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  1. We can take that Real side I have no doubt about it. Just have to get past Porto first, which is no easy task. OH, and needless to say: Real better not bottle it.
  2. I may need to take a break from football if West Ham finish above Chelsea this season.
  3. Don't want Oscar back, that ship sailed long ago. What are the stats for Orsic? A few Zagreb players looked very solid last night actually, might get picked up if they do well in the Euros.
  4. The commentary team on Bein English sound like their entire extended family just died. Seen more cheer in a graveyard.
  5. To say I'm a happy bunny is an understatement. Unbeaten in 11, and we put the nail in Liverpool's worst ever run. Lovely.
  6. Chilwell needs to get into crossing practice bright and early tomorrow morning.
  7. Keeps throwing his arms in the air after barely pressing at all. Timo on the other hand is giving them hell.
  8. Horrid body language from our forwards. Get on with it!!
  9. 80% of the ball but were impotent. This United side are a joke, hyped by the manc loving media. We should be beating this mob.
  10. Ziyech still couldn't find a blue shirt with two hands and a flashlight.
  11. Fait enough if he's injured. We need pace in behind. Come oooon boys
  12. Agree, need pace in the channel(more like an ocean right now) between Maguire and Shaw.
  13. I'd love to know what he's actually good at. His performances have not been up to scratch.
  14. Man U have so much space behind. Surely Werner!/Pulisic and Cho running at them??
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