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  1. This is hard to watch. Not quite sure how we were so good for 15 minutes, then so bad after lol. Still few minutes to grab a winner and all is forgotten until next game.
  2. http://h0stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-leicester-city/?link=2 Found this one, but if anyone has a better one please link it!
  3. I think it will be 3-0 and our first points of the season. We're playing some good stuff despite a defeat and a draw, and we definitely matched Liverpool the other night.
  4. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but at least two of the people being quoted from twitter calling Abraham racist terms are in fact black themselves. How does this work now? Or shall we still punish anyone white who supports Chelsea. Getting ridiculous the amount of crap being slapped on our club and our fans.
  5. This is still a trophy, and slightly better to win that the community shield. Bit annoying having to play 2 days earlier than Liverpool had to though! I highly doubt we will see a 4-0 hammering again, going to go for tight 1-1 draw. Chelsea to win on penalties.
  6. On another day we could of come away with 3 points, we were a little unlucky to go behind as it obviously is demoralising but our defence is still questionable. Can only hope we're better with Rudiger at the back, and that we have better luck going forward. Not looking forward to playing Liverpool on Wednesday though.
  7. Not specifically optimistic with that line up without Pulisic, and Abraham over Giroud? Like to be proven wrong, but seeing what we're putting out there I can't see us winning this.
  8. Bit sad in all truth, just as I was when he left for PSG the first time. A player I thought bled Chelsea blue. Shame. Life goes on, we have a side now in transition and a new era is upon us, so let's hope these young players we have step up to the plate.
  9. Official 100k a week, now on BBC.
  10. Transfer ban would of factored into this decision to keep him, and I'm happy enough to have him around for another 2 years. He's been a good servant to the club, and won pretty much everything. For the future though we definitely need a high class centre back to partner Rudiger.
  11. As much as I hate Liverpool, I think it's the lesser of two bads if they win the Champions League. Just need to win our own final (after winning tonight of course) then I will be able to live with it, just.
  12. Job done! Now lets win the Europa!
  13. The Blue lion has woken up! Don't worry lads, give it 10 mins and we'll be back to sleep again. Lets hope we keep these 3 points.
  14. We need to treat our next two Premier league games like cup finals, 3rd place and automatic Champions League is well within grasp. Don't let us down Chelsea...

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