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  1. I am most dissapointed that the game was a total anti climax after the red card. The red for me was harsh. Mane was not going to score from there, Kepa cleared it. It killed the game off and then even when we had a chance Jorginiho pissed the pen up the wall. Make no mistake though. Liverpool could have battered us if they wanted to. Really anti climax that game. Hurry up with the signings being fit ffs.
  2. This is the most over engineered post ever 😂. Who cares about how players wear their socks dude. If my grandmother had a wheel she would have been a bike.
  3. Always nice to Beat Utd. Especially when I have so many friends who support them and I suspect they would have been extremely confident of beating us at the start of this game. I love it when Chelsea prove people wrong 🙂
  4. Most of this assessment is spot on however the Martial ‘foul’ wouldn’t have been a penalty regardless. It was outside the box.
  5. That’s a really irritating result. I can’t shake it off.
  6. Love watching this back. Literally hilarious. They ended up 3rd in a 2 horse race as well haha
  7. Bagged a ticket for this one so looking forward to it. We need to break this sodding home curse and get the early goal to open the oppo up a bit Im gonna go Chels 2-1 because we always concede!
  8. This makes no sense. The stat is correct up until the opposite eventuality happens so I don’t understand you saying what you did...
  9. Yes I believe so. Bolton had started the season and played some fixtures. Also I don’t think the process started as far back as it has with bury so bury’s time had ran out. Very sad really. Hope they can bounce back even if they started in a lower division. Seen other sides come back.

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