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  1. Would be over the moon with this. Favourite non Chelsea centre-back ever.
  2. This is pretty spot on apart from the fact Zouma needs to partner Rice. He's far better than Christensen who is weak and epotimises the current weaknesses that we show as a collective.
  3. Ahhhh, if only we were bringing in three elite attacking players to take the burden off him.......
  4. Don't come on here often. f**k ANTHONY TAYLOR THE c**t. Goodbye.
  5. He's giving me serious Hazard vibes. He does the same thing that Hazard does though which is drift out of games, my only criticism. Other than that, he's unreal.
  6. It's simple. When a potential future Ballon d'Or winner becomes available to sign then you sign him. We can fix the defence and goalkeeper issue the following season. Klopp bought Salah, Mane and Ox first. Fabinho, Alisson, Van Dijk the following season.
  7. Not good enough. If he didn't come from our Academy then people would have wanted him out a lot sooner.
  8. Think of it like this. We're going to get Werner (50m), Ziyech (25m) and Chilwell (45-50m) for the same price that United will get Sancho.
  9. All agreed according to Matt Law. It's happening GIF anyone?
  10. This would be a huge statement of intent. Top player, only 24, soughted from top sides in Europe including Liverpool and very versatile.
  11. Insane deal. Add Chilwell/Telles, a keeper to challenge Kepa and Sancho and we're in business. We have a 200m positive net spend and many players to leave. It can be done.
  12. Higuain was constantly out of shape and showed signs of decline. Cavani is still an elite striker who is reaching the twilight of his career, his movement is up there with the best in the world. Can almost imagine how well he'd feed off Reece's crosses This would be a big signing for 18 months.
  13. Needs to be dropped. If Pedro was putting in the same performances as Mount, people would be saying drop him. CHO - Pulisic - Willian against Burnley for me.
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