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  1. A point, more than I calculated. We still have a small chance to get into the top four!
  2. This is not working. Changes Mr Sarri!
  3. I agree he has not been the worst defender tonight. But based on our defending tonight it's still not much.
  4. Alonso made a goal, great! But other than that he has been awfull.
  5. De Gea must be the worst goalie in PL at the moment.
  6. If Higuain is not removed for second half it would be pure madness.
  7. There is not a slightest hint that we would score tonight.
  8. We need two new fullbacks, neither of them can cross.
  9. There has been only one team on the pitch tonight.
  10. Thats the right line up, apart from Alonso Alonso starting, not good, not good.
  11. When was the last time we played a good second half?
  12. Sh#t! Our worst competitors all give us a chanche and we can't utilize it!
  13. How can we be so poor defending. There were three of us and all left the go ungarded!
  14. Here we go again. No one bothers to fight.
  15. RLC has been too selfish in a couple of situations: a quick pass to Hazard could have created a goal change.
  16. Nice goal. I hope this won't mean we will have to watch Alonso on the pitch in the next game.
  17. Should have left Hazard on the bench resting for the L'pool match. 0-0 is good enough result from the away game.

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