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  1. We all know we need new signings and we will make a few, I am just curious as to how many players would he require to make things work. You can either go the City of pissing £270m on defenders and £50m on goalkeepers with only Laporte & Ederson the standouts, or go the Liverpool route of spending £62m on Allison, £82m on Van Dijk, £9m on Robertson and making use of your youth prospects. We will never know what he wanted, all we will see is what the club signs. As things stand he probably needs 2GKs, 1-2CBs, 1-2LBs, 1ST, Probably another winger and probably a midfielder. We are talking 4-9 new signings, I just think whatever happens in the summer a selection of fans will blame the board for not backing him enough.
  2. Common same defence with 3 additions minus Luiz & Zappacosta kept 16 clean sheets last season. So you are telling me we need to buy him a whole defence and 2 goalkeepers to compete again? Seems no one wants to point fingers at him and argue that maybe he just can’t organise a defence. No one is saying sack him, but if we need to buy him a whole defence and attack to compete; practically a whole new team the club might as well not have bothered.
  3. This lineup is confusing. If you are going to bench Rudiger, then take our Azpi as well.
  4. No one is saying change him, my point is what if he just can’t organise a defence? Checked his Derby stats and they only kept 11 clean sheets in 46 games; you ask a Derby fan and they would say they were fantastic going forward, but shambolic defensively so it might not just be his thing. I just find it hard to believe all 4 CBs and the GK can’t do better than they are and have to be binned. Personally I feel his tactics defensively are suicidal, but I am not saying bin him.
  5. He still had to keep those clean sheets while playing more EL games against said pub teams right? We also seem to have a bigger squad now, if I am not mistaken Cahill hardly played any games and Ampadu was our 4th choice CB. All in all 5 clean sheets in 27 games is way off 16 clean sheets in 38 games.
  6. Last season with virtually the same defence bar Luiz we kept 16 clean sheets in the league. This season with the addition of Tomori, Zouma & Reece James we have 5 clean sheets in 27 games, which makes us joint 15th in the league. Sorry but the issue isn’t a personnel one, the setup is all wrong.
  7. With what money? There are many holes around the squad and depending on who you ask we need 3-10 new players. I can’t see it all happening in one window but a good manager should be able to mask his squad’s weaknesses. Before all that we need to appoint a Sporting Director who will define our style of play going forward, and head our recruitment. Currently we have players suited to Conte’s style of play, a few for Sarri’s and the youth players stuck in the middle.
  8. Not with our tactics and no protection infront of the back 4, we will get mauled.
  9. I think it’s unfair to drop Barkley again after another good game. Hypothetically he makes those 2 changes and we get spanked, what does he do against Bournemouth then? Does he bring back Giroud and Barkley in at the weekend? For me he sticks with the same team, if things are not working; fine you make the switches. If he changes the formation/personnel now and it goes wrong, it makes things tricky for the weekend.
  10. That is why we set up with 3 at the back to mask his weaknesses. I feel presently he brings so much creative/attacking wise to continue leaving him out. Just don’t play a 4-4-2 against Bayern or it might get ugly.
  11. You seem to be forgetting how disruptive he was when he wasn’t starting games, and I am not sure he will be motivated sat on the bench. Wasn’t the Utd game Pedro’s 6th start in the league this season? If we are going to be closer to the teams above us, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near the 1st and I’d rather give his spot on the bench to a youth prospect.
  12. Ex Loanee Pasalic grabbed 2 assists v Valencia tonight in the other game. He is a talent, can’t believe we sold him & at that price.
  13. Some fans still want him to be given a contract? His last good game was against Arsenal last year, we are almost at the end of Feb.

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