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  1. Hakim Ziyech, no question about it.
  2. Tammy played ok but Werner gets wasted playing on the left. When Pulicic is fit Tammy should not have a chanche to start. Ziyech clearly the best player on the pitch tonight, incredible.
  3. PS. It was a clear penalty for us (Macquire/Azpi), but why am I not suprised we didn't get one.
  4. Not a good game from us. Mendy was clearly the best player of Chelsea tonight. Silva and the rest of defence were ok. Haverzt, Pulicic and Werner were quite frustrating tonight. Kante is hopeless offensively. I am afraid that Lampard is not the manager bringing us success. A
  5. I am not saying that Frank will be a great manager nor that he won't succeed in managing. But what pisses me is that every time someone criticizes him the one who does so gets heavily attacked. Frank Lampard IS a club legend and always will be regardless how he succeeds as a manager. What I am trying to tell is that not every great player will be a great manager. And if that happends it doensn't diminish his greatness as a player. (And apologies for my English, I'm not a native speaker.)
  6. Really an unbelievable result again. With our squad we should beat these southamptons 5-0 with our left hand. I don't know what is wrong in our defending. I haven't check this but the commentator said that Chelsea has not kept two clean sheets in a row under Frank.
  7. Can we please practice corners for the next six months minimum.
  8. Are you sure we are not the ones playing in white and blue?
  9. Pocchetino is available; we must act quickly to beat United.
  10. This kit must be the ugliest in the league.
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