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  1. PSG maybe; not starting ahead of Casemiro at Madrid.
  2. Good game & another 3pts in the bag. 4 more games to go, let’s keep digging.
  3. Good game by Gilmour 91% pass accuracy, also found 6 out of 7 of his long balls. Pick of the bunch in the middle of the park.
  4. Mount MOTM; What game are you watching? Gilmour is not the worst of the 3, that will be Barkley.
  5. Think it’s more a Sane situation where a player has an agreement with a club; Juve & until a deal is agreed with us we won’t risk him getting injured & jeopardising the deal.
  6. Personally feel Fabregas is massively underrated & a tad disrespected by football fans in general. You know peak Fabregas was brilliant on the left, at the tip of a diamond, as part of the midfield three and as a false nine. Do you also know he is 2nd on the all-time PL assist table even though he only played 13 seasons in the league. As for the Jorginho comparison, Jorginho’s all time career assist Record (19) is just 1 assist better than the no of PL assists Fabregas scored in his 1st season with us (18).
  7. Ermm Nope! World’s apart, kind of disrespectful to compare both players.
  8. Is the whole back 4 really that bad? Azpi I kind of understand as he is on the wrong side of 39, but Zouma has been linked to Spurs, Everton & PSG, and Christensen Barca & City. Fans keep pointing to Klopp changing his entire back line but he spent £130m, with 2 being big purchases. Does Frank need to spend £200m on a new back line to stop us looking shaky every time we face a dead ball? Where does it stop then? Using the same yardstick arguments can be made he needs to change the whole midfield depending on who you ask.
  9. Almost zero chance of that happening. Fernandinho is still there, & Rodri is his replacement. They have other positions that need replacing, & with a sweeper goalie like Ederson you don’t really need a Jorginho.
  10. Not playing doesn’t affect his value in any form. I reckon there is an agreement in principle with Juve, they just need to move on a couple of players (Ramsey, Rabiot, Khedira) to free up some funds.
  11. 2 different players, Arthur’s presence doesn’t affect them buying Jorginho.
  12. God No! He is now bang average. Will take the money all day.
  13. The ball gets switched to the flanks & we are using our fullbacks as outlets. In theory it should work if we don’t mess about in the middle.
  14. Utd is a proper example of a good forward line masking a bad defence.
  15. Surely getting a call up into the England squad probably at the expense of CHO. Begs the question; Do you got out & buy Sancho if Greenwood can’t stop scoring?

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