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  1. Expected lineup but I would have picked werner over havertz to take advantage of liverpool's highline
  2. Watching this match seems uselss tbh. Spurs scoring is the best bet now.
  3. Why are we feeding every single fing cross from the right wing. Does the left wing exist at all
  4. I would hate to be tuchel right now. While pulisic and havertz have deserved a spot on the squad for their respective goal-scoring feats our attack has a measurable quality boost provided by Timo Werner and we missed that in the last few minutes when he was substituted.
  5. Absolutely and this happened on both ends. When we were winning X matches in a row, many of these people were hailing Frank as the second coming of Christ. Now they are acting as if Frank's dismissal is the only thing stopping us from winning a treble.
  6. I can't see frank being sacked after this as there are no better alternatives available right now. (at least until the next season)
  7. Either make VAR more transparent or just remove it completely . This st is not acceptable
  8. Does anyone on the team know how to pass a ball ? And please sub mount and zouma
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