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  1. Referee is a total ckoke but we have been worse thai Arse.
  2. We have been awfull tonight, right from the start. Luckily we got CL place for next season. It's funny that on nights like this you have the feeling that we need new players for every position on the pitch.
  3. What a totally poor game from us, unbelievable.
  4. We are playing like Champioship team, mid-table Champioship team.
  5. How can we be so awfull? Should win these kind of teams with five to ten goals.
  6. It's starting to look like a Norwich goal.
  7. A sh*t#y performance starting from the goalie ending to the manager.
  8. We have had absolutely no real chanches at all. Really pathetic performance.
  9. Really poor from us. With this kind of performances we do not deserve any CL next season.
  10. Next season we have Timo Werner aboard there should be no reason to play Tammy on pitch.

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