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  1. Sort it out Tuchel, that was diabolical in the second half.
  2. Were the Chelsea defence under instructions not to win a single header in the second half? If so they managed it
  3. I remember the Everton game, stood in the Shed against one of the new yellow-painted crush barriers and the paint hadn't dried...went all over my shirt. Crap result too.
  4. Those Vardy penalties and Atwell's performance today make it kind of amazing we ended up in the top four. Bentest of bent refereeing today.
  5. If you are going to get sent off at least clock the c**t
  6. Well that cheat Vardy dived for the first penalty, haven't seen the second
  7. Playing like this we don't deserve to be in the top 4. total lack of intensity, Werner Pulisic and Mount all ducking challenges
  8. I guess so. I looked through the squad for 1986 (it wasn't that big then) and Speedie seemd the obvious candidate. Nevin also mentions in the book that Speedie had training-ground fights with several of the squad, including Dixon, Mclaughlin and Colin Lee.
  9. Anyone else reading Pat Nevin's new book? Cracking read. I didn't know much about his upbringing in Scotland but the way his Dad trained him was incredible. Still on the Chelsea section, just got to the bit where an unnamed player gets drunk on a pre-season tour in Wales and assaults Canoville, who is then moved out of the club while the unnamed player stays...I guess that explains why the team fell apart in 86/87
  10. What time is FA Cup "It's a Knockout" on?
  11. Fabulous performance last night and it's incredible what TT has done with this team. But I think it's fair to add that although Lampard was a great player, he is truly an abysmal manager. This was him in January: "Frank Lampard claimed Chelsea are 'not ready' to challenge for the top prizes" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9165879/Frank-Lampard-says-Chelsea-not-ready-compete-title-Leicester-defeat.html We have gone from conceding 2/3 goals a game to 18 clean sheets out of 24. Sacking Lampard and appointing Tuchel was a stroke of genius by Abramovich, but a great percentage of Chelsea fans got this call flat-out wrong
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