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  1. Feels like two points dropped not 1 point gained. I feel that Not having a decent striker in the team (who can hold the ball up when we are under pressure) will cost us afew other points like it did tonight. Hazard can't do it all alone. I said in the summer would have loved to have seen a transfer deadline day for someone like Vardy maybe,he would have been cheap as chips and a proven scorer in the league. Anyway still unbeaten in the league and onky two points behind the leaders so got to try and stay positive. Come on you blues!
  2. Any news on Pedro? Big loss if he's out of this one, need his creativity. Also Fingers crossed Van Dick is still injured! Giroud needs to start this one over Morata who's confidence is looking shot to pieces :s Anyway hoping for a season performance from Chelsea against the dippers, big statement if we get all 3 points today. Come on you blues! Carefree wherever we may be!
  4. Guys, I have listened to this over 100 times since sat night. Just listen to it and you will see why. Gives me goosebumps every single time and I get really emotional (like close to tears), sounds gay I know but In all my time of supporting Chelsea I have never felt like this before. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18132818#asset
  5. http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/gate-17-chelsea-fans-view-of-the-champions-league-final/ The view from the Chelsea end at the Aliianze
  6. Guys, I just can't stop watching this, look at the chelsea fans celebrating after the pen. http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/didier-drogbas-penalty-from-the-bayern-munich-end-at-the-champions-league-final/
  7. On a positive note, if we win it then I can honestly say it would more than make up for Moscow and all the previous heartache and bad luck we have suffered over the years in the Champions League. My head is saying we will win it but I'm afraid I just don't have such a positive feeling in my heart, not sure is it because we are playing the Germans and lets be honest Enlgish Football has a shyte record against them.
  8. Guys I feel so sick today, really weird as yesterday I was feeling really confident that we would win it. Then today I just feel awful, not sure whats worst the fact that if we lose we won't be playing in the Champs League next season or knowing that we have lost another champions league final and I know how much that hurt after Moscow (To this day I have nightmares pretty much everday and think what if). How is everyone else feeling?
  9. Welcome to The Shed End smkhairat :)

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