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  1. Watch the media try to explain away Klopps meltdown - which I'm sure is imminent.
  2. The writing was on the wall tonight. Nothing from that performance showed that the players believed in the manager. Strolling, half assed. Hardly running through brick walls. To quote one of the best TV shows of all time: Lampard is done, and everything is worse now.
  3. No chance we get top 6 never mind top 4 playing like the last five/ten games. Feel like tonight was it for Lamps and it hurts. For the good of the club he has to go.
  4. Don't want to throw him into the deep end straight away, but looks a prospect for sure. Potentially a real coup. Also it's confirmed, not a rumor anymore!
  5. The expected goals stat is no surprise. They honestly created very little yet somehow still scored with almost every shot. Far from the first time this season that it's happened... So important to get a point and we f**ked it right up. Don't you dare bottle this now.
  6. Better start house hunting in Spain then mate!
  7. Not far off. So far so good. It has its mistakes. But not all who are accused. -Goalkeeper san
  8. That read like a modern poem. Kudos. You're incorrect though and for my evidence I invite you to look at the way the goals went in tonight.
  9. The coach isn't the one who let in 5 goals that were saveable mate.
  10. Did well tonight all things considered. Put Willian to shame.
  11. So it's a must not lose game... Against that Wolves attack. Greaaaaat. Hope none of you have any heart conditions, cause it's going to be heart attack FC without a doubt. And needless to say: drop Kepa and Willian.
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