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  1. I'm still in disbelief they made the final. Outplayed in both games is semis and quaters but Somehow kicked or sh*thoused through. Liverpool will obliterate them (I hope).
  2. I'm going to be cheering Liverpool on. What a grim prospect.
  3. I'm going to bed with a grin on my face like the cheshire cat. I'm sure all non dippers across the land are doing likewise!
  4. He looked phenomenal in pre season. The promise is there - would love to keep him around if we can (maybe on loan to a premier league or top Championship side if the lad wants games)
  5. No chance. Newcastle are safe and Rafa wants out. He'll roll over and have his belly tickled.
  6. Burnley fans booing timewasting? Why, the irony is astounding!
  7. I detest Burnley. f**king sh*t football. The sooner they get relegated the better.
  8. Smalling is more hands on than Joe Biden. It was a foul, but Salah still dived and should have been booked for simulation.
  9. United players strolling, walking, watching the ball go in with no effort to stop it. The United way.

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