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  1. But he just did : taking Billy out leaving Jorginho on the pitch.
  2. Getting into top 4 is 100 times more important than winning the FA. Tuchel made a huge error not playing the best team against Arsenal.
  3. CHO played couple of good games as wingback. But now playing as s winger he was the old poor himself again.
  4. Couldn't agree more. This is exatly how I feels as well. And some how you could see this coming after the goal.
  5. Really amateur performance from TT. The substitutions made were totally odd. Kepa, Silva, Gilmour did ok tonight. Zouma and Azpi were reasonable as Dell, but all the others should look Into the mirror. Shame onthis team, loosing to poor Arsenal.
  6. Jorginho has cost us at least 6 points this season.
  7. I hope we don't see Pulisic starting any games this season any more.
  8. We had some idea in our attacking in the first half,after these substitutions we have been totally hopeless.
  9. Chillwell is not worth the money we paid for him, not even close.
  10. Giroud has been decent in those games he had started. I don't remember any good games from him coming from bench, at leaast not lately.
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