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  1. I had that conversation with my two daughters earlier today!
  2. That corrugated iron fence on the right got pissed on a lot
  3. There is no sign he will develop his own solutions. His post-match comments blamed the defenders for not moving the ball forward even faster. But Abraham can't win a one-to-one like Costa could and half the other players have no idea where they are supposed to be moving.
  4. I am afraid Lampard is not good enough as a manager. His team is getting progressively worse and he has no clue how to fix things. Problems all over the pitch
  5. The first game vs Madrid was not shown on live television in the UK, but the replay was
  6. Gallas and Terry were the best by far. They have the premiership defensive record. It was when Mourinho banished Gallas to full back that the rot started to set in first time round
  7. Conte is clearly trying to get sacked. By selecting Cahill and Bakayoko for every game he is like a tennis player starting each game at 0-30. The next manager is likely to be someone unexpected, like Grant. And the team is f...ked after the recent transfers. We are in serious danger of relegation next season.
  8. “I think the club decide our transfer market. “My task is to try to improve the team. About the transfer market, from the summer, the club decides every single player. “For sure, I don’t have a big impact on the transfer market.”
  9. Conte didn't buy those players, Abramovich did. Conte doesn't decide who comes in or goes out, Abramovich does. The responsibility for this f**k up lies with Abramovich
  10. Giroud is sh*t, a player who comes from a team of serial bottlers, a player who has underperformed at every important stage of every competition. This is a black day for Chelsea football club. We would have been 100 times better off throwing Solanke, Boga, Musonda and co into the team and letting them sink or swim.
  11. The sight of that twat in a Chelsea shirt makes me want to puke
  12. Giroud would be a terrible, terrible signing. He is not at the standard required to compete at the top level and with Barkley and Drinkwater will drag Chelsea down to mid table status for the first time in 20 plus years. What the fck is going on at the club?
  13. For a club that has featured Makelele, Essien, Lampard and Kante in its midfield during the last decade, Drinkwater is a descent to League two. No pace, no forward play, no passing ability. Thanks Marina, you got us a bargain there for 35m. Add the tosser Giroud to the mix and we might as well be booking tickets to Boston, Barnsley and Preston now
  14. Giroud is a f**king sh*t player. If we sign him I am handing back my season ticket. f**k all the people who are dragging Chelsea into the mud.

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