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  1. Yes I believe so. Bolton had started the season and played some fixtures. Also I don’t think the process started as far back as it has with bury so bury’s time had ran out. Very sad really. Hope they can bounce back even if they started in a lower division. Seen other sides come back.
  2. Familiar pattern here and it seems Naïve. Go flat out for the first 25/30 mins and hope for the best. By the team we have ran out of steam we should already be a goal or 2 to the good. See out the 1st half then 2nd half just keep giving the ball away due to running yourselves into the ground early doors. Regret wasting multiple chances before caputulating. How the f**k is Azpi still here let alone captain? Willian was dreadful today. Doesn't want to be here. Lampard mate you have got your work cut out.
  3. We are being so wasteful.. We turn from gold into sh*t in the final 3rd it's incredibly alarming! Much like the Utd game we could easily have got 3 by now. We really need to work on this!
  4. Also he probably knows just as much as anyone else does who has a TV and can do their research. Doubt there is any specific insider information to be gained here haha.
  5. Would have thought alot of the crop he worked with would have long moved on since then! We are taking Josh Mceachran era when Brendon was about I'm sure!
  6. Shall I start a Neymar thread......
  7. Oh god please don’t say ‘Frankieball’. It sounds cringy 😷
  8. I must say I am excited at how out midfield is playing and linking up well with the 2 wide men forwards. It's refreshing to see and Mount looks a natural in there too.. There will be some disappointments this season whilst we transition but Frankly the United game was never a 4-0 and we could have easily won today in normal time. I'm pleased with I am seeing so far. Kovacic looks a different player from last season too. Really feel confident with him on the ball. Tighten the defence and sharpern up in the final 3rd and we will be in for a decent season I'm sure!
  9. Real shame to lose that as we arguably deserved to win that in 90 mins. I’m actually not to upset about it , only thing that is obvious and the same from the United game is that we really need to be more clinical in front of goal. We we looked good though in fairness. Pretty happy with the performance .
  10. I’m not so fussed on this. On balance it’s probably a good thing for us. I think the outrage or irritance, if you wanna call it that, is that it came out the blue.
  11. I was at SB today for work and all around the stadium all of the Chelsea and Nike advertising, billboards and such like is splattered with David Luiz’s face everywhere... Gonna be a right faff to sort all that out!

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