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  1. Mount is a creative midfielder? Sorry but he isn’t, creatively he is way Barkley who I am not a fan of & RLC.
  2. Did someone really say Klopp had a better team than Lamps has in his 1st season? He inherited a team with Clyne, Kolo Toure, Sakho, Moreno, Caulker with Skrtel the only quality in defence, midfield had Coutinho, Firmino, Benteke, Sturridge upfront.
  3. He is the perfect signing and you just know we wouldn’t be looking at him.
  4. ducavis


    God No! He isn’t the same player anymore, he is worse that Morata who was awful here.
  5. They are not meant to provide assists or goals in the style of football he is trying to install though, in fact I would argue ideally he is a DM short & getting rid of Jorginho to having the ideal midfield. When perfected the ball shouldn’t be spending so much time in the centre as we are seeing now, it should be getting recycled back to the flanks as quickly as possible. Your midfielders are there to press the ball and cover for your fullbacks when they get caught further up the pitch. The reason it keeps coming back into the centre is primarily because he doesn’t have the Players and he is failing to communicate how he wants them to play. Breaking down teams centrally is getting harder & harder by the week, everyone's getting more & more compact in their defensive & middle 3rds which also means teams have limited access to your fullbacks. In comes the playmaker fullback. With their starting positions deep means no opponent in their right mind is going to man-mark your fullbacks, from there they can make under/over-lap/3rdMan runs facilitated by CMs & wingers, but someone has to cover in behind so the marathon CM is the new 'false' fullback. As more teams jump on the elaborate play bandwagon means high energetic forwards + athletic midfielders are the key to winning the ball higher & closer to the opponent's goal so you don't have to bother - wait for it - building the back. As more teams apply the Klopp blueprint because it's practical & cheaper i.e PnP midfield, playmaking fullbacks etc, less & less teams will be willing to splash £80m on technical attacking midfielders. This trend happened already with old school #10s aka trequartistas.
  6. You don’t need a deep lying playmaker if Lamps is trying to using his fullbacks as playmakers. He has mentioned a few times that he is trying to mirror the Liverpool style of football, what we need is an energetic midfield. The fault lies primarily with our historical moves in the market; we have a set of players bought and made for Conte’s counterattacking style of football (Kante, Alonso), then you have the possession ones made for Sarri’s possession style of football (Jorginho, Emerson). Now we have a manager who wants to play the high press and is having to shoe horn these different players into a system they are not made for.
  7. Not trying to defend him here and I agree he has been under par, I still wonder if the problem might be ahead of him. A goalkeeper is only as good as what he has in front of him. I feel Jorginho might be part of the issue, and I still question if a deep lying playmaker could ever work in the PL. Would he fit in a Klopp side and where would he play? Is he a fit for Leicester? Even with the argument of City’s interest in him 2 summers ago, and Pep’s love of multi functional players, would City be a more solid outfit with him ahead of their defence?
  8. Agree.: a LB & a winger is a more urgent need.
  9. Is it the board or the manager refusing to buy?
  10. ducavis


    Big fan of either Ings or Jimenez in the long run. Short term might be wiser to stick with Batshuayi till the summer and get a quality winger who can double up as a 10, as a replacement for Pedro in the interim.
  11. Fair point! I just think we need a shot in the arm from somewhere, and the upsides on a 4-month loan far outweigh the cost in my opinion. Top 4 will be remarkable as we will be able to compete for top players, and a deep run in the CL will be very good for our finances. All things considered we desperately need a LB & a winger; and Liverpool have shown you don’t have to break the bank to do that, just smart scouting and analytics.
  12. Where will he play at Atletico though? They already have Costa, Morata, and Felix. Oh well the weather is nice in Spain.
  13. ducavis

    Ben Chilwell

    That is why we have to pull our fingers out now. Not sure Barca will be getting rid of Alba just yet especially with a new manager, and they have Firpo has backup. City on the other hand will definitely be buying a new LB.
  14. Why though? We lack creativity and someone to finish chances. If it fails we take the hit and they go back to their clubs in May. I just don’t feel we have enough to see us over the line and there are 3-4 teams lurking around that 4th position. If we drop points against Arsenal, I fully expect us to do something silly like paying £80m for Zaha & £45m for Dembele which sounds crazier than my alternative.

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