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  1. Just the perspective of Johnny Foreigner here, but the idea of not just calling it quits now seems ludicrous. I'll be shocked if things are "normal" enough by the end of August to allow 50k+ people to gather in one place too. Football has to take a back seat now: end the season and we'll see what shape the UK is in by the start of the next one. I'm guessing bad. We all know the only reason it hasn't already is for monetary reasons. Quite frankly it's disgusting. Over here in France it's horrendous, in my area the hospitals and morgues are totally overflowing and there's no way this is just blowing over in three weeks, we'll be lucky if we can leave the house without a permit, nevermind gather with thousands upon thousands of other people in a stadium....
  2. Absolute wastemen. Hope they get pumped by whoever they draw.
  3. Continuing with football just seems irresponsible at this point. Surely the league must be suspended.
  4. Did you watch a different game? Okay we didn't ship 7, but we got absolutely shat on all game. The levels were obvious.
  5. Come home Eden, we all knew it would end in tears. Trying to fill Ronaldo's shoes was never going to go well.
  6. Don't know why he's copying that particular trait. We can all see it's mental to have Kante out of his best position....
  7. Lo Celso to score the winner to make it two games in a row where VAR utterly shafts us? f**king rigged
  8. Remember Clattenburg's comments after the "battle of the bridge" when he ADMITTED to not reffing a fair game? How can we ever trust some unaccountable boffins who are CLEARLY on the take? Outrageous!
  9. Just as a manger gets the sack based on results, so too should heads roll on our board. This lack of urgency and meaningful activity has happened too many times now.
  10. Paco Alcacer has gone to Villareal for 20m.
  11. City are the Chelsea to Manure's Arsenal. One shot one goal, smash and grab tinpottery

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