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  1. Alonso, unbeluevably poor playing
  2. I couldn't believe My eyes: Alonso and Willian starting! Is our team so weak that we have to use them?
  3. After tonight's performance it is hard to believe in to a better result than a loss of three, four goals. Sarri should give Ampadu, Emerson and Hudson-Odoi a go and leave the likes of Alonso and Willian totally out. Let Hazard start on the bench etc.
  4. Zappacosta, didn't make any mistakes tonight.
  5. Out of almost any team in PL
  6. What also bothers me is that there is no fighting spirit on the field at all.
  7. I think Sarri should start to think bigger changes, this IS not working. We Will get beaten really bad by City. I think it is time to give likes of Ampadu, Emerson and Hudson-Odoi a go.
  8. Yep, can not understand what Emerson has done wrong not to be given a go.
  9. At the moment it is very difficult to believe in a place to CL next season
  10. What a pathetic performance! No real dancer for Wolves at all in the second half.
  11. A clear penaltydenied from us just before the Giroud goal.
  12. The players are awfull but not has Sarri done brillianlly either.
  13. What is that awfull Jorginho still doing on the pitch?
  14. What has happened? I was ten minutes away from TV. We are 0-3 behind and don't have a striker at all?