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  1. So you want to tend towards some form of socialism? 😉 Because there really isn't much of a chance of anything remotely close to this (what you mentioned) happening until we bring in people concerned about a little more than economic 'growth'. People in UK, India, US (both parties) continue to vote to perpetuate and widen this disparity 🙂 Back to Haaland now!
  2. Yes, Werner has had a poor season. Don't think anyone will debate that. Still, he has had far more goals and assists in important matches than CHO (Werner has played more of course). When CHO begins to match Werner's off the ball work and movement, we can begin to compare their non-goal contributions. But sadly, CHO doesn't come close. My point is that you do not need stats to understand the shortcomings that CHO has. And if you look at stats, there are layers.
  3. I don't think he's done badly for his technical ability at all. Just that he doesn't have anything particularly special that sets him apart. Just looking at his starting stats, he's played 1333 mins in PL starts (might be a little off, did a quick mental add on the phone), he's contributed 6 goals scoring just 1. So that's a goal contribution every 222 mins. Looking at who he's contributed goals against, PAOK Salonika 2 Dynamo Kiev 3 Malmo 1 Brighton 1 + 1 Nottingham Forest 2 + 1 Sheff. Wed 1 Lille 1 Southampton 1 Newcastle 1 Burnley
  4. A typical case of poor inference from statistics. And when you are looking at goal contributions per minute, it's good to present this metric separately for starts and substitute appearances. We all know that this does not scale. The 29 goal contributions in his Chelsea career include several against poor opposition in the early rounds of the Champions League, Fa Cup or Europa League. He has scored 1 goal (I think) in all his PL starts (admittedly hasn't started many). He has goals against Krasnodar, Grimsby, Nottingham Forest among others. He has made a couple of incisive and i
  5. Mount, even last season or with Derby, showed far more promise than CHO has so far. MM has routinely taken responsibility in games, scored important goals, brings in incredible energy. Which is why unlike CHO, both Lamps and Tuchel have played him in every game. I've said it before and I'll say it again. CHO is a good player with good potential but doesn't have that X factor to make it with us. Good pace and dribbling ability but very poor shooting technique and ordinary vision. He may do well with Bayern but I really doubt he is going to turn into a WC player suddenly. If he wants t
  6. Waiting for USATim to say exactly the same thing (again) while ignoring every argument made by anyone else.
  7. I think it's safe to say that you haven't watched Lukaku at all over last 2 years. Quite a comical comparison that, with Willian.
  8. Completely agree, Havertz was absolute class throughout the match. To play at that level in a tense final is special. MOTM for me too, even if he hadn't scored.
  9. Is that really so surprising? We have only struggled against teams sitting deep. And comfortably beaten any team that has tried to attack us over the past few months.
  10. I did the same. Commented here during the FA Cup final and that did not work out 🤣
  11. The best team in Europe they said. The best manager ever they said. 14/15 they said.
  12. Total domination, genius Tuchel. And Havertz, he's made up his entire transfer amount. What a player!!!
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