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  1. This is not a very clever question when probably the most dominant team of the last decade (Barcelona) had a midfield that barely scored. Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets neither reached up goals not impressive assist numbers playing a team that was so prolific. Look at midfielders of other good teams and you will see that this is not particularly uncommon. If you are talking about England only, we have had both defenders and forwards contributing more than midfielders to both out title wins since Lamps left.
  2. Although technically limited, he is still an extremely intelligent player. No surprise that he is able to play a role even in this system. That role would have to be as a back up though so I wouldn't blame him if he wanted to leave.
  3. I can think of very few strikers (and only the absolute elite) who will score for fun with us. For whatever reason, irrespective of manager, style or system, we have always had our goals shared throughout the team to a much greater extent than any other side. In the current system, we need a proper technical footballer as a forward. I think even Harry Kane would struggle with us now. We may need to innovate (as was suggested) I would love to see some statistics about the relative contributions of defenders/midfielders/strikers to overall goal output across the European leagues over the last decade or more.
  4. I watched the video and read what he had written two times looking for the slightest hint of logic. It makes no sense.
  5. What? This was a very risky pass, and that's it. It hardly shows that he is bad with the ball at his feet. Even Messi misplaces passes sometimes. Hazard misplaces his fair few. Pogba misplaces 20 passes a game. I really don't get this leap of logic here. You misplace a pass or two and therefore you are bad with ball at your feet?
  6. Why is there always someone like this was away for 2 months and there's a new set
  7. Just like people have been saying for 5 years now... Maybe, maybe not. Hazard is clearly not the typical modern footballer...
  8. 5.8 is not 5 8, it is 5 10 :)
  9. Agree. Not a strategy I like but a strategy nonetheless.
  10. Come on, cut him some slack! Morata and Bakayoko are players with great potwntial for the future. I can't believe so many are beginning to question Morata. He is basically a superb footballer with finishing issues. He will come good.
  11. Well... This isn't sudden you know there's a reason some of us haven't been able to stand him for a while!
  12. I do't disagree that Oscar was playing really well then but I am amazed that some of you still make statements like this "him displacing our PotY is actually proof of how good he was playing". This is a ridiculously simplistic statement. Based on what we know of Jose, him choosing a player nowadays is hardly testament to how objectively good he is playing. Or is Fellaini a better player than Mata, Mikhtaryan or Martial? The other point here is that every decision cannot be made only on its short term merit. That is what Jose was guilty of, and that is why we lost out on a player with great potential. These things happen, and I dont regret anything here. I just think it is a bit deluded to believe that no one made a mistake along the way, or that this was the only way it could have been.
  13. Anyone seen this? https://twitter.com/ffsWijnaIdum/status/935630705584934918?s=17

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