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  1. I've always thought that City and Chelsea get the rough end of decisions because of the way we ruined the monopoly of United/Arsenal/Liverpool. We were the upstarts that caused a problem for the more so called "traditional top clubs".
  2. Liverpool haven't beat Chelsea, City or Leicester without a dubious decision/s going in their favour. Take 6 points off them and all of a sudden that gap because miniscule. Liverpool 28 Leicester 27 Chelsea 27 City 26
  3. Jody's response to Mourinho's criticism of Lampard's record against the top teams this season:
  4. He's quietly been brilliant for us. Possible POTY at the end of the season if he carries this on, what a player.
  5. Trying to be realistic, I don't think we will get Skriniar.
  6. Summer window: Chilwell, Sancho, Werner and maybe Ake and we're challenging for the league.
  7. You could have just said the first 5 words and that would have sufficed.
  8. I think being a big player himself has helped him in this regard, he knows what makes players tick. Also, it's very funny watching Arsenal fans who wrote us off at the start of the season now say that Lampard is doing an amazing job, given the fact we've lost Hazard and had a transfer ban.
  9. Actually reminded me of Drogba today. Not necesarily clinical but his hold up was brilliant and his strength was fantastic. Got a long way to go obviously but this was encouraging to see..
  10. MOTM today. Loved his tenacity winning the ball back, great penalty and created many chances.
  11. The passion that he showed when he scored was fantastic to see. It's not just him though, you can see it when Mount, Tomori and Tammy have also scored for us, you can tell it means the world to them and that's what it's all about. Callum will be a superstar.
  12. Hudson Odoi is our best youth prospect. Reece James is a close second with Gilmour 3rd. Mount and Tomori are good talents and will be great players.

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