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  1. Lozano is as PSV are out of Europe. Lyon would take the £57m for Fekir after the botched summer move. Hypothetically we buy both and we can afford to lose 2 of Morata/Giroud/Willian/Pedro
  2. You can though; 1-2 players to help secure top 4. As things stand, not sure I would bet on us with no firepower up front. We have a very large squad which Sarri has complained about, this might be hindering him from getting his ideas across effectively. We can afford to lose Moses, Drinkwater and Cahill as things stand, Fekir depending on how his knees hold up will upgrade our CM/RW/FW. Add Lozano who is a clear upgrade on both Willian/Pedro and we should sneak top 4.
  3. ducavis

    Eden Hazard

    Smart move would be to get a replacement in Jan who can get us over the 4th place line. That way come summer if he decides to leave, we don’t get exploited and we have a top player in place for attracting other talents. Call me mad but would have taken anything over £150m last summer. Can’t see us getting anything over £80m, and will be surprised if Madrid go over £50m if Hazard digs his heels in like Courtois.
  4. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Isnt this a limitation of Kante though? For those saying you can still play attacking football with Kante in his original position, winning the ball is half of the job. It is what he does with after winning it that matters in this system, this is why Fernandinho/Busquet are superior players . Sarri’s style can work in the premiership but he needs at least 5 more starters. Kante’s role in this formation ideally is to sweep behind the 3rd midfielder and cover the deep lying playmaker. As for the whole logic of he has just signed a new 5yr contract, it is madness IMO making a DM whose performance you are going to judge solely on the team’s success your best paid player.
  5. ducavis

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Watch Lyon’s trio of Ndombele, Aouar & Fekir & you will figure out what is wrong with our midfield. Pay particular attention to Ndombele playing the Kante role, and has been linked with City as a potential replacement for Fernandinho.
  6. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Kante will always be the best player against the top teams because we won’t be controlling possession and there will be balls to be worn back. Isn’t it more a case of a limitation of Kante that against the 14 other teams when we have the bulk of possession that he looks average. Sticking him at the base of a 2 alongside Jorginho isn’t a long term fix, the problem here is Kante is a better player in a team not controlling possession. Question is should Sarri revert to a counter attacking style of football to keep Kante, Azpi & the other 4-5 players not comfortable with the ball at their feet?
  7. ducavis

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Glad someone else get it. He isn’t the problem in the middle of the park and neither is Kovacic. You only need to watch how city plays to recognise you don’t need physicality to make the system work. A trio of Fernandinho, Silva and De Bruyne have no business dominating the middle of the park in a league where big strong players are valued by most managers, but it works because a Silva/Bernardo Silva are press resistant and hardly loose the ball. That is why Kovacic is very important next to Jorginho , and would start most games for me. It is that 3rd person in midfield that we are lacking but you keep getting fans stating that Kante has to play, and he has to be moved to his right position. Well the system can’t/ and won’t work because his role doesn’t exist in this system.
  8. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    An interesting stat is every winning team he has been on has been a counter attacking team. Leicester exploited the pace of Mahrez on the right, Conte’s 3-5-2 and France using Mbappé as an outlet. He will always look good against the top teams because we won’t be controlling the game, and their will be balls to worn back. It is against the other 15 or so other teams he will be found wanting in a possession based team. Short term Sarri either goes back to the 3-5-2 which allows him to sit in a 2 with Jorginho, or 4-2-3-1 but we don’t have a 10 in the team.
  9. ducavis

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    You want to build a team around a defensive midfielder? Okay..
  10. Nailed it with the first statement, I disagree with the criticism of Jorginho though. Kante for me is the biggest problem in that midfield, and it will be interesting to see how Sarri fixes the issue long term. I have seen the Allan comparison floated around, but he is so far off Allan as a player. Stick your Eriksen or Isco next to Kovacic & Jorginho, and instantly we look a different side. For all his criticism Pep wanted Jorginho, and he would have played him next to Silva & De Bruyne which is very scary.
  11. He has to be at the base of the system, as he is the building block. Won’t work with him further up the pitch. It is clearly a personnel issue Sarri has to rectify in the coming window. Ideally when he has the ball, players are meant to make themselves available for a pass. Won’t work if players are not constantly on the move.
  12. Isn’t the Jorginho issue more a case of other teammates not giving him options? Can remember Pirlo having the same issue for a while with the Italian team. Having De Rossi next to him with the Azzuri, and Seedorf with Milan solved the issue. All the opposition is doing to nullify him at present is closing the passing lanes.
  13. Madrid are in a worse state and he will be mad to go out there.
  14. I wish some of us would just a grip. This team is still 4-5 players short of playing his style of football. Chalk it up as a loss and move on.