in him? Certainly doesn't look his age!
  4. Quite warming to Tuchel, I was against him coming to Chelsea but he seems like a nice guy TBH. Also glad he has a different tactical view of our team, definitely given it a shake up.
  5. Good performance, glad to see Alonso back with a bang he's perfect for this formation. Can't argue too much against that can we? Hope Alonso has another one in his locker for the Spuds!
  6. Yeah to be honest he's gonna need a few games before he finds his trusted 11, I think I have more trust in Tuchel finding a good team than Lampard who never really seemed to find our best 11.
  7. I guess we needed to give Alonso one practice match before the Spurs game! lol
  8. Ah I didn't think of it that sense, couldn't see the formation so wasn't thinking of a back 3 with Alonso and CHO as wing backs. Still, Reece James surely for his defensive side would be a better wing back than CHO?! Who am I to judge though, I'm open to see Tuchel make this work. Funny to see Alonso back from nowhere though!
  9. Hmm no James at right back, seems he prefers Azpi? Maybe he just wants his captain on the pitch? See how this goes anyway, glad Mount is back though.
  10. New manager normally means a badly performing side suddenly kicks into gear. Gonna go for a 2-0 Chelsea win as the start of our change of fortunes!
  11. C'mon we're all used to this now every couple of years or so. Let's hope he has an immediate effect and gets the best out of this team sooner rather than later. Expect an immediate response against Wolves, making us wonder where all these players had been hiding the last two months. Welcome Tuchel, onwards and upwards. Look to the future and not the past.
  12. Love it, glad the team all turned up again today. 🥴 Where do we go from here, because we aint looking any better, and every game is a chore to watch?
  13. In a normal situation you would play some youth and fringe players here, but we really need to boost some confidence back into our main team. Lose this and then I can't see any real way back for this side under Lampard.
  14. I think 6th is probably looking likely if we get out of this slump, but top 4 isn't beyond reach. Just not seeing much change from this bad form, and every game we slip a little further back. Lets hope we can get a good result on Sunday, and build on that!
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