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  1. The Tammy upfront with Werner stuck left isn’t working, he needs to bin that 4-2-3-1 real fast. I will go 4-3-3 with Werner up top & Mount replacing Tammy.
  2. Needs to bin that 4-2-3-1 fast. Werner was on the left, right & up top; just all over the place. He needs to find a fixed role for him.
  3. Mount for Werner for me even though I am not a fan of him on the wings. We either play Werner as the 9 or don’t bother. Let’s see if Havertz & Tammy can build on their budding partnership, and with Pulisic & Ziyech still a way off CHO needs all the game time he can get.
  4. That deal well the Skriniar aspect would have made sense without Thiago Silva, makes zero sense now. We have Thiago, Zouma, Christensen, Tomori, Rudiger, then Malang Sarr, Ampadu on loan, I can’t just see it. Brozovic is an average midfielder so wouldn’t improve us. If Lamps is insistent on getting a deal done, loan with an obligation to buy next year.
  5. Has to be a lack of trust in team mates, in the system & a lack of consistency in system, formation & personnel.
  6. This is how we are going to get the best out of Werner, not all that back and forth, pass back to the goalie. Just get it up to him as quickly as possible.
  7. Bayern have no depth upfront & on the flanks. It’s kind of understandable though; just like with Spurs & Kane you are hardly going to see any mins playing backup to Lewandowski.
  8. The formation was wrong though; if you are playing a 4-2-3-1, the last person you want leading the line is Tammy who can’t hold up the ball. 1 on top will only work if you have the 3 linking up quickly with him, can’t see it being an option till Pulisic & Ziyech are back and even then it has to be Werner you will be look to exploit his pace. IMO he should have gone 4-3-3 till every one is fit not switching formation, and moving players around especially the new ones. Something else that is worrying is 1st half we had James providing the width on the right, with nothing on the lef
  9. Next 6 league games are all potential banana skins. We have already dropped 5pts & you really don’t want to be far off the top by Nov. For me the 5 leagues till Nov 7th are very pivotal ones & he needs to pick up at least 11pts in those games or it might be curtains.
  10. I think it was; he was moving into pockets of space but no one was smart enough to pick him up. Kante was getting into the dangerous areas in the opposition box, and was the wrong player you want in those situations for a 1-2.
  11. Come on! Barkley is way too inconsistent to perform like he did.
  12. Different systems. Leipzig use wingbacks. He isn’t a player for a 4-2-3-1. He needs to play him centrally & get the ball to him as quickly as possible.
  13. I think he can and he was forming a partnership with James last season. He is very raw and very much a work in progress, what he has is a platform you can build on.
  14. Spot on! This has never been about Mount v CHO, it’s has always been about width & stretching the opponents. CHO is the only fit player we have that will take on an opponent and maintain the width. That simple change is a lot when everyone else wants to come in and get involved in the middle.
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