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  1. There honestly isn't that much between Havertz and Mount overall this season. They've both been up and down, in form and out of it, which is to be expected from young players.
  2. My heart lept out of my mouth when I saw the headline on the BBC. Massive signing if true, the guy is absolute quality. Do iiiiit.
  3. We all know LB is a problem right now. This guy looks mustard and maybe Ziyech has been in his ear to get him on board too.
  4. Didn't we sell him?
  5. I like the cut of this guy's jib.
  6. So the authorities are fine with forcing a restart even if star players don't want to play for very understandable reasons. Every passing day makes the greed more apparent. Sickening really.
  7. Over here in France the season is over (CORRECT DECISION) and all places stand as is (WRONG DECISION). I'm more happy about the fact that they just cut out the "restart" BS. I live in Isle de France (outskirts of Paris) and the numbers in reanimation and just plain sick or dead is crazy. Couldn't care less about PSG winning another title (since as far as I'm concerned all their titles are tainted to begin with). If they do give the league to Liverpool but that avoids just one more life being lost, then I say fine.
  8. Just the perspective of Johnny Foreigner here, but the idea of not just calling it quits now seems ludicrous. I'll be shocked if things are "normal" enough by the end of August to allow 50k+ people to gather in one place too. Football has to take a back seat now: end the season and we'll see what shape the UK is in by the start of the next one. I'm guessing bad. We all know the only reason it hasn't already is for monetary reasons. Quite frankly it's disgusting. Over here in France it's horrendous, in my area the hospitals and morgues are totally overflowing and there's no way this is just blowing over in three weeks, we'll be lucky if we can leave the house without a permit, nevermind gather with thousands upon thousands of other people in a stadium....
  9. Absolute wastemen. Hope they get pumped by whoever they draw.
  10. Continuing with football just seems irresponsible at this point. Surely the league must be suspended.
  11. Did you watch a different game? Okay we didn't ship 7, but we got absolutely shat on all game. The levels were obvious.
  12. Come home Eden, we all knew it would end in tears. Trying to fill Ronaldo's shoes was never going to go well.

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