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  1. I watch PSG every week. Thiago Silva has dead ended his career. He's a big fish in a small pond and he always gets shown up in the big CL games. And at his age I'd avoid him like the plague. Might as well have kept Cahill if Silva is a possible.
  2. That United penalty is such a joke. They'll come unstuck, their footy is sh*t.
  3. Three at the back? Can't say I'm surprised. Hope Rudi hits the ground running.
  4. Rudiger and Kanté in our lineup (possibly James considering how poor Dave has been) and our season start looks radically different. Strange subs against Sheffield but he'll learn.
  5. Marcin Bulka started for PSG tonight. Clean sheet thus far.
  6. That Bolton owner is a tumor. To think where they were not that long ago...
  7. Just had a walk on the wild side by going on the fighting cock forum to see what they thought of their team's awful performance. First thing that shocked me was the sheet vulgarity on display, the swearing, personnal attacks and general hate on display is astounding. Just makes me glad to read this forum. But there is a funny side: they have little cups next to their names depending on the number of posts they've made. Some have more than Spurs have won in thirty years. Now that is irony.
  8. Three points away from home thank you very much. Oh, and f**k off VAR.
  9. Get in lad. Confidence in that shot was something we never saw from Morata once his head went. Brilliant!
  10. If VAR wasn't a joke it would be 1-2 and we'd have a penalty. If only?
  11. Doesn't fit the narrative of "it's our year" at sky. Just watch the advert for sky sports. Opens with Liverpool fans (even though Man City won the league), shows several Liverpool goals, focuses in on TAA coming out of the tunnel, and ends with the same Liverpool fans from the start saying "we'll do one better this year". The whole thing feels like Scouse erotica.
  12. He's been shown to be better than he is by the personnel around him. No Matic or Kante to protect him at Le Arse when he goes on a walkabout. If he doesn't want to be a part of what Frank's building then good riddance and I look forward to the Luiz Mustafi academy for excellent defending.

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