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  1. Thought this would be an interesting topic given the talk of how we've performed this season. How would people rank our last ten seasons in all competitions? 1 - 2016/17 (Conte's first season): In terms of overall season and how we played, this season was without a doubt my favourite. 09/10 comes close because of the amount of goals we scored on the way to winning the league but we were so dominant in Conte's first season. The performance against Everton is up there with one of the best I've ever watched in the Premier League. 2 - 2009/10 (Ancelotti's first season): What a team that was. Didn't get as many points as Conte's Chelsea but my god were we lethal. We scored above 6 goals in so many games that year with Drogba and Lampard sharing a massive handful. A very enjoyable season topped off with winning the double. 3 - 2011/12 (AVB/Di Matteo) In terms of overall enjoyment along with winning the Champions League and the FA Cup, I would put this third. Winning the Champions League was massively special and beating Liverpool in the final of the FA Cup was fantastic as well however our league form was so poor that season. Could be controversial putting that third. 4 - 2014/15 (Mourinho's second season) Dominated the league. Fantastic in the first half of the season but we had to grind it out in the second half and it wasn't necessarily the best to watch. Won the League Cup against Spurs which is always satisfying. Hazard was on another level that season and Mourinho kept things interesting... until the following season. 5 - 2013/14 (Mourinho's first season) The little horse season. Was probably the most interesting title race up until this season. We didn't end up winning anything but we played a pivotal part in which was a fantastic season for the Premier League by denying Liverpool their first in years. The win against PSG and all the top clubs in the PL that season was the notable achievement. Losing KDB and Salah has come back to haunt us many times though. Could be lower considering our long term future was harmed massively this season. 6 - 2018/19 (Sarri's first season) It's had it's ups and downs. I respect Sarri an awful lot for trying to get us to change our style of play and for taking criticism extremely well. Think at times he's been treated really poorly by our fans. He's had to work with a squad which is probably the worst in this whole list. If he leaves this season then I hope he succeeds wherever he goes. Deserved to win EL. 7 - 2012/13 (Di Matteo/Benitez) Was actually very excited for this particular season. Signing Hazard and Oscar to play alongside Mata was mouth watering but it became toxic with the sacking of RDM for Benitez. Ended up winning the Europa League which was a great achievement in my opinion. 8 - 2010/11 (Ancelotti's second season) Possibly a little bit harsh as we did finish 2nd that season. Ray Wilkins left as assistant and we seemed to completely collapse after that. Drogba was severely unwell during the season and we never semed to recover. Appalling decision to sack Ancelotti in the Everton changing rooms. 9 - 2017/18 (Conte's first season) Unlike the other 8 seasons on the list which had their high points, this was an utterly dreadful season. Losses in the manner we had against Newcastle, Watford and Bournemouth were completely unacceptable. Won the FA Cup which was a nice end to a tragic league campaign. 10 - 2015/16. (Mourinho/Hiddink) We finished 10th. Our best player and best striker came back from pre-season overweight. Our manager had a complete meltdown which led to him being sacked. Hiddink steading the ship (again) and stopped Spurs from winning the league which was hilarious. That was quite difficult...
  2. It's coming from Di Marzio. Amoyal just translates what he says into English.
  3. Looks like we'll be replacing Hazard with Coutinho if the ban gets overturned. Another one to add to the Brazillian clique... 😕 Wonder if Willian will end up going the other way? (hopefully)
  4. Great news. Was very good first season under Conte but has been average/poor ever since. Get 30/40m and we're laughing.
  5. This is so wholesome. You can tell that it means so much to him. Well done, Maurizio!
  6. I absolutely adore the man. Goes down with JT, Lampard, Drogba and Cech as our greatest five players of all time for me. Gutted that he's leaving but I don't begrudge him it at all, he's earned it. Thank you, Eden 💙
  7. Kanté out of the final. So we have no CHO, RLC, Rudi and now Kante. I remember the last time we played a European final with countless absentees...
  8. Should have been done after the final. I'm furious that we won't see him in the final as he would have bullied Arsenal's weak midfield. Not good news that, get well soon Ruben.
  9. Want this guy in our team more than anyone else on the market.
  10. Same as Emery, better than Poch and Solksjaer/Mourinho. 1. Man City P10 W8 D1 L1 F20 A5 Pts 25 GD +15 2. Liverpool P10 W5 D4 L1 F17 A7 Pts 19 GD +10 3. Arsenal P10 W3 D3 L4 F13 A16 Pts 12 GD -3 4.Chelsea P10 W3 D3 L4 F12 A17 Pts 12 GD -5 5. Spurs P10 W2 D1 L7 F9 A13 Pts 7 GD -4 6. Man United P10 W1 D4 L5 F8 A18 Pts 7 GD -8
  11. Yet PSG and Barcelona are clamouring for him. Makes zero sense.
  12. Hope he leaves this summer to Barca or PSG. We need a fresh look to our attack with Eden leaving as well. Hopefully we can bring in Jovic as our main striker along with bringing in another winger.
  13. Going to miss him massively. His personality and the way he plays and I truly believe that he does love Chelsea. I think he's done all he can here and without him, we would have two less Premier League titles. Do I think Madrid is the correct move for him? No. I think they're in transition as they're squad is ageing and I don't think he will win the CL there. The grass isn't always greener. Thank you for everything Eden, you will be sorely missed. 😓
  14. One of the worst individual performances I've seen from a Chelsea player in about... two weeks. Awful.

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