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  1. I am on the verge of getting a heart attack and at the same time impressed how strong we are. PRIDE
  2. Watching Rüdiger perform match after match you really have to wonder what qualifies Lampard to coach a team.
  3. Exactly. We‘ve come a long way and it is amazing how quickly Tuchel transformed us. If Tuchel had been here from the start of the season we would be up there contending for the PL title right now. He has had an unbelievable impact on us
  4. Guardiola needed 5 yrs and unbelievable spending to drag his team into the final. Tuchel has done it (hopefully) two consecutive times while managing us for 10 minutes.
  5. Nothing changed about PSG's approach at halftime. Nothing. That‘s fully on Poch.
  6. Imagine sacking Tuchel who wins you the league and brought you to the CL final and replacing him with a serial bottler who f**ks up a farmers league and puts out a spineless shambolic team in a semi final and goes out with full disgrace. Paris is sh*t, Leonardo is sh*t and Poch is sh*t.
  7. Poch is probably going to f**k up Ligue 1. Tell me what a bottler can do more to prove it? Lads, it‘s just Poch
  8. No, but 11 random guys from the banlieues would be more up to this game than this PSG outfit. Shocking. City aren‘t even good.
  9. Well, they got the bottle manager #1 so what do you expect?
  10. Conte‘s playing style has been disgusting though and his cup record is a disaster. Lean back and watch everything go south. This manager is a really good manager but a very toxic one.
  11. I think his playing style combined with an underdog club should bring out the best of the current Jose. Always thought Italy suited him very well concerning style of play. Wish him all the best. Still a Chelsea legend for me
  12. I think we can all agree on the fact that Tuchel has singlehandedly taken us to a level I doubt Lampard would have ever accomplished. Therefore, I am genuinely confused how some are still downplaying his performance. Who would have thought that we could be confident going into the 2nd leg of a CL semi-final against Real Madrid? Heck, in December we got slaughtered by one of the worst Arsenal sides ever. I wouldn‘t have been confident going against a sunday league team back then. Tuchel has proven to be a top manager and I really believe there is no more suitable Chelsea manager alive atm.
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