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  1. I cant tell if you are being serious or not... Is it really an issue?
  2. Unrelated. My local football club Cheltenham Town FC have got Leyton Orient away first game of the season.. They have crowd funded this huge tifosi flag...
  3. Ah sh*t man I'm soz 😞 the honour is all yours if you want it. Tbh I just fired one up because we were still using last seasons thread. Once the new fixtures are out I think a new one should start. Soz if I've pissed you of man!
  4. He deserves better than that twat of an owner Mike Ashley. They won't get a better manager than him. Hope they go down.
  5. Very strange situation with Neymar at least. Not sure who could afford him? Maybe Juve but they just signed De Ligt. Unless Neymar went back to Barcelona? Also Alexis Sanchez at United, they seem to want rid but he’s not gonna leave with those wages!
  6. Well last season is well an truly wrapped up now so I thought we should start a new thread focusing on the upcoming season. I expect a lot of interesting transfer news Iver the next few weeks with the likes of Eriksen & Pogba potentially leaving. Anyone that Neymar story too? Apparently sulking about being at PSG now and wants to move... I’d love to see him in the prem just to watch him get kicked all over the park. He wouldn’t last 5 mins in this league!
  7. What on Earth is going on here
  8. He will be back at the bridge one way or another
  9. I'm so very sad about this 😞
  10. I like that thinking 🙂
  11. Gonma make me feel very unnerved when this thread gets moved into the 'Nearest and Dearest' thread @coco
  12. I don't know how he could say it either. I nearly choked on the Europa League Trophy when he said it.
  13. Here is something to make you all laugh. My colleague at work is a massive Sp*d.... He tells me Spurs have had a better season than Chelsea because of the stadium completion and getting to the CL final...... Who is this clown. We won a Major European trophy and for good measure we finished above them in the league. I couldn't believe what I was hearing..... Made me chuckle though.

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