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  1. Why is the trophy being presented on the pitch and not up in the stands as per normal procedure
  2. How great does it feel having fans back in thr CL final. Incredible
  3. Listen to this. Believe lads. It's happening again tonight. Come on Chelsea!
  4. Petr cech speaking on bein sports saying City will be nervous and he believes Chelsea has the talent to win the final
  5. How wonderful would it be to win our 2nd champions league in less than 10 years. I really hope the whole team turns up tonight and puts in the Performance of their lives. One thing for sure it will be a horrible match to watch and no doubt we will all be feeling the stress and nerves but isn't this what football is about, it's about nights like these, the ups and the downs. Winning and losing, the adrenaline rush when u r winning and that gut wrenching sick feeling when u r losing. I really hope we get to experience the incredible feeling of winning CL tonight. Come on Chelsea, let's do this.
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