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  1. Dortmund, Leicester & even Bayern tried buying him in the window, but we rejected their offers. There is a disconnect somewhere; the board either value him higher than the manager does, or they are scared of a club with a plan unlocking his talent. How does Kounde’s acquisition affect him though? Two different positions that should have no bearing on whether we keep or sell him.
  2. Your answer lies in the statement; “we will build a team that no one wants to play against”. I don’t think he has ever utilised the attacking talents at his disposal. His main focus is to keep us solid & prevent us conceding. When we are winning and lifting trophies it gets ignored, but in games like this you just wonder.
  3. How is he “money hungry” though? We need to stop using his wages as a basis to criticise him. Fault lies solely with the club for valuing him highly, and not knowing how to develop the talent. The sooner he is out of the club, the better it is for both parties.
  4. We lack technical players, they started with 3-4. That can be the difference in the big games.
  5. I fear we might get ripped apart. We are just too negative
  6. Mount has been awful all season though. This is just what the 3-4-3/3-5-2 is all about, 5 players sat in defence.
  7. This is how we set up against Liverpool also. Sorry but are not an attractive football side.
  8. Made absolutely no sense considering our LCB was refusing to sign a contract. Bad planning.
  9. Can’t have players doing that though, an offer has been on the table for 2yrs now. I would look for a replacement in Jan & sell him.
  10. That is on the manager though; he isn’t suited to the two behind the striker, and he tend to play him on the right.
  11. Hope he is given more opportunities. I love the way he glides with ball, and distribution is very good
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