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  1. Spot on! + the have fullbacks that will chip in with 20 assists in a season. This is why he is trying to play a Barkley/Mount behind the forward to add some goals & assists from the middle of the park. The problem is a Kante who presses high up the pitch can’t work with a Jorginho who prefers to orchestrate moves deep in midfield. The two in midfield need to work in tandem if not you will have a situation like yesterday where they will just sit 2 players on Jorginho.
  2. I am not sure Jorginho can function well in a 4-2-3-1, and I do wonder if Lamps thinking is 4-3-3 v the Big 6 and 4-2-3-1 v the other teams. With a 4-3-3 we are solid but offer very little creatively in the middle of the park, with a 4-2-3-1 we have the luxury of playing a Mount/Barkley behind the frontman.
  3. Giroud isn’t good enough though, he is always caught flat footed. IMO I would persist with Tammy I believe he will come good, he just needs patience, time and Lamps confidence. I would give him a run of 5 games as a starter, and assess where we are after. Too much upside to just discount him after 1 PL start.
  4. He is quality, never understood why people got on his back after the 1st game.
  5. .. and they are offering him a new contract FFS. Just let him leave on a free next summer.
  6. I have a sneaky feeling Atletico Madrid might just sneak La Liga this season. Simeone has a template which might not appealing to most viewers, but it clearly works. He has lost Griezmann, Rodri, Hernandez, Filipe Luis & Godin, but he made some very smart buys in Joao Felix, Trippier, Lorentz, Hermoso & Lodi. Madrid & Barca are a mess and more worried about winning the transfer spend league without a clear plan on how to put together a team. After spending £200m+ in the market; Zidane is moaning about Perez not buying Pogba for £180m, and will revert to a 5-3-2 formation for this season. The only new signings that fits into this will be Militao in defence and Hazard (who is out for a month) upfront with Benzema. Barca are just awful. Watched the 1-0 loss to Bilbao last night and it is ridiculous how average they looked without Messi. Griezmann is clearly not a winger, why they have bought him is beyond me. Why he has pushed for the move is more bizarre. He clearly thrives as a secondary striker like Dybala, but he ended up on the wing for Barca. As a winger he is very average as he offers no width, loves to come inside and can’t track the oppositions runs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold him after a season ala Coutinho (hello PSG/Bayern). He clearly doesn’t fit in the team, and his situation will worsen when Messi returns to the team and Neymar looks like he might end up back at Barca. He might find himself sat on the bench playing backup to Suarez in the long run.
  7. So he is out for 3-4weeks, things could get very interesting.
  8. You could argue that we look far more dynamic without Hazard on the team, every move seemed to flow through him with him on our team. Liverpool is an interesting one but I agree with you. He should have brought in a couple of players in to freshen up the team. Van Dijk, Mane/Salah & Firmino are players you look at and wonder if complacency could set in.
  9. The club & football in general has moved on from “Target Men”. It restricts your play and you end up hoofing it upfield. So no we are never getting a Target Man.
  10. Friendly reminder that Zouma has been OK and hasn’t look out of place.
  11. Little or no creativity from that mid 3. He could have dropped one of Jorginho/Kovacic & stuck either Barkley/ Mount behind Giroud. I am also not sure of Pedro playing 2 games in 3days at his age.
  12. Thought we would never see that mid 3 again, but Lamps has buckled under the pressure.
  13. It is a glorified friendly though and not even bothered how it goes as long as we play well. i’d rather he used the game to tweak formations; either a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 and change personnel.

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