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  1. We seem to have got our two season boom bust cycle down to half a season each. Not good enough.
  2. Credit to Liverpool to be fair, their second half was excellent. That being said, that Bayern team was devoid of ideas and good footy. Atrocious performance and a few players not fit for the sh*te (Sanchez, Rodriguez and co). Rodriguez is a con job, glad we didn't go anywhere near him when Real fished him out of the nightclub and flogged him on loan.
  3. Dier is more of a hindrance than a help though.
  4. Kanté in the middle, Hudson Odoi in the starting lineup. Alonso on the bench. That would be my decision, but we'll see...
  5. MotD just defended Pochetino for berating the ref ar full time... Okay you biased sh*tmunchers, precedent set now - no right to criticize any manager that blatantly ignores the rules or participates in unsportsmanly conduct as long as they show pashiun (or manage media darlings Harry Kane and Dele Ali). Are we even surprised?
  6. Not to go all Claude or anything but... It's time to go!
  7. With our board and split personality transfer policy.... No chance.
  8. Young should get a european ban for that, unbelievably dangerous.
  9. I vote shake it all about. And by that I mean give the whole team a good hiding. Disgraceful performance all around.
  10. At what point does all these Liverpool offisde "mistakes" stop?
  11. Might as well get Bertie Traoré back if we're seriously considering Zaha

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