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  1. Isn’t this on him and his agent though? He could have rejected the move and gone to an European Top 6 club where he would have been a starter.
  2. Alex Telles is the name you are looking for, and he won’t cost anywhere near £80m.
  3. And that League goal was in Oct 2018. However stick him in an England jersey v average/dross opposition and he turns into prime Zidane.
  4. God No! Not with a midfield duo of Kante & Jorginho. Kante will be so far upfield breaking up play, and Jorginho will be getting bullied by the Longstaff brothers.
  5. I understand your point but isn’t a striker’s job to score goals? And you are right that as long as he keeps coming off the bench for us and making an impact, he will be ahead of Giroud. For all it’s worth he is also 2nd in the pecking order for Belgium behind Lukaku.
  6. He has been brilliant on loan, and if he continues on the same path could put Barkley back on the market.
  7. Yes Wing-Forwards not centre forwards, having 3 centre forwards is a bad idea in the long run as it’s unsustainable. Gabriel Jesus at City is already getting restless playing backup to Aguero, only reason he hasn’t left is Aguero is leaving in 2002. Liverpool’s backup to Firmino is Origi who can also play on the wings. Like an earlier poster said, Giroud will most likely push for an exit in Jan.
  8. Jovic will be crazy to swap Madrid’s bench for a rotational role behind an in-form striker. As highly as I rate him a forward I just can’t see him making 2 dumb moves consecutively.
  9. That doesn’t work anymore though, look around Europe and find 2 quality forwards on the same team. The closest you will find is Icardi & Cavani; the former’s issues are well documented and PSG were the only takers on an initial loan move, and the latter at 32 is probably on his last season for a top European club. No top player is going to sit on the bench when he can start for another big team. If Tammy hits 15+ premier league goals, I’d rather keep Batshuayi as backup and spend big on a top class winger.
  10. Agree; he has dropped a level since the Wolves game, could still be carrying an injury to be fair. Will drop him to the bench to keep in on his toes, CHO has done more than enough to earn a start. Lamps needs to keep the competitive spirit going.
  11. Personally I feel the age issue might be the difference between his & Fabinho’s situation. Fabinho was 25 when he came into the PL and had already logged 14000mins in Ligue 1, Pulisic at 20 has what about 4000mins in the Bundesliga & coming off a season where he hardly featured for Dortmund. He is at an age where he needs to playing regularly to develop, while Fabinho is near his peak. I reckon there are more similarities with the Salah/De Bruyne situation, but like you say it’s still early on. However come Nov/Dec when we are playing 2x weekly, if he is still on the outs it might be ideal to loan him out in Jan.
  12. Might be smart to loan him out within the PL in Jan if he remains 5th choice in his position, and sanction a sale in the summer if Lamps still doesn’t rate him. A loan to a Norwich, Southampton or a Crystal Palace is probably his best fit.
  13. Thing is Mount isn’t a winger and long term for me he shouldn’t be out on the flanks. As for Sancho 16goals and 22 assists in 52 league games is what you dream of wingers producing. As things stand he is the next big star in world football.
  14. God No! We are so far off City & Liverpool if we are ever going to get any closer it wouldn’t be with Willian/Pedro on fat contracts for another season or 2. I still can’t see what other people are seeing with Willian, personally for me a top quality winger should be producing more than 1 goal & Zero assist in 323mins of league football. In a perfect world we get top 4 which is still achievable and get 1 of Sancho, Chiesa, Under or Chukwueze.
  15. Still don’t think Mount is playing in his right position, however as long as keeps up his output (goals/assists) he is fine there. I reckon if we had a destroyer (DM) in the squad to play next to Kante (B2B) he would be playing behind the forward as a 10. In the 1st league match vs Utd when he was played there with Kovacic & Jorginho behind him we were ripped 4-0. With Jorginho in the team you can’t play him in a 2, and even in a 3 you can’t afford to play a 10. Will be interesting to see what happens long term, as personally I am not too keen on a Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic midfield if Willian is going to be on the flanks.

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