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  1. These telephone number salaries make me sick to my stomach. No wonder all my student either want to be footballers or marry one... 🤑 However, I'm a huuuge fan of performance incentives: 150k base and massive extras for scoring / assisting.
  2. They will if they have 250million in their coffers. Covid hit them hard, and that kind of capital would keep them golden for years.
  3. As long as James comes back in the right headspace from the Euros, he's a nailed on starter. Honestly not a single player in the world in his position who I could see displacing him. Simply imperious in the CL final and what a season he's had. Hakimi would likely either rotate, or play alongside him. Tasty thought, that. TT is a big fan of players that are able to play multiple positions well. That versatility + quality is tough to beat, plus sticking it to PSG is always nice.
  4. Also, Fiorentina are rumored to be interested in Bakayoko, would give us a leg up in a part exchange for Vlahovic!
  5. For sure a possibility! Very promising player.
  6. DCL at Everton could be a possibility, with the managerial situation up in the air? Is he really an upgrade to Tammy? I'd take Ings "on the cheap". Lethal when fit.
  7. Don't do it Antonio, it will only end in tears...
  8. Surely, we can land anyone we fancy now? So, who should we fancy... Big decision to push on to even greater things (as mad as that sounds tonight)!
  9. He always looks good in Europe, you have to give him that.
  10. He seems to have Veratti's booking invisibility coat. Drives me nuts.
  11. Hope the players give each other the example that Mount has set so far tonight.
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