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  1. It's been a cracker really. City the better side for me.
  2. Laporte and Cancelo were league one level on that Salah goal, dreadful!
  3. Think Alonso had just as much game time during the summer.
  4. How has Chillwell gone from world class in the CL final runup to absolute pony since the start of the season? Beggars belief he's the same player.
  5. Not playing Juventus away with something to prove though are they lad?
  6. Shame. Shame Miura didn't score in the 90th, would have made for a very interesting last couple of minutes. Annoyed I didn't put money on Spurs losing, had a feeling they would. Rudderless sh*te. .
  7. Imagine losing three league games in a row 0-3. Then imagine having turned down silly money for a player who didn't want to play for you anymore and him proceeding to stink out every match as he sulks his value away. THEN, imagine not having won more than a chamberpot for over two decades. OH, Tottenham, never change.
  8. I'm so glad we didn't go in for Reguilon. What a pathetic excuse for a footballer.
  9. No Mount and no balls to take the game to them really. They're gettable, but we sat back too much. Would love to know what PEDs Walker and Silva are taking, mind you.
  10. He never ceases to impress me. I struggle to think of a call he's got wrong honestly. Best manager in the league. Pep next, who must be cramping himself.
  11. United have been so lucky this season it beggars belief, even by their jammy standards. Nothing can top the penalty after the final whistle, but these last few games and their overall performances and points accrued come close. Vile.
  12. We have absolutely huge games in that period. Aie aie aie.
  13. Seeing Dier in their team fills me with home. Seeing Kepa in ours fills me with dread. Hope He puts in a good performance.
  14. And their manager's tactical nous is clapping and shouting "come on lads" on the touchline. A total embarrassment he still hasn't won anything with the riches of that squad.
  15. Seems to me Ronaldo's goals so far in the prem have been keeper howlers.
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