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  1. It was unfortunate that Sevilla did not understand that what was at stake is more than money. It was a matter of "FACE". By coming out to expose all the back and forth between Sevilla and Chelsea , Monchi had removed any hope of negotiation and truncated all Hope of an agreement been reached without a loss of face to Chelsea or Sevilla. By insisting that Kounde would not be sold except the buy out clause is paid in full, Sevilla would have lost face had they accepted anything less than the full payment and Chelsea would have lost face by been seen to coerced into the deal. If Monchi had kept his big mouth shut, we could probably have increased out offer with structured payments, add ons and performance related clauses that would have satisfied Sevilla but we could no longer do that with loss of face after Monchi had blabbed. Sadly no one came out of this smelling Roses, Chelsea bungled it by getting serious too late for Sevilla to manoeuvre in th market, Sevilla talked out all negotiation options leaving Chelsea with no room to manoeuvre with losing their reputation and Kounde gor to see Sevilla for the 2nd time in two years destroy his chances of winning trophies because of the rigidity of his club. Wont be surprised if he hands in a transfer request next summer. While I am sad we didn't get Kounde, I understood why we didn't pay his buy out clause. ...... Sometimes, it's a matter "FACE"
  2. We probably needed Saul more than Kounde at the moment to be fair to Marina. If we can work out something with Athletico without the obligatory buy option, I would be all in for it more especially with injuries to Kante that needs careful management. With Saul as the 4th midfielder and capable of playing all roles in the midfield, it free up ampadu and probably RLC to go on loan and develop more with gametimes(Sarri interested in RLC if reports are true) and Trevor will slot in into Zouma's void whilst keeping us reasonable ok on all departments into next summer then we can reassess our options to either retain Saul and Chalobah or replace them. It also knocks off another year from Kounde's contract and a chance to do the deal again with Sevilla all things been equal.
  3. The best thing that can happen to Odoi now is to go on loan to Dortmund. A 2 year deal without an option to buy would suit both parties well. As much as he is talent, Odoi requires constant games in an attacking team like Dortmund to sharpen his goal scoring g and decision making skills. Also he is most dangerous when playing as LF or LW which is a position I will say we are fairly stocked at the moment in Werner and Pulisic
  4. Barkley was not even giving a Jersey number this season so he has zero chance in this Chelsea team again. What I believe we need most urgently is an attacking midfielder that can make defense splitting passes during out counter attacks. For all the industry of Kovavic, the tenaciousness of Kante, and the orchestrating skills of Jorgi boy, our midfield seriously lacks a Fabregas like player who can play a correct final ball during a counter attack or a defense splitting pass. Against Crystal Palace, we kept playing the balls to be wings because we had no one to either take the ball thru the middle or make a pass. Chalobahor Kounde if we get him can take some work load off Kante so i do not think a replacement for Kante is the most important thing right now. I wish we get some one like Pjanic (he is 31 on 115k per week) desperate to leave with no offers, if we can negotiate him down to like 70 - 90k or Eriksen from Inter, if the Italian law prevents him from playing their league again. We need players like this more than defensive minded guys
  5. Hello house, thanks for giving me the opportunity to join as a member after being a guest for long. I started supporting Chelsea when Anelka joined the club because he is my favourite Chelsea player of all times and I continue to get the number 39 on my Chelsea jerseys in his memory
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