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  1. Half of that side that played the second half should be sent away on that performance alone. Brown and Piazon need to leave for the sake of their own careers. Bakayoko is still absolutely awful too. Very impressed with Michy and Drinkwater. Hope they kick on in training and games to come.
  2. Rashford getting a 200k / week deal is utter madness. Jovic is on less than that at RM and he's twice the player. This is a player who was outscored by Ashley Barnes last season. Ludicrous!
  3. Highly unlikely since Pepe plays at Lille.
  4. Plenty more fish in the sea! Plenty of absolute mingers too unfortunately...
  5. Momblano reckons we're going to release him. Who takes over?? 😕
  6. The thought of him leaving is making me tear up. I'll be a wreck if/when he goes...
  7. Real and Bayern are both utterly devoid of class when it comes to chasing players.
  8. I think Real Madrid and possibly Psg oe City will spend hundreds of millions. Still not sure if United will dip into their pockets again, and if they do I hope they buy half a dozen Freds and Sanchez.
  9. I'd still take Gareth Bale. If he comes back to the prem he'll be one of the best players in it for sure. Shame his wages are such a road block.
  10. She's nowhere near qualified for a Championship job, never mind Chelsea. Let her cut her teeth and make her way up naturally. A woman manager of a PL side is bound to happen some day, but it shouldn't be forced.
  11. Take it outside ladies. In other news we can't sign anyone. So lets all enjoy another year of the same players (probably minus Hazard).
  12. Madrid have a nigh unlimited budget, a manager players run through walls for and to play for, no transfer ban and 4 champs leagues in the last 5 years. The unlimited budget part is serious, three CL wins in a row and no spending whatsoever - they have more cash than anyone right now, and can spend it without incurring the wrath of ffp.
  13. I'm still in disbelief they made the final. Outplayed in both games is semis and quaters but Somehow kicked or sh*thoused through. Liverpool will obliterate them (I hope).

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