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  1. JPH

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Out, although the club having no idea where to head it doesn't matter who is couching the team.
  2. I hope Sarri and a big portion of this squad will be gone next season. No tactics, no fighting spirit.
  3. We should get rid of as many players as possible as well. No fighting spirit at all, kone of them.
  4. For how many years did we give Alonso the contract?
  5. Sure they will. Next match our starting line-up will be changed by Willian to Pedro, that's all. Mark my words. An
  6. Azpi loosing one-on-one again
  7. Next one will be Pedro -Willian
  8. Barkley off, Kovacic in what a great suprise!
  9. Alonso looks like a clown on the pitch.
  10. No changes..the first one will probably be made around 75th.
  11. Is someone suprized? If we lost 4-0 to Bournemouth, it was clear that City will slauther us some 10-0.
  12. Alonso, why do we have to stand him on the pitch?
  13. Unbelievable, how can we make so many mistakes?
  14. I think this is a game to shake the squad a little bit: Kepa Zappa Rudi Christensen Emerson Kante Kovacic RLC CHO Higuain Willian Like many have stated Hazard looks unmotivated/tired, let him rest. Let Kovacic try Jorginho's position, we need a backup for this position after Cesc left. Ampadu didn't succeed that well in that position.