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  1. Does anyone have a good stream for iPad? Away on holiday in Devon and hoping someone can help me out with a link. Thank you in advance.
  2. I think it's important to remember the opening fixtures chelsea have had to play in comparison to our rivals so far. Irrelevant of formation / player form etc etc Chelsea are sitting top of the league having already faced Arsenal, Spurs, City & Liverpool.. We have a steady run now until the Utd game and I'd love to see where abouts we are after that vs rivals who all have to play each other and will take points away from each other. The Brentford game was tough but they will take more points off bigger sides. Especially at home. Reminded me of the Blackburn fixture away in 2004/2005 when cech saved the penalty and Robben got the winner. Such a huge 1-0 in that season.
  3. Hmm maybe so but I genuinely thought it was a wind up.
  4. Horiffic post. What a god awful perspective of how you saw Tuchel's absolute masterstroke. You are either highly strung, have never even played football or a troll.
  5. Mammoth effort that 2nd half. Kova was fantastic when he came on. Loved how he didnt just want to punt it forwards. Wanted to keep the ball. Good result in the end after that c**t Taylor f**ked us again! Alouette Chelsea
  6. Dream debut for Lukaku but James was outstanding for me. Looks a totally new player. Fitter and sharper.
  7. The guy took the piss today. What a debut. Looked like he way playing a testimonial. Effortless! Up the chelsea 🙂
  8. Class of his own tonight. Without meaning to offend people... If you cannot see how gifted he is as a player then for me you simply don't understand football. You have to appreciate sometimes he will have a poor game (WBA at home for example) but he isn't the person to point the finger at if we cannot break down low blocks. He truly is a phenomenal player.
  9. Your wish is Tuchels command.....
  10. Bigger picture being that on one hand you will have the odd sale like this which pays for the academy and can be reinvested elsewhere. On the other hand you have genuine talent that comes through and is likely to serve the club at top level for 10+ years... Aka Mount / James / Christensen. Chelsea run their academy impeccably and I don't think they have ever sold a player from the academy in regret. Sad about Tomori perhaps but not like we have just sold Mount for £20M to City...
  11. This guy is a class act. Yes OK... Not effective vs poorer sides but if you know anything about football you will realise he played a huge role in the CL final. People get angry just because he goes under the radar and has bad games. For me, I want him on my side not playing against him. He is a great sitting midfielder. Doing bits for Italy right now too.
  12. Terribly entitled aren't you mate. Dross post. Do try to cheer up x
  13. Job Done for TT. Well done. A CL win would be a bonus but its been a great turnaround. Well done.
  14. I actually really like him and he is crucial to the way we play. He's young and hungry and has got a great attitude. Plenty of time to sharpen up. I'm not going to judge him on his wastefulness because equally you can judge him and other former players in their work rate and attitude. He's got a future here with us and a long one I hope. Just needs to be more clinical and he could be deadly.
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