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  1. Pep scrapped the possession style of football 2 seasons ago, and Barca have been more direct since last season. We are the only team that seem to be going down that route.
  2. Section of the fans are being too harsh on him because he is homegrown & we never bought him for big money. Gabriel Jesus is a few months older, has been in the league for close to 5 season and you won’t see Pep discarding him. Like someone argued he is years away from his peak, and I haven’t heard him demand to be 1st choice, just give him some chances which Tuchel isn’t. As for the calibre of teams linked with him, who could have predicted Jota would end up at Liverpool? Wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at either Dortmund as replacement for Halaand or Inter for Lukaku.
  3. Wouldn’t give up on him that easy, he reminds me of Suarez in his 1st season with Liverpool. Suarez scored like 11 goals in his 1st season and everything seemed to be hitting the bar, straight at the goalie or just missing by inches, like Werner he never stopped trying. In his 2nd season he hit 20+ league goals, and 30+ league goals in his final season with them. We need to sort out our slow possession football, and the middle of the park for that to happen.
  4. I do wonder if you got rid of both Kovacic & Jorginho, stuck a DM next to Kante we might see a change in our approach and get the best out of him. We need to move the ball upfield quickly and do away with the high possession stats, both Kovacic & Jorginho have high possession stats but don’t create enough on the ball. Liverpool are having the same issues with Thiago in the middle of the park.
  5. It is a tactics issue though; can’t sell everyone. His 3 CBs at the back has to go for starters.
  6. That was my problem when people Kept asking to bring him on. He is useless in this type of games.
  7. Giroud depends on quality service, we are not creating anything so he is pointless. We bring him on and we will start hoofing it upfield, which will be ideal for Porto.
  8. We are not creating anything though; the CBs are just hoofing it upfield, we have no control in the central of the park, and James who has been seeing loads of the ball on the right has been piss poor with his delivery.
  9. James has all the space on the right but hasn’t picked out a decent cross all game
  10. Same thing with Thiago at Liverpool; think it’s a deep lying playmaker thing. Would swap him for a defensive midfielder in the summer.
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