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  1. Love it, glad the team all turned up again today. 🥴 Where do we go from here, because we aint looking any better, and every game is a chore to watch?
  2. In a normal situation you would play some youth and fringe players here, but we really need to boost some confidence back into our main team. Lose this and then I can't see any real way back for this side under Lampard.
  3. I think 6th is probably looking likely if we get out of this slump, but top 4 isn't beyond reach. Just not seeing much change from this bad form, and every game we slip a little further back. Lets hope we can get a good result on Sunday, and build on that!
  4. As much as I wanted Frank to succeed as Chelsea manager, this clearly isn't working as intented. We're now officially a joke. Season is falling apart big time.
  5. I also heard another is Fernandinho! Not sure if there's any noise on the 5th player.
  6. Yeah I didn't realise how good he was until I watched him recently. I'm not sure we would be in for him though, I reckon he's more likely to end up at United if anywhere. No disrespect as Villa are a good side at the moment but it's very likely if he wants to achieve something in the game he needs to leave at some point.
  7. We aren't in great form, but there is surely no better time to play City than at home with 5 of their players ruled out! If we lose then Frank should be very worried, it's getting a bit depressing seeing us struggle so it would be nice to get a confidence boost by winning 3 points against a top 4 rival.
  8. Getting on my nerves now, we have some great attacking players and they're not being played in the right positions.
  9. Oh well looks like this season is fast falling apart, guess there's always next season if we give Lampard another £200m+.
  10. If we can't beat that sorry state of a team now when can we beat them? Put yourselves in their shoes, they must be bricking it to play us after a succession of bad results. If anything we could put a final nail in Arteta's coffin as Arsenal manager as to be honest he's got no chance of turning that around - he will be sacked as they're sinking badly. I don't think we will hammer them, but I think we'll win 2-0.
  11. True, so used to Kepa standing there legs apart, arms up, eyes on the ball as it glides into the net. 😆
  12. Yeah Kante ruins it a lot when he picks up the ball in the final 3rd, he's a liability when we need to be clinical in attack.
  13. Lovely that we kept a clean sheet, but jesus we didn't look good at all at the other end. Not sure if I prefer the 3-3 than 0-0, pretty much a snooze fest. Best action was Mendy's save at the end, glad he was awake at that moment! lol
  14. How can we have such great attacking players, but such an awful bloody defence? Ridiculous again, f**king shambles. Kepa shouldn't be in the squad let alone the starting 11, and Christensen and Zouma aren't top 4 material. This team can go places, but not with that back line.
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