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  1. No he wouldn’t; he is no afraid to take on a defender and I think he has scored 6 goals in the last 6 games.
  2. And Zaha is? There is a reason most of Klopp’s & Pep’s signings are under 24 years old; you need pace against teams that sit deep, and players with legs to run all game.
  3. They just beat Spurs 3-1 a few days ago. Granted both sides fielded squad players.
  4. Sorry but we are a bit off a struggling Bayern at the moment. I wouldn’t want to draw them in the CL, Spurs have shipped 12 goals v 5 against them in their last 3 meetings.
  5. ducavis

    Nathan Ake

    I agree with this and think he is underestimated here because he used to be a youth player here. He has been outstanding playing for Bournemouth and the balance he will bring to our defence with his left foot will be immense. We would need to shift to out 1 or 2 CBs though to make way for him. I can see Christensen asking for a move, Pep is an admirer and Barca might consider him to be a more stable option than Umtiti. Zouma might also ask for a move if Rudiger’s body holds up with the Euros coming up.
  6. Agreed, Pasalic to be fair has been key in firing Atalanta to top 6 in Serie A. Will have him here ahead of Barkley.
  7. Not if we signed him in Jan to keep our powder dry for the summer. Top talents are hardly going to move in Jan, and we shouldn’t make big signings just for the sake of signing players.
  8. Big fan of Werner but I will be shocked if he ends up here. He plays primarily as a No 9 and can play wide left, makes no sense coming here when we already have a No 9 and can’t see him going to a team unless he is a guaranteed starter as he is Germany’s No 9.
  9. I would rather take Ziyech in Jan at half the price of Zaha. He is way overpriced for me & I still can’t shake the feeling that no club outside England wants him if he really is that good.
  10. What goals? 2 goals and 1 assist in 15 starts this season, and Crystal Palace have the 5th best defence in the league.
  11. Tricky one; ADL apparently wants £120m which is a lot for a 28yr old defender who has played in a slow paced Italian league for most of his career. He looks very good but no idea how that translates into the PL when you consider Smalling who was discarded by Man Utd is outperforming Koulibaly this season.
  12. I am always intrigued when people say they don’t Sancho. Willian is on the decline, Zaha is at his peak, and Sancho is way off his peak. If there is even any chance we are in the mix, IMO we will be mad not to be interested.
  13. £100m? You are having a laugh. Weren’t Crystal Palace asking for £80m for him in the summer? There is no incentive to lower the price in Jan. Zaha is not worth anything near that amount, and there is a reason no foreign clubs go near overpriced PL players. Dortmund were interested in the summer but were put off by the price, ended up opting for both Brandt & Thorgan Hazard who both cost less than £80m and IMO better players individually.
  14. He is awful, I don’t care how much he runs around and looks busy. 2 goals and 3 assists in 15 appearances (11 starts) is just not good enough.

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