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  1. 100% but not with Tuchel bent on rinsing this 3-5-2
  2. The wages are a result of Bayern’s interest in him, that is how things work.
  3. Missed the bus with that one; this season was the perfect opportunity for a 2year loan. We send him out on a 2year loan, he will run out the last year of his contract. Selling to Dortmund at a low fee with a buyback clause is perfect, especially if Hakimi is coming in.
  4. It’s “or” not “and”, but I agree won’t be swapping Christensen
  5. Key thing is Bayern hardly ever get it wrong with young players. Salihamidžić has a tried and trusted method of developing young players that works and doesn’t even involve loaning them out of the club. Musiala who they snapped off us at 17yrs is a testament to the system, he has made 27 appearances for Bayern and has 2 German caps. Alphonso Davies, Coman, Alaba and Gnabry are others they have snapped up at very young ages and developed into very good players. The Gnabry situation is similar to CHO, Arsenal had him at 17-18yrs couldn’t figure out how to develop him, loaned him to West Brom a
  6. Underlying stats are better than Pulisic though, he is actually our best winger output wise based on mins on the pitch.
  7. My issue is Bayern have been after him for 3 solid years now, surely the club is missing something. I rate him highly and reckon he would turn into a Musiala if we sold him.
  8. Why should we demand €50m for a player we don’t rate though? It’s a bit pointless pricing him out of the market if we won’t develop him. £25m-£30m seems a fair price to me
  9. Might be a decent pick like Martinez considering Mensu might be away for 2mths at AFCON
  10. Those aren’t good stats though, and i have Pulisic at 9 goals & 4 assists. You compare it with his peers around the same age group and they are bang average, unless you view his output with rose tinted glasses. Lets assume; - A good season is 10-15 contributions - A very good season is 15-20 contributions - A superb season is 20+ contributions * Pulisic: 182.3 mins [1 good season] * CHO: 191.9 mins {173.8mins over 1000mins} * Harvey Barnes: 168.4 mins {149.7mins over 1000mins} [2 good seasons] * Rashford: 146.6 mins {126.8mins last 2 season
  11. What options? Our best option on the wing is probably Werner. Pulisic I have my suspicions about, he has never hit double figures for either goals or assists and has been playing for 5 years. Sancho has scored more goals & assists in the last 2 than Pulisic in his whole career. You compare our options with our rivals and we are light years behind. Utd adding Sancho to Rashford and Greenwood is a scary prospect when they also have Fernandes who can hit double figures in goals & assists.
  12. Way too high maintenance considering he can’t hack it in Europe. Signed 24 players in 2yrs at Inter and was demanding new people players again. Most big clubs would be wary of going near him, as big club means fat contract for players & manager alike.
  13. Giroud is crap & slow now to be fair, but I am with you regarding snatching Sancho off Utd & getting a DM. Not sure where you stick a top CB with Silva resigning, & Rudiger/Christensen also deserving to start.
  14. Might as well buy Maddison since he is Chiwell’s bestie
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