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  1. BordeauxBlue

    Random Rumours

    Sven Mslintat could be on the way out of Le Arse. Would he be worth a punt as the new Emmanalo? Unearthed plenty of gems in recent years I think.
  2. BordeauxBlue

    Will we sign a striker?

    He'd cost peanuts! I'll see myself out.
  3. BordeauxBlue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He's not gone yet mate.
  4. BordeauxBlue

    Leandro Paredes

    Agree with this 100%
  5. BordeauxBlue

    Random Rumours

    Nah I meant the ginger one with the yank, not the flycatcher
  6. BordeauxBlue

    Random Rumours

    Joelinton has a transfer value of 15m - rather fork out 70m on Prince Harry
  7. BordeauxBlue

    Random Rumours

    Sunday express reckon we're in for Cavani. We'd only give him a one year deal though surely? Class player.
  8. BordeauxBlue

    Nicolo Barella

    Asked my Juve supporting mate what he thinks of this lad - huge talent and great prospect but unsure if he's ready for the step up to the big time.
  9. BordeauxBlue


    Yeah I'd take him at that price too. Anthing to stop seeing Morata bomb every game.
  10. BordeauxBlue

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Let it go man. :s
  11. BordeauxBlue

    Christian Pulisic

    We loaned him back to them? Oh yeah because we aren't lacking forward options at all right now, huh?
  12. BordeauxBlue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    If City dont stomp Southampton and fail to beat Pool then the title race is over. Huge two games for them.
  13. BordeauxBlue

    Mats Hummels

    Hernandez at Atletico has a 50m buy out clause and is a better defender now and especially in the long term. Hummels is not the player he was three/four years ago
  14. BordeauxBlue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    If they'd got him for free and not a world record fee? :p