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  1. Kova, Ruben and Kante has the potential to be a fantastic PL midfield. Pace, power and technique.
  2. Considering those two are seasoned professionals as well... Callum will be phenomenal for us.
  3. He's finished. Getting to the point where he's worse than Ivanovic in 15/16. Sooner Reece is fit the better.
  4. RLC has competition on his hands! Fantastic footballer.
  5. Sancho, Koulibaly, Chilwell and a striker.
  6. Reminds me of Ivanovic in 15/16, bench him.
  7. Was watching highlights of Reece yesterday. What a player he is. No wonder so many PL teams were chasing him in the summer. He's quick, strong, fantastic range of passing, confident and has the ability to make space for himself so often. We desperately need him over Azpilicueta whom I said last season, is not good enough to be our right back in an attacking system.
  8. Wait, you're shocked he's being like this? Mourinho will downplay everything that Frank (just like he did Conte) achieves because he is a massive narcissist and he won't his legacy being overshadowed at the Bridge.
  9. Lampard actually mentioned playing Pulisic as a #10 during pre-season.
  10. Would make him our marquee signing next season, Hazard's actual replacement (I know Sancho plays on the right and Eden the left). Think he will cost 100-130m given that he's English, young and absolute quality. Hudson Odoi Pulisic Sancho and we're set for 10+ years.
  11. Can see Chelsea going for Koulibaly or Skriniar next summer. We desperately need a leader at the back and we have the money now, lets be honest. Didn't ADL say that 100m is enough to sign him?
  12. Never particularly liked him that much, always think he's been a disruptive influence in the dressing room along with Willian and the likes etc. Arsenal must be mad going for somebody who cannot defend adding to the long list of defenders they have who also can't.
  13. None of the top six have improved their team enough at this stage which is great news for us considering our transfer ban. Losing Hazard is obviously a shame so our quality level has come down slightly but... Spurs have a lack of fullbacks and only added Ndombele who is a very good player but they need much more depth. City have added Rodri but have sold Kompany and could lose Sané which would be terrible for them. Liverpool haven't signed anyone. Arsenal have had a decent window by their standards signing Pepe and then Ceballos on loan but they haven't improved their shocking defence plus they've lost Ramsey. United have signed James and Wan Bissaka, they desperately need another attacker and a centre back, possibly two.
  14. You do realise he's only 18 right and last season was his first in the first team? Pulisic has been playing now for about 3/4 years so it's a bit of a harsh comparison. His first touch, drive with the ball, crossing ability as well as being extremely good in 1v1 dribbling is fantastic for an 18 year old. He was also played at RW when he's far better at LW. He will be a brilliant player.
  15. Don't need to post, you've done it for me. Alonso should be sold and Azpi slowly ousted out of the first XI.

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