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  1. It seems like it has been decided to give the Dippers PL this year. It was a clear penalty for City but denied by the ref and VAR.
  2. Really poor reacting today from Frank. Should have done changes at HT. Reacted too late. And taking Reece James off instead of Azpi for instance was quite strange as well.
  3. Frank has to come up with something new. This has not been working, not today, not against Villa, not against West Ham.
  4. Mount has been awfull, should have finished at least a couple.
  5. Kepa!!!!!!! This has been total sh*t right from the start. Really poor from the whole team bar Kova and not good performance from Lampard either.
  6. Total sh*t from FrAnk. Bring on new players!!!! Finally!

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