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  1. He misplaced 6 passes according to Whoscored. I think he misplaced practically every long ball he tried. He got one simple ball right, and there's no way he could have envisaged someone turning and scoring from that. A few long balls were wayyy of the mark. He got about 55 short passes correct, I'll give you that.
  2. Pretty poor decision to make him MOTM... shows that these people just go by goals and assists. Rudiger, James, Mount, even Christensen and Kova (although he misplaced many passes) were far better on the night. Jorginho actually had a poor game, misplaced so many passes and long balls, wasted possession often and looked ponderous. I think he does have some games where he shines but this most certainly wasn't one of them.
  3. We didn't have matches in hand - the highlighted team is Villa. Or did I understand you wrong?
  4. Wow, that was a horrendous decision not to give Brighton a pen there.
  5. Can't wait for Gallagher to come in next season. A midfielder with energy, defensive nous and the ability to assist and score goals. I don't think Jorginho has been that bad this season. And everyone can have an off day. But he's in general a limited player and a liability when the opposition is transitioning at speed. We may see more of him this season but think he will (and should be) be off in the summer.
  6. Watched the first half of England against San Marino (yes, yes, it's only San Marino). Mount was absolutely incredible and linked up so well with Sterling. Describing him as versatile does him a disservice... he's a very very talented footballer with so much energy who has a really high ceiling!
  7. Agree. His off the ball movement is poor and his shooting technique is poor. Otherwise a decent player.
  8. Horrible news! He should just recuperate for a while and come back to retire here...
  9. Correct. Liverpool lost 2-7 to Villa, a couple of weeks later Villa lost 0-3 to Leeds and Leeds lost 2-6 to Man U. How much better than Liverpool must Man U be! We also beat Leeds and then lost to Wolves who are clearly worse than Burnley. Burnley are clearly the best team in the league! 😄 Hence proved.
  10. Oh, to have Pulisic and Ziyech regularly starting!
  11. How many times has this happened in the last 2 seasons? Shows how shallow these commentators are that they still fall for it. As long as this keeps Ole at the wheel 🙂
  12. Simple as that. Why all the premature panic and long tense posts? It's unfortunate that you cannot make the rational inference based on evidence (or the lack of it) and just say " Let's wait and see, he had a good record in Germany, Frank's not an idiot and can probably judge the potential of a footballer, our coaching staff aren't a bunch of idiots and see many things we cannot, this isn't the first player to struggle at the start (see Salah, de Bruyne and so many others), etc.". You may think that this constant premature moaning (match chat or otherwise) doesn't do anything but it obvio
  13. Well said. While Havertz surely doesn't read this forum, this is probably a microcosm of the mood of fans. And this tension will soon reflect on to the players. Why do we have to be tense in the slightest here? We can afford to lose a few games for the greater good. Maybe there is no greater good but I'm pretty sure we have less experience and less evidence to judge this player compared to Frank and the rest of the staff at Chelsea. So of course they can make mistakes but now is not the time to judge whether this is a mistake.
  14. Sigh, Werner really needs to be benched while he regains some confidence. We really need Ziyech back to some spark this team back to life.
  15. We have been really unlucky in the last 90 mins or so! Sometimes you need that little bit of luck, we just aren't getting it.
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