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  1. Klopp will never stick him in the final third, he will deploy his graft in the middle of the park like Winjaldum & Keita. He requires player to be decisive & instinctive in the final third. Under Pep I would liken him to a Bernardo Silva who you might tactically deploy in the final 3rd or as a cover, but would primarily play in the middle of the park.
  2. Fair point. Kante is the one genuine world class player we have though, and I doubt anyone presently on the team would demand Kante’s wages. Plus we offered him those wages 2 seasons ago when he was a bit younger. I try not to read to much into player performances when they are due a final contract negotiations, you saw how William performed here and how Pogba is currently doing at Utd. Who could ever predict Willian would end up back in Brazil a season after? & very few players would walk away from a £20m contract like Willian did. Thank God we never handed him the bumper 3yr contract. I reckon the smart move would be to offer him £140k/w on a 3yr contract with option for a 4th, and give him a £5m loyalty bonus to make up the difference.
  3. Was just thinking no way Chiwell gets back in the team in this form
  4. He has always been reliant on service though, big problem is he has little to work with. Mount and Havertz favoured by Tuchel want it to feet, which makes us slow going forward. I reckon we have lost pace & variety ever since we dropped Werner.
  5. You have to feel for Lukaku; we actually don’t create chances for him, not even scraps
  6. Isn’t Jorginho UEFA footballer of the year? You would think this is the type of game he shows his class. You are right though, looks awful when pressed.
  7. This has been the case since the beginning of the season
  8. Isn’t the issue then that he is a jack of all trades but a master of none? I agree he has loads of potential but he needs to nail down a position for his own personal development. I feel he might need to go the Rashford route and publicly state his positional preference. Ever since Rashford stated his preference was to be a winger, Southgate and Ole have stopped moving him around the pitch. Lampard, Southgate and Tuchel have all played him in different positions (CM, B2B, LW, RW, AM, even played as a CF) because of his high energy levels, but I feel they are doing him a disservice in the long run. Who is to say the next manager after Tuchel doesn’t go to a back 4? Where does that leave Mount in the grand scheme of things?
  9. Personally feel the system has made the player seem more important than he is. I predicted this was going to happen during the summer window, and you have to blame the club for not looking for alternatives. Presently everyone else has competition bar Rudiger, and we spent the whole summer chasing Kounde when signing a LCB should have been priority. As for who we should have gone for, Laporte wanted out of City and he is a clear upgrade on him. Personally wouldn’t give him £200k/w, he is playing in a system that makes every defender look better than their abilities. There is a trend in Europe of players in their late 20s running down their contracts for the big sign on bonus and a final large contract. Alaba did it at Bayern and demanded to be made their best player at over €300k/w, Pogba is doing it at Utd and demanding £500k/w, and Rudiger is doing it here. You bow to their demands and your Christensen, Jorginho, Kante will demand at least parity. Bayern moved on and signed a younger player in Upamecano, we should have focused on signing a competition/replacement in the summer.
  10. It was only a matter of time before someone threw CHO’s name in this. CHO isn’t responsible for the wages we are paying him, market forces (Bayern) are the reason why we are paying him those wages. As for what he is giving to the team; blame that on the club and the system deployed by the manager, not the player.
  11. He isn’t world class though, he is playing in a system that protects him.
  12. I reckon the issue is they are playing him alone deep in midfield, he needs someone next him to him to flourish.
  13. High level shooting & assists level where? 6 goals & 5 assists in 32 PL starts, & 2 goals & 2 assists in 9 CL starts is nowhere near high. It is actually average for a player starting in the band of 3 for a top 4 club. I agree with Ozboy that his stats aren’t good enough but he gets loads of passes for his off the ball running and pressing, which isn’t a metric you judge a player in that role on. Personally think he is playing far too high up the pitch, and would be better in the middle of the park in a mid 3.
  14. Love those Azpi’s crosses from deep, hard to defend.
  15. He is a brilliant idea. We need players to stretch them
  16. Really going under the radar, he has underwhelmed with England also.
  17. Well said. This 3 at the back is way too rigid. Ideally you hook one of Azpi/James & go 4 at the back. Bring on Werner to stretch the play. Zenit are here for a point.
  18. Ziyech go past people? Never seen him dribble in a blue shirt. He actually hides.
  19. We had Werner running into space & stretching teams, now everyone wants it to feet.
  20. We are playing the same formation though. Just nullifying each other presently
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