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  1. Hoping we get a decent centre back to ease our horribly leaky defence... Who though I have no idea. Not seen many players linked with Chelsea for a while now let alone defenders. Wouldn't mind a sneaky bid for Sancho either but not sure who he would replace.
  2. http://givemereddit.stream/soccer/norwich-vs-man-utd-27-oct-2019
  3. Apart from those incidents yes, he's been impressive. Ultimately though he's lucky none of those stupid back passes ended in a goal!
  4. He's done that bloody 3 or 4 times in the last two games now, his decision making isn't great.
  5. As always, turning a blind eye on a decision that should of gone our way.
  6. Six games in with 8 point is awful, we really need to sort the problems out at the back it's literally shipping 2 goals a game average it's ridiculous. 10 points behind the top, if we make top 6 we'll be lucky. The team has potential, but there's too many lemons in our side to be good enough to challenge for anything.
  7. We look absolutely awful. Not sure who to bring off/on to shake this up now we've been forced to use two subs.
  8. Lets hope 4 goals is enough to cover the typical end of game sh*t show that keeps happening.
  9. Showed both hold up play and fast feet for that goal to make the space for the shot. Is he the real deal?
  10. Bloody hell. Tammy Abraham is unreal at the moment!
  11. f**k me Abraham, proving me wrong this season for sure. Certainly knows where the net is.
  12. Something we would never have predicted last season, and Tammy wearing number 9 already scoring 5. Just need to sort it out at the back and things will be looking nice.
  13. Nice, the lion has awoken! Don't worry though lads, it's going back to sleep after half time. lol

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