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  1. Been saying this all season but he is never going to bench him. He is the last player you want on the pitch in a dogfight.
  2. Time to roll the dice & throw the kitchen sink at them. Giroud for Higuain.
  3. He needs to stop using zonal marking. It’s been a nightmare all season.
  4. He needs to stop using zonal marking. It’s been a nightmare all season.
  5. ducavis


    Crazy right.. you think we are an absolute mess then you watch Utd. Makes you wonder who will get out of the funk first.
  6. Sarri: “I think so that Giroud has played a lot. But he is playing because he is very useful for us. Giroud played match number 39 [on Thursday]. Not number nine, 39! He’s started 19 or 20, I don’t remember. For 70 minutes [against Slavia Prague], very useful, played very well." "But he needs to recover like the other players, more than the other players because he is 90 kilos and after the match he needs time to recover." Guess it is Higuain then 😐
  7. Can’t trust Sarri to set us up to get a win.. lol Watch him start Higuain & his other favourite in a match that’s bound to be a scrap.
  8. Where did you get this from that he is going? I feel it has gone quiet on his transfer front, and it’s a case of wait & see what happens in the summer regarding Hazard, Willian & Pedro. I reckon he would sign a new contract if 2 of the above (fingers crossed the latter 2) were let go. I also feel Bayern have moved on as there are now potentially more options available for transfer. Thorgan Hazard, Sancho, Felix, Neres, Lugano, Brandt, Pepe, Dybala, a few Madrid players and even Sane might be all all moving on.
  9. Might be the only person that rates Rafa on his board, but we all have to agree he is doing a fantastic job at Newcastle. Imagine what he could achieve there with their huge fan base if he was backed by their owner.
  10. Must be watching a different player from everyone else. He is going to be 33 at the start of next season, gets gassed around the 60th min mark, has 5 league goals in 37 appearances for us and 2 league goals in 804 league mins this season. It is all well and good scoring 10 goals in Europa league, but none of the teams we have played would finish in the top 10 if they played in the PL. Who are these supposed “top” teams that want him? He wouldn’t make the bench for any of the teams above us, and that says a lot about the state of our club.
  11. Sarri: “The club has an option to retain Giroud for another season. I spoke to the club two days ago and we agreed to exercise the option. So, he will remain. He cannot do anything, I spoke with Marina and she didn’t say to me anything about this question.” Oh dear..
  12. It’s one thing wanting to keep him, can’t see the board ever sanctioning the move. Giroud seems to overvalue himself and it shows how dire our situation is. Common he was a 4th choice forward at Arsenal. Would clear the deck regarding our forward options even with a transfer ban, and bring back loan options. Anyone else but these two please.
  13. God No! His brand of football makes a José team look like prime Barca.
  14. Problem is he signed Higuain. Why bother loaning a player he wanted the club to sign in the summer if he doesn’t trust his qualities in the big game? He keeps on using the excuse that he needs someone on the flanks to do the defensive work in big games, but I think Jorginho in that deep role against the Top 6 is of a bigger concern. You move Kante deeper and Kovacic covering on the left behind Hazard, and we look more balanced.

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