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  1. Now that was brilliant. Vintage Chelsea in the CL. Very good team performance. Everyone did their job right and we took our main chance. Well done lads.
  2. What a dogsh*t performance that was. I am sick and tired of watching mendy, zouma and rudiger playing at the back like its a f**king testimonial. We never even looked arsed about winning when really we should be smashing teams like this. f**king dreadful. We were lucky to get a point. sh*te
  3. Wow that was really hard to watch. Really stepped off it after going ahead. Gave tottenham too many chances to get back in it when they deserved nothing. We have to kill games off earlier. I'm delighted we won but hard to enjoy that....
  4. Jesus this is painful to watch... I can't relax. We are being so wasteful we should be out of sight!
  5. Alonso has been brilliant today. Deserved his chance.
  6. I am just catching up with this thread and a few observations. - whilst I admit it was a hefty amount of changes in the lineup, the amount of negativity before KO in this thread was disturbing. - We have fantastic squad depth and ability to adapt when everyone is fit. - Sevilla are better than they showed tonight but that doesn't take away from the fact we were superb - Another clean sheet. I forgot what they were 6 months ago. - Giroud is borderline World class and vastly underrated. Not a knee jerk from tonight. Whenever he is called upon, he has delivered. He's
  7. HT... Bit fearful we haven't got a 2nd goal at least. We have played at our tempo and moved the ball around well but still need to be clinical in front of goal. At 1-0 all Newcastle need is one lump into the box and they xpuld easily nick something.
  8. Haha nah I understand mate. It's funny looking back when you see how someone has performed after joining the club. I expect some people were sceptical about Hazard!
  9. Yeah I get that but who would have ever rated Alonso highly. Tbf I didn't think Costa would be any good for us. We all make mistakes haha.
  10. This is up there with one of the most clueless posts I've ever read.
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