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  1. Tough luck Spurs... Pahahahaha In other news, Burnley are such an unpredictable team, you never know what they'll do (but it usually involved sh*thousery and à manager that will deflect by growling about diving)
  2. Who actually like VAR and would renew it next year? It's abysmal dirge. Plus it helps the Spuds every game
  3. Not surprised Atléti are rumored to be getting Zlatan in if Morata is up to his usual 1v1 bottling.
  4. I wish I wasn't on the wagon, because games like this dirge make me want to have a pint.
  5. So frustrating to not bury this lot. They are truely awful.
  6. We've been utterly impotent. Can't hold the ball, can't pass. Haven't troubled their keeper once. Has to change, and fast!
  7. Before this season? Yeah sure. But now? Tammy all the way fam.
  8. Looks like we're taking on United next. Confident we'll pants them on recent form. City keep getting easy draws... /Tinfoilhat

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