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  1. Agree, one of Mendy or Chilwell has to be the signing of the season. Chilwell just seems an incredible player.
  2. The refereeing is so frustrating in England. Just too bad, how can they even be so arrogant and incompetent. Why would they not even check the foul on Api?!
  3. Well, Chilwell looks some player. And I'm glad the board backed Frank here. I wonder how much overlap there is between the Reguilon fanbase (and the constant criticism of this move for Chilwell) and the fanbase that cannot go a page without criticizing Mount. I would assume there's a strong correlation because both have an element of irrationality and over-inference to the judgements despite not knowing any of the tactical thought that goes into these decisions. When Mount came off yesterday (presumably for rest), we did not win the ball high up the pitch even once and Sevilla completely
  4. I don't think Chilwell played at all when Leicester won the title - meaning he probably doesn't have a winners medal?
  5. A challenge for Driller and some others - see if you can go through 2 hours without repeating what you have said about Mount a 1000 times previously. And use that time to draft letters to the club, Lampard, journalists and pundits asking them why Mount is played every game. Don't bore us and destroy every thread with the same thing again and again and again. We can have much better conversations surely without regurgitating repeatedly. None of us know the answer, the issue has been discussed to death. Some of us like him and have explained why, some of you don't and we know why. Please mo
  6. They keep interchanging between thigh and hip in the article for some reason. Let's hope this is just precautionary!
  7. Same. Woke up, checked the scores and thought I was dreaming 😂
  8. Sorry, that's not a very clever response. Of course it's a joke, but so what? Why does that excuse discriminatory/racist content? I suppose these people mentioned on their comments on the club's FB page that they were "barely literate"?
  9. I'm starting to agree about Rice. I thought we would only want him as. CB not too long back but think we would work very well as a DM for us. And can imagine that's the position Frank will have in mind for him. But I still cannot see any elite potential in Ampadu. Let's see.
  10. His long range passing isn't terrible. But Zouma is very poor with the ball at his feet, both in terms of close control as well as the ability to play a simple incisive ball through the lines to the midfield. Christensen is so much better at this. As is Thiago Silva of course but even Tomori. Zouma is a better defender than most on our team, especially if we have to absorb a lot of pressure. So there's a trade-off.
  11. Quite sad actually... fantastic player. Our players need to be careful, injuries are a real worry now without the preseason.
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