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  1. ducavis

    Christian Pulisic

    The are welcome to him at £50m. Watched him against Düsseldorf tonight & he was well average. Thorgan Hazard has been ripping up the Bundesliga & wouldn’t cost near that amount. Might even make Hazard sign a contract.
  2. ducavis

    Eden Hazard

    Agree we could have inserted a clause stating he could go to Madrid if an offer over £120m comes in. Might sound crazy but I would sell him in Jan. Before anyone get on my back, he has been playing this game of chicken with the club for what 18mths now? Hypothetically the club gives him till Jan 1st to sign a new contract, if he doesn’t transfer list him. That way 3 top teams will come in with bids around £80m+, and Madrid will be forced to show their hands. Wait till the summer and he will make it crystal clear he is only going to Madrid. With 1 year left, we will be lucky to get over £50m for him (see Courtois). Unless the club intends to make him see out his last year, we will be at Madrid’s mercy come summer. Funny thing is I feel he is probably 4th choice behind Neymar, Mbappe & Kane for Madrid.
  3. ducavis

    Marcos Alonso

    I think it was his fault but it’s in the past now. Problem for me is we seem not to have learnt anything, we still don’t have a Director of football in place. We will keep making mistakes in the market until we have a strategy in place.
  4. ducavis

    Marcos Alonso

    Digne at Everton has also been really good, but Everton will want a lot of money. Our biggest problem is clearing out the dross we accumulated because Conte moaned about having a small squad. We also rewarded some of these players with improved contracts based on our title winning season.
  5. ducavis

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Would be ridiculous to pay him £12m for sinking the ship. Just ride it out till the end of the season, probably is where next for him?
  6. ducavis

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Liverpool paid less than £15m for Shaqiri right?
  7. ducavis

    Sarriball needs a plan a.1

    Fans need to be patient, he needs time & at least 3 more transfer windows to get the right players in. We are about 6-7 starters short of what he needs to get the team firing.
  8. ducavis

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    When was the last time Alonso scores though? Only goal was against Arsenal way back in Aug, and last assist was in Nov against Crystal Palace.
  9. ducavis

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Fernandinho is brilliant in the role he plays for City
  10. ducavis


    I disagree and think he gives an illusion of being a good player by appearing busy. Ironically his best season ever as a footballer was last season when he had 6 goals & 7 assists in 20 starts. In comparison Pedro has 5 goals & 1 assist in 8 starts, Ryan Fraser 4 goals & 7 assists in 16 starts, Son 3 goals & 2 assists in 7 starts, Mahrez 5 goals & 2 assists in 8 starts, Shaqiri 3 goals & 2 assists in 7 starts, Rashford 3 goals & 5 assists in 8 starts. Mind you these are random picks from the top 8. Stats wise he is being outperformed by Torreira & Kante. I would be shocked if he matched last seasons output at the end of the season, considering he is seeing more game time in a more attacking setup.
  11. ducavis


    Willian a creative outlet? He is awful; 2 goals and 2 assists in 13 PL starts is not what you need in a top 4 team. If Utd or any team is crazy enough to offer £30m for him, we will be mad not to take the money. His output is on par with Mikhitaryan who isn’t a regular starter for Arsenal.
  12. Lozano is as PSV are out of Europe. Lyon would take the £57m for Fekir after the botched summer move. Hypothetically we buy both and we can afford to lose 2 of Morata/Giroud/Willian/Pedro
  13. You can though; 1-2 players to help secure top 4. As things stand, not sure I would bet on us with no firepower up front. We have a very large squad which Sarri has complained about, this might be hindering him from getting his ideas across effectively. We can afford to lose Moses, Drinkwater and Cahill as things stand, Fekir depending on how his knees hold up will upgrade our CM/RW/FW. Add Lozano who is a clear upgrade on both Willian/Pedro and we should sneak top 4.
  14. ducavis

    Eden Hazard

    Smart move would be to get a replacement in Jan who can get us over the 4th place line. That way come summer if he decides to leave, we don’t get exploited and we have a top player in place for attracting other talents. Call me mad but would have taken anything over £150m last summer. Can’t see us getting anything over £80m, and will be surprised if Madrid go over £50m if Hazard digs his heels in like Courtois.
  15. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Isnt this a limitation of Kante though? For those saying you can still play attacking football with Kante in his original position, winning the ball is half of the job. It is what he does with after winning it that matters in this system, this is why Fernandinho/Busquet are superior players . Sarri’s style can work in the premiership but he needs at least 5 more starters. Kante’s role in this formation ideally is to sweep behind the 3rd midfielder and cover the deep lying playmaker. As for the whole logic of he has just signed a new 5yr contract, it is madness IMO making a DM whose performance you are going to judge solely on the team’s success your best paid player.