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  1. Higuain was constantly out of shape and showed signs of decline. Cavani is still an elite striker who is reaching the twilight of his career, his movement is up there with the best in the world. Can almost imagine how well he'd feed off Reece's crosses This would be a big signing for 18 months.
  2. Needs to be dropped. If Pedro was putting in the same performances as Mount, people would be saying drop him. CHO - Pulisic - Willian against Burnley for me.
  3. Does nothing. Pointless. Alonso is crap as well.
  4. Must win. Would like to see a front four of Tammy, Pulisic, CHO and Willian for this one. Give Mount a rest and maybe Kanté?
  5. I don't support the idea of basing our system around Alonso. He was very good today, mind you.
  6. Has anyone else thought to themselves that maybe our squad is just quite crap?
  7. No, the point is that, Zaha will probably be in addition to Jadon Sancho.
  8. Zaha can play LW/RW and CF which is important as it won't stunt Tammy's growth. I'm in favour for this transfer as long as it's not above 65m.
  9. Not cut out for the Premier League, too soft.
  10. Miss him. Can't wait for his return.
  11. We're interested and I think we'll get him over the chasing pack for various reasons. Hudson Odoi - Pulisic - Sancho will be an elite attacking midfield, all under the age of 21.
  12. Worst refereeing performance in the Champions League since Ovrebo. Fell for every dive and the crowd's noise.
  13. He is actually good on the ball, the problem is his composure currently.

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