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  1. Watched the game only just now. What a performance from us. We didn't have a chance. We are still far far behind the best team in PL.
  2. Mount is one of my favourite players in Chelsea but he has been rather average In the beginning of the season. The endless energy he has had is gone. I think he needs a good rest now.
  3. I am happy with our performance tonight. Hadm't the 23rd man on the pitch been such an amateur we'd won the game easily. With 10 against 12 a draw is a good result.
  4. Mount has been awfull tonight. Doesn't read the game at all.
  5. PL might be one of the best leagues in the world but the referees are by far the worst in the world. If PL wants to keep its position as the best league in the world it should start to do something to the awfull level of refereing and soon.
  6. Mount has been reallu rusty tonight. Alonso one of our best if not the best tonight.
  7. Pulisic being as useless as last season. When having the ball he sees nothing else than the goal.
  8. This was a good result for us. Three of our starting squad will get some more resting time before the season. Our English Chelsea players are not going to get much/any playing time so they too get more rest.
  9. Sterling is a joke for a football player. I don't understand what for instance Guardiola sees in him letting him play so much for a team that is the second best In Europe. Every time he gets the ball he starts to make it towards the goal without seeing anything or anyone else and normally he looses the ball.
  10. Sometimes one might be wrong 😜
  11. I can't say. This is one of those games that everyone played well. Very often these games are a great success. Havertz for finishing the decisive goal.
  12. Gongratulations to the whole team. It was so nice to see how everyone even the players that didn't get any playing time in the final were celebrating.
  13. City was a real disappointment. They were not really looking dangerous through out the game. And after de Broune had to leave the pitch they lost everything.
  14. Amazing! Unbelievable! I can't belialive what I just saw! I said after Villa game I don't trust Tuchel saa anymore. I take my words back. I am sorry. I was stupid. I don't understand anything about football. But... I'm happy.
  15. What has gone into Tuchel. Poor choices for starting 11 and very poor game managing in the recent games.
  16. Gareth Bale is handing us CL place for next season. Our performance today has been shamefull. Me trusting Tuchel stops now. Really unbelievable decissions both for starting eleven and changes made in recent games.
  17. The worst player on the pitch Pulisic stays on???????
  18. Can we please stop playing with ten. Get Pulisic off.
  19. We don't deserve anything. We are so sh*t at the moment.
  20. TT has been poor in turning up from bad first halves. It's looking really bad at the moment.
  21. So we are out of CL. No way we will score. TT should react to Pulusic's sh*t performance and take Havertz in for him.
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